Notice of Semi-Annual Meeting of Persimmon Hill First Homes Association.

Notice of Semi-Annual Meeting of
Persimmon Hill First Homes Association.
The Board of Directors of PHFHA requests the members of PHFHA take notice that the Semi-Annual
Meeting of Members will be held on Thursday November 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM,
at the Prairie Center Elementary School 629 N. Persimmon, Olathe KS
or any continuation or adjournment thereof.
The orders of business for this meeting are published on the Meeting Agenda included in this newsletter.
Agenda for PHFHA Semi-Annual Meeting
Thursday November 13, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Prairie Center Elementary School
Call to Order.
Consideration of Minutes of April 2014 Meeting
Treasurer’s Report, (Financial Report to be Distributed at Meeting)
Introduction of Nominees and Election of 2015 Board of Directors
Old Business
Lake/Greenway & Pools Update
6. New Business
Potential 2015 Improvements
7. Election & Balloting Results
8. Adjournment
Agenda and Notice Respectfully Submitted,
Randy Alewine, Secretary/Treasurer
Message from Tami Wall, your PHFHA President
It’s hard to believe that 2014 is about over and winter will soon be here!
This past year it seems that the board has spent much of our time and money maintaining and repairing amenities that we already have. Some of this is because our
neighborhood is aging and our amenities are getting older. Some of the repairs are,
unfortunately, due to vandalism.
For the fall meeting one thing I did was to create a ranking list that I will have
available at the meeting so that we can see what our residents’ priorities are. Over
the last several years we have had many requests and suggestions for new projects
in our neighborhood, but it seems that as a board, we can never figure out which
projects are most important to our residents. I feel like a hamster in a wheel, going
in circles and never really getting anywhere! Obviously we know cost will be a
factor with many of the items that are on the list, but if some of these are items that
a majority of residents feel are important, we would like to do our best to find ways
to fund these projects.
Please plan on attending the fall meeting on November 13th so that you can have
the opportunity to give us your input on this. We will also give away $50
Persimmon Hill Bucks for residents to use towards their dues!
As always, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to email via the website, call, or comment on our Facebook page.
Thank you!
Tami Wall
Visit our Facebook page to see the plans for the new High School currently under construction and other information and posts from Persimmon Hill Residents.
Minutes- Persimmon Hill Homeowners Meeting
Tuesday April 1, 2014, Prairie Center Elementary School
Meeting opened at 7 pm with all board members present (Tami Wall, Sally Hoag, Tony Wise, Brian Wiechman, Randy Alewine)
Approximately 30 homeowners present with 25 homes represented.
Minutes of fall 2013 meeting were reviewed and approved unanimously.
Treasure’s report for 3.31.14 was presented and approved unanimously. There was $43326.42 carryover
from 2013, $122,900.01 for revenue for 2014 and $13,344.07 for expenses year to date.
Brian Wiechman opened with discussion for the greenway. Discussion items included greenway mowing
and seeding, tree trimming, spring clean up day, front entrance maintenance, flag and flag pole, Christmas
lights, and volleyball court. Comments included need for tree trimming in the greenway and removal of old
railroad ties in the greenway. The volley ball court will likely be removed and replaced with playground
equipment in the sand pit area. Playground equipment needs general maintenance and repair with some additional mulching. Many trees need trimming this spring with limbs collected and disposed. Two new
benches will be ordered for placement in the greenway. Lastly, the tennis court cracks will be filled this
Sally Hoag spoke about the pools and the new contractor to start for PH this year. The Overlook pool will
likely require some equipment repair but the Canyon and Persimmon pools are in good shape. Repair is also
needed for the pool covers. The pool contractor will only be contracted for one year and renewed if service
is acceptable.
Tami Wall spoke about the lake and the need for dock repair, issuing permits for boats, removing boats that
are no longer used but stored on the dam, and lake water quality.
