From the Principal No. 19 5 November 2014

No. 19
From the Principal
5 November 2014
well as the legacy and work of the Christian Brothers who
began this school 143 years ago. There is a donation for the
ERFA Parent Support Scheme included on your Annual Fee
There are many calls on us to support projects that make a
Our Year 12 students are well into the VCE examination
difference in the lives of people who don’t have the advantage
period and examination timetables for other year levels are
and opportunity we have and give to our children. The work of
being advised to students. Students at all year levels will be
ERFA, because of its close association to our own identity as a
involved in various activities in the week commencing
Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, is very worthy of
Monday 24 November: Leadership Retreat for Year 11
our commitment. While there is an opportunity to opt out of
students at Phillip Island; Work Experience for Year 10
making this contribution, I strongly recommend it to you as a
students; Yarangabee Otways Experience for Year 9
very practical and effective way of helping to address some of
students; Activities Week for Year 8 students; and some
the poverty and inequality in our world.
special programs for Year 7 students.
Dr Denis J Moore cfc
This week we are nearing completion of the timetable for
2015 and over the next two weeks students will receive their
individual timetables in readiness for the “Head Start”
Program on Thursday 27 November when students will
commence their 2015 studies.
Congratulations to the senior students who exhibited works
or who were awarded prizes at the VCE Arts and
Technology Exhibition last week in the Hickey Foyer.
Quality works from the Arts, Technology and Media
Departments were presented and thanks to the staff who
provide these opportunities for professional display of
student work.
Accompanying the account for tuition fees for 2015 is a
brochure about the work of the Edmund Rice Foundation
Australia (ERFA). You will see from the opening statement
that ERFA shares the heritage and purpose of Edmund Rice
Education Australia, of which Parade College is a part, as
Year 10 Bricklaying Students
L-R Joseph Rokose T10, Dylan Moulton L10, Samuel DiPalma T10,
Mr Derek Rylah, Matthew Parente T10, Nickolas Kalifatidis L10,
From the Assistant
Principal - Staff Welfare
and Development
Allen Kha (H04): “I was shocked about the statistics and it
upset me that so much violence is going on in this world.”
Justin Meyzis (B05): “It is important to be respectful and
mindful of others.”
Catholic Identity and Respectful Relationships
Over the past three years, Year 10 students and staff at
Parade College have been involved in a project promoting
respectful relationships. The College is committed to
providing students with the knowledge and skills to build
healthy relationships. Our community is committed to
ensuring our young men understand the pertinent issues
surrounding domestic violence and take an active role in
promoting healthy and respectful relationships.
The project was the initiative of the Good Samaritan Inn, a
crisis service for women and children experiencing family
violence. Dr Christine Dew and Sr Michelle Reid from the
Good Samaritan Inn
Pictured L-R: Mr John Nicholls, Matthew Parente (T10),
Joseph Rokose (T10), Dylan Moulton (T10), Nicholas Putnam (L10), Lance Nilsson and Joe Herran at the schools’
have worked closely
Showcase at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre
with staff in achieving
the project’s goals,
and have been
This type of activity gives expression to our Catholic
steadfast in their
Identity and our commitment to the EREA Touchstones, in
support. A range of
particular to ‘Inclusive Community’ - Our community is
strategies have been
accepting and welcoming , fostering right relationships
used to
and committed to the common good.
increase the
Dr Moore signing Parade College onto the ‘Building
A Respectful Community’ strategy being promoted
by ‘Women’s Health in the North’.
for our
students. Paul Zappa, Director of NIRODAH, has been a
key presenter along with the involvement of committed staff
and members of the Old Paradians’ Association. Paul, a
former student of the College, has been instrumental in
raising awareness with students about issues and teaching
them strategies to promote respectful relationships.
Recently, students and staff from the three schools involved
(Parade College, Santa Maria College and St Monica’s
College) reported on what they had learned about
“respectful relationships” and how these learnings will
continue to be embedded into the College’s culture and
Austin Ciardulli (B08): “The program shed light on a topic
not normally spoken about.”
Sammy Scarmozzino (T08): “I learned the importance of
respecting everyone.”
Community Mass - All Welcome!
