The Future of Ninth Avenue SE

Volume 10 Issue 9
November 2014
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The Future of
Ninth Avenue SE
Mainstreets Workshop November 19th 2014
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Alexandra Centre, 922-9 Ave SE (in the Gym)
Dates to
Nov 15: Caprices Pre-Holiday Art Sale @ ICA Hall
Nov 19: Future of 9th Ave @ Alexandra Centre
Nov 20: Christmas in Inglewood Kick-Off
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Dec 6: Vixens of Vintage Market @ ICA Hall
Dec 13: ICA Family Christmas Party @ ICA Hall
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Upcoming Events
Caprices Pre-Holiday Art Sale @ ICA
Hall Sat Nov 15th 10am - 5pm
Painting, photography, ceramics, wood
carving, jewellery, etc. and live music
throughout the day. Admission: a
suggested $3 donation for the Calgary
Humane Society.
Facebook: Caprices Fine Arts
Vixens of Vintage Market
Sat Dec 6th 9am – 5pm
@ ICA Hall
All things Vintage-inspired or Upcycled
Vintage Handmade Market. 2 food truck
vendors will be on site. Still space for
some vendors
[email protected]
Facebook: Vixens of VintageMarket
THANK YOU to all fabulous volunteers
who helped to rake leaves at the Community
Hall. Awesome Job! Mt Zion Fellowship,
Brownies, Col Walker Programs, Ed Top,
Angie L and Trevor McGinn.
St John the Evangelist
Catholic Church
Our parish is rooted in Catholic teaching and practice;
our worship is infused with our noble Anglican liturgical,
musical and spiritual patrimony, as reflected in our liturgy,
preaching and teaching.
Sunday 10.00 a.m. The Parish Mass
is celebrated ad orientem at the High Altar
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A Nursery and Sunday School is available
Low Mass is celebrated daily Sunday through Friday at 7.00
a.m. Additional Low Mass are held on Monday at 7.00 p.m.,
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6.30 p.m. (Ordinary Form), Friday at 12.00 p.m. and Saturday
at 9.00 a.m. followed by Holy Rosary at 9.45 a.m.
Weekday Masses are celebrated ad orientem in the Lady Chapel
Confessions are heard from 9.00 to 9.30 a.m. on Sunday
Parish Priest : The Very Revd Lee Kenyon VF
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Community Life
Phase I and II of
1912Cross shown here
Phase II of SoBow is almost complete, which means you don’t
have to wait to take possession. Choose from one, two or three
bedroom suites, two-storey loft townhomes, garden townhomes
and penthouse suites. Live well at SoBow, right now.
CONTACT: 587.353.8955 | DAVID FRID: [email protected] | MONIKA BLACHUT: [email protected]
The Future Of Inglewood
BRZ Report
by Rebecca O’Brien
Thanks to Meg Van R. and her team with the IDI, and LJ
Robertson’s eyes on what is coming down the pipe in Inglewood,
the changes that are underway throughout both the commercial
and residential area are being monitored, and always with the
emphasis on community engagement
The Carstar building site, across 9th Ave from the Arts Block
(Bite, Gravity, Espy, Cucina....) is set for redevelopment,
with Jeremy Sturgess Architecture doing the design. To give a
heads- up on multiple award winning Sturgess Architecture,
think Glacial Skywalk, the Water Building in Ramsay, and the
‘Spiral House’ on the Elbow river (for more information on
their work go to The CarStar site
redesign that Sturgess Architecture has undertaken is exciting
for the BRZ; the commercial area strives to distinguish itself
with a blend of cutting edge contemporary architecture mixed in
with our historically significant buildings. ( The new yoga studio
being built adjacent to The Apothecary captures the spirit of
design and juxtaposition of old and new in Inglewood. ) The
BRZ understands that cities are fluid and dynamic; the last thing
Inglewood needs is mediocre, bland buildings that say nothing
(much of recent development along 17th Ave is an example of
this). The BRZ is confident that the Sturgess architectural team
will deliver a contemporary, quality, dynamic design. However,
the one issue that the BRZ board is struggling with, a crucial
issue in many ways, is the height relaxation that is being sought.
On the surface what may seem a minor issue of a height
relaxation of 2.5 metres is actually a critical discussion for the
future of the neighbourhood.
Board members have articulated the concern that one height
relaxation that veers from the current ARP, opens the floodgate
to others. Preserving a streetscape that is human-scale and
pedestrian-friendly is critical to the unique character of the
neighborhood’s main street.
