NOVEMBER 9, 2014 14544 Lebanon RD. • Old Hickory, TN 37138

14544 Lebanon RD. • Old Hickory, TN 37138
NOVEMBER 9, 2014
Church Email: [email protected]
Bulletin notices (due by 11am Monday) Email:
[email protected]
Office: 758-2424 • Fax: 754-0043
Priest’s House: 754-4454
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Pastor, Rev. Pat Kibby.......................................................12
Deacon, F red Bourland ....................................... 754-6899
Deacon, Steve Molnar……………………………604-6059
Deacon, Rob Montini ............................................ 884-7541
Deacon, Mickey Rose ............................................ 758-0322
Deacon, Tom Samoray………………………….. 504-6257
Deacon, Hans Toecker .......................................... 482-1895
Office Director, Barbara Couturier ..................................11
Office Secretary, Linda Ramming ....................................10
Adult Formation & Ministries, F rancie Duffield ............21
Life Teen Minister, Angie Bosio.......................................13
Youth Formation, Greg Karn ..........................................15
RCIC, Connie Blevins ........................................... 397-9255
Music and RCIA, Scott Goudeau .....................................30
Life Teen Band, Renee Campbell ......................... 516-2067
RECONCILIATION: Satur days at 4:00 pm in the
Reconciliation Room and by appointment.
INFANT BAPTISM CLASS: For r egister ed member s of the
parish. Second Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm in the
worship space, unless otherwise noted.
MARRIAGE: Contact one of the following: Deacon Hans
Toecker, Deacon Tom Samoray, Deacon Steve Molnar or Rev. Pat
Kibby (see contact numbers above) at time of engagement.
PRAYER CHAIN: For pr ayer for your self or for someone
else, call Rosetta at 889-9495.
SICK LIST; If you ar e going into the hospital or
are homebound, please call the office, 758-2424.
24-HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE: If you ar e feeling lonely,
depressed, overwhelmed, a caring voice is just a phone call away
at 244-7444, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
"When he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered
that he had said this, and they came to believe." Jesus predicted his resurrection in today's Gospel. But it wasn't until after the disciples witnessed the miraculous event that they realized what he had been talking
about. At the time, Jesus' words seemed mysterious, even confusing.
Those who heard him understandably thought his reference to "this temple" was about the Jewish house of worship. But it wasn't. He was talking about his body. This only became clear later.
As the saying goes, "hindsight is twenty-twenty." How often
do we find ourselves in the midst of a situation that doesn't make sense
at the time? We question the "meaning" of a sickness, a lost job, a betrayal, or a disappointment. But then, after time has passed, we can begin
to see it from another angle. In fact, many times we begin to see how
good came out of these tough situations. St. Paul says, "We know that all
things work for good for those who love God," (Rom 8:28).
Sometimes it's hard to trust in God's promises, especially when
his plan seems mysterious or confusing. But just as the disciples learned
that Jesus knew what he was talking about, we can believe that too. He
tells us that he is "the way and the truth and the life" (Jn 14:6). Although
the way may seem indirect, Jesus' perspective is bigger than ours. He
knows how to lead us to the fullness of life, in this world and the next.
The path may not be one that we would choose. Even Jesus had to journey through the cross before his resurrection-the temple of his body was
destroyed before it was rebuilt. But looking back, it's obvious that God's
plans really do work out for the best.
©2014 Liturgical Publications Inc.
5:00pm…………Martha Shoulders
8:30am ............... Lou Packard
11:00am ............... Russell Dennis
5:00pm ............... People of the Community
8:00am ............... Bud Cantrell
8:00am ............... William Thomas Otto
8:00am ............... Communion Service
6:30pm…………Communion Service
8:00am ............... Communion Service
8:00am ............... Communion Service
8:00am…………Communion Service
5:00pm…………Edward Krueger
8:30am ............... Alexis Kaz
11:00am ............... Matthew & Lillian Farris
5:00pm ............... People of the Community
Registration in the Parish: Forms
are available in the office during
office hours, in the literature
racks in the narthex of the
church, or on our website (www. and
can be filled out and returned electronically.