Friday 7 November 8.10am
Bundoora Chapel - Father Steven Rigo with H14 (Mr
Lucas Drew) and H05 (Mr Oscar Kenda)
Friday 14 November 8.10am
Bundoora Chapel - Father Anthony Girolami with B14
(Mrs Terri Crisafi) and B05 (Ms Monique Carter)
Preston Penola Theatre - Father Michael Knight with B21
(Ms Ashlee-Maree Mein)
Ms Cate Livingston
Assistant Principal - Staff Welfare and Development
From the Assistant
Principal - Teaching and
It gives me great pleasure to introduce the 2014 Leadership
and Subject Award recipients.
2014 Leadership Awards
Maths: Further Mathematics
Eugene Pring
Maths: Specialist Mathematics
Jeween Tissaarachchi
Maths: Mathematical Methods (CAS)
Anthony Muleta
Music Performance
Liam McNicholl
Daniel Liuzzi
Outdoor and Environmental Studies
Jordan Ryan
Physical Education
Eugene Pring
Phi Nguyen
David Griffiths
Religion and Society
Vishrut Bhavsar
The Br Treacy Cup
Eugene Pring
Studio Arts
Robert Ghitoaica
The G.D. Malouf Cup
Dino Young
Theatre Studies
Daniel Allaoui
The Alban Pisani Trophy
Sherwin Fernando
Visual Communication and Design
Jacob Cesaro
The Br J.L. Kelty Cup
Brett Money
The Anthony Clarkson Shield
Joshua Iacobaccio
Cert ll in Building and Construction
Old Collegians’ Award
Austin Murdoch
(Bricklaying) Pre-Apprenticeship
Adam Di Blasi
The Principal’s Award
Daniel Allaoui
Cert lll in Technical Production
Stefan Turchiarelli
The Edmund Rice Shield
Stefan Turchiarelli
The Waterford Shield
Sam Edward
Cert ll in Building and Construction
(Carpentry) Pre-Apprenticeship
Scott Weston
Cert ll in Plumbing (Pre-Apprenticeship) Anthony Perri
Cert ll in Furniture Making
Robert Pezzimenti
Cert lll in Sport and Recreation
Eugene Pring
Cert ll in Hospitality-Kitchen Operations Damian Eletva
2014 Subject Awards
Cert lll in Business
Benito Capasso
Harry Chen
VCAL Literacy
Alex Voce
Scott Williams
VCAL Numeracy
Robert Pezzimenti
Business Management
Andrew Curatore
VCAL Work Related Skills
Robert Pezzimenti
Long Nguyen
VCAL Personal Development Skills
Tarek Rabah
Daniel Liuzzi
Daniel Liuzzi
Mr Robert Inglis
Food and Technology
Liam Price
Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning
Scott Williams
Health and Human Development
Lucas Virathone
History: Revolutions
Anthony Carrubba
It Applications
Alex Smith
Anthony Carrubba
Languages: French
Aidan Lambert
Languages: Italian
Julian Romano
Japanese Second Language
James Kuang
Legal Studies
Daniel Liuzzi
"Do all the good you can, by all the
means you can, in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can, at all the time
you can, to all the people you can, as
long as ever you can." (John Wesley)
2014 Premiers’ Reading
Nishkarsh Bharadwaj
Year 8 L14
Carl Perera
Year 7 L15
Thomas Rotundo
Year 7 T11
Glory Zheng
Year 7 T17
This has been another successful year for participation in
the PRC with over 5500 books read and a total of 135
PRC badges for the highest readers in each Year
students completing the challenge. These students not
level go to:
only improved their own literacy by reading at least 15
books, but they also showed considerable House spirit,
Year 10:
Jaxon Booker
each earning house points for the Ambrose Treacy Cup.
