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aster, you gave me five
talents. See, I have made
five more.' His master said
to him, 'Well done, my
good and faithful servant. Since
you were faithful in small matters,
I will give you great responsibilities.
Come, share your master's joy.'
Mt 25:20b-21
November 16—21:
Parish Mission:
“The Healing of Families”
Fr. Yozefu-B. Ssemakula
Friday, November 21:
Happy Birthday Father Ben!
Sunday, November 23:
Happy 10th Anniversary
Fr. John Simoneau
November 15, Saturday — Sobota
9:00AM JL For Tim, Victoria & Family For Rich Hollis
For Daniel & Kathleen Durusoy & Family
For the People in Nicaragua
11:00AM B *Baptism: Azelie Marie Juricic
4:00PM JS,d For Isabelle Varchetti For Larry & Mary Chapp
For Albert & Mary Krakosky
Helen Consiglio
6:00PM LUM *Latin-Tridentine (Missa Cantata):
For Robert Keller req. Hearn Family
For Raphael Boisvert
November 16, Sunday— Nedeľa
Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31;1 Thes 5:1-6; Mt 25:14-30
7:30AM JS,d For Dominic Salvator Pearson (B’Day)
For Al, Ann & James Varchetti
For the Living & Deceased Members of the
Burrows & Sommers FamilyJoseph A. Schoener
9:30AM JSE,d For Julia Weil (B’Day)
For Thomas & Jane Desser
For the Vitale Monsu Family
For Margit Timinski (B’Day)
11:30AM B (Slovak) For the Torkos Family
Vincent Urda req. Friends
Renee Jaczkowski req. Sobolic Family
Marie Koronek req. Husband & Dimoski Family
1:30PM YS For Vicki & Samantha Babbie
For Anwar Robin & Family
For Moneer & Alia Korkis
C Philip Schultheis Jr.
8:30PM LUM For Sr. Maria Veronica req. Patrice
For a Special Intention req. Kola Gojcaj
Florentina Isip Christopher Boertmann
November 17, Monday—Pondelok
9:00AM JSE For Thomas & Jane Desser (63rd. Ann.)
For Christopher Wojciechowski (B’Day)
Godfrey Revell req. Families of Regina Caeli
Joe Peters
12:00PM LUM In Thanksgiving
For Elizabeth req. Papa & Grammie
Rafael & Ivanoa Nigenda
Robert Qintano req. Pete & Julie
5:30PM YS,B For the Healing of Families
November 18, Tuesday— Utorok
6:00AM B For Jessica Orloski For Mike Spriet
For Ottmar Schroeder & Mary Smihula & Family
Richard Branch
9:00AM JSE For Fr. Mark Desser(B’Day)
For Bethane Cabrerea
For Georgia Whetstone (Bapt. Ann.) req. Mom
For Hikmat, Noor Waseem Rawnak & Family
12:00PM MD For Blessed Francis Seelos
For Persecuted Christians
For Marie Dedvukaj req. Pete & Julie
Msgr. Stanley Milewski
5:30PM YS For the Healing of Families
November 19, Wednesday — Streda
6:00AM JSE For Ottmar Schroeder & Mary Smihula & Family
For Jordan, Jonathan, Julian & Miranda req. Nada
For Maria Chura
For Sue Kado req. Nada
9:00AM B (Latin) For Sr. Mary Albert Gasparski O.P.
For Adelbert & Mildred Novotny req. Miller’s
For Matthew Eastwood For Rawiya Matloob
12:00PM LUM For Fr. Luigi req. Rosary Society
For Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rooney
For David Nguyen (18th B’Day)
Betty Hafeli req. Jerry & Carol Slabienski
5:30PM YS For the Healing of Families
November 20, Thursday– Štvrtok
9:00AM B For Fr. Libor For Jerry Roubal
For Barbara Middleton For Deceased Members
& Spouses of the St. Nicholas K of C Council
12:00PM JSE,d For the Holy Spirit For Diana Ayer
For Greg & Gabriella Stegner Gloria Maney
5:30PM YS For Carl & Stephanie Varchetti & Family
For Jordan, Jonathan, & Julian (B’Days)
For Rich & Fran Walden
For Maria Dicenna (B’Day)
November 21, Friday — Piatok
6:00AM MD For Ottmar Schroeder & Mary Smihula & Family
For Ryan Orlosky req. Son John Paul
For the Living & Deceased Members of the
Orlosky Family For the Living & Deceased
Members of the Janicki Family
9:00AM B For Fr. Ben (B’Day)
For Rosemary Strasz
For Joseph Strasz
Louie Sardi req. Louie & Iman
12:00PM JSE For Fr. Ben (B’Day)
For the Rosary Makers & Their Families
Peter Dubon req. Family
Gene Kucharek req. Wife
5:30PM YS For the Healing of Families
November 22, Saturday — Sobota
9:00AM JL For the People of Nicaragua
For Marlene Acervo (B’Day) req. Family
For Anwar Robin (B’Day) req. Vicki
Theresa Ramenaden req. Bennet Family
1:00AM B *Wedding Mass: Paul Driscoll & Rita Hurley
4:00PM JSE For Fr Ben For Kevin Shubnell req. Langlois Fam.