Sunday Adult Education meets from 9:45-10:45
am in the Lounge (lower level of Holy Family
LIFE TEEN All high school age youth of the
parish are invited to attend the LIFE TEEN Mass
held every Sunday at 5pm followed by LIFE Night
in the Holy Family Center Hall.
PREP (Parish Religious Education Program)
Classes for youth, age 3 through grade 8, are held
on Sundays during the school year.
The Nursery is open during Sunday Masses for
all children 12 months (and walking) through 3
Adult Choir & Children's Choir practices vary
according to Mass times. Everyone is invited.
Contact: Scott Goudeau.
Christian Initiation (RCIA) and (RCIC) All non
-Catholic adults interested in learning about or
becoming members of the Catholic Church contact
Scott Goudeau. Youth, age 7 or older, contact
Connie Blevins. Meets every Thursday at 7:00 pm
in the Hall.
Catholics Returning Home. If you have been
away from the Church, Welcome Home! If you
would like help with transition back, contact Jerry
Marcec (630-362-7150 or [email protected]).
Parent’s Day Out. Located at 108 Brookhollow.
Call Nancy Otting at 754-8432 for information
and availability.
Elizabeth Ministry.
The purpose of this
ministry is to provide support, comradeship,
spiritual guidance and encouragement to parents of
any age. Contact Jill LaFaye 578-2662.
AA meets every Tuesday morning at 7:00 am in
the Lounge of the Holy Family Center.
Al-Anon meets every Tuesday and Thursday at
12:00 noon in the Lounge of the Holy Family
Center. We can help, you are not alone.
Funeral & Bereavement Ministry.
Information to share on ways to save on the cost.
Pre-planning allows us to establish a personal
relationship ahead of time. After the death of a
loved one we all need to journey with our grief in
order for closure to take place. For questions about
Catholic funerals or to pre-plan, call Francie
Duffield at 758-2424.
Financial Report—11-2-14
Regular Collection ........................... $29,777
Debt Reduction Income .................... $10,435
Debt Owed .................................. $1,259,535
Income YTD (starting 7/1/14) ........ $469,535
Income Last Year …………….……$495,466
Online Giving to the church is now
available through our website. Go to
and click the Online Giving button on the
right. side.
Adult Ed continues with T he Bible
and the Mass. The Sunday group will
not meet this week so the Blood
Drive can be held in the hall. Next
week (Nov. 16), we return to
consider more examples of
the Book of
Revelation that appear in the Mass. The
Monday group will meet on Nov. 10 as we
see how the Kingdom of God is an integral
understanding of the Mass. *The Sunday group
meets at 9:45am. *The Monday group meets at
9am. All groups meet in the hall of the Holy
Family Center.
Catholic Basics Wednesday mornings at
8:30am. Join us in the HFC Lounge. We are
studying A Survey of Hinduism (video/
discussion series).
Wednesday Morning Scr iptur e and Pr ayer
Group from 10am-11:15am. We are studying
The New Testament. Join us in Room 105.
A Time to Seek—chapter-a-day readings:
Sirach 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
This Week: Life Teen will
attend the first night of the
ValLimar Jansen. ValLimar is a very talented
and inspiring speaker, musician and story teller.
Families will want to attend all three nights of
the Mission together to share the experience.
The Parish Mission will be Sunday night—
Tuesday night, Nov. 9-11. See you there!
Next Week:
Life Teen will discuss the
sensitive and yet relevant topic of depression
and suicide. We will educate students on what
to do if they or a friend are depressed or
suicidal, and understand what the Church really
says about suicide.
Red Cross Babysitter Training: St. Stephen
will host a Red Cross Babysitter Training on
Saturday, Nov. 15 for students ages 11-14. Cost
is $80. Contact Angie Bosio for information 758
-2424 x 13.
Life Teen Adult Core Members Needed: Life
Teen is searching for adults to add to our
Sunday night Core Team. If you are a practicing
Catholic, love teenagers and are up for a bit of
an adventure, please contact Angie Bosio for
application information. All ages 21 and up are
welcome to apply. Core Members lead
catechetical Life Nights on Sundays after the
Life Teen Mass as well as act as chaperones for
Life Teen trips such as Summer Camp, Ski Trip,
White Water Rafting, Backpacking and other
local events. Contact Angie at 758-2424 x 13 or
[email protected] for more information if
you think God is calling you to this ministry.
