The Gold Medal Gazette December 6, 2014 Parents Night Out

The Gold
Vol. 5 Issue 2
November 2014
December 6, 2014
Parents Night Out
13 Ray Ave.
Burlington, MA
(781) 270-1100
Level 1 Rope Climb Challenge Chart
Cora Prower and
Team News
Class Schedules
Make-Up Policies
What’s New!/Gymnastics 3
Sophie McEllighott
Level 2 Team: Challenge Chart
Marvin Winner &
Monkey Club
Sophie Schenk ~189 points
Maddie Plurad ~183 points
Special points of interest:
Clara Keith
 Session 2
Jaselle Yepez
~181 points
~207 points
Georgia Buendia ~167 points
Colleen Simmons ~159 points
Hannah Blackburn ~91 points
Sophia Demeo
~80 points
Ella McGowen
~70 points
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The Gold Medal Gazette
The Brestyan’s Levels 1-10 plus EXCEL
Teams are just starting to get their season rolling. Coming up this month is
the Brestyans Home Meet on November
16th for Levels 3-10 and the Pilgrim
Harvest Meet in Worcester, MA November 21-23 for Levels 1-10, Anyone who
would like to watch some great gymnastics should plan on going to our
Brestyan’s Invitational at Tufts University Cousens Gym, 161 College Ave. Medford, MA 02155. The dates are January
16-18, 2015. More information will follow as the meet gets closer.
Session 2—Classes will run from October 27th—December 20th.
The Gym IS OPEN on Veteran’s Day November 11th, & the day after Thanksgiving, November 28th.
The Gym is CLOSED on Thanksgiving
Day, November 27th & December 24thJanuary 1st for recreational classes.
Please NO jewelry (especially
earrings that dangle), loose
fitting clothes, tights with
feet, tutus or leotards with
skirts, buckles, snaps or
zippers. NO gum chewing in the
class. This is for your child’s
safety. Hair should also be
pulled back properly and
Make-Up Policies and Class Placement:
Our Make-Up Policy involves two
scheduled make-ups per session you
are enrolled. These make-ups are not
to be carried over into a new session.
Please arrange your make-ups at the
front desk. Make-ups should also be
done in similar level classes if possible. Just because another class fits
your schedule better,
it might not be a good choice for your
child. Always feel free to check with
your child’s instructor for the best
make-up situation. If your child/
family has either experienced injury
or unplanned disasters, please inform
us of your situation and we can help
arrange a make-up option that will
help you in your predicament. Class Placement is always an issue for children who have
taken time off or come from another gym.
The best procedure is to have your child evaluated by the Program Director if you are unsure of the optimal class for your child. We
are always looking towards the best interest
of the gymnast so feel free to contact us with
any questions regarding our program.
Have Your Birthday Party at BRESTYAN’S!
Come Party at Brestyan’s! Have your
child’s birthday party with us. We supply
the balloons, tables and table cloths plus
endless fun. Invite up to 12 people for our
flat rate fee but feel free to add more
guests for a small fee for each additional
child. The party will include games, gymnastics on all of the equipment plus a ton
of fun in our inflatable BOUNCY HOUSE!
Come to the front desk to check for party availability and get signed up! A
great way to let your gymnast have a
blast on their birthday while running off
all of the cake and ice cream!
CONTACT: Charlene Miller
[email protected]
Vol. 5 Issue 2
Page 3
What’s New at BRESTYAN’S!
Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, every gymnast wants to have gymnastics included on their wish lists since it is a big part of their lives! This month I figured
that I would “help” parents understand what items are great gifts, what items you should
discourage children from wanting and where you can find them.
Here is a list of GREAT items to put on the wish list:
Panel Mats: These are folding mats that come in a variety of colors, sometimes even rainbow. The
length varies but the common length is 4 feet long. They unfold and have Velcro on the ends so that
you can attach more panels mats to each other for better coverage. The applications for these mats
are endless (we use them all over the place in the gym) and the cost is on the reasonable side, as far
as gymnastics mats are concerned.