Alex Gentry (Ann.) req. Aunt Julie
For Albert & Mary Krakosky
6:00PM JS *Latin-Tridentine (Missa Cantata):
For Margarite Pollack
For Anthony Maslanka req. Grandparents
November 23, Christ the King Sunday— Nedeľa
Ez 34:11-12, 15-17;1 Cor 15:20-26; Mt 25:31-46 (160)
7:30AM B For Paul Halabu (B’Day) For Elvidio Vennettilli
(B’Day) req. Lucio & Yvonne For the Living &
Deceased Members of the Burrows & Sommers Fam.
Eleanor Gietzen req. Angela Maas
10:00AM JS,B,JSE For Father John Simoneau
(10th Anniversary Of Ordination)
1:30PM LUM For the Intentions of the St. Monica Sodality
For Vicki & Samantha Babbie
For Anwar Robin & Family
For the Shammo Family
Alex Family
8:30PM JSE For Moneer &Alia Korkis & Family
For Drita C., Mark & Martin Dedivanaj
For Guy Gravitt req.Samantha Lang
Christopher Boertmann
Mass Celebrant Legend:
Fr. Ben Kosnáč-B, Fr. John Simoneau—JS
Fr. Joseph Sekere—JSE, Msgr. Mike Dylag—MD
Fr. Tom Heier—TH, Fr. Vergil Heier—VH
Fr. Jim Lowe—JL, Fr. Louis Madey—LUM
Fr. Yozefu B Ssemakula—YS, Deacon Gerald or Joe preaching-d
Parish Mission Begins THIS SUNDAY, November 16, through Friday, November 21
“The Healing of Families”
By: Fr. Yozefu-B. Ssemakula
Why Attend “The Healing of Families” Seminar?
Have you prayed for years for healing of your family and nothing has happened?
 Learn this form of prayer that is effective for those stubborn personal and family problems.
 Through your participation, experience family-wide relief and healing of spiritual, physical, and emotional problems.
 “Redeem” your relationships and change the course of your family’s history.
Schedule: November 16 - 21
Sunday, November 16:
3:30 – 6:30pm Session (Church/Parish Hall)
Monday – Friday, November 17-21:
5:30pm Holy Mass
6:30 – 10:30pm: Session with Small Breaks
 Prayer process will be taught and held
on Friday from 8.30 to 11:00PM
Seminar Topics:
Our Image of God
Our Free Will
 The 5 Cardinal Points
 The 4 Access Points
 Scripture
 Christ Our Way Out
 The Prayer Process and Training
What do I need for the Seminar?
 Your notebook and Bible.
 Acquire, or better, read the book: The Healing of Families.
 Cost of the seminar: Free. You may make a love offering.
The entire seminar will be broadcasted live into the Parish Hall (Hall advised for families with small children)
Fr. John Simoneau
10th Anniversary of Ordination * November 23
A Holy Mass & Celebration of
Fr. John’s 10th Anniversary of Ordination
will take place next Sunday, November 23.
The 9:30AM & 11:30AM Holy Masses will be combined
and Mass will take place at 10:00AM.
A Reception will take place in the Fr. Mikus Hall
immediately following the Holy Mass.
All parishioners and friends are welcome to attend!
Everyone is asked to participate in the Reception
by bringing either cold Finger Foods or Desserts
on a disposable platter to the Father Mikus Hall
before the following Masses:
Saturday, November 22, 9:00AM, 4:00PM or 6:00PM
Sunday, November 23, 7:30AM, 10:00AM
If you would like to help
before, during or after the Reception,
please sign up on the sheets in the vestibule
or call the Parish Office at (586) 726-6911
(Artwork by Anne Simoneau, Fr. John’s Mother)
EDGE Youth Ministry
Life Teen High School Ministry
EDGE will NOT meet this coming Monday (November 17)
but we encourage families to attend the Parish Mission (see
Page 3).