· Confirmation Candidacy is for
ALL Confirmation Students
regardless of where they go to
school (public, pr ivate or home
school). During one of the
remaining Masses, Confirmation
students, along with their parents (sponsors
need not attend), are invited to come before
our faith community and declare their desire to
receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. This
takes place after Fr. Pat’s homily. To
participate, candidates must attend one of the
following Masses: 11/9—5pm, 11/16—5pm.
NOTE: The 11/16 Confirmation Candidacy
Mass has been changed from 11am to 5pm.
Please call Greg Karn at 579-6975 (cell) or
email [email protected]
to sign up for the Mass of your choice.
· Reminder—Confirmation Sponsor paperwork due NOW: The deadline for r etur ning
the Confirmation Sponsor form was Sept. 28.
If you have not yet turned in your form,
please do so immediately.
· St. Stephen Religious Education Thanksgiving/Christmas Project: Believe it or not,
we only have about 2 and a half weeks until
Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around
the corner! Every Christmas, the Ladies of
Charity provide baskets of food for those in
need. This year, they anticipate the need to be
about 775 baskets.
St. Stephen’s PREP
programs will assist by gathering one pound or
larger bags/boxes of cookies for their
baskets. Our goal is to match the Ladies of
Charity’s need by collecting 775 bags/boxes of
cookies. You are invited to bring bags/boxes
to the Religious Education office anytime
between now and Dec. 7.
· Children’s Christmas Eve Liturgy: All
children in religious education classes (ages 4
years old thru 5th grade) are invited to
participate in the Children’s Christmas Eve
Liturgy, Dec. 24 at 4pm. Signups will begin
after all the Masses on Nov. 22-23 and Nov.
29-30. Rehearsals will be held in the church
after the 11am Mass on Dec. 7 and 14.
Dress rehearsal will be help at 3pm on Dec.
24. For more information, call Greg Karn
(758-2424, Ext. 15).
Coming Attractions:
· No Religious Education classes on Sunday,
Nov. 30 in obser vance of the Thanksgiving
· Children’s Christmas Eve Liturgy on
Wednesday, Dec. 24 at 4pm.
· The next First Reconciliation Parents Meeting
is Sunday, Jan. 11 at 9:45am in the HFC
· The next Confirmation Parents Meeting is
Sunday, Jan. 11 at 6:15pm in the church.
· First Eucharist is Satur day, April 11, 2015
· Confirmation is Fr iday, April 24, 2015 and
will be celebrated here at St. Stephen.
“For we are God’s fellow workers…”
– 1 Corinthians 3:9 We are called to
help God build His kingdom on earth.
We are His eyes, ears, hands and voice
on Earth. By giving of our “first fruits” of our
time, talent and treasure we help fulfill God’s
call. Are you doing all you can to help? Do you
spend time in prayer every day? Do you
participate in one of the many parish ministries?
Do you give generously in the offertory
collection each week?
Prison Ministry:
Thank you for your
generous support so far on the inmate
Christmas items. There is still time to help
us reach our goal of 500 pairs of white
socks and 500 pairs of women's gloves. For
more information, contact Suzanne Visitacion 615-476-8112 or Sharon Kloba.
Parish Council Members Needed: Election of Parish Council members will be
held in November. If you are interested in
serving as a member of the Council, contact
Jim Hooper at 615-519-4905 as soon as
possible for more information.
Unconfirmed? If you ar e a baptized
Catholic adult who has not yet received the
Sacrament of Confirmation, please contact
Scott Goudeau to be included in the Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated by Bishop
Choby during Easter Season, 2015. Email
[email protected] or call 758-2424,
Ext. 30.
Coats, Coats, Coats! When you clean out
your closets this fall, the K of C Ladies
Auxiliary are asking you to donate your
gently used coats to be distributed to those
that don’t have any coats to keep them
warm this winter. Coats for men, women,
and children (all sizes) will be accepted
and appreciated and collected during the
month of November. The coats will be
divided among several charities and left to
the organizations to distribute as they see
the need. The Charities will include Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program, Loaves and Fishes (also part of Catholic Charities), and the Clothes Closet at
McMurray Middle School of Nashville.