Tony Wise attended the Olathe school board meeting and updated us on the status of the proposed Olathe
West High School at Santa Fe and Hedge Lane. At present, plans are moving forward and all traffic will be
routed to Hedge, 127th or Santa Fe.
The lots across from Mission Trail Middle School will likely be developed beginning the summer of 2014.
There are 29 lots in this vacant property. Rodrock is expected to develop and build the homes there.
One resident commented on the need for a shade or pergola for the Persimmon pool.
There was some discussion about having a Persimmon Hill directory or other social web page.
There were comments to send newsletters via USPS mail for those who do not have email.
There were comments to place signs the week of the spring and fall homeowners meeting to increase turnout.
A drawing was held for five $50 off vouchers for 2015 dues. The meeting was adjourned abut 8.20 pm.
Respectfully Submitted
Randy Alewine
Thank you for allow me to serve again this past year on the board overseeing the greenways. This
past year has been relatively uneventful with the exception of a few tree incidents from storm
damage. There have been a few acts of vandalism on the greenspace as well. Some of the
greenway signs have been knocked down. Benches have been pushed into the lake etc. Please
remember to call or email the board with any concerns or suggestions for greenways and other
issues including vandalism. Thanks!
Here are a few accomplishments to date around the greenways:
Front entrance maintenance. We had the usual maintenance this year with the additional of
reworking the sprinkler system in the front island.
Additional tree trimming around green space. We have a lot of trees that still need trimming.
All mulching beds were recut to keep the mulch in their beds and mulch installed.
Couple of new benches were added to the lake area.
The mowing contract went out to bid and a new contract will be executed by year end.
Tennis court repair. Several cracks were patched and repaired to improve play and future maintenance.
Homeowner Tree Trimming
Per the City of Olathe, residents should trim their trees so there is a minimum 8' clearance over
sidewalks and 10' clearance over the street. Residents may trim tree limbs over hanging the common property line but are encouraged to discuss tree maintenance and trimming with their neighbors before doing so. Residents are responsible for keeping their trees pruned and trimmed.
As we look forward to next year, please come to the meeting on November 13th to discuss improvements you want to see to your neighborhood. If re-elected, I look forward to serving you in
As always we would like to remind all residents to limit fertilizer in their backyards to prevent
runoff into the lakes and stream ways. When fertilizing your front yards please sweep up all
fertilizer that goes on the streets and driveways since this washes into the storm drains
which feed the lake. By doing this we can keep the weeds down in the lake and lower our
chemical costs.
Brian Wiechman
In an effort to boost attendance at the homeowner’s meeting the Board will
be awarding attendance prizes. There will be five $50.00 vouchers, good
toward dues payments, given away at the November 13th meeting. There
will be one ticket issued per residence (house) and a random drawing will
be held at the end of the meeting.
Winners will need to be present at the time of the drawing.
How Easy is That!
See page 1 of newsletter for meeting details.
Persimmon Hill Pools
It’s hard to believe that summer 2014 has come and gone and we are thinking about the holidays!
While this past summer definitely presented a few challenges with regard to the pools, overall I think
the new contractor did a good job. We had more than our fair share of vandalism, but with that behind us we are hoping to address several ways to combat that next year. If re-elected, I look forward
to continuing to find more ways to improve one of our most valued amenities.
Here are a few projects we completed at the pools:
Canyon – New meter on baby pool pump; new flow meters on pumps 1 & 2
Persimmon – New Intelli-chlor pump; new main drain cover
Overlook – New filter laterals; new filter sand; new main drain cover on baby pool; new flow
Board Member Sally Hoag
Persimmon Hill Lake
To start with, I’d like to thank Delwin Aikens for helping me get all of the artificial reefs dropped into
the lake. These reefs provide cover for baitfish, which should help our fish population grow. Delwin
rowed the reefs and me back and forth across the lake about 8 times to do this! Way to go Delwin!