Low Balance Beams or Floor Beams: These can range greatly from lightweight foam beams that
are inexpensive and super easy to move around to the low beams that you see in the gym that gymnasts use at all levels to practice on. If you get a small foam or “floor” type beam, you do not need a
mat to go with it. If you get a regular low balance beam, like you see in the gym, minimally a panel
mat will need to go under it and the children really should limit what they do at home to what they
“can do” in the gym. Many kids have had some bad falls at home off these and if they are kept in a
basement, on a cement floor, serious injuries can happen! Overall, these are not a bad idea but you
really need to have a good set up with mats and always supervise them when they are on them. Remember, we never let them play on a low beam at the gym. They are kids who love gymnastics and
will try most anything! *For any of you Handymen, you can buy a 4x4 at a lumber yard and cut it to
the length you want, minimally 8 feet, and then cover the top with a 1/2” layer of high density foam.
Cover the entire beam with indoor/outdoor carpet then make 2x4 legs to set it on and round/smooth
the edges.
Incline Mats (Cheese Mats): These mats are what we call “cheese” mats because they look like a
wedge of cheese. They come in a variety of sizes and the price varies as well. These mats are usually quite harmless to use at home and can help the lower level gymnasts with backward rolls and
bridge kick-overs. We use them to spot back handsprings on but this skill should not be done at
home unless the parent really knows what they are doing.
Mushrooms: This item is used by boys to learn to do circles on. They are a great piece of equipment to use at home for any boys that love their gymnastics.
Paralettes: These are great for gymnastics to learn press handstands and a variety of other skills
on. They can be made of PVC, if you are handy with that sort of thing. They should always be used
on a panel mat when children are trying to do press handstands on them because of the risk in falling in any direction if they lose control of the skill they are trying to do.
LEOTARDS: This is a NUMBER ONE favorite gift for all gymnasts. Here are some links that can
get you to where the best selection is. Also, if you are an E-Bay shopper, you will find tons of them!
Search E-Bay under “gymnastics leotards”.
Deary’s Gymnastics Supply:
Mancino Gym Supply:
GK Elite Leotards:
Alpha Factor Leotards:
for October
MARVIN Winner is:
Here are
the first time Rope Climbers who made it to
the top and joined the Brestyan’s Monkey
Club in October!
Aurora Miano
Kate Treagay
Ariana Laboy
Olivia Brady
Malena Alturi
Kylie Lowe
Antonia Ciuc
Keep looking for what Marvin is doing
each month! It is so great to see how
many entries we have in the box! If
you won a Marvin already, there will be
other options for prizes if you win
Level 1 Team
November 2014 - Birthdays at BRESTYAN’S:
Isabella Vigliotti
Penelope Gregory
Maya Magavi
Evie Morin
Reagan Brady
Radina Kalatchev
Madison Scribner
Mackenzie Dobbyn
Nicholas Hunt
Alexandria Otis
Vittoria Rodrigues
Chloe Seehafer
Jaida Yao
Ella Dadah
Abigail Lee
Eva Boruchovich
Sydney Reed
Grace Weisz
Esther Platt
Dahlia Bohnert
Lily Hoyt
Emily Lamim
Caroline Brizius
Aidan Pardue
Maya Hanley
Addison Jay
Avalina Coffey
Paislee Emery
Rebecca Cavalcanti
Sophia Irizerry
Julianna Correia
Sydney Reed
Corine Riley
Lauren-Lee Jackson
Paige O’Neil
Elyse Tassinari
Maya Grana
Alexander Corbett
Eleonara Siclaiano
Simona Kerekes
Sean Ray
Avalina Coffey
Veza Belova
Till Steines
Isabella Martinez
Francesca Lucas
Grace Collins
Mia Tambor
Agasthya Ahlawat
Raeanna Boogaard
Aubrey Asara
Molly Yi
Gabrielle Mallard
Molly Dunk
Cassandra King
For more information about the gym look us up at:
Call us at (781) 270-1100
If you have any questions, pictures or ideas for the Gazette feel free to e-mail Nora at: [email protected]