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Welcome to out of this
world TV entertainment
Meet Cogeco TiVo Service
Get ready for the TiVo experience.
Welcome to TV like you’ve never seen it. With Cogeco TiVo® Service,1
you get incredible features like:
• Record 6 shows at once, watch 5 live TV shows simultaneously
• TiVo’s best-in-class recommendation tool suggests new shows
based on what you like
• Access an entire universe of content with one simple, integrated search
• Access Netflix2 directly from your Cogeco TiVo Service
• Take your recorded shows on the go using your iPhone® or iPad®
Ready for an out of this world TV experience? Press the TiVo button on your
remote control to get to the TiVo Central® screen, the starting point for all of TiVo’s
amazing features.
For more help using your Cogeco TiVo Service, visit
TiVo Remote Control
Out of this world
entertainment is in
your control.
To program your TiVo® remote, press the TiVo button to go to
the TiVo Central screen. Then select Settings & Messages,
then Settings®, then Remote, CableCARD & Devices, then
Remote Control Setup. Follow the easy onscreen instructions.
The TiVo button takes you to the TiVo Central® screen,
the starting point for all your TiVo features and settings.
If programmed, TV PWR turns your TV on or off.
Use Input to select the input (such as TiVo box, DVD player,
game system) your TV displays.
Live TV takes you to live TV. If you’re watching live TV,
use it to cycle through the tuners.
Info shows the info banner while watching live TV; press it again
to make it disappear.
Press Select to choose menu items or, when watching live TV,
to bring up the Mini Guide.
Back goes back to the previous screen (in certain apps).
Use Zoom to change aspect ratio of shows on your TV.
Guide takes you to the program guide, where you can find shows
to watch or record. Press it again to see filtered views.
If programmed, Volume and Mute control the volume on your
TV or A/V receiver.
Use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons to rate shows
or collections for TiVo Suggestions.
Play starts playing a show from the My Shows list.
Rewind rewinds a show. Press it up to three times for
three speeds.
Replay repeats the last eight seconds of the show.
Press and hold to jump to the beginning of a show.
The <A> <B> <C> <D> buttons sort and filter views.
Look for the onscreen tips.
Use the Arrow buttons to navigate the TiVo menus and the
program guide. When watching a recording, press the left arrow
to stop and return to the program information screen.
Use the Channel Up/Down buttons to change the channel and
to page up or down while in the program guide or TiVo menus.
Press Record to start recording the show you’re watching,
or to set up a recording for a show selected in the
program guide.
Fast-Forward fast-forwards through a show. Press it up to three
times for three speeds.
Pause freezes a show. Press it again to resume playing.
Advance moves forward in 30-second increments; press and
hold to jump to the end of the show. Or, press Advance to jump
to the next tick mark when fast-forwarding or rewinding.
Slow plays a show in slow motion.
Clear removes the display of the info banner or program guide,
and deletes titles from the My Shows or To Do list.
On Demand takes you to the main screen for the Cogeco
On Demand catalogue.
Enter/Last returns you to the last channel tuned to in live TV.
Awesome features from Cogeco TiVo Service
Watch and record
up to 6 shows at once.
Only Cogeco TiVo® Service lets you record up to 6 shows
at the same time. You can set it to record single episodes,
or the entire series. TiVo Service also lets you watch 5 live
TV shows simultaneously. Never miss a show again – now
your whole family can watch what they want. No more
arguments, just blissful entertainment.
Every episode. Every time.
Set up a Season Pass® recording and your TiVo DVR will
record every episode for you, all season long, even if the time
changes. You can also tailor your Season Pass® to record every
available episode or just new episodes.
With My Shows,
you’re the star.
All the shows recorded by your TiVo® DVR appear in the
My Shows list. And don’t forget – with the TiVo DVR you
can record up to 6 shows at once.
My Shows includes categories that make it quick and easy
to find what you want to watch. Want to see all the kids’
shows you’ve recorded? Select “Kids.” You can also pick up
where you left off by choosing “Partially Watched.”
To get to the My Shows list from any menu screen, or from
live TV, just press the TiVo button twice. If you are already
on the TiVo Central® screen just press it once.
The Discovery Bar –
only from Cogeco.
The Discovery Bar appears at the top of most TiVo® screens.
What you’ll see in the Discovery Bar depends on you.
Often, the Discovery Bar suggests shows you might like
based on what shows you record and mark as your favourites.
For example, if you record the show “American Idol,” the
Discovery Bar might display thumbnails for other shows,
like “So You Think You Can Dance.” It all depends on what
you’re interested in and what’s available to you.
The Discovery Bar also displays lots of other great viewing
options: popular shows or sports events that are playing
on live TV, items from your My Shows list, TiVo Suggestions,
new Cogeco On Demand3 shows, and more.
TiVo Suggestions –
only from Cogeco
You can rate any show – whether it’s live, recorded, or listed
in the program guide – by pressing the THUMBS UP® or
THUMBS DOWN® button on your remote. You can give a
show up to three Thumbs Up (great!) or three Thumbs Down
(terrible!). TiVo Suggestions, available in your My Shows
list, then uses these ratings to learn what you like and
improve recommendations, plus automatically records
shows you might be interested in. The more shows you
rate over time, the better TiVo Suggestions will get at finding
interesting shows for you.
