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European investment into
the Cornish economy
The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Convergence Programme has invested
approximately 1458 million into the economy of Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly (C&IoS) since 2007
As the Convergence Programme closes
it is time to look back and remember
what ERDF Convergence invested in:
superfast broadband, roads, people,
relocating businesses to Cornwall,
green technologies, marine innovations, graduate courses, business
growth and expansion, research and
development, new or refurbished
workspace, transport, higher education, business support, infrastructure
improvements, inward investment,
regeneration, heritage & culture…
something here you want to know
more about? Check out the website to
read about the projects in full.
ERDF is…
ready for business
One of the driving forces behind the
workspace developments during the
Programme has been the engagement of the private sector and their
willingness to invest in large scale
developments despite the risks during
a recession. One of the successes of
this partnership has been the number
and diversity of the developments,
all of which have been completed to
schedule and are either full, or actively
welcoming new tenants to their sites.
ERDF is…
regenerating our heritage
ERDF has helped enable refurbishments
of historic buildings and the regeneration
of key areas to ensure the region’s cultural
and artistic heritage can prevail whilst
also encouraging new economic growth.
ERDF Convergence
In focus: King Edward Mine
King Edward Mine, near Troon, is the
oldest and best preserved pre-1920 mining site left in Cornwall. For more than a
century it was used by Camborne School
of Mines to deliver practical training
before being bought by Cornwall Council
in 2009. Now a popular mining heritage
attraction, it is situated right next to the
Great Flat Lode cycle and walking trail.
Says Tamsin Daniel, Cornwall Council’s
commissioning and project development
officer: “The mine has a very special
place in many people’s hearts; it attracts
many visitors and won an Engineering
Heritage Award in 2013. The addition of
the workspace allows businesses to work
in an inspiring and cultural place that is
semi-rural but has the latest amenities
any business needs.”
ERDF is…
supporting businesses
King Edward Mine
ERDF is currently being used to turn
the old Count House and Carpenter’s
Shop, both Grade II* listed buildings, into
nine new workspace units for businesses
working within the knowledge economy
and creative industries sector. Using local
building expertise and materials, the two
buildings are currently being refurbished
and restored to meet the very highest
environmental, access and sustainability
standards possible ready for occupation
in April 2015.
The King Edward Mine Workspace
Project is the result of several years of
planning and consultation and is the first
of two major capital developments on
the site that Cornwall Council is working
on. The second focuses on conserving
the museum buildings, creating more
exhibition space, enhancing the visitor
experience and turning what used to be
the Assay Office complex into a cafe for
visitors to the site by Spring 2016. Find
out more about the workspace units
[email protected]
Over the life of Convergence many
business supports have accelerated the
growth of eligible businesses; particularly high value businesses which are
better able to pay higher wages, and
will strengthen the commercial value
of the economy.
In Focus: Frugi & Oxford Innovation
Oxford Innovation delivers the Coaching
for High Growth Programme offering
intensive coaching support for all eligible
businesses from start-up to established
enterprises through a predominantly
coaching based service.
The Oxford Innovation team are professionally trained and qualified coaches
who have unique insights into the challenges facing growing businesses and
the type of interventions that will deliver
enduring results. They are available to
support businesses with ambition, seeking
Peter Haycock from OI with Lucy Jewson
Business Cornwall Magazine - November 2014
to grow and thus drive forward the economy of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
More information on the programme,
the methodology and the positive impact
on businesses can be found at www.
“One of the crucial lessons I have learnt
is that a business can actually be at its
most vulnerable when it is experiencing
a period of growth. The pace of change
can have an adverse impact on individuals
within the team while methods of working that once proved perfectly successful
may no longer be fit for purpose. Peter
and his colleagues (OI) have used their
expertise to guide us through the process
and ensure we are well placed to capitalise on our growth potential.” – Lucy
Jewson, Managing Director of Frugi.
ERDF is…
Using European investment we have
been able to create the right environment to allow people and businesses
new opportunities through Higher
Education, research and innovation.
In focus: What Cornwall has to
offer business thanks to Higher
“Convergence has definitely been about
investing in research and innovation. If we
want to become more competitive and
exploit growing market opportunities it
is essential to develop really good links
between businesses and Higher Education. The combined strengths of Falmouth, Exeter and Plymouth Universities
can supply top grade students who can
help expand the network of cross working
in the Innovation Centres and the research
facilities such as the European Centre for
Environment and Human Health and the
Environment and Sustainability Institute to
name just two. Crucially however, these
students can engage and work with the
private sector to lead them into careers
which wouldn’t have been possible in
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly just a few
short years ago, and career opportunities
like that make me proud of our achievements.” – Professor Anne Carlisle,
Vice-Chancellor and CEO of Falmouth
ERDF has recently invested in Alacrity Falmouth, an innovative graduate
programme designed to place talented
graduates in teams that incubate into
and knowledge. Our Superfast Cornwall programme is one of the largest
rural rollouts of superfast fibre optic
infrastructure projects in Europe during
the Convergence period. Superfast
probably had the most direct effect on
the entire population of C&IoS as 95%
of the region will be upgraded. www.
Professor Anne Carlisle
incorporated, investible companies.
Forging the growth of digital games in
Cornwall, the UK and worldwide through
the generation of high-value business,
Alacrity is based on tried and tested
Chris Weavill a student on the ERDF
Alacrity Falmouth course:
“Before I joined Alacrity Falmouth I
was enrolled on a BSC Hons at Staffordshire University doing Computer Games
Design and Programming. This involved
doing both game modelling design and
programming to creating game engines
features and mechanics.
The idea of running my own company
while working on a project I am passionate about was an opportunity too good
to pass on. While also being able to work
towards obtaining a Masters in Entrepreneurship as well as working as a company director and project manager.
Alacrity Falmouth offers a wealth
of knowledge every day. If there aren’t
meetings with experienced mentors from
the industry there are presentations,
talks or meet ups happening around
the office. It is a very lively environment
which appeals to me.
In the future our team will find investment for our product and incorporate as
a business. Expanding our reach and staff
we will keep our values strong and make
our difference on the gaming industry.”
In focus: Connecting our remotest
places, the Isles of Scilly
Work over Summer 2014 saw the completion of the engineering work to lay the
fibre optic cable to the islands as part
of the Superfast Cornwall programme.
The on-island engineering work is now
complete and residents and businesses
will be able to place an order this month,
to receive their superfast fibre broadband
service. Until now, the 2,200 residents
of the Isles of Scilly have relied upon a
broadband service provided by a radio link
between Lands’ End and the islands. This
ambitious project will have a far reaching
positive effect on the lives of people living
and working on the Isles of Scilly.
“The project fits perfectly with BT and
Superfast Cornwall’s strong reputation for innovation and environmental
awareness. It emphasises the leadership
role that the Superfast Cornwall partnership is playing in showing how superfast
broadband and its benefits can be taken
to remote places in a way which would
have been unimaginable in the quite
recent past. It also shows the necessity
of the public and private sectors working
together to bring superfast broadband
to more challenging locations.” – Jeremy
Steventon-Barnes, Superfast Cornwall
Operations Director for BT.
ERDF is…
making digital connections
During Convergence we helped
improve the connectivity of Cornwall
and the Isles of Scilly with the rest of
the world through trade, technology
Superfast broadband cable laying
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Business Cornwall Magazine - November 2014
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