The Clothes Closet is a room of donated
items that are distributed to the children at
McMurray based upon need as seen and
referred by the teachers. If you can’t find
anything in your closet, and find it in your
heart to donate, we will take new coats.
Drop them in the marked collection boxes
in the old church. Thank you!
The Quarterly Red Cross Blood
Drive sponsor ed by Knights of Columbus Council 9282 will be held this
Sunday, Nov. 9 in the hall of the
Holy Family Center from 7:45am-1pm. If
you’d still like to donate, call Mark Marsh
at 207-9434 for available time slots.
Our Parish Mission begins Sunday! Our
parish mission will be held Nov. 9-11.
Our presenter is ValLimar Jansen from
Oregon Catholic Press (OCP). She is a
storyteller, singer, composer, and recording
artist. Each night is different and will feature prayer, story and song which will help
all to grow in their knowledge of God and
desire to become more like Christ. The
topics for each night are as follows: Sunday – Created in the image of God for
God’s purpose. Monday – Transformed
and filled with love of God. Tuesday – We
are sent forth to be the love of God. We
will meet in the church at 6:30pm on Sunday and 7pm on Monday and Tuesday.
Bellacino’s Spirit Night: This
Monday is St. Stephen Spirit Night
at Bellacino’s in Hermitage. Bring
your family or join your friends for
dinner there on Monday, Nov. 10 and 10%
of your bill will go to help Life Teen and
Edge students attend summer camp in
Children’s Christmas Choir:
Rehearsals for the Children’s
Christmas Choir continue on
Wednesdays from 6pm to
6:45pm, in the choir r ehear sal
area in the narthex of the old
church. The Children’s Choir will sing at
the Children’s Christmas liturgy on
Wednesday, Dec. 24 at 4pm. Childr en of
all ages are encouraged to participate. To
join, contact Scott Goudeau at 758-2424,
Ext. 30 or [email protected]
Funeral Planning Workshop: Our Fall
workshop will be held on Tuesday, Nov.
18, at 7pm in the Old Church space. We
will cover planning a vigil service, funeral
Mass, and costs of local funeral providers.
If you have any questions, please call Francie Duffield at 758-2424.
register, phone Michael Porter at 615-3086777 or email [email protected]
Coming December 12 - "A Very Merry
Christmas" Gala!
Dinner , dancing,
friendship, and more! Music from the 60's,
70's and 80's. Sponsored by the Knights of
Columbus. Tickets on sale Nov. 22.
Save the Date: Br eakfast with Santa
sponsored by the KC Ladies Auxiliary will
be Saturday, Dec 13, in the hall of the Holy
Family Center, 9am – 11am. There will
be music, crafts, storytelling and free pictures with Santa. Everyone is invited to
attend this FREE pancake breakfast. Watch the bulletin for details.
St. Stephen Parent’s Day Out program
has openings. Would you like to have
your child socialize, learn, play and pray
with other little ones his/her age in a homelike setting right here at St. Stephen. We
have openings in our Monday-Wednesday
program (9am-2pm) for toddlers who are
walking but who are not yet potty-trained,
and our Tuesday-Thursday program (9am2pm) for children who are potty-trained
and up to kindergarten age. For more information, or to register for either program,
please contact Nancy Otting at 754-8432.
From the Pro-Life Committee of the Ladies Auxiliary:
“Amer ica, your ver y
future as a nation depends on your willingness to Protect the Right to Life of the most
defenseless in your society.” Pope John
Paul II.
The St. Stephen Knights of Columbus
are hosting the Annual Ice Skating Party
again this year. The party is the day before
Thanksgiving, Wednesday Nov. 26, from
7pm–9pm. This event is FREE and all parishioners are invited. The party is at Centennial Sportsplex in Centennial Park, 222
25th Ave, in Nashville, just off West End.
See you there!
Thanksgiving Day Ministry: Litur gical
ministers, you are needed to sign up for this
liturgy on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, at
10am. The sign up sheet is between the
doors leading to the old church space.