Year 9:
Luke Franze
Congratulations to all students who participated in the
Year 8:
Rohan Fazal
Yaseer Rahman
B11 and T11 were the Tutor Groups with the most
Medal Winners: As well as receiving badges for the
students to complete the Challenge.
highest reader in a Year level, the following students
have won medals for reading 100 books or more:
Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge Reader
badges supplied by the PRC were awarded to:
Year 7:
Nisal Kalansuriya
Chavishka Silva
Alexander Bullock
Year 7 B19
Julian Citino
Year 7 T11
Nicholas Comi
Year 7 B14
Konstandinos Georgiou
Year 7 B12
The Reading Trophy for 2014, along with a medal for
Hasitha Herath Mudiyanselage
Year 7 B16
reading more than 100 books and a Year level badge
Het Patel
Year 7 H13
goes to:
Liam Smith
Year 7 H20
Antares Koskos
Year 8 H21
Damian Nguyen
Year 8 H17
Ryan Murdoch
Year 9 H16
Christopher Jones
Year 10 H06
Simon Nissan
Year 10 T05
Year 10:
Thomas Senese-Jones H04
2014 Winner:
Srisai Suraj Hari
Year 9 H14
Badges for the highest readers in each House go to:
Stephen Black
Year 7 B21
Daniel Hallett
Year 7 B17
Enoch Appathurai
Year 7 H11
Mrs Fernando-Swart
Pinidu Chandrasekera
Year 7 H15
Learning Area Leader Library Services
Pathways Education
“I truly enjoyed learning more about how to deal with
job interviews successfully. I did get a bit nervous
throughout the interview and stumbled a bit with my
answers but the interviewer helped me out and
calmed me down and I would like to thank her for that.
Real Job Interview
Every year for the last six years the Year 11 VCAL boys
have been a part of a program called ‘Real Industry Job
Interviews’. This program is run by the Inner Northern
Local Learning and Employment Group which organises
this activity every year.
We start the boys off with a series of mock jobs ads and
each student then writes a letter of application as if he was
trying to apply for that job. He also includes a copy of his
latest resume with the letter. These are then given to an
employer who regularly interviews people for jobs and he/
she make comments about how each student could
improve his work.
Then we have a day, this year Thursday 14 October where
the boys dress for their interview and then the person who
I appreciated the feedback because I know this will
help me in the future.”
Albert Maatouk Year 11 B10
“I learned a lot about how I should dress for an
interview and also about selling myself more. I also
learned a lot about resumes and how to improve
Georgio Poumpoulidis Year 11 T10
“I enjoyed my time during the interview and
appreciated the feedback I was given. I learned that
during an interview I need to put more detail in my
answers and give examples as well. I also learned
that I should change my resume for different jobs
because different jobs are looking for different things.”
Jeremy Marson Year 11 T10
has read their letter and resume will actually interview
them. This person will then give feedback on how the
student may improve his interview techniques. We have
found this to be a very important part of the boy’s transition
to work. Below are some thoughts the boys had about
their experience:
“It was a great day, I was so nervous but after the first
few minutes I was fine. I learned that an important part of
being interviewed is to do some research and learn about
the company you are applying for.”
Adam Webber Year 11 L10
“I would like to thank Michele who interviewed me. I
thought the experience was going to be boring but it was
really fun and I really enjoyed hearing the feedback that
was given about both my interview and my written work.”
Peter Nikolouids Year 11 B10
“I appreciated what I was told about how to conduct myself
in an interview and I think I learned a lot.”
Joshua Novelli Year B10
RACV Finals
Congratulations to the finalists in this year’s RACV
Transmission Road Safety Ad Competition. Out of
the five groups from Parade College two groups were
successful in becoming finalists. Unfortunately, we
were not able to win the competition. Rebekah Smith,
RACV Education Program Coordinator and contest
judge spoke to me after the boys presentation and
said “Picking this year’s winner was a very tough
decision and the boys from Parade did a fantastic job
with their final presentations.”
Again congratulations to the finalists and special
thanks to the boys who presented on the day, Dale
Marshall Year 11 (H10) and Andrew Tasevski Year 11
(B10) as well as Justin Garganis Year 11 (B10) and
Sam Dell’Albani Year 11 (L10).
From The Music
Year 12 Farewell Lunch
Our annual Year 12 Farewell Luncheon was held for the
VCAL boys on Thursday 16 October at the Preston
Campus. Every year Mr Nicholls organises the event.
This year, as is the custom, the boys had a chicken lunch
and then Mr Nicholls handed out certificates to all the
boys. The certificates identify aspects of the student’s
career at Parade College in a humorous way. At the end
Instrumental Music 2015
of the luncheon the boys were given their Year 12
Any student wanting to enrol (or re-enrol) in the
Instrumental Music Program in 2015 are urged to
complete the application form now available from the
All of the staff at the Preston Campus would like to wish all
Music Office (W40).
the best to all our Year 12 students in the future.