Our next EDGE Night will be Monday, December 1, at
6:15PM—9:00PM. We look forward to celebrating Advent
and learning more about the mystery of the
Incarnation. Beginning in December, ALL EDGE Nights
will begin with Holy Mass in the main church and end in
the Activity Center at 9:00PM.
Questions about EDGE: Alexandria Lewis
(317) 331-4772 or [email protected]
NO Life Night on November 17 (Parish Mission, see Page 3)
YOLO Young Adult Ministry
Dear Young Men and Women: Please Note: There will be
NO meeting on Friday, November 21, because of the Parish
Mission. We strongly encourage you to participate.
We do hope to see you on Friday, November 28. We will
be hosting a young adult dance starting at 7:00PM in the Fr.
Mikus Hall. It is a semiformal event. $10 for early
registration and $12 at the door. All proceeds will benefit
Image of God crisis pregnancy center in Detroit. Image of
God is looking to expand and open a new location as they
recognize an even greater need for this ministry in Detroit.
If you cannot make it to the event but would like to donate
to this organization, please contact me (contact information
is below) for information.
Mr. Jason Spranger (DJ Spranger) will be our DJ for the
evening. There is going to be awesome food, music, and
company! It’s going to be a great night!
In December our events will consist of a night on Divine
Mercy (12/5), we will be celebration the Feast of Our Lady
of Guadalupe (12/12), and hosting a Christmas Party
If you have any questions, please contact:
Facebook page: YOLO Live 4 Christ or
Mary Giroux, [email protected]
Midwest Apologetics Conference
January 24, 2015 * Register Now
Registration is now open to attend the 2015 Mid-west
Catholic Apologetics Conference II being held on Saturday,
January 24, 2015, at Ss. Cyril & Methodius.
Speakers include four nationally-known Catholic authors
and apologists: Tim Staples, Stephen Ray, Marcus Grodi
and Gary Michuta.
Register Today
Conference begins with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr.
Ben Luedtke at 7:30AM, followed by the Conference which
ends at 3:30PM.
Cost: $25 (*Adult Pre-Registration by January 15)
$15 (Student Registration) / $30 (Walk-In Registration)
*Light box lunch is provided to all pre-registered attendees
(those who register by January 15).
Registration forms can be found by the
St. Michael statue in the entryway and online at:
Questions: Joan Hartzell, (586) 979-7042
Please pray for our 53 teens on the
Life Teen Fall Retreat this weekend!
Service Opportunity, Saturday November 22
Our group will be going back to Detroit to distribute clothing
to the homeless with the PB & J Outreach –our first trip was
in August and the teens were blown away by the experience.
Time & Transportation: We will meet at St. Cyril’s at
7:15AM and carpool to the outdoor clothing distribution site
in Detroit. We will arrive back at approximately 10:15AM.
Please dress warmly.
Sign-Up: High school teens interested in participating must
turn in their signed permission slip to the parish office by
Thursday, November 20. Teens participating in this trip are
also encouraged to bring new or gently used MEN’S hat or
gloves to donate to the ministry.
Men’s Hat and Glove Drive for Homeless
The PB& J Outreach has been struggling to provide enough
warm hats and gloves for the gentlemen they serve. So when
we bring our group to work with this Outreach on November
22, we are hoping to bring a substantial donation of men’s
hats and gloves to hand out. Any teen or parishioner who is
interested in contributing to our donation is invited to drop
off gently used or new men’s hats and/or gloves in the “Life
Teen—Donations for PB & J Outreach” box in the coatroom
next to the vestibule.
Camp Covecrest (Tiger, Georgia): July 27-August 1, 2015
For over 10 years, Life Teen International has provided
experiences at Camp Covecrest where high school teens are
able to encounter God working in their lives. When a teen
goes to Camp Covecrest, they begin to experience a bigger
and better life than they ever thought possible.