K of C Charity Poker Tournament: Friday, Dec. 5, 6:30pm-???, in the hall of the
Holy Family Center. No Limit Hold Em.
$30 fee for your evening meal and you will
receive $4,000 in play chips at no charge.
$20 re-donation during the first hour of
play. Lots of great prizes will be awarded.
Open to the first 80 players registered.
Proceeds benefit the MR Foundation. To
Altar Flower Donation For
Nov. 8-9:
In Celebration of Abby Requierme
and David Comm Wedding
To donate flowers for the altar in memory of a
loved one or to remember a special occasion,
contact Connie Blevins (397-9255).
Mt. Juliet Help Center: Most needed items
at the center are: soups (especially chili),
pinto beans, peas, and mixed vegetables.
The Cathedral of the Incarnation Passionist Partners invite all to join them for a
special presentation with guest speakers, actress, singer/ songwriter, J. Karen Thomas,
and holocaust survivor, Sylvia Forest Crawford. Thomas has been seen on recent shows
such as NASHV ILLE and Criminal Minds
and has been on stage with Vince Gill and the
Wootens. Thomas will perform a few hits
from her recently released CD, J.Karen
Live! Sylvia Crawford will tell her heartfelt
and emotional story of her family surviving
the holocaust. Crawford says, “My talk,
What is WAR, tells the story of my family. This is not about tanks and bombs, but
about the real effects of war on real people. We are all survivors.” The presentation
will take place on Friday, Nov. 14 at 7pm on
the 3rd floor of St. Albert’s Hall on the Cathedral’s campus. All our welcome! For more
information, please email Ken Schmitt at
[email protected]
National Catholic Business Women’s
League November Meeting, Wednesday,
Nov. 19, Univer sity Club on Gar land Ave.
Registration and networking—5:30pm; Dinner ($32 at the door)—6pm; Speaker, The
Most Reverend David R. Choby, Bishop of
Nashville—7pm; Short business meeting—
7:30pm. Please make your reservation by
noon on Monday, Nov. 17 to favarallo or 615-292-9131 (when making your reservation, let me know of any special food requirements). If you don’t get a
confirming email, your reservation was not
received. If unable to attend after the deadline of Nov. 17, you will be responsible for
your meal.
St. Mary's Bookstore is hosting their annual Christmas Open House on Friday, Nov. 21
and Saturday, Nov. 22 from 9:30am-5pm.
Meet Stefano Fontanini from Bagni di Lucca,
Italy on Friday, Nov. 21 from 12:30pm-3pm.
Stefano will be signing Nativity pieces from
the House of Fontanini. There will be daily
specials, refreshments, and door prizes.
Free Movie Night at St. Frances Cabrini:
Saturday, Nov. 22. Doors open at 6:30pm,
movie starts at 7pm. Free popcorn, drinks and
snacks. The movie is Elf. Please join us.
The weekend of Nov. 22-23, Khader &
Mary Abu Sada, a Catholic couple from
the Holy Land will once again be visiting
St. Stephen to mar ket olive wood hand
carved religious articles made by the Christian
artisans in the Holy Land. All proceeds will
go directly to the Christian families and the
artisans who are working in this type of hand
carvings. They will have on display religious
olive wood art works such as: Nativity scenes,
crucifixes, figures, rosaries, etc., which are
unique and not usually found in religious
stores. They make wonderful presents for all
occasions, especially Christmas. Price range
is $8 to $700. Checks and credit cards are
Father Ryan High School News: Father
Ryan's Academic Blends: Father Ryan
invites parents of 8th graders to have coffee
with Vice Principal and Academic Dean Sara
Hayes to learn more about the school's academic program. Registration: Nov. 12, Dec. 2
or Jan. 13, 2015. Please visit, father
Father Ryan’s Purple
Masque Players will pr esent two one-act
plays for the Fall, 2014 season: “The Gift of
the Magi” and “The Best Christmas Pageant
The plays will be performed each
night in the Center for the Arts on Father
Ryan’s campus. The performance dates are
Nov. 20-22, with the cur tain r ising at 7pm.
