As we’ve grown, we continue to help others see

From Passion to Purpose
As we’ve grown, we continue to help others see
that purchasing property in Honduras helps the
surrounding communities towards a better life. We
strive to be socially minded and involved in improving
the daily lives of those in need. We built kindergartens,
schools, and churches; created fresh water and
electricity for areas that had been without, and just
through paying taxes, stimulated vast improvements
within the neighborhood.
By allowing the people of Honduras to share the
beauty of their lives, we’ve in turn shared some of
the comfort of ours. Through our actions we bring
hope that things can change. I am currently one of
the only women in the whole country to own her own
construction company, a fact that I am oddly proud
of. Recently I was very honored to be recognized by
the president of Honduras as a “noble daughter of the
As many of the residents here will tell you, finding
a Caribbean property as an affordable price is hard
to find, and anything that compares to this is next to
Flor Espedal Lopez
Flor Espedel Lopez has a dream and a vision to make a difference in the lives of those living in Honduras and help to
create an extraordinary way of life for the Canadians who purchase their paradise home at Villas Paraiso Escondidos.
“As the owner of My Caribbean Paradise, in everything I do, I find myself asking the same question, “How can I help
the people of my home country, Honduras?” That’s the most important thing. I’ve always loved my country. It is a
paradise of lush beauty and simple tranquility, of incomparable soul, heart and charm.
Development of this resort began in 2006. This
is a gated and guarded community with perimeter
fencing, concrete roads, and includes services such
as a proprietary water treatment facility which is
an underground water source and is filtered and
pressurized before being pumped to the homes, there
is also a proprietary sewer treatment facility, which
is very quiet, efficient, and environmentally friendly,
and a local 110/220 power system with two backup
generators to allow for fewer interruptions to service.
Villas Paraiso Escondido is an All Canadian Resort
Community with half mile of beach front, 24 hour
security, professionally maintained and managed, with
swimming pools, tennis court, basketball court, boat
launch area, and much more.
The natural beauty of Honduras with its pristine
beaches, lush rainforests and amazing attractions has
caught the interest of many foreign investors.
The Honduran government is working with Flor
Espedel Lopez, supporting the development at Parisio
Escondidos and welcomes the Canadians with open
This level of interest is fueling the economy in the
region, creating jobs for the people of Honduras and
opportunity for outside investors. Tourism is in it’s
infancy and has incredible potential to become “the
place to vacation”.
40 Acres of beach front paradise in an all Canadian
Resort Community borders almost a half mile of
private and public Caribbean beach and comprised of
over a hundred and fifty residential and commercial
Flor Espedal Lopez
My Caribbean Paradise
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