Welcome to the Laboratory for Microscopy and Microanalysis

Welcome to the Laboratory for Microscopy and Microanalysis
The central Laboratory for Microscopy and Microanalysis at the University of Pretoria is operated as an independent laboratory and provides a rang
members from all faculties. Users without university affiliation are also accommodated. All facilities are available at all times to approved users.
How to make use of the facilities:
• Contact André Botha, Alan Hall, Chris van der Merwe on tel: 012 420 2075, fax: 012 362 5150, or at [email protected], chris.van
[email protected] to make an initial appointment to discuss your needs. You will be assigned to a staff member who will help you for the
• Consult us during the planning stages of projects that will involve the facilities of the laboratory.
• Make an effort to learn to operate the equipment.
• Report any problems immediately.
• Supply us with copies of published papers or reports.
Department of Informatics focusing on Mobile
Empowerment - 11/11/2014
The Department of Informatics
secured a partnership in
MOSAIC2B – an EU FP7 Fire
Project – in 2014. The
objective of FIRE is to create a
multidisciplinary research
environment for investigating and experimentally
validating highly innovative and revolutionary ideas
for new networking and service paradigms.
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UP researcher finds ways to improve the
well-being of wildlife - 07/11/2014
Although wild animals have
been captured and chemically
immobilised for years (by using
a form of anaesthesia induced
by drugs in a dart), very little is
known about the short- and
long-term consequences of
capture and the effects of
immobilising drugs on wild
animals. Dr Leith Meyer, Veterinary Sciences
Pharmacology researcher at the University of
Pretoria, is committed to finding solutions to
improve the well-being of wild animals. The results
of his research will help wildlife veterinarians and
other conservation practitioners to ensure that the
best methods of capture are practised and optimal
immobilising drug cocktails and treatments are
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Using bites and scars to understand long range
migration of humpback whales in western
Africa. - 07/11/2014
With the advent of GPS
technology and mobile phones,
it–s all too easy to track where
we have been and plan where
we are going. For a long time,
researchers have been
wondering the same about whales and dolphins.
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Giving the defenceless a voice in court 06/11/2014
Crimes committed against
people with developmental and
other disabilities are similar in
scope to crimes committed
against women, children and
the elderly, and yet the
victimisation of people with
disabilities remains largely unaddressed. This can
be ascribed to their being perceived as voiceless
and invisible members of society – a perception
that makes them attractive targets for their
perpetrators because they often believe that their
victims will not be able to testify against them in
court. Three large-scale research studies are
currently under way at the University of Pretoria
(UP) to change this situation.
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Dr Johan van Zyl named Sunday Times
Business Leader of the Year - 05/11/2014
Dr Johan van Zyl, former
Vice-Chancellor and Principal
of the University of Pretoria and
one of the University–s most
distinguished alumni, was
named Sunday Times Business
Leader of the Year at a
ceremony at the Sandton
Convention Centre on Tuesday night, 28 October.
The Sunday Times Business Leader of the Year
award is a prestigious accolade bestowed on
recipients voted for by executives of the top 100
companies of the previous year.
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UP awarded status as MRC collaborative centre
for malaria research - 30/10/2014
The Medical Research Council
(MRC) invited higher education
institutions, science councils
and registered non-profit
research organisations in South
Africa, Zimbabwe and
Mozambique to submit
applications to become part of
their new initiative, MRC
Collaborating Centres for
Malaria Research. The
University of Pretoria–s Centre
for Sustainable Malaria Control (UP CSMC)
recently received word that their application has
been successful. The network of MRC
collaborating centres for malaria research will
collectively provide a multidisciplinary approach to
malaria research; synergise efforts on malaria
research to achieve common goals; and facilitate
scientific collaboration among malaria researchers
in Southern Africa.
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Breast cancer is not a death sentence 29/10/2014
In South Africa, one in 29
women is diagnosed with
breast cancer each year. While
most people are aware of
breast cancer, many do not
take the necessary steps to
detect the disease in its early
stages and to encourage others
to do the same. Most of us
dread ever hearing the words,
–You have cancer–, because
this disease is sure to have a significant impact on
all areas of a person–s life. Ms Jonita van Wyk,
who graduated earlier this year with a master–s
degree in Social Work (Health Care) in the
Department of Social Work and Criminology at the
University of Pretoria (UP), conducted research on
the social functioning of women with breast cancer,
under the supervision of Dr Charlene Carbonatto.
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