Conversely, some board members expressed concern that rigid
alignment to the ARP may set up roadblocks for creative and
high-quality development projects within the neighborhood.
Their greatest apprehension being that too many regulations or
too inflexible an adherence to them may turn away developers.
So, on the one hand, the BRZ is concerned about the
repercussions of the height relaxation, and, on the other hand,
in no way wants to discourage the kind of dynamic design that
the CarStar redevelopment represents. It is neither easy nor
straightforward for the BRZ to reconcile these two perspectives.
Calgary’s most historically significant communities. We need to
figure out how to build new in this historic context. We have to
get it right.”
Christmas 2014 In Inglewood:
1. The Inglewood Christmas Kick-off is Thursday evening,
November 20th from 5 pm.
This includes a window dressing competition between
merchants. Last November, businesses in Inglewood rose to
the occasion for the Christmas window dressing competition.
Windows were whimsical and vibrant; 9th Ave looked beautiful for
the Christmas season. CTV will be live in Inglewood to film the
morning of November 20th, and a panel of judges will be doing
the rounds at dawn to decide which window really stands out for
first prize.
2. December Saturdays In Inglewood:
• Gift wrapping at Silver Threads (December 13 and 20th
from 12- 4 pm)
• Carollers
• Wildegrainz gingerbread cookies will be given out by
Inglewood Brownies at one of two warming stations on 9th
• Free parking Dec 6 and 13th (11:30am -4 pm) at CPA lots
on 12st and 9th Ave and 11st and 9th ave
• Possible tree lot on 10th Ave and 12st (tbc)
Pedestrian Crossing, 9th Ave and 9th St
The BRZ would like to see more than a flashing light installed to
make this very dangerous intersection safer for pedestrians. The
BRZ would like to see improvements to this intersection that
are not in the interest of traffic flow rather in the interests of a
pedestrian corridor. A flashing light and a few other minor changes
will give an illusion of safety, but a pedestrian island will shorten
the walk across the road, as well as force cars to slow down,
thereby making it significantly safer. 403 266 6962
That being stated, the BRZ echoes the IDI on the following:
“This building seems to have become a tipping point for
Inglewood because it’s the first of several new buildings on 9th
Ave to have asked for a height relaxation. It’s time to formally
establish the best guidelines for future development of one of
Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.
By Bill Bakelaar
As you read through this
publication, some of you may fall
under the impression that the ICA seems to be going a little over
the top with regards to building heights. Yes, there is some serious
contention over a proposed development along 9th Avenue.
Yet, contrary to our reputation; Inglewood is not anti-development
at all. This reputation is mostly based on the well known
opposition that Inglewood took to the building of a Tim Horton’s
franchise years ago. It wasn’t that Inglewoodians didn’t enjoy
coffee, and it wasn’t even so much about a franchise opening up
in our community. The reasoning behind the opposition was that
a drive-through on 9th Avenue was not welcome, the appearance
and flexibility for future uses of the cinder block building was not
satisfactory, and the developer did not wish to add extra floors for
other potential uses.
Aside from the Tim Horton’s franchise, the only other major
opposition the ICA has taken with developers in recent years
was to the building of an affordable housing project. Some
immediately viewed this as NIMBYism. It was actually quite the
opposite. It was considered by the ICA that the chosen location,
bordering an industrial site at a far corner of the community
would isolate the tenants of the project. We actually wished for the
housing complex to be built in the middle of the community.
What many people often overlook are the many developments the
ICA has endorsed.
Most notably there is the Art Block, where the ICA struggled
alongside the developer to help meet all of the ongoing additional
requests that were being presented by the city.
After years of wrangling and petitioning, reaching out to all
levels of government, the ICA in concert with the developers of
Inglewood House watched the new affordable living complex for
seniors finally get built. This developer has actually approached the
ICA to work with them on a new project.
It was with collaboration that the ICA and Sarina Homes found a
way to convince the City to set aside certain regulations in effort to
build a better project beside “Speed Trap Park” along 9th avenue.
Let us also remember the support that the ICA gave John Kerr
during the absolutely wonderful reconstruction of the National
Hotel and accompanying Livery Stables.
Unfortunately, there are times when we feel that we do have
to make a stand. Whether the struggle be with the developer,
the Calgary Planning Commission, or simply just the fact that
somehow rules have been interpreted as mere suggestions.
Redevelopment Director’s
By L.J. Robertson
We are well and truly into the fall season now – at least we got
some color after “treemagedon”.
