Update November November is 4-H Month

November is 4-H Month
4-H Saskatchewan kicked off 4-H month in style hosting
26 4-H leaders from across the province at Leaderama
Leadership Conference in Saskatoon. We also launched our
first annual Online Auction to support the Saskatchewan
4-H Foundation.
Wednesday, November 5 is “Show Your 4-H Colours” Day. All
across Canada, 4-H’ers will be showing off their 4-H spirit by
wearing green and white to school or work, and setting up
displays and community service activities to raise awareness
of our great program all across the nation.
Get your Registrations in!
The registration deadline is November 15, 2014.
Clubs registering after November 15 will be subject to
a $20.00 per member late fee.
To find the registration documents online, go to the 4-H
Saskatchewan website at www.4-h.sk.ca, scroll down, and
select the Registration 2014 button. You will be taken to a
page with all of the registration information and forms.
Remember, the Leader Screening Deadline is December
15, 2014. New 4-H leaders, and those screened in 2009 or
earlier will need to complete the leader screening process.
Send all of these forms and items to the Provincial 4-H Office
• Leader Registration Forms
• Member Registration Forms
• Club Officials Form
• Club Information Sheet (optional)
• Year End Club Summary Form
• Project Material Order Form
• One Club cheque for all 4-H Membership Fees:
$90.00 x # of members
• One Club cheque for Provincial Club Fees:
$10.00 x # of members
The Provincial 4-H Office postal address is 3830 Thatcher
Avenue, Saskatoon, SK. S7R 1A5.
We’re trying something new!
This is the NEW monthly 4-H update. On the 4th of each month, an update will be posted on the 4-H website.
We hope that this will help keep your club informed about the many 4-H opportunities and activities available
throughout the year. A calendar of upcoming dates and deadlines is included in the last page!
Let us know what you think! We welcome feedback and suggestions.
Get Involved!
4-H Canada Science Contest
If you could invent something that would change the world
of agriculture, what would it be?
That’s the question posed for the 2014 4-H Canada Science
Contest. Get involved as an individual or as a club for a chance
to win cool custom prizes.
To get involved, register online with 4-H Canada, build a
model or a draw an illustration of your invention, and upload
photos or videos demonstating how it works. The contest
closes on January 16, 2015.
Find more information at:
Investing in Me - Career Exploration Opportunity
Engage in hands-on learning, develop skills, and discover
career options through this new 4-H Canada work placement
Members ages 18-25 can apply for work opportunities in
between May and August 2015 at Food Share Toronto or
Help International (Weyburn).
Placements include room and board, and a weekly
Application deadline is January 16, 2015. Find more
information at: http://apply.4-h-canada.ca/
Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation Online Auction
We’re hosting this auction to benefit the Saskatchewan 4-H
Foundation in celebration of November being 4-H Month!
Items include a registered Quarter Horse filly, an Apple iPad
mini, a digital camcorder, and more!
The auction will close on Friday, November 21 at 12:00pm.
Get involved by joining our group on Facebook. Bids are also accepted over the phone. All proceeds support the
Saskatchewan 4-H Foundation and help Saskatchewan youth Learn to Do By Doing!
For more information visit: www.4-h.sk.ca
Follow this link to the auction: https://www.facebook.com/groups/778121422233898/
New 4-H Challenge!
4-H Staff lent a hand at the
Saskatoon Food Bank Garden
Patch. The vegetables that
were harvested will go to
Saskatoon families in need of
healthy food.
This year, we are challenging our clubs to spread the 4-H Spirit far and wide. Put your
Find a way to use your Head, Heart, Hands
and Health for your club, your community
and country!
It’s that simple. Take your pledge from words into action. What you do is up to you!
Get involved as an individual, or as an entire club, by creating and doing your own H’s in Action Activity. Maybe you’ll
collect food donations at Thanksgiving, or shovel sidewalks for seniors – it’s up to your interpretation and creativity the skies the limit.