As far as the water condition, the lake was pretty good until the end of the summer and then the algae
went wild. We had it treated; however it still needs another treatment that we may need to wait and
do next spring.
There were several residents who caught some decent fish, mostly catfish. I posted a picture of an 8pound catfish that one of our young residents caught early in the summer on our Facebook page.
Please remember to use the trash cans around the lake to dispose of your trash. It seemed that more
trash was left around the lake this year than in years past. Much of it within walking distance of a
trash can!
It was nice to see so many people fishing this year and enjoying the lake. However, please remember
if you have guests who are fishing, you need to be with them. I ran into quite a few people who were
not residents who were fishing in our lake. Most of them were very honest and said they didn’t live
in the neighborhood, but wanted a nice place to fish, but some said they were guests of “so and so”
and had no resident present with them while they were fishing.
Remember, part of our dues takes care of the lakes, treating algae, stocking fish, etc. These are some
of the reasons why we don’t want to encourage people outside of our neighborhood to frequent the
lake, especially if they are not guests!
Thanks and feel free to provide input on how we can better the lake!
Tami Wall
Signs of the Times
Signs at the Entrance: Please do not place any homemade signs in the center island of the entry
area to our subdivision. This causes an unsightly view of our entrance. If your home is currently
on the market your Real Estate Agent may place a professional Home for Sale or Open House
sign on the East side of the entrance during weekends only. The signs will need to be removed by
6:00 PM Sunday evening.
Real Estate Signs are allowed in your own yard for the duration
of the home sale process.
Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated
Election /Political Signs are only allowed in your yard for the
duration of the election.
If you have any questions about our deed restrictions please call a Board
Member or check our web site for more details.
A number of boats have been used by non-residents and teens w/o approval of the owner. In an effort
to control use and storage of boats on the lake the Board is implementing the following storage and
use policy. Boats used on the lake and/or stored on the dam will need to be registered in the following
Email or snail mail the Board with the following information:
Homeowner’s name, address, and phone #
Description (picture preferred) of your boat (make, length, manufacturer, model / serial # if
You will be asked to secure the boat with a chain and lock to prevent unauthorized use.
A common tie down will be provided on the back side of the dam.
Boats that are not claimed or registered will be considered abandoned and removed. Boats that are registered will be assigned an identification number. When
boating on the lake the appropriate number of personal
floatation devices must be kept on board. Check KS
boating regulations for applicability at:
Only trolling motors are allowed as a means of
mechanical power.
Q. My neighbors dogs run loose and or bark all hours of the day & night. What can I do?
A. Talk to your Neighbor and or Call Olathe Animal Control (913) 971-6362
Q. Where can I get a copy of the Deed Restrictions?
A. Visit
Q. My Neighbor is storing a large RV or boat in his driveway.
A. Talk to your Neighbor and or fill out a violation report on the website.
Q. When is the Garage Sale?
A. Saturday May 9th 2015
Deed Restrictions
Just a reminder that each lot in Persimmon Hill is governed by Deed Restrictions that
were filed during the original development of the subdivision in the nineteenseventies. These deed restriction must be adhered to by each resident. Some of the
more commonly violated deed restrictions include:
No signs, advertisements, billboards or advertising structures of any kind may
be erected
No more than two (2) dogs and two (2) cats over twelve (12) weeks old
No outbuilding or other detached structure appurtenant to the residence may be
erected on any lot without the written approval of the Board of Directors. For
convenience, the board has developed an outbuilding approval form that is
available on the Persimmon Hill website.
No fence of any kind can be erected on any lot until the location, height, and
material has been approved in writing by the Board of Directors. For convenience, the board has developed an fence approval form that is available on the
Persimmon Hill website.
There shall be no automobile repair conducted on any of the lots bound by these
No automobiles, trailers, campers or boats shall be stored or kept outside of any
residence. To alleviate any concern for storage of automobiles overnight, the
board considers any automobile not driven after ten days as being stored. This
does not apply to boats, campers or trailers.
