– Lab Instructions CSE 123 1. ACMS Account:

CSE 123 – Lab Instructions
1. ACMS Account:
By now you must have received an email from ACMS with your username and password
to login into ieng6.ucsd.edu machine. If you haven’t already, please contact the TAs.
2. Logging into your account:
Follow the instructions below to login into your lab machine.
1. Open up terminal (for Linux/MacOS) or use the Putty client (for Windows)
2. Type ‘ssh <username>@ieng6.ucsd.edu’. If it doesn’t work, try using one of the
machines ieng6-240.ucsd.edu through ieng6-254.ucsd.edu.
3. Enter your password when prompted.
You will be logged into your account, provided you enter the correct username and
3. Submitting your project:
We will be using the ‘turnin’ command for the project submission.
Course Code: cs123f
Once you have completed the project, follow the steps below to submit your project.
1. Copy the project files over to your home directory in the lab machine
 E.g: /home/linux/ieng6/cs123f/username/project1.
2. ‘cd’ into your directory.
 E.g: $ cd project1
3. Type the ‘make submit’ command. The project will be submitted.
Note: The ‘make submit’ command will tar everything in the directory, create an archive
named “project1.tgz” and then run the ‘turnin’ command on that file to submit the file.
If you have any issues in logging into the account and submitting the project, post your
query on Piazza or contact Bilal Mahmood ([email protected]) / Alex Breslow
([email protected]).