Share your story with all of 4-H Saskatchewan by sending in a write-up and photos to your Regional 4-H Specialist. You
can submit as many activities as you would like! All H’s in Action activities will be featured in the Bits & Pieces, and
be eligible for the People’s Choice Award to be chosen at AGM in March.
Don’t Forget!
4-H Travel Opportunities
4-H Canada Citizenship Seminar
April 29-May 3, 2015 Ottawa
This flagship 4-H Canada program was first developed in 1972
as a way to unite 4-H members from across the country.
Delegates participate in various processes focusing on
civic engagement, governance, parliamentary procedures,
citizenship and politics. Delegates develop debating and
public speaking skills as well as new knowledge and pride
for their country. Apply to 4-H Saskatchewan by December
1, 2014.
US National 4-H Conference
April 11-16, 2015 in Washington, DC.
The Washington conference allows 4-H Canada members
to gain a better understanding of 4-H in the US, share
information about 4-H in Canada, and participate actively
in an entirely youth-led conference among their peers.
Delegates develop leadership skills, build new networks
and friendships and return to their home communities with
a greater sense of 4-H as a global movement. Apply to 4-H
Saskatchewan by December 1, 2014.
4-H Youth Exchanges Canada
East to West July 8-18; West to East August 5-15, 2015
This exchange program provides groups of 10 delegates (ages
12-17) and their chaperones with the opportunity to see a
different part of Canada, and gain lasting experiences and
friendships. Groups stay with host families and experience a
unique immersion of culture, language and history.
Apply to 4-H Canada by November 15, 2014.
Find more information at: http://exchange.4-H-Canada.ca
Going Global Exchanges 2015
Members aged 18-25 are invited to apply for this recipricol
exchange program that will have you travel to Jamaica, Japan,
Finland or the UK, and host your exchange-partner here in
Canada in the summer of 2015.
Apply to 4-H Canada by November 15, 2014.
Find more information at: http://exchange.4-H-Canada.ca
Global Youth Summit
Members aged 18-25 are invited to apply to join 100 other
youth from across the world to discuss feeding a hungry
planet on August 24-28, 2015 in Canberra, Australia! Apply
before January 30, 2015 at www.youthagsummit.com
Recognize Your Outstanding 4-H Leader!
4-H National Volunteer Leader of the Year
4-H Canada is calling for nominations for the 2014 4-H
National Volunteer Leader of the Year Award, sponsored by
the Co-operators. This is an opportunity for 4-H members to
show their appreciation for our outstanding leaders across
the country.
Find more information at:
4-H Saskatchewan Hall of Fame
To be eligible for this recognition, recipients must have
made an outstanding volunteer contribution to 4-H (not
including in the capacity of a paid staff person); served the
4-H movement for at least 15 years, and contributed to 4-H
beyond the club level [district, regional, provincial, national, or international]. The nomination form must be received
by the Saskatchewan 4-H Selections Committee by January
1, 2015.
Find more information at:
Other Events & Opportunities
Prairieland Youth Leadership Conference
4-H members ages 14-21 can apply to attend this conference held February 21-22, 2015 in Saskatoon. This is a great
opportunity for learning and networking and $8,000 in
scholarships is awarded to participants at the event. Apply
to attend before December 31, 2014.
Find more information at: www.saskatoonex.comm.
NEW Scholarship Opportunity
Canadian Meat Council and 4-H Canada are proud to
sponsor 2 scholarships in memory of Larry Milton Campbell
valued at $2,500 each, for 4-H members in their last year
of high school planning to attend a Canadian university in
Food Science, Meat Science or Animal Science.
Find out more at http://apply.4-h-canada.ca/
FCC 4-H Club Fund
The FCC 4-H Club Fund allows clubs, districts or regions
to apply for up to $500 to support a project or activity.
Applications are reviewed and awarded on a first-come,
first-serve basis.
Find out more at http://apply.4-h-canada.ca/
Regional 4-H Fun Curling
New in 2015, each region will have a Regional 4-H Fun
Curling Day. Come out for a day of fun on the ice. Learn
some new skills and make some new friends. There will be
games and activities. Fun Curling will be held January 17
in North Battleford (NW), Tisdale (NE), Maple Creek (SW),
and Lumsden (SE).