What Camp Covecrest Offers High School Teens: Ropes
courses, messy games, many opportunities to encounter God
through the Sacraments, powerful talks given by some of the
best speakers in Catholic Youth Ministry, dynamic worship
lead by some of the most gifted music ministers, a chance to
develop a deeper and more meaningful prayer life, a time to
strengthen existing friendships and create new ones…the list
goes on! Visit http://lifeteen.com/camps/ for the promotional
Information Meeting for Parents: 20 teens will have the
opportunity to experience Camp Covecrest. Interested in
your son or daughter being one of those blessed teens? Come
to the parent information meeting on Monday, December 1,
from 7:30-8:15PM in Room 118. (This meeting will take
place during the Life Night for the high school teens.) Cost:
$495 per camper
For updates on our events, visit us on Facebook:
“Ss. Cyril & Methodius Life Teen Ministry”
Questions: Youth Minister & Life Teen Coordinator,
Jordan Langbeen, [email protected], (586) 943-1722
Regular Confession schedule
1/2 hour before every Holy Mass
And Immediately Following
The Saturday 9:00AM Holy Mass
(until finished)
. Columbian Squires Circle for Altar Boys * November 22
It is my pleasure to announce that a Columbian Squires
Circle is in the formal process of being chartered here at
Saints Cyril & Methodius, under the guidance of Fr. Ben,
our Saint Nicholas Council, myself and other adult men.
For those of you who may not be familiar with the Saint
Nicholas Council, these are the men you see dressed in
"Colors" at some of the Holy Masses. The Knights have
four degrees: First, Second, Third, and Fourth. The men
dressed in "Colors" are Fourth Degree Knights who have
chosen to serve in this role.
Altar Boys: Mark your calendar for Saturday, November
22, after the 9:00AM Holy Mass. We will have a one-hour
informational meeting in the Overflow Room led by: Fr.
Ben, the Knights in "Color", myself, and other adult Knight
The Knights of Columbus have an excellent
website: KofC.org You can learn about the Knights history
and current activities. Jeff Gura
Quilt Ministry * Saturday, November 22
The Quilt Ministry will be meeting on Saturday, November
22, from 10:00AM—1:00PM in the Activity Center. Now
that the winter cold is fast approaching, we again are
making Quilts for those in need here in the Detroit Metro
area. We have had requests from the Capuchin Brothers
who minister to homeless on the streets and we have
additional need for our "Street" Quilts.
If you sew and feel called to this ministry, we would
welcome the opportunity to work with you.
Questions, please call: Kay (586) 752-7991
Youth Dance & Game Night * Saturday, November 22
7:00PM—11:00PM (Ages 14 - 20 years old) * $7/person
*Admission includes Pizza served till 9:00PM and Pop!
Bring your board games, cards and other games
For information and to volunteer/chaperone, please contact:
Mary Hale, (586) 773-8261
Investiture of the Miraculous Medal
On November 27, 1830, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared
to Sister Catherine Labouré and left a concrete sign, the
Miraculous Medal. This medal signifies her maternal love
for us, and serves as her invitation to assist her in building
the Kingdom of God.
On November 22, there will be a solemn ceremony of
investiture of the Miraculous Medal, during which the
Church blesses the medal with solemn prayers and invests it
upon the shoulders of the candidate who according to Holy
Mary’s promise will thereby “receive great graces.”
If you wish to be conferred or if you have any questions,
please contact: Donna Mazurkievicz, (586) 268-4235 or
Susan Schoenstein, (248) 652-2856
We need your contact information so we can form a
company of prayer warriors whom we can quickly contact
via internet if possible when the need arises. We will keep
your information confidential. Please watch the bulletin
board for more details.
Our Lady Queen of Peace Apostolate
St. Monica Sodality Mass * Sunday, November 23
The next St. Monica Sodality Holy Mass is on The
Solemnity of Christ the King, November 23, at 1:30PM.
Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that God wants to establish
a kingdom of justice, love, and peace.
Instead of
seeking worldly power let us bring the light of truth and
God's love into the world.
Please join us for Mass and prayers.
Children’s Choir
The next performances of the Children’s Choir are:
Sunday, November 23, 10:00AM, (Combined Holy Mass):
Fr. John Simoneau’s 10th Anniversary
Sunday November 30, 2014 9:30AM Holy Mass
Rehearsals take place after the 9:30AM Holy Mass on
November 16. A Christmas Nativity Rehearsal takes place
on Saturday, November 29, from 1:00—3:00PM for all
children interested in singing with the choir or reading for
The first rehearsal for the Christmas Nativity will be Saturday,
December 6, from 1:00—3:00PM. It is open to all youth from
1st Grade to 12th Grade.