These deed restrictions are in place to maintain the value of each of our homes and
are enforced by the board of directors. The first action should be to speak to your
neighbor directly about any violation that you may see. If you are not comfortable
doing that or if the violation continues, please notify the board of directors via a
phone call or email. If you prefer to submit the information online or wish to remain
anonymous, you may use the submittal form set up on the Persimmon Hill web site.
The policy utilized by the board of directors to enforce deed restrictions is also found
on the web site.
Thank you for continuing to make Persimmon Hill one of the best places to live in
Johnson County!!
Are You A Good Neighbor?
What Makes A Good Neighbor? What Makes A Bad Neighbor?
How Can You Become A Better Neighbor?
Good neighbors are usually unappreciated, but that doesn’t mean that they’re unnoticed.
They are usually just taken for granted. People usually don’t comment that they have a good
neighbor, but they will comment when they have a bad one, or when they have a neighbor
that doesn’t socialize. Are you a good neighbor or a bad neighbor? Do your neighbors comment on your behavior in a good or a bad way? Do you want to change how they look at you?
Keep reading for tips on being a better neighbor.
First of all, what makes a bad neighbor? Loud music, blaring television sets, un-disciplined
kids, keeping odd hours, driving too fast, and not keeping a respectable lawn are some of the
biggest things that bother other neighbors. But those are obvious faults. What else is cause for
concern? Leaving trash cans at the curb for days after garbage pickup, not bringing in your
paper, leaving on your outside lights all day long, and letting your dog go to the bathroom on
your or the neighbors front lawn and not cleaning it up. Those points are all self explanatory
and easy to stay away from doing.
Secondly, what makes a good neighbor? A nice lawn, quiet music, no loud parties, and driving
at the speed limit or below if there are children in the neighborhood. Those are obviously
things that other neighbors appreciate. What else makes them smile in your direction? Being
helpful is probably the biggest thing that neighbors appreciate. When you see that your neighbor’s lawn is overfull of leaves and one of your neighbors is outside trying to single handedly
rake them up, offer to lend a hand. When a new neighbor moves in, offer to help unload the
truck or unpack the boxes. A neighbor just had a baby? Offer to make a meal one night so the
new parents aren’t so stressed out. Those are also somewhat obvious tips. What else would
make a good neighbor? If your neighbor hasn’t brought in his garbage cans yet, roll them back
into his yard. When you’re outside make sure to smile and wave at your other neighbors. Start
a conversion if you like.
These are things that other neighbors love.
Lastly, what can you do to make new neighbors feel at home? Besides helping with moving in,
be sure to introduce yourselves to the new neighbors. Also, find out if they have kids and if
they do, tell them where all the children in the neighborhood live. Tell them where the good
places to eat are and where the good places to shop are. If possible, take a dessert or a plate of
cookies to make them feel welcome. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could have a
barbecue or a dinner party to introduce the new neighbors to everyone else in the
It is not too hard to be a good neighbor or a better neighbor. It also isn’t very hard to welcome
a new neighbor. After all, don’t you want all your neighbors to be good neighbors?
Absentee Ballot
Below please find the nominations for the year 2015 Board of Directors for The
Persimmon Hill First Homes Association. Each homeowner (one per household)
is to cast a vote for a total of 5 candidates. You can cast this vote in any combination you want. You may cast all 5 votes for one candidate, or one vote per
candidate, or any combination thereof. All absentee ballots must be returned
no later than November 12, 2014 to
Persimmon Hill First Homes Association,
PO Box 271,
Olathe, Kansas 66051.
If you prefer to attend the meeting, ballots will be provided for the election.
Place an X on your Board selections 5 votes total
Tami Wall
Tony Wise
Brian Wiechman
Sally Hoag
Stephanie Markey
Jeff Winters
Brook Macdonald
Write In:
Homeowner Address Required for Validation