Board of Directors
4-H Saskatchewan is a project-based youth organization dedicated to the growth and
development of our members, leaders, volunteers, and staff through our motto: “Learn
to do by doing”.
Provincial 4-H Office
The provincial office is made up of a dynamic staff team ready to serve our new and existing
members, leaders and clubs throughout the province. The provincial office staff are happy
to be of assistance, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
(306) 933-7729
[email protected]
(306) 933-6961
[email protected]
Karrie Watson
(306) 933-7728
[email protected]
(306) 933-7727
(306) 933-7731
[email protected]
Ms. Lee Walerius
Phone: (306) 933-7727
Fax: (306) 933-7730
E-mail: [email protected]
Cera Youngson
Address: 3830 Thatcher Avenue
Saskatoon, SK. S7R 1A5
Hours: Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
Closed on holidays
Bonnie-Anne Iverson [email protected]
Valerie Fosher
Each region has a Regional 4-H Specialist available to support the members, leaders, and
clubs in that region. Contact your Regional 4-H Specialist with questions, or if you require
support. They are also happy to help with club start-ups, and offer workshops for clubs.
Annaleigh LeBruno
Office: (306) 933-6723
Cell: (306) 280-3755
Email: [email protected]
Michelle Lee-Klaassen
Office: (306) 965-1545
Cell: (306) 229-2064
Email: [email protected]
Anna-Maria Boechler Office: (306) 964-1544
Cell: (306) 220-6315
Email: [email protected]
The role of the Board of Directors is
to set direction and policy of the 4-H
program. They contribute to defining the
organization’s Mission, Vision and Core
Values and governing their fulfillment.
Joanne Hamilton
Cindy Cooper
Tanya Beland
Tanya Beland
Clint Panter
Darcy Yasieniuk
Marc Bernier
Cindy Cooper
Joanne Hamilton
Melodi Hawkesford-Lee Office: (306) 787-1958
Cell: (306) 529-5446
Email: [email protected]
The South East Office address is:
515 Henderson Drive, Regina SK. S4N 5X1
About the Saskatchewan 4-H Council
The Saskatchewan 4-H Council administers the
4-H program in Saskatchewan. It is made up
of one member and one leader delegate from
each District Council. The entire Council meets
annually at the Saskatchewan 4-H Council
Annual General Meeting (AGM), held in March.
At AGM, a Board of Directors and Advisory
Council is elected to carry out the work of the
Council between annual general meetings.
The Council, through its Board of Directors,
Advisory Council and committees, determines
policies and programs at the provincial level.
The Saskatchewan 4-H Council employs and,
by way of the Executive Director, directs a 4-H
staff team.
(306) 763-3903
(306) 675-5645
(306) 524-2176
Colin Haggart
Miranda Seymour
Ginelle Sonmor
(306) 587-7224
(306) 361-3356
(306) 968-2311
Melanie Bashutski
Craig Boake
Tammie Cooper
(306) 675-4846
(306) 728-9552
(306) 675-4513
Dallis Aiken
Shayla Endicott
(306) 468-2720
(306) 375-2709
Shelley Jones
Cindy Cooper
(306) 675-5645
Tanya Beland
(306) 937-2980
(306) 469-7763
(306) 549-4810
(306) 937-2980
Ginelle Sonmor
(306) 968-2311
Youth Advisory Council
The Youth Advisory Council brings the
opinions, ideas, and voice of youth 4-H
members to the Saskatchewan 4-H Council.
(306) 342-7728
NW Jacqueline Toews
NE Kiera Mooney
(306) 921-4092
SW Tristan Richards
(306) 582-7214
SE Karly Rumpel
(306) 731-2429
Cameron Choquette
(306) 327-5772
Dallis Aiken
Shayla Endicott
(306) 468-2720
(306) 375-2709
Notice of
Annual General Meeting
March 21 - 22
More information on Page 30
Calendar of 4-H Events
4-H Canada Sci/Tech Contest Opens
Oct. 17
4-H Saskatchewan Online Auction Open
Nov. 1 - 21
Leaderama: Leader & Member Conference
Nov. 1 - 2
Show Your 4-H Colours Day!