If you have questions regarding the Children’s Choir:
Bethany Cabrera, [email protected]
World Youth Day * July 24—August 1, 2016
$1,800 Land Only (Air Fare Not Included)
Second Payment of $400 Due
Coordinator: Mary Hale, (586) 773-8261, [email protected]
World Youth Day pilgrims invite you to bring your EMPTY,
CLEAN returnable bottles and cans to church and place them
in the appropriate bin in the coat room off the vestibule and in
the bin by the vending machines in the Gallery by the Fr.
Mikus Hall. The collections from the returnable items will
help defray the expenses for the pilgrims. Thank you for your
generosity and support.
Advent Sale * November 22, 23, 29 & 30
Advent wreaths, candles and calendars, Grave blankets
and wreaths, Advent Magnificat Companion, home-made
cabbage rolls and many more Advent and Christmas items
will be available for purchase after all the Holy Masses on
November 22-23 and November 29-30.
For more information: Mary Hale at (586) 773-8261
St. Cyril Book Club * November 24
"For 60 years, St. John Bosco had many vision-like dreams
that foretold the extraordinary mission God had for him, and
also guided him as it came to fruition. Fr. Bosco shared the
dreams with his boys. Sometimes the youths faced tremendous
challenges, and in other dreams the state of their souls were
revealed. The remarkable dreams/visions continue to provide
us in the modern era with important lessons and insights as we
grow in sanctity and fulfill our purposes in life."
"The Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco" is the book selected for
the month of November. St. Cyril's Book Club will meet on
Monday, November 24, at 7:00PM in Room #112. This book
can be purchased on line or at [email protected] at (248) 250-9216.
Come join us!
"Trust all things to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
and to Mary, Help of Christians,
and you will see what miracles are." ~ Saint John Bosco
MOVIE MARATHON * Friday, November 28 * TIMES—TBD
“The Giver”, “The Hundred-Foot Journey”, “The Christmas Candle” & “Guardians of the Galaxy”
If you (or your group) have a movie request,
feel free to contact Fr. Ben or the Parish Office, (586) 726-6911
“Behold, I am with you always to the close of the age.” (St. Matthew 28:20)
In His unspeakable love for us, it wasn’t enough for Jesus to remain with us in
Spirit alone after His ascension into heaven. We can certainly feel His love in our
hearts and His tender embrace in the confessional. However, it doesn’t end there.
The nature of love always wants to keep giving. There can be no doubt what the
faithful are told when they are told to believe in the mystery of the True Presence
of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist. Once the words of consecration have
been pronounced by a validly ordained priest during the Holy Sacrifice of the
Mass, what used to be bread and wine are no longer bread and wine. Only the appearances or, rather, only the external physical properties of the former elements remain. There is now on the altar Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, full God and full
God knows that we’re sensible creatures; after all, He created us that way. He knows we acknowledge things better when we
can perceive them through our five senses. It becomes easier to relate to something when we are able to see, hear, touch,
taste and smell them. Jesus knew all too well from being the God-man that if we were to be the most effective witness for
Him we would need the very means capable of achieving such a demanding vocation. Therefore, along with the real presence of His Spirit which mystically dwells within us, He has also chosen to remain with us bodily as well. Thus in the
Eucharist is present the Jesus of history: the one who was conceived of His Mother Mary at Nazareth; who was born in a
stable at Bethlehem; who lived for thirty-three years in Palestine; and who walked and talked and wept and slept and ate and
drank; who shed real red blood on the cross and who rose from the grave and after His resurrection had the incredulous disciples put their fingers into His pierced side.
The intimacy of God’s love for us goes beyond what most Catholics imagine. He desires to become one with us, live in us,
and molds us to become like Him from the inside out. Whenever you receive the Holy Eucharist at Mass you don’t receive
bread and wine, you receive His actual human body in the substance of the bread and wine, and He physically becomes part
of you. He gives His absolute everything to you! Mere words cannot claim the depth of beauty and love of this strict mystery!
Filled with this truth of our faith, know that this love needs to be cultivated and grow; it must produce fruit, it must change
us. This is why we have Eucharistic Adoration. When we sit before the Holy Eucharist in the chapel we sit in front of the
very same Jesus whom His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the disciples and the multitudes sat in front of. The difference
for us He’s hidden behind the veil of bread and wine because His glorified body would be too much for us to withstand.
