To: Designers, Contractors, and General Public November 4, 2014

To: Designers, Contractors, and General Public
RE: State Mandated Adoption of 2012 Construction Codes
November 4, 2014
As mandated by the State of Idaho, the 2012 editions of certain Codes will become effective
beginning January 1, 2015. The State has made a number of amendments to these Codes, some
are significant. The relevant provisions of the Idaho Statues and IDAPA Rules, which includes State
amendments, can be found on the Idaho Division of Building Safety website here:
Each jurisdiction has authority to further amend codes by Ordinance after holding public hearings.
Kootenai County will hold a public hearing related to the adopting Ordinance for these Codes on
November 20, 2014. Kootenai County will not have any significant changes to the amendments
currently in place in any of the Codes as currently adopted, but please remember the note above
regarding State amendments.
The 2012 editions of the following Codes will be adopted effective January 1, 2015:
International Residential Code
International Energy Conservation Code
International Mechanical Code
International Fuel Gas Code
International Property Maintenance Code
The 2012 editions of the following Codes are already in effect that were adopted January 1, 2014:
International Building Code
International Existing Building Code
Perhaps the most significant State amendment that will affect the residential building community is
found in IDAPA, and IDAPA, which states the following:
“…….All plastic pipe within a dwelling used for venting flue gases shall be tested at five (5) psi
for fifteen (15) minutes.” This air test requirement will include, but is not limited to most high
efficiency furnaces and will require verification by the inspector.
Additional State amendments may become effective after the 2015 Legislative session, including
possible requirements for whole house ventilation.
This notice is not intended to speak for any jurisdiction other than Kootenai County.