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November 2014
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Global Board Meeting
Member Roster
The IMA Global Board of Directors
meets 3 times each year (February,
June and October). The February
2015 meeting will be at the Dallas
Marriott Las Colinas, Irving. Board
Committees will meet on Friday, February 20th and will be followed by the
Board Meeting on Saturday, February
21st. Members are welcome to attend
the Board Meeting
Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter members can
benefit from networking with other members
of the chapter. To connect with other chapter
members or find chapter members who work
at companies of interest, go to, login with your member ID
and IMA password, click on Groups and Networking, then click on LinkUp IMA, select
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Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter (only available to chapter members), select Enter. You
can also click on Members at the top of the
page to search the data base by first name,
last name and/or company.
Ben Mulling, IMA Global Chair Elect,
will speak at the Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter’s February 19th Dinner
Meeting, which will also be at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas.
Global Board Meeting
The next Networking Happy Hour will
be November 13th at the Ranch.
For more information or to register,
go to
Fraud Hotline
Upcoming Meetings
Member Profile—
Joshua Welborn
Preying on Lonely Hearts is Big Business
You would think that the fraudsters would leave the lovelorn alone….NOT SO!!!! The myriad of online
dating services have attracted the despicable criminals to the vulnerabilities of those seeking companionship and maybe marriage. A brief web search will show that the FBI, FTC, Secret Service,
U.S. Army plus agencies in the Canadian, Australian and U.K. governments have all issued warnings
about the dangers of these scams. Some fraudsters are getting seriously rich with these schemes.
Media reports show victims in just four countries have recently lost more than US$190 million.
Mr. Tim Harvey, CFE, JP, is director of the ACFE’s UK Operations and has written an outstanding
article on this subject in the November/December 2014 issue of the Fraud Magazine, from which I
am excerpting for this fraud hotline entry. I strongly urge you to read the entire article which can be
found online at For purposes of this writing I can only provide you with the
1) Never, ever send money to someone you haven’t met.
2) Take a reality check. If you’re supposedly communicating with a gorgeous 20-something who sends
photos that look like a supermodel, ask yourself: Why does he or she need to be on a dating site and why is
he or she communicating with me?
3) Ask lots of questions and verify the answers. Look for contradictions. Remember, you might be dealing
with several members of the same organized gang posing as your wife or husband to be.
4) Look for examples of language contained in the Action Fraud Guide to spot red flags:
5) Don’t give any personally identifiable information to any person online that you haven’t met. If you do,
prepare to spend months or years reclaiming your identity.
6) Don’t trust what appears to be a local address. It can be diverted to anywhere in the world.
7) Don’t let anyone use your bank account to deposit or transfer money. They might be using it for money
8) Don’t share compromising photos. Fraudsters can use them to force you to continue sending money (a
little matter of extortion).
9) Keep a record of correspondence.
10) Report any suspicions to the dating website. They can check profiles.
You might laugh after reading these tips and say that could never happen to me….and I would hope that is
true. However, you need to make your children, relatives, friends, professional colleagues and others
aware of these tips. This is a growing business and will get only worse as these online dating services proliferate. So BEWARE!!!!
Donald R. Burg, CPA, CMA, CFE, CGMA, CEBS
Member, Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter of the IMA
The Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter of IMA has developed a Sponsorship Program, where firms can promote themselves to our members, guests and many others in a variety of ways (your logo on the
Home Page of our website with a link to your website, your logo in our
monthly newsletter, recognition at our monthly meetings, etc). Go to
for more information on the program, including the various levels of
sponsorship. Also, please go to the Home Page of our website at to see where your logo will be prominently
displayed to our members, guests and many others who visit the site.
To see IMA’s Global Membership Profile, go to http://
and finance professionals.
Please contact Jim Clemons ([email protected]) if you have
any questions, or need additional information.