All students currently learning an instrument in Semester
Congratulations to our Preston Prefects
Two will have an application form sent home in the mail.
Congratulations to Anton Buissink T10 and Jeremy
Places for popular instruments like guitar and drum-kit
Marson T10 who have both been selected to be the
will fill quickly. Fee charges remain unchanged for 2015.
Prefects for the Preston Campus for 2015. Jeremy has
also been named Sports Captain for the Preston Campus.
Good luck to you both for next year.
Music Department Christmas Concert –
Wednesday 3 December
Save the date for the 2014 Parade College ‘Carols
Mr Joe Herran
Under the Cross’, 7.30pm in the Rivergum Theatre.
Year 10 VCAL Convenor
All music students will be performing music to bring
in the Advent season.
ACC Music Concert ‘ACCent on Music’
High resolution photos from the ‘ACCent on Music’
Concert are available to download from the ACC website
at the following address:
You can still order a professionally produced DVD of the
night for $20 at:
Mr Martin Macaulay
Director of Music
From The Old Paradians
From Melbourne to London,
Michael Upholds the Traditions
A fortnight ago, at the Old Paradians’ Association’s
Centenary Dinner in Melbourne, Michael Pratt GC (far left)
met the OPA’s only other living Inductee to the Hall of
Fame, Capt. Prof. Kevin Rickard AM for the first time.
Members of the Victoria Cross and George Cross
Association (Michael amongst them) featured in the
photograph with His Royal Highness at St. James’ Palace.
Michael Pratt GC back row first left. Picture: Getty Images
London Calling!
OPs’ First Global Chapter Convenes
The Prospect of Whitby Public House, an old time pub
whose origins can be sourced to the Elizabethan era,
recently served as the backdrop for an historic inaugural
gathering of members of the OPA’s London chapter.
That happened on Level 17 of the RACV City Club in
Bourke Street – half a world away from St. James’ Palace
A healthy quota of ex-pat Aussies in the Old Dart, all
in London where on Monday last Michael gathered with
bound by precious links with the old school, convened at
fellow recipients of the George Cross (the highest civilian
the Prospect. They were called to order by Peter
gallantry award), together with recipients of the Victoria
Wilson, a final year student of 1978, to talk shop at The
Cross, for an afternoon tea reception in the presence of
The Prince of Wales.
Michael’s awarding of the GC was approved by the Queen
in July 1978 for the courage he displayed two years
previous. On the morning of June 4, 1976 the then Senior
Constable Pratt intervened in a robbery of an ANZ Bank
branch in Clifton Hill, and was shot in the back when he
tried to stop the robbery.
On hand were the following Old Paradians, pictured
here from left to right - Martin Coyle (1990), Damian
This formal photograph of the Prince with current members
Wilson (College Captain 1982), Christopher Ecclestone
of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association was
(1978), Brayden Geary (College Captain 2004),
taken following the reception hosted by His Royal
Jonathan Cicutto (2004) Brendan O’Leary (1980), Craig
Highness. St. James’ is the senior Palace of the
Sandford (1985) and Mr Wilson, with Mick Reid (1981)
Sovereign, with a long history as a Royal residence. As the
working the camera for this historic gathering.
home of several members of the Royal Family and their
household offices it is often in use for official functions, but
To read more, go to
is not open to the public.
Mr Tony De Bolfo
Australia’s surviving Victoria Cross winners – Corporal Ben
Roberts-Smith, Corporal Daniel Keighran, Corporal Mark
Donaldson and Mr. Keith Payne – were also in attendance.
Old Paradians’ Association CEO
VCE Unit 1 Texts and Traditions
Excursion: the National Gallery of
On 23rd October, the Year 10 Unit 1 Texts and Traditions
students were fortunate enough to visit the National Gallery
of Victoria at St Kilda. It was an exciting and educational
2014 Literacy Week
Limerick Competition Winners
After a competition held during Literacy Week, a short list
of limericks was created. Congratulations to the winners,
as voted on by staff and students.
At the school entrance to the gallery we met with our tour
guide, Dave. He was very helpful and filled all of us with
great knowledge and understanding. We were to learn more
about how Jesus and other biblical figures are conveyed in
artwork. Dave guided us to various sculptures and paintings
that conveyed important biblical messages, explaining the
artists’ visual interpretation.