Spend time with Him and talk to Him. He will speak to you with His Spirit while you gaze upon Him humbled, yet ever so loving in the Blessed Sacrament.
Paul A. Ray
If you feel God is calling you to stay with Him for one hour each week
and would like to volunteer your time to sit with Him in quiet prayer and adoration please either:
email Julie Varchetti, Paul A. Ray or David and Nicole Maul at [email protected]
or call Julie Varchetti, (586) 214-1825
to let us know what time(s) work the best for you!
Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum!
Catechism Corner
Class/Benediction Schedule:
Wednesday, November 19, 6:15PM: Class for 2nd & 8th grades only
Wednesday, November 26: NO CLASS - Happy Thanksgiving!
Questions: DREs, Paul or Carroll Schuller, (586) 254-9212
Light Weigh One King * December 1
Light Weigh One King is a safe and biblical way to lose weight. We will begin FARNOSŤ SVÄTÝCH CYRILA A METODA
our next 12-week session for Light Weigh One King at 1:00PM on Monday,
December 1. We would love to have new members join us.
Please contact Donna at (586) 781-6904 or [email protected] for more
information. I will be available to show you the orientation DVD or you can
: 586.726.6911
check it out at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS6YLpYD22Y
: 586.685.1070
Catholic Charities of Michigan * November 22 & 23
: www.saintcyrils.org
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: After nearly two years of diligent and
faithful effort, Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan (CCSEM) has emerged
Jesus Christ, The High Priest
from a newly-formed regional human services agency to one poised for growth
Fr. Benjamín Kosnáč, Pastor
in providing help and giving hope to God’s people in the Archdiocese of Detroit.
Pastor Email:
Now our principal archdiocesan agency for works of mercy, CCSEM last year
[email protected]
assisted more than 15,000 people by sharing Christ’s love through adoption and
[email protected]
foster care services, individual and family counseling, services for seniors,
Fr. John Simoneau, Associate Pastor
refugee resettlement, Hispanic outreach, helping those in crisis circumstances,
Associate Pastor Email:
and numerous other services.
[email protected]
CCSEM is helping our brothers and sisters to move from dependence to healthy,
Deacon Joseph Hulway
self-sustained livelihoods. All CCSEM services center on the dignity of the
Deacon Gerald Smigell
person and strengthening the family with a commitment to accompany all
through their personal trials. Efforts continue to connect CCSEM with pastors,
parishes, vicariates, church ministries, and other Catholic charitable
organizations to provide collaborative and coordinated assistance.
The faithful will have the opportunity next weekend, November 22 & 23 to
continue and expand CCSEM’s many works of mercy. On that weekend a
special collection for CCSEM will occur in parishes throughout the Archdiocese
of Detroit to help CCSEM maintain and improve its programs and services.
Those who give of themselves in this way enjoy a spiritual reciprocation with
those being helped, for they receive the privilege of giving of themselves in the
Lord’s name.
Ss. Cyril & Methodius
Please consider referring a loved one, friend, or neighbor who may find healing Parish is a Roman Catholic Community
and hope through a CCSEM program or service. They can call (855) 882-2736, that welcomes all who wish to learn
visit ccsem.org, or email: [email protected] In sharing this information about about, embrace and actively practice the
Roman Catholic religion. As a “family
CCSEM, it is my hope that more will utilize this wonderful resource. I invite you of families,” we are dedicated to the
to learn more by visiting www.aod.org/sharingthelight/CCSEM/.
propagation and deepening of our Catholic
Sincerely yours in Christ,
faith. This is facilitated through the teaching of, and adherence to, the MagisteThe Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit
and traditions of the Roman
Bulletin Deadlines
Catholic Church.
Due to early deadlines during Advent,
please submit all bulletin articles as follows:
Issue Date: Sunday, November 30:
Submit articles no later than: Thursday, November 20, 8:00AM
Farnosť sv. Cyrila je slovenská rímskokatolícka farnosť, ktorá je otvorená
Please submit bulletin articles to: [email protected]
každému, kto chce spoznávať a žiť
Please submit articles as follows:
katolícku vieru. Ako „Rodina rodín“ a
Word format, using Times New Roman font, 11 size font, single space.
„spoločenstvo spoločenstiev“ sa snažíme
(Note: Articles may be edited and are subject to Fr. Ben’s approval.)
vieru žiť a šíriť tak, aby ľudia spoznali
Boha a prinášali Kristov pokoj a radosť
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