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The Dallas Fort Worth
Area Chapter is one of
IMA’s (Institute of Management Accountants)
most active and recognized chapters, with
over 900 members. We
have monthly meetings
(CPE credits), high
quality speakers, networking sessions, college faculty and student initiatives, CMA
(Certified Management
Accountant) exam
preparation courses
and more. We would
welcome the opportunity to partner with your
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Worth accounting and
finance professionals.
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November 12, 2014 (12:00 N) - Capitalize on Cloud, Analytics,
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Managerial Costing (1.0 CPE)
Leadership Academy - Register at
November 20, 2014 (12:00 N) - Better You, Better Leader (1.5
Internal Control Series - Register at
Check the link above
Member Profile – Joshua Welborn, President, Texas Woman’s University (TWU) Student Chapter
Josh is the recently elected President for the IMA Student Chapter at Texas Woman’s
University. Josh earned his MBA in 2012, and is completing his post baccalaureate certification in accounting with plans to sit for the CMA test late next year. A former traffic anchor for Clear Channel Radio, Josh is now focusing his efforts on finishing school, and
working as a freelance voiceover talent.
“Over the past year, I have had the privilege to meet and work alongside several IMA
members within the TWU chapter. Everyone I have encountered is genuine, smart, and
committed to furthering the goals of the organization. My personal experiences in the IMA
has led to excellent networking opportunities, exposure to professional speakers, and valuable discounts in
business cards, headshots, attire, and magazine subscriptions”.
Josh’s hobbies include: Guitar playing, kayaking, audio/video production, and fishing.
“It is an honor to have the opportunity to continue the good work of our former board members. We wish them
great success as they begin their new journey. Working alongside each other, the IMA team here at TWU will
work to further the organization’s tradition of excellence.”
Dallas Fort Worth Area IMA Chapter
Angel Tree Community Service Project
The Dallas Fort Worth IMA Chapter in partnership with the North Texas Salvation Army will provide
volunteers at selected Angel Tree locations to assist in providing over 50,000 individuals and families with a brighter Christmas.
Event Description:
Volunteers assist donors by explaining the Angel Tree program.
Help donors choose Angel Tags and recording adoptions.
Receive and record gift returns.
Volunteers move donated gifts to storage locations.
Record statistical information.
Where-When-Time Slots:
Dallas Galleria Mall – November 22, 2014
9:45 AM- 12:00 PM
11:45 AM-3:00 PM
Golden Triangle Mall – November 22 and December 6, 2014
9:45 AM- 12:00 PM
11:45 AM-3:00 PM
Sign up details will be emailed.
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If you would like to
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chapter, contact IMA.
New Members, Transfers and New CMAs
Welcome New Members
Sonia Agrawal, Student
Sajjad Ali, Pulse Supply Chain
Solution, Inc
Jesus Nishi
Edosa Benjamin Obaseki, Student
Ali L Odom
Burak Al-Kassem, Student
Robin Padilla Jr, Student
Jenny Zhang Bauer
Stephanie Rasmussen, University of Texas at Arlington
Vincy Huixia Zhang Coonrod,
Gollob Morgan Peddy PC
Heather Corder, Student
Amy Marie Del Prado
Ralph Fernando Ferguson,
Molly R Francis, Student
Renato Z Ganoza, Student
Ronna Garcia, Geoforce, Inc
Robert Tyler Harrison
Matthew Krueger, Student
Yafang Liu, Student
Ziyan Liu, Student
Gina L Lucin, Student
Yao L Malou, Student
Brianna J Mitchell, Student
James Palmer Neill III
Ngoc Van Nguyen, Student
Dharshana Ratnayake, Student
Mariah Kaci Ritter, Student
Andrew Schultz, Student
Leah Mae Walker, Student
Timothy Wayne Williams,
Mages Group LLC
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Gleim CMA Review
(discounted materials
for self study)
Gleim provides an
extensive selfstudy course for
the CMA exam.