Purchase tickets online at www.father to view the performances and
talents of our Purple Masque Players. Father
Ryan Placement testing dates: Saturday,
Dec. 6. All students applying for admission to
Father Ryan must take a placement test to determine the student's placement in the school's
academic program. Required pre-registration
is available at
Please contact Admissions Office at (615) 383
-4200 with any questions.
St. Cecilia Academy pr esents “A nnie”, Nov.
7-16. For tickets, call 298-4525 or visit
Holy Rosary Academy: Attention Veter ans! Holy Rosary Academy would like to
invite you to our 2nd graders’ Special Liturgy
Thursday, Nov. 13, 8am at Holy Rosar y
Church, with a light brunch after Mass. After
brunch, we invite you to visit an assigned
classroom or two. If you have any medals,
pictures, uniforms, or memorabilia you would
like to share, the children would enjoy seeing
those items. The day will conclude at approximately 10:15am. Please RSVP by Friday,
Nov. 7. Please include your first and last name
and if you are related to a Holy Rosary student. Email Ms. Roberts at [email protected] or Mrs. Humes at [email protected] or call the school office at 883-1108.
Sunday, Nov. 9—Dedication of the
Lateran Basilica
· Blood Drive 7:45am-1pm
· Baptism 8:30am
· PREP 9:45am
· Parish Council Meeting 12:30pm
· Confirmation Candidacy 5pm
· Parish Mission 6:30pm
Monday, November 10
· Adult Ed 9am
· Rosary 6:15pm
· Toastmasters 6:45pm
· Parish Mission 7pm
Tuesday, November 11—Veteran’s Day
· AA 7am/Al Anon 12 noon
· Yoga Prayer 7pm
· Parish Mission 7pm
· Room in the Inn—St. Stephen
Wednesday, November 12
· Catholic Basics 8:30am
· Scripture 10am
· Choir Practice 7pm
· Spousal Loss 7pm
· GED 7pm
Thursday, November 13
· Al Anon 12 noon
· Baptism Class 7:30pm
Friday, November 14
Saturday, November 15
· Red Cross Babysittter Training
· Reconciliation 4pm
Sunday, Nov. 16—33rd Sunday OT
· PREP 9:45am
· Adult Ed 9:45m
· Confirmation Candidacy 5pm
· Life Teen 6pm
· Edge 6:15pm
Monday, November 17
· Adult Ed 9am
· Rosary 6:15pm
· Life Band 7pm
· K of C 7pm
· Boy Scouts 7pm
· GED 7pm
Tuesday, November 18
· AA 7am/Al Anon 12 noon
· Yoga Prayer 7pm
· Room in the Inn—Grace UMC
· Funeral Planning Workshop 7pm
Wednesday, November 19
· Catholic Basics 8:30am
· Scripture 10am
· Choir Practice 7pm
· Boy Scouts Ad Altare Dei Class 7pm
· Spousal Loss 7pm
· GED 7pm
Thursday, November 20
· Al Anon 12 noon
Friday, November 21
Saturday, November 22
· Reconciliation 4pm
· Children’s Christmas Eve Liturgy
Signups after 5pm Mass
Call the office to add your/ family member name to the prayer list. Names
will be kept on the list until the end of the month. Let us know if we should
keep someone on longer. Please inform the office of a loved one’s death
so they may be added to the deceased prayer list.
10% Donations
The following merchants have
offered to donate 10% of your
total purchase (excluding alcohol and sales tax) to St. Stephen Life Teen and EDGE on
the days listed below to help
with funding for Life Teen Summer Camp. Please present the
bulletin or flyer at time of purchase.
El OK Corral—First Sunday of
the month.
Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders—
Third Monday of the month;
10% of total sales from 5pm to
Children’s Trove Consignment—10% back to St. Stephen
on all purchases. Choose St.
Stephen from the list at checkout.
