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emphasizing traditional
Biblical values.
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#9 11/7/14
#1 PRIORITY ON PRAYER: Once again we started our school year off with an attitude of prayer.
Last month, we are emphasized prayer in a different way each day, encouraging children and our
families to make prayer for our school a #1 priority. This began Oct. 1 st and continued throughout
the entire month. This emphasis was celebrated today by all who identified with the program by
wearing a prayer band all month. About 100 students and teachers joined together for an ice-cream
party with games, prayer. We continue to encourage our CGCA family to pray daily for God's
blessing on our school.
TEACHER CONVENTION: – Teachers convention is on November 13 th and 14th.There will
be NO SCHOOL and NO DAYCARE on Thursday and Friday, for all grades 1st through 8 th
Preschool Teachers Conference: Our preschool will be in session during grades 1-8 teachers
convention days and will be attending their own convention later this year.
THANKSGIVING BASKETS: Believing that God has blessed us beyond measure, it is a joy to give
from our abundance to those who have less. Donations of canned goods and non-perishable
items will be displayed on the table by the office. We are also accepting turkeys or money to
purchase turkeys for the baskets. Families in need will receive them at Thanksgiving. Thank you
for your help.
REPORT CARDS - PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES: Report cards will be given to
parents who have a Parent-Teacher conference on Monday, November 17, (if accounts are up to
date). All other students will receive their report card on Tuesday, November 18. All new families
to CGCA are required to have a conference as well as parents of those students having academic
or other difficulties. If a conference is not required, you may request one.
HELPING HANDS FIGHT HUNGER FUNDRAISER: We are excited about our fund-raising
campaign, but we need your support! Cedar Grove Christian Academy has successfully launched
our Helping Hands Fight Hunger fund-raising campaign. This special event is being organized to
help raise much needed funds for our organization. Specifically, funds raised will be used towards
the purchase of various school related needs, a “new” bus fund, and helping to pay off the new
gymnasium and needs for individual classrooms. Please register online and create your personal
internet fundraiser page at this link: Fund Easy, and click the “Participate” button. Then please
email your donation requests. A form detailing prizes and incentives was given to every child in the
school and can also be accessed through this link: HHFH Prizes and Incentives.
If you would rather mail your requests, copies of a donation letter are available through our school
office. The Cedar Grove Christian Academy Helping Hands Fight Hunger meal packing event will
be held on Tuesday, December 2nd. This is a school day, so all children and staff will be
SCHOLARSHIP ALERT: Please click on the following link - Prospective Families and click on
“scholarships” to access scholarship opportunities for your family for next school year. Scholarship
deadlines will soon be upon us so please check out all the links on our website to see if any apply
to your family. Information about CSFP, our largest scholarship, is also available on this link.
GRADERS: Now is the time for families with 8 th
grade students to make application to high schools. Most Christian schools do not have a
deadline, but some fill and have waiting lists. Public schools in Philadelphia require paperwork by
December 5th,, 2014. Contact information for our local Christian High Schools is available for our
graduating class.
A HEALTHY SCHOOL: Cedar Grove Christian Academy has taken steps to help keep our children
safe during this cold and flu season. We have been even more aware of the needs for these
measures this year with all the threats that have been publicized so much on TV and other forms of
media. We as a school need to be vigilant to help keep our children healthy. Cleaning and
sanitizing are a priority. One virus in particular has been exceptionally bad this year. The following
statements are from a CNN broadcast concerning this virus.
… “it is important to remember that these infections are very common," said Dr. Anne Schuchat.
Schuchat is the assistant surgeon general for the U.S. Public Health Service and the director of the
National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. This particular type of Enterovirus -EV-D68 -- is uncommon but not new. It was identified in the 1960s, and there have been fewer than
100 reported cases since that time. But it's possible that the relatively low number of reports might
be because EV-D68 is hard to identify. The reason health officials are concerned this year is that
there have been so many hospitalizations.
The threats of this virus, as well as the recent reports on the Ebola virus, are cause for increased
need for awareness and prevention. Please be aware that CGCA is taking precautions to help
protect our children. One way you can help us is by encouraging your child to wash their hands
often with warm soapy water.
Below is an informative link about the recent threats and provides suggestions for parents on how
to help remain healthy and how to help keep our children healthy.
ATTENTION PARENTS – COLD TEMPERATURES: As the mercury drops, we ask that parents
send their child dressed for cold weather. A warm coat, hat, and gloves are appropriate now and
until the end of winter. Even on colder days recess is often held outside and children should come
prepared for this.
OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD: CGCA will participate in distributing shoe
boxes packed with Christmas gifts and the Gospel of Christ’s saving grace for
needy children around the world. Operation Christmas Child is made possible through Samaritan’s
Purse. Please send in items that can be used for this mission project: barrettes, combs, small
stuffed animals, toothbrushes, pencils, pens, soap, t-shirts, socks, small tablets, and small toys.