As a member of
the Dallas Fort
Worth Area Chapter, you are eligible for significant
discounts (from 20
-32%) on any of
Gleim's CMA materials, as well as
Gleim's online
To take advantage
of the reduced
prices, please
contact our chapter representative
Melissa Leonard,
(800) 874-5346
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Texas Regional Council
The next Texas Regional Council meeting will be a teleconference
on January 24th. The Council will meet again on April 25th in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. The Council is comprised of the 5 Texas IMA
Chapters – Austin Area, Dallas Fort Worth Area, El Paso, Houston
and San Antonio. For more information, go to http://
The Council will hold its 6th Texas Annual Conference “Accelerate
Your Career” April 23-24 in Dallas Fort Worth. Bill Jelen “Mr Excel’
will lead a 4 hour pre-conference session “Power Excel” on the 23rd.
An additional 8 CPEs will be offered on the 24th, featuring the following sessions - Advanced Data Analysis, Emotional Intelligence for
Finance Professionals, Big Data Action Plan for CFOs, Enterprise
Cost Reduction: Transforming the Cost Structure for Sustained Benefits, and Choices: Ethical Leadership – A Values based approach
(meets the 2 hour annual ethics requirements for CMAs). For more
information on the conference, go to
[email protected]
November 13th - Networking Happy Hour
November 20th Dinner Meeting - Corporate Privacy – What are the boundaries by Michael
Porier, CISA, ABCP, CISSP, CISM (Managing Director, Protiviti) and An Yu, PMP, CRISC, PCIQSA (Director IT Consulting, Security & Privacy
Management, Protiviti) and Life Cycle of a Fraud
by Randall Brown, CIA, CFE, CCEP, CHC
(Principal - IntegAssure Resources, LLC)
December 18th Dinner Meeting - CMA Ethics – A
Case Study by Ronald P. Fory, CMA, CPA, CFE,
& CFM (Lecturer – UNT Dallas)
January 8th - Networking Happy Hour
January 15th Dinner Meeting - Start-ups by TBD
and Role of the CFO by Renée Hornbaker, CPA
(Chief Financial Officer, Stream Energy)
Board Members - Officers and Directors
Jim Clemons
Christina Romero
Stephanie Carpenter
Erica Tang
Administration Team Lead
Christina Romero
Director, Meeting Arrangements
Ziad Aldahhan
Ron Schmidt
Director, Member Attendance
Darya Bechtel
Stephanie Carpenter
Communications & Public Relations Team Lead
Jimmie Smith
Jim Clemons
Professional Education Team Lead
Nikki Thirasant-Meyer
MaryValerie Reeves
Director, Academic Relations
Adrien Dubourg
Nikki Thirasant-Meyer
Director, CMA Certification
Ron Schmidt
Jimmie Smith
Director, CPA CPE Compliance
MaryValerie Reeves
Membership & Marketing Team Lead
Lorna Winston-Blanks
Director, Corporate Development
Ron Schmidt
Director, Young Professionals
Yufen Huang
Texas Council Delegate
Christina Romero
Texas Council Delegate
Ron Schmidt
Alternate Texas Council Delegate
Nikki Thirasant-Meyer
Long Range Planning Committee
Team Members and Coordinators
Member Attendance Team
Joe Baze
Employment Coordinator
Jimmie Smith
Newsletter Editor
Carmen Hunt
Community Service Coordinator
Drew Mohr
C. D. Allen
Education Team
Stephanie Carpenter
Education Team
Martha Gibson
Education Team
Elizabeth Hernandez Sosa
Academic Relations& Student Affairs Coordinator
Rosemarie DeMars
Academic Relations& Student Affairs Coordinator
Franziska Moberly
Academic Relations& Student Affairs Coordinator
Susan Rhame
Young Professionals Coordinator
Miguel Molina
Networking Events Coordinator
Rebecca Bogie
Networking Events Coordinator
Lori Burgess
Another homerun in Texas for the IMA and the Students
I have been the Director of Academic Relations with the IMA
DFW Area Chapter for 3 years now. After I recently relocated
to Texas and passed my CMA, I decided to get involved in our
local chapter and give back to the IMA and the students what I
think could be called a “motivation factor”. Getting involved in
local chapters is really important to pursue the full benefit of
the certification and the vast IMA’s offering.