Please pray for those who are sick, especially Robert Greene (brother-in-law of Chris McCarthy), Marguerite Dammann (mother of Dan Dammann),Ed Donahue (father of Susan Donahue), Leanne Krofssik (daughter of Claire Krofssik), Linda Zarlek (friend of Linda Johnson),
Suzanne LaPointe (daughter of Patty LaPointe), Kathleen Mattingly (mother of Donna Wagner), Catherine Terrell, Wilson Hogan (brother of Maureen Copeskey), Pete Baker (father of
Karen Mertens), Jennifer (Devine) Adam (niece of Maureen Packard), Barbara Christian
(sister of Terry Winfree), Lydia Marechal, Geneva Lynch (friend of Judy Bush), Mark Hasty
(friend of Catherine Terrell), Jennifer Combs Wilson, Deacon Jim Batcheldor, Tom Humenay
(brother of Joan Gunter), Michael Crowe, Lauren Tarro (daughter of Jack & Tammy Klinefelter), Ruby Kitchen (friend of Cam Frost), Paul Milly (friend of Barb Horn), Leslie Derring
(friend of Janice Fox), Pat Ackerman, Ed Close (friend of Cam Frost), Kaleb Leigh (grandson
of Sally Clinard), Rob Aton (son of Margaret Aton), Anna Fil (relative of Peggy Tempelmeyer),
Greg Hamrick (brother-in-law of Deb Varallo), Samantha Jones (niece of Marjorie Dowd),
David Maass (brother of Herman Maass), Deacon Rob Montini, Christina Hoover, Margaret
Stull (niece of Peggy Waterston), Tim Hulsey (friend of Jim Mattingly), Gizella Ricci (friend of
Mark Marsh), Frank Orschlen (friend of Carol Dalglish), Mary Decker (mother of Rosemary
Beers), Kellye Burke, Dave VanDeGejuchte, Donna Boss (friend of Peggy Waterston), George
Mainville (brother of Betty Micol), Joan Gunter, Betty Batcheldor, Ken Frost, Ferne Harris
(mother of Chip Harris), Pauline Strawderman (mother of Helen Walsh), Don Wescott, Beth
Covert (niece of Suzanne Valimont), Bishop Mikaelian.
Please remember those who have died, especially:
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Old Hickory, TN 37138
226 Shady Grove Rd. • Nashville, TN
615-889-6816 •
Formally Bobby Ray’s Collision Center
Family Hair
Cutting Center
Dennis Kaney
Mt. Juliet
Mon-Fri 9:00-8:00 • Sat 9:00-6:00
828-8433 • 754-5208
Fit Physiques
Fitness/Personal Training Ctr
3384 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Suite 100
A Continuing Care
Retirement Community
(615) 758-8656
(615) 871-8200
Thomas Roberson, O.D.
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Mt. Juliet
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(615) 885-4146
667 South Mount Juliet Rd
Mount Juliet
Serving Donelson Since 1969
(615) 758-2344
All Kinds of Auto Repair
Mike Huffman
Call LPI Today at 1-800-477-4574 or 216-325-6825
• Highly Trained Professional & Compassionate Staff
• All Pre-Need Policies are Transferable
• Spacious & Comfortable 8,000 sq. ft. Facility
• Large Viewing Rooms & Meeting Space for Families
• State of the Art Chapel, seating 200+
• Crematory On-Site
• Well-lit & Spacious Parking
2422 Brick Church Pike • Nashville, TN 37207
NMLS #197143, !"#$%&'()*+
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Branch #1780, 1550 N. Mt. Juliet Rd. Ste 102 • Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Stephanie Kleiner
4301 Hillsboro Road • Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37215
[email protected]
Providing 18 years of service excellence to St. Stephen Catholic
Community. Replace your central heating & A/C System and
we will donate $200 to St. Stephen Catholic Community.
For a limited time only. Not valid with any other offer
(615) 371-8887
Drs. Ryan & Amber Fritsch
George Sortor, Owner
...because your memories matter
Joey Mason
615.573.1214 • 615.712.9521 office
Gary Rabideau
Vice President, Broker, Choir
Cell: (615) 415-1740
[email protected]
479 Myatt Dr. • Madison, TN 37115
Jerry & Chris Houston
Tommy Goodwin
3930 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
S"C*%5%IFT"%5%>[email protected]$*@@
(615) 754-6374
GGGEC*[email protected]$E)"C
Across the street from
St. Stephen
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