Nov. 5
National 4-H Member’s Conference
Nov. 5 - 9
Toronto, ON
National 4-H & Youth Judging Competition
Nov. 23 - 25
SW Fun Curling Day
Jan. 17, 2015
Maple Creek
NW Fun Curling Day
Jan. 17
North Battleford
NE Fun Curling Day
Jan. 17
SE Fun Curling Day
Jan. 17
4-H Canada Leadership Conference
Feb. 12 - 15
Ottawa, ON
Prairieland Youth Leadership Conference
Feb. 21 - 22
4-H Ski Day
Mar. 7
4 Locations
NW Regional Public Speaking
NE Regional Public Speaking
Mar. 29
Prince Albert
SW Regional Public Speaking
SE Regional Public Speaking
District #39
Saskatchewan 4-H Council AGM
Mar. 21 - 22
4-H Colt Starting Clinic
Apr. 4
Moose Jaw
US National 4-H Conference
Apr. 11 - 16
Washington, USA
Provincial 4-H Public Speaking
Apr. 11
Swift Current
4-H Canada Citizenship Seminar
Apr. 29 - May 3
Ottawa, ON
Saskatchewan 4-H AC Training
May 2 – 3
4-H Canada AGM
Jun. 11 - 13
Fredericton, NB
Saskatchewan 4-H Lottery #19 Draw Date
Jul. 15
Saskatoon, SK
National 4-H Member’s Conference
Nov. 25 - 29
Regina, SK
District Meeting Dates
Club Registration Deadline
Nov. 15
Going Global Exchange Deadline
Nov. 15
4-H Canada Youth Exchange Deadline
Nov. 15
Bits & Pieces Content Deadline – Winter Issue
Nov. 20
4-H Saskatchewan Online Auction CLOSES
Nov. 21
National Volunteer Leader Award Deadline
Nov. 21
4-H Canada Larry Milton Campbell Scholarship
Dec. 1
4-H Saskatchewan Travel Applications
Dec. 1
Record Book Competition Deadline
Dec. 5
AGM Registration Deadline
Dec. 15
Leader Screening Deadline
Dec. 15
Prairieland Youth Leadership Conf. Application
Dec. 31
SK 4-H Hall of Fame Nominations
Check the Public Speaking page on the 4-H website at www.4-h.sk.ca under
Events & Opportunities for an updated listing of Public Speaking dates.
Jan. 1, ‘15
4-H Canada Science Contest Deadline
Jan. 16
4-H Canada Investing In Me Opportunity
Jan. 16
Youth Ag-Summit Application Deadline
Jan. 30
AGM Resolution Deadline
Jan. 31
AGM Name Change Deadline
Feb. 15
Bits & Pieces Content Deadline – Spring Issue
Feb. 20
4-H Ski Day Registration Deadline
Feb. 20
H’s in Action Challenge Deadline
Mar. 15
Photo Contest Deadline
District Public Speaking Dates
4-H Saskatchewan Scholarship Deadline
Check the District Meeting page on the 4-H website at www.4-h.sk.ca under
Events & Opportunities for an updated listing of District Meeting dates.
Want to stay up-to-date with the
latest 4-H news on events and
opportunities? Visit
Apr. 1
Apr. 30
Other Events
The events listed here are offered by organizations
outside of 4-H Saskatchewan, but may provide an
educational opportunity for 4-H members or leaders.
Agribition Nov. 24 - 29, 2014
Agricultural exhibition and trade show which includes livestock sales, educational exhibits, agricultural technology
and services. For more information: http://www.agribition.
Aug. 24-28, 2015
Youth Ag-Summit If you’re 18-25 and care about our planet’s future, you
should be part of this. Young leaders from around the world
will gather at the Global Youth Ag-Summit to discuss ideas,
develop a vision and deliver action. Find more information
at: www.youthagsummit.com.