I am myself impressed of what we have been able to do in the
last 3 years with the students and our local universities. 4
Student Chapters created (Texas Women’s University, University of North Texas, University of Texas at Dallas and Tarleton
State University), a 2nd Extravaganza Event with an impressive number of attendees (growing from last year ~70 to +100
people), academic lunches and dinners, universities visits and
one-on-one student support amongst other activities done on
the field (happy hours, monthly meetings, networking, CMA
preparation classes). My experience with the IMA has been
tremendously positive. I met a lot of valuable people and
friends in the US as well as in China and Europe. Our Board is
a key corner stone in supporting our initiatives, so is Global
IMA and our Student Chapter Officers. As a Director of Academic Relations, it is critical to be able to rely on some help
and I have not been disappointed at all in that regard. Kevin
Cornwell and Vivien Yang (UTD), Franziska Moberly (TWU),
Jacob Combs (UNT), Jimmie Smith, John Macaulay as well as
the professors Susan Rhame (Univerisity of Dallas) and Surya
Janakiraman (UTD) have been very helpful in putting this
event together. Being able to attract key sponsors such as
KPMG and Texas Instruments, organizing an academic lunch
on Risk Management and answering specific career questions
to the Students is a great blend of services we were able to
display. In a very professional setting, we had the opportunity
to carry the message and strategy from the IMA as well as
I have been focusing on the students in these last couple of
years, working with Jimmie, as we know students are our next
generation talents and officers in our Boards, meetings and
corporations. I have also been involved in preparing some of our
CMA candidates to the exam with our CMA prep course review.
It is important to help our Students to define some solid career
choices, help them getting their CMA certification, offering them
some mentoring opportunities as well as just getting them involved to build these leadership skills they will need in their
IMA has done a great job identifying the “competency crisis” or
the gap between knowledge and tangible experience, soft and
core skills. I think we can all play a great deal of efforts in closing that gap.
I was impressed about the high quality of the attendance as well
as the interest in our organization. At the end of the day, we are
just volunteers and we do this for fun. I do believe we can make
a significant impact on somebody’s study path or career choices
just by becoming aware of what it is waiting for them “out there”.
Just sharing our experience and challenges, issues and doubts,
help the students understand that there is much more than a
public accounting job waiting for them. Management Accounting
includes a variety of positions, profiles and opportunities where
accounting is just a tool. Once you understand the mechanics,
you can build any powerhouse you want.
I think the reason why we are successful here in Dallas can be
resumed in one word: authenticity.
We don’t do it for glory, reward, fame or money but we genuinely invest our time to leverage
our resources and help students as well as professors in the dialogue around accounting careers. We truly build solid, long-term relationships with universities to establish confidence and
trust, support and ideas. We try to avoid the pitfall of any sales pitch or marketing push. Indeed the IMA is a great organization and the CMA definitely an option but we want to leave
the door open for the students to make their own choices.
Freedom of reflection will drive better motivated candidates and actually increase our power of
attraction. I think the IMA deserves much more recognition around the world and the CMA
certification should become a requirement or a preferred asset for some job positions.
We have everything around us to be successful, it is just a matter of marketing and communication at this point.
Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Adrien Dubourg
IMA DFW Area Chapter Director of Academic Relations
[email protected]
Viewpoint from a Student Chapter President
When I attended the first DFW IMA Student Extravaganza in the
spring of 2014, I was slightly disappointed. The first extravaganza
was quickly put together, and quite a few small details were
missed. I thought that the professional sessions that were held
were great. I was able to learn a few things and meet some new
people. I had a great time at the first extravaganza, but I thought it
could be improved. I was determined to make the next extravaganza better. Working with Jimmie Smith and Adrien Dubourg of the
DFW IMA Chapter, as well as Vivien Yang, the UTD IMA Student
Chapter Vice President, and Surya Janakiraman, our faculty advisor, we began planning for the fall extravaganza.
Beginning in June of this year, we began to work on the details for
planning the fall 2014 DFW Student Extravaganza. We had a lot of
things to take into consideration such as room reservations, structure of our professional sessions, organization of panels and
speakers, booths for employers, supplies for students, resume
reviewers, lunch arrangements, volunteers, social media coverage,
photographers, parking, and marketing for the event. When we
started, the list of things to do seemed overwhelming. I was concerned that we would not be able to get everything in place before
our agreed upon date of Friday, September 26, 2014.
As the weeks progressed, my fears were soon eased, as we had
made some great progress. I had made the room and lunch reservations, Jimmie had secured speakers and employers, Adrien had
also recruited some employers to attend, Vivien had organized the
volunteers and helped to reserve the rooms we would need, and
Surya had taken care of the parking and even invited Dean Hasan
Pirkul of the UT Dallas Jindal School of Management to come and
give welcoming remarks. As the day drew closer, all of the major
open items on our planning list had been taken care of.
I had never before been involved in the planning an event of this
magnitude. When I began to think about everything that needed to
be done, I was apprehensive about my abilities to successfully
execute an event that students and professors and employers
would want to come back to. I was also dealing with the added
pressure of running a new student organization that was not as
popular as some of the other accounting and finance organizations. I needed to have a very successful event to help boost the
image of the IMA Student Chapter at UT Dallas. I also had a recent
turnovers of my officers, so it was just myself and Vivien, my vice
In addition to being a full time student, running a student chapter
with just the two of us, and working full time, planning this event
was a lot of extra work. I could see how much extra stress I had
added to my daily life, and how much more my mind was working
to make sure I had all the bases covered. People would comment
on how worn out I looked and that I should take a break. I would
laugh and jokingly ask them what sleep was like.
My adopted motto was no rest for the weary, because it seemed
that whenever I had some extra time to take a break, something
else would pop up and need my attention. In the end, it was all
worth it. I had a great time planning the event and I got to work
with some exceptional people. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
One of the things I was adamant about throughout the planning was
increasing the focus on the students. I wanted to design the professional panels differently than we had done them in the past. I wanted
to focus more on our panel of professionals taking questions from the
students rather than them talking about themselves for the majority of
the time and only being able to answer a few questions. I also wanted
to put together a panel for the student chapter leaders to speak about
their plans for their respective chapters and answer questions and
take suggestions from the audience. I felt this would encourage more
participation from our student audience and hopefully get them more
involved. I also felt that many students felt that their voice was not
always heard, so this would be their chance to share their ideas and
help their fellow students to succeed.
The morning sessions of the extravaganza were great. John Macaulay delivered a great presentation over what CFO’s are looking for in
their teams and what students can do to bridge the skills gap. After
John finished his presentation, Ronald Fory took the stage and
wowed everyone with a fantastic presentation over mentoring and
what the IMA could do to help students. Shortly after Ron concluded
his presentation, we had all the student leaders come up to the stage
and talk about their student chapters and what they were hoping to
accomplish. After the first three morning sessions, the students were
able to go and have lunch and meet the employers and get their resumes looked at. The resume reviewers were provided by UNT and
UT Dallas. The resume review is always a big hit with the students
because it allows them to get professional help to make their resumes
stand out to employers. The employers were also great. Several of
Most of the time when students come to these events and listen to the them commented on how well organized the event was and how easy
it was for them to come in and get set up. They were all excited to
speakers, they tend to zone out or are too timid to openly ask quesmeet the students and collect resumes.
