The University of Arts of the Republic of Cuba calls to participate in the
VI Festival of Arts, which will be celebrated from 22 nd to 29thMarch,
As part of the festival will take place several events such as
performances, exhibitions, projections, contests, talks, lectures,
demonstrations and workshops. The main goals of the festival are:
 To ease and promote the work of young creators.
 To create dialog spaces between writers and artists of different
expressions, with different educations and origins.
 To show the teaching processes of students or graduates from the
University of Arts, from conservatories and academies of the art
schooling system in Cuba, as well as from art schools overseas.
1. Cuban and foreigner creators under 35 may participate with
individual or group projects, as long as their submissions had been
accepted by the Organizing Committee.
2. Each creator or group may register with one or several artistic
3. Projects of any kind will be admitted, in any format and within any
art expression. Those interested must submit (in a free format)
the entire or partial documentation of the project(s). The
submissions must contain: authors, members, theoretical basis,
location needed for the presentation, duration, technical and
production requirements.
4. Each participant must specify: name and last name(s), nationality,
identity number or passport number (concerning to the foreign
participants), address, email, phone number and curriculum vitae.
The Organizing Committee of the VI Festival of Arts invites college
professors, cultural managers and Cuban and foreigner artists to
develop workshops, demonstrations and lectures.
1. The topics must be related to the creation, to the education within
the artistic training or to other similar disciplines, provided that
links with art history, art theory and art criticism are established.
2. Those interested must send title, theoretical basis and
methodological program of the proposal.
3. Must be enclosed: personal information, curriculum vitae,
university, artistic group or cultural center of provenance.
4. The Organizing Committee will form a team that is going to
evaluate the proposals and to determine their inclusion in the
The submissions must be sent before 20 December 2014 by email or
post to the following addresses:
 [email protected]
 Dirección de Extensión Universitaria, Universidad de las Artes,
Calle 120, No. 904, entre 9na y 23, Cubanacán, Playa, La Habana.
Código postal 11600, Zona Postal Habana 16
The Cuban participants who don’t belong to the University of Arts must
pay a subscription fee of 50.00 MN and the foreign participants of 50.00
USD. This payment will be effective at the time of accreditation and it
will give you the right to: documentation, free pass to every event, basic
transportation service and arrangement of the locations required for the
artistic and academic presentations.
The Organizing Committee does not guarantee food nor lodging, but if
this services are requested, the necessary arrangements will be made.
Please contact us through our email [email protected] or call (537) 2087615, (53-7) 208 2446 y (53-7) 208 9771 for more information.
Organizing Committee of the VI Festival of Arts.
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