We also are in need of monetary gifts. The cost of shipping is $7.00 per shoe box. If you can
cover the cost of 1, 2, or a number of shoe boxes, all monetary gifts will be appreciated and will
help very much. We also need many empty shoe boxes, wrapping paper, and adhesive tape.
Thank you for your support with this school missions project.
Colored pencils
Pencil sharpeners
Small Tablets
Small coloring books
Matchbox cars
Small dolls
Tennis size balls
Jack sets
Small stuffed toys
Travel games
Disposable flashlights Tee shirts (all sizes)
Small games or toys
Jump ropes
Ear muffs
Hard candy
The following items are NOT to be brought in:
NO bottles NO chocolates NO toy weapons NO war toys NO soldiers NO toothpaste
PRAY EVERYDAY: The following students led our school in prayer over the PA for the needs of our
school this week:
Kenny Davis-1st-grade (Miss Schermerhorn)
Daniel Hardy-1st-grade (Miss Schermerhorn)
Ciara Foxworth-1st-grade (MissParke)
Makayla Pompey-1st-grade (MissParke)
Makayla Littles-kindergarten-grade (Miss Ide)
Rylie Cerulli-kindergarten-grade (Miss Ide)
Prayed on 11/7/2014
Jiana Cappell-1st-grade (Miss Ide)
Samuel Arruda-1st-grade (Miss Ide)
ATTENTION ALL PARENTS: Parents are discouraged from calling their children during the school
day, unless it is an emergency. Messages will be delivered to them only during lunchtime. Any
messages regarding changes in transportation or daycare for the day must be called in before 2:30
pm to ensure your child gets the message. The office is too busy after that time to deliver
messages. Children are discouraged from using the office phone. If a call is absolutely
necessary, the child will have to pay 25¢ per phone call, unless they’re sick or have an emergency.
Nov. 11
PTF Meeting 7pm - Samaritan's Purse – Operation Christmas Child
NO SCHOOL – Teachers Conference – Preschool is
still in session.
Nov. 17
NO SCHOOL – Parent-Teacher Conferences – Report Cards Issued
Nov. 19
Speech Meet Choice Due
Nov. 21
Middle School Thanksgiving Feast
Nov. 25
Lower School Thanksgiving Feast
Nov. 26
Preschool Thanksgiving Feast
Nov. 26
Mon. 11/10
Indoor Soccer @ Logan Hope
Tues. 11/18
Indoor Soccer @ Hunting Park
3:30 - 5:30 pm
November Practice Schedule:
Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15 – 4:45 pm)
• Those who are on in indoor soccer need not worry about missing basketball
practices this month. (dates subject to change)
• An official permission slip was sent home and mandatory practices will begin.
Boys practices - Tuesdays from 6-8pm (6pm – red and gold) & (7pm – blue and green)
Girls practices - Thursdays from 6-7pm
INSTRUMENT LESSONS: Information about band instrument lessons was sent home for 4 th
through 8th graders. Lessons are available for the following instruments: flute, trumpet,
trombone, clarinet, saxophone, french horn, baritone horn, tuba, and percussion. There is
no cost for lessons, other than instrument rental or purchase. If you want this opportunity for your
child, please indicate that on the form. Strings and Piano lessons are available upon request,
but are handled by visiting teachers that do this as a business and there is an hourly fee. Please
notify our school office if you desire your son or daughter to take lessons. You may also contact the
teachers directly by phone. Their contact info is listed here:
Piano: Jessica Beir - [email protected]
Strings: Kathleen Thomas – [email protected] 610-348-7126
Group String music lessons will be available at Cedar Grove Academy in the fall of
2014. Lessons will be offered on the following instruments: Violin, Viola, and Cello. Click here for a
copy of the registration information. You may download, print a copy, and bring it to the school
office, or you may pick up the forms from our school office.
DAYCARE BILLING: Just a reminder that daycare bills for grades 1-8 is sent home the first of
every month. It is not included with the tuition payment. Daycare services are available from 7 am
to 7:45 am and/or from 3 pm to 6 pm. Flexible hours are billed at $5.00 per hour.
After 6 pm pickup is charged $20 for each 15 minute interval or part thereof. Please be aware that
daycare workers appreciate being able to leave at or before 6 pm
: Thank you for continuing to save
labels for CGCA. We earn money to purchase equipment and other classroom needs.
You can designate your United Way contributions to be used for CGCA. Two of our programs
(Discovery Center and Daycare) meet the requirements to be a part of the United Way Donor
Choice Program. All you need to do is designate your United Way contribution to Cedar Grove
Christian Academy and use our I.D. #1197 on the pledge form. Thank you very much.
In His Grip,
Jeffrey Howard, Principal