One search,
all the content.
Only the TiVo® experience offers fully integrated search. No
other device instantly scans across all TV programming,
including your recordings, Cogeco On Demand3 and
available Netflix2 titles to find exactly what you want. It’s
like an entertainment search engine presenting you with a
list of great options, so there’s almost nothing you can’t
start watching in seconds.
Search by show title, episode title, show description, or
cast or crew member (actor, director, etc.). You can even
search for a particular channel by its network name or call
sign (e.g. CTV or Global).
WishList what you love.
Finding the things you love is a snap with a WishList® search.
Have a subject, title, actor or director you’re curious about?
Just set up a WishList search and your TiVo DVR will search
all your programming 24/7/365 and record it for you.
Get instant entertainment
with What to Watch Now
‘So many channels, so little time’ is a thing of the past.
With TiVo’s “What to Watch Now” feature, finding the
programming you enjoy most doesn’t have to mean time
wasted channel surfing or browsing a guide.
“What to Watch Now” shows you what’s available for
viewing right now, in an easy-to-use format. Choose from
popular TV shows, live sports events, movies, and more.
Just select “What to Watch Now” from the TiVo Central®
screen to get started.
All your entertainment.
All together.
With Cogeco TiVo ® Service’s intuitive menu, get instant
access to incredible features, such as the extensive
Cogeco On Demand 3 catalogue with over 8,000 titles to
enjoy, plus a variety of apps such as Netflix. Navigate these
as well as shows, movies, videos and more from one
simple intuitive menu.
Just click the TiVo button on your remote and a world of
entertainment is at your fingertips.
Netflix, at the flick
of a button.
Cogeco TiVo Service is the only TiVo service in Canada that
provides an integrated Netflix experience. Plus, you can bring
all your favourite apps, like YouTubeTM and Facebook, together
with your favourite programs so you have access to all that
content at the touch of a button. No more jumping back
and forth to decide what to watch – it’s now all in one place.
Watch, browse and manage TV
from anywhere with mobile control.
Now you can watch all your recorded favourite programs anywhere you are – on the
train, on the bus, on a plane, or at the cottage. Easily transfer shows to your iOS®
device (iPhone® or iPad®) using the Cogeco TiVo® App.4 The app also lets you schedule
recordings, control live TV, search for shows and more, right from your mobile device.
Download the free Cogeco TiVo App from the App Store and:
Watch recorded shows on your mobile device
Download shows to take with you on the go
Schedule recordings from anywhere
Browse current listings and What to Watch Now
Manage Season Pass® recordings and the To Do List
Whole Home DVR Experience
Now every room
is a TV room.
With the TiVo® Mini you get to enjoy the
TiVo experience, including the freedom
of watching and recording your favourite
programs, in every room. Simply connect
a TiVo Mini to every additional TV so you
can start your recording in one room and
continue it in another room with the touch
of a button. Plus access live TV and recorded
shows, Cogeco On Demand content and
apps like Netflix as well.
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Available where technology permits. The purchase or rental of a digital receiver is required to access Digital Television service from Cogeco. An environmental handling fee (EHF) payable to the OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) will be absorbed by Cogeco when
electronic equipment is rented (digital receiver, modem and EMTA). Installation and/or activation fees may apply. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. © 2014 TiVo Inc. All rights reserved. Patented. U.S. pat. nos. at TiVo, the TiVo logo, Season Pass,
WishList, TiVo Central, the Instant Replay logo, the Jump logo, the Thumbs Up logo and the Thumbs Down logo are registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries worldwide. iOS, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered
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The Cogeco TiVo Service can support up to 6 connected television sets. Each additional television set requires a subscription to the rental of a TiVo Mini receiver. Installation charges may apply for additional outlets. Subscriptions to Cogeco High Speed Internet and
the Cogeco wireless modem are required for the Cogeco TiVo Service. The Cogeco TiVo service is an Internet-based service. Approximately 1GB of data traffic will be consumed between the TiVo boxes and the Internet to supply programming information and this
will be counted against a customer’s monthly Internet usage limit. The content accessed via Internet applications such as Netflix and YouTube consumes data and this will be counted against a customer’s monthly Internet usage limit. Depending on the type of Internet
package chosen by the customer, additional charges will apply for exceeding bit cap usage allowed for each Cogeco specific High Speed Internet package. 2. Netflix is available in certain countries. Streaming membership required. More information at
3. Cogeco On Demand service is offered where the technology is available and for customers who meet the Cogeco On Demand access requirements. Access to some content may require a subscription to the TV package containing the associated digital channel.
Channel availability may vary per region. 4. Access to the mobile apps requires a subscription to the TV package containing the associated digital channel. Channel availability may vary per region. The content viewed on mobile apps requires bandwidth, which is included
in the customer’s Internet or cellular data package. Additional usage fees may apply if the customer exceeds the monthly data transfer capacity (GB) included in his/her package.
Got questions?
Here’s how you can always find answers:
• Find detailed instructions on how to use the many features of your TiVo® DVR
• Use the Help screens on your TiVo DVR. Go to Settings & Messages > Help.
• Contact Cogeco Customer Service 1-855-933-6378.