It was amazing being surrounded by pieces of artwork
worth millions of dollars. It was very interesting to also hear
that individually, some artworks were worth nine figures and
their frames were worth as much as a house. All of
paintings were greatly detailed and delicately made. A
significant painting that caught my attention conveyed an
important segment of the bible where Moses liberated the
Israelites. The painting also incorporated the political views
and tensions of the time.
It was a mesmerising experience seeing the beautiful
constructed artworks as well as deepening our knowledge
with our tradition’s past.
Jose Gregorio,
Year 10, L08
Year 7 Winner - Joshua Pepi B17
The World Cup happened in twenty fourteen
64 nations came to be seen
Brazil should've won
And they lost 7 - 1
And the Brazilians threw their scarves in the bin!
Year 8 Winner - Alan Nguyen L14
Too bad I was sick
When we made a limerick
Now I'm rushing to class
Holding my late pass
Busting out rhymes real quick
Year 9 Winner - Conor Howard L18
There was once a woman called Rose
Who had an extremely large nose
When bad weather came
People ran from the rain
And hid under it, so it goes
Mrs Fernando-Swart
Learning Area Leader Library Services
21 November *
Presentation of Mary
6 November
ACC Yr 7/8 Sport
Yrs 8-11 Exams
7 November
Yr 11 Assembly
VCE Exams Conclude
Yr 10 Assembly
2004 Reunion Hickey Foyer
Saturday Detention
22 November *
Saturday Detention
ACC Yr 7/8 Debating and Public Speaking
23 November *
Christ the King
24 November *
Year 7 Regular Classes This Week
8 November
10 November *
11 November *
Board Meeting
Activities Week Commences Yrs 8-11
Remembrance Day
Finance Meeting
ACC Yr 9 Sport
25 November *
Activities Week Yrs 8-11
ACC Yr 10 Semis
Board Executive Meeting
Homework Club 3.15-4.30pm
Yr 7 Retreat Day at Preston
Bundoora Twilight Evening 5.30-7.30pm
Homework Club 3.15-4.30pm
12 November *
OPA Luncheon
Homework Club 3.15-4.30pm
Yr 9 Outdoor Ed Program Parent Information
13 November *
14 November *
26 November *
27 November *
Activities Week Yrs 8-11
Homework Club 3.15-4.30pm
2015 Yr 12 Head Start Commences
Activities Week Yrs 8-11
Fathers’ Committee AGM 8pm
2015 Annual Leadership Launch @
OPA Business Breakfast
ACC Yr 7/8 Sport
St Bernards, Essendon
28 November *
Yr 11 Exams
2015 Yr 12 Head Start
Activities Week Yrs 8-11
Yr 10 Activities Week Assembly P4
Yr 7 2015 AP Challenge Day
Coming Soon…..
Year 7 Regular Classes This Week
30 November *
First Sunday of Advent
Exams Commence Yrs 8–11
1 December
2015 Yrs 8-11 Head Start Commences
Old Paradians’ Executive Meeting
2 December
VCE Commitment and Enrolment Evening
Yrs 8-11 Exams
3 December
Carols under the Cross, Rivergum Theatre
ACC Yr 9/10 Finals
4 December
Christmas Party for the Elderly
Preston Twilight Evening 5.30-7.30pm
5 December
Term 4 Ends
Homework Club 3.15-4.30pm
Ladies’ Aux Meeting 8pm
17 November *
18 November *
19 November *
20 November *
Yrs 8-11 Exams
Homework Club 3.15-4.30pm
28 January
27 March
Universal Childrens Day
13 April
26 June
13 July
18 September
5 October
18 December
Yrs 8-11 Exams
ACC Yr 7/8 Finals
OPA Business Breakfast
Year 12 Graduation Formal
Ladies’ Auxiliary
Fathers’ Committee
Parade Fathers’ Committee
Enhancing father son relationships
Parade Ladies’ Auxiliary
Next Meeting and AGM
Wednesday 12 November 8pm
Come and join us
Bundoora Campus
(please note change of date)
Tuesday 18 November at 8.00pm
Bundoora Campus
At the beginning of next year, an APP will be launched which
will provide parents and families with the opportunity to
connect with the College in a new and exciting way.