tions in front of a large audience. I planned to plant several of our
volunteers in the audience to ask pre planned questions to help get
the shy students going. I was pleasantly surprised when I did not
While the students were meeting the employers and having lunch, the
need to use my backup plan. We had great student involvement and
faculty members were in a lunch session of their own. Surya put togreat questions. I really feel that we were able to stimulate the stugether a great session for the faculty to have a discussion over risk
dents and get their minds more receptive to becoming members and
management in accounting. This session also qualified the attendees
participating in their student chapters. I also extended an offer to help for CPE credit, so the presentation was even more valuable to them.
any schools and students who were looking to start a student chapter, When we were organizing the Extravaganza, the faculty track was a
but were unsure on how to go about doing this. As I have always said, particularly difficult event to organize. Surya felt that the previous
the hardest thing that I have ever had to do is begin a student chapter Extravaganza was not beneficial for the academics because it was
and organize volunteers. This is because there is nothing in it for the
basically a marketing presentation, and did not want to worry about
volunteers except for their own satisfaction. It may be difficult to do,
having another entire session for the faculty. We decided the best
but the end result is very rewarding.
way to remedy this was to have Surya organize this session and put
together a panel that would be beneficial for the academic members
to sit in on. It turned out to be a big hit and hopefully will improve in
The Student Extravaganza was a great success. Overall we had 95
the future.
students from 13 different schools, 17 academics, and over 10 employers/sponsors register. It was a huge improvement from the first
extravaganza, and really helped the DFW IMA Chapter learn how to
...(continued on next page)
improve and provide for the students. I immensely enjoyed the planning, the event itself, and the chance to meet so many other students
from different schools.
I hope that I can continuously improve the Student Extravaganza to
offer better benefits to the students. That is what the Student Extravaganza is all about; helping the students to grow professionally and
build their networks, and to answer their questions that they may
Viewpoint from a Student Chapter President...continued
For the second to last session we had Terry Sullivan, CEO of BuzzPro, give a riveting presentation on how to leverage social media
sites, like LinkedIn, to better market yourself to potential contacts. Terry was a real character and I thought his presentation was wonderful. His experience and knowledge of social media and how people perceive others using these sites was incredible. I would love to see
him present again in the future. The last session was our revamped panel discussion. We had Adrien Dubourg from the DFW IMA
Chapter, Amanda Mathis from Michaels, Lorna Winston-Blanks form Lane Gorman Trubitt, and President of the DFW IMA Chapter, Jim
Clemons from Cressman Tubular as our panelists. They were all excellent in sharing who they were and answering the student’s questions. I feel that that session was a great experience for the students, and I hope to keep improving it for the future.
Overall the fall 2014 Student Extravaganza was a great success and the feedback from the attendees has been great. I cannot wait to
start working on the next Extravaganza and providing a great experience to our students. This whole event would not have been possible without the help of the DFW IMA Chapter and all of our sponsors and employers. Jimmie Smith and Adrien Dubourg were outstanding in assisting with the planning and I feel extremely lucky to have been able to work with them. Of course Vivien Yang and Surya Janakiraman, both of whom have made huge impacts in my life, were great in providing me with all the help I needed to make the event a
success. Jules Qualls, who is and administrative assistant to the accounting program in the Jindal School of Management, was also a
key piece of the puzzle.
Kevin Cornwell
President: IMA Student Chapter @ UT Dallas
[email protected]
Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter Members Serving at Global Level and Texas Council
Immediate Former Chair Emeritus/Global Board, Global Board – John Macaulay
Global Director, Global Board – Jimmie Smith
Member Relations Committee – Jimmie Smith
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Young Professionals Committee - Daniel Smith
Young Professionals Committee – Patrick Tam
Stuart Cameron McLeod Society (SCMS) Board of Governors – MaryValerie Reeves
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President – Kay McDonald
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