The Ladies’ Auxiliary wishes to acknowledge and thank all the
Art Show 2014
helpers at two of Parade College’s biggest events on the
Any fathers/carers who would like to help out with the
calendar. In particular we thank all our previous Year 12
College’s 40th Annual Art Show from Friday 13 February -
mums who assisted at Valete and our new Year 7 mums who
Sunday 15 February, please contact
helped at our Year 7 2015 Orientation Evening. Also, thanks
[email protected]
to those who helped at our recent VCE Arts and Technology
Exhibition. Without the assistance of so many people these
We particularly need assistance on the evening of Friday 13
nights would not run as smoothly.
February (6.30pm—9.30pm) and Sunday 15 February (4pm -
Please refer to Year 12 Book Sale in this Newsletter.
Jeff Warke
President PFC
0409 174 208
[email protected]
Become an Active Member of the Fathers’ Committee to
support the Parade community
President Veronica Spiteri
Secretary Christine Liuzzi
[email protected]
Parade College Ladies’ Auxiliary
Please mark your calendars, as these will be the only dates available to submit and purchase any second hand books.
10.00am to 5.00 pm – Yarangabee Centre, Bundoora Campus - Year 12 Books only
Current Year 11 students can submit their Year 12 books throughout the day at the Yarangabee Centre.
Current Year 12 students can submit their books at either Bundoora or Preston reception in the weeks
leading up to 4pm Thursday 20 November 2014. If submitting on Friday 21 November please take them to the
Yarangabee Centre at the Bundoora Campus where they will be accepted from 10.00am to 5.00pm
10.00am to 1.00pm – Yarangabee Centre, Bundoora Campus - Year 12 Books only
Please note the sale will only be held at Bundoora Campus
Text Books are required for the start of the Head Start program, which commences on Thursday 27 November 2014
This is The Parade College Ladies’ Auxiliary Major Fundraiser each year so please support the 2nd hand book sale, make
us your first option of choice. What we raise supports all our boys at Parade.
Enquires can be directed to Jackie Brennan at [email protected] or on 0419 36 46 35
Conditions of sale: Books that are not sold at the Parade College Ladies’ Auxiliary 2 nd Hand Book Sale are to be collected from
reception at Bundoora Campus by 4:00 p.m. Friday 5 December 2014. It is your responsibility to collect your unsold books. Any
books not collected will be considered a donation to the Parade College Ladies’ Auxiliary in the spirit of Edmund Rice. All parents
will be notified by phone if books are unsold at the completion of the book sale. Please be aware that messages will be left on
answering machines, voice mail and with family members, on the contact number provided. 25% of sales is collected as fundraising.
Please note there is no exchange or refund on any 2 nd hand books. Bring in all your books that you wish to sell and we will tell you
what you can sell and what you cannot. All monies collected from the sale of 2 nd hand books, will be credited against your College
account unless you are a Year 12 student or leaving the College; in which case a cheque will be forwarded to you via the College.
Please also note that all book sale organisers and helpers are volunteers at the College.
Academy Uniforms is the official uniform supplier for the College and is located in the College's main
Administration Building at both the Bundoora and Preston campuses.
During the term the shop is open from 2.30pm to 4.00pm on Tuesdays and 8.00am to 9.00am on Fridays at
Bundoora and from 10.30am to 11.00am on Tuesdays at Preston.
Academy Uniforms are located at 238 Wolseley Place, Thomastown - Ph: 9460 8011 Fx: 9460 8033 Trading
hours are: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 12 Noon Saturday.
Parents/Students wishing to sell items
Parents may be able to sell their second hand items directly to Academy Uniforms. Items will not be accepted
at Reception.
All items for possible sale must be dry cleaned and still in the drycleaners plastic sheath with each item having
the drycleaners ticket stub pinned to the collar or tag.
Items are to be delivered to the Uniform Shop at either Preston or Bundoora during the shops trading hours.
Items left outside the shop door will not be accepted.
The staff at the Uniform Shop are not obliged to purchase any items and have right of refusal.
Parents/Students wishing to buy items
Anyone wanting to know about the availability of secondhand uniform pieces should enquire via Academy
Uniforms shop at either campus during the above trading hours.