We had much to discuss this month, if only two development
permits (DPs). We received a revision to parking of the new
Torode Building at 1410 9 Avenue SE. The change was purely
technical and didn’t involve any exterior changes. Due to the
nature of the application and timing, the RDC expressed support
for it internally which was ratified at the last general meeting.
We were given a heads-up about an application for a Change
of Use Medical Clinic that will be coming up next month. It
is DP2014-4403 at 1336 9 Avenue SE. We didn’t have the
application at the time so just discussed it briefly. It is an
application for a clinic which provides patients with information
and access to medical marijuana, i.e. by prescription. The
product is shipped to the patient. We are still gathering
information but this is a potentially sensitive subject so I wanted
to let the community at large know that it is coming up for
We had a neighbor in the 2000 block of Eight Avenue attend to
show us his plans for a proposed home there. He did not have
to attend as he will be applying for a permit under the contextual
rules – in other words, when one builds within a specific
building envelope without relaxations, the application cannot
be refused. You have seen me rail at the too frequent result
of such applications which tend to result in very thoughtless
construction, since there is no community circulation or Planning
Department adjudication. We were pleasantly pleased at the
quality of the proposed home and the fact that the applicant
cares enough about his relationships in Inglewood so that he
wanted the RDC to “vet” it anyway. We wish that this happened
more – often, the committee has very constructive ideas that the
applicant hasn’t even thought of and appreciates hearing about.
A visit to the RDC isn’t all about criticism.
Further to the above, we have received another already approved
contextual application that is a poster child for indifferent
design at 2304 16 Street SE. We will be sending another letter
to Planning to indicate our displeasure regarding being cut out
of the design loop again. I have been told by a Planning Officer
that often applicants will threaten to build the biggest ugliest
house possible under contextual rules if relaxations are not
granted under normal application guidelines. This is a dreadful
illustration of unintended consequences and something that we
strenuously object to.
We are about to head into an extremely important challenge to
our development future from Planning. As you are aware, the
ICA has twice expressed its objections to an application for an
Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) amendment to allow a new
tower to be built on the CarStar site (Ninth Avenue SE and
Tenth Street SE) to a height of 22.5 m. when the by-law limit
is 20 m. The amendment has been passed unanimously by the
Calgary Planning Commission and is going to City Council. As
has been outlined in this space several times, the substance of
our objection is as follows:
The by-law governing height has been in place for 22
years. It has been relaxed twice but only to buildings on the
south side of the street attached to plans that were specifically
designed not to shade residential neighbors. By-laws are in place
to protect the rights of both property owners and those affected
by the developments thereon. If the guiding principles of
building can be amended to accommodate one developer, there
is no purpose in having zoning at all.
The applicant has said that the relaxation is to
accommodate density. We feel that quite a lot of density
(which we support within reason along Ninth Avenue) can
be accommodated within the existing height. Several new
developments are under construction or in the application stage
that respect neighbors yet will provide three to five floors of
residential in addition to retail.
Our Main Street, Atlantic Avenue (as was) is a unique
heritage treasure that is recognized and revered not just in this
City, but the province and beyond. There are specific guidelines
there to acknowledge that and they need to be respected.
The Inglewood Design Initiative has been working
for over twelve years to generate a position on our future
development wishes for the community. We have been waiting
for almost three years to be heard and have the plans put into,
not just a by-law, but a comprehensive plan. To have our
positions and future options taken away by accommodating
developers on demand is anti-democracy in its worst form. The
repercussions from an efficiency and economic perspective
could also be irreversible.
Generally accepted Urban Design guidelines promote a
relationship between buildings and pedestrians that is human in
scale (generally four storey maximum) to encourage the walkable
urban environment that we want Inglewood to continue.
The ARP maximum is not just set by height; the actual
words are that “Maximum height of buildings on both sides
of 9 Avenue should be established to ensure reasonable sun
exposure to the north sidewalk and rear of the properties along
8 Avenue.”
The developer submitted a sun/shadow study to support his
assertion that his angled 22.5 m. height shades no more than
the 20 m. in the ARP. This study shows that backyards are in
shadow by September 21 at 1:00 and lots are fully shaded by 4:00
in either case. Loss of sun from equinox to equinox does not
comply with the ARP principle.
When one looks to other City planning guidelines
one notes the 16 Avenue North Urban Corridor ARP sets a
maximum height for buildings backing on to residential of 16
m. with 22 m. allowed on alternate corners (Map 2A). It seems
incongruous that residences essentially backing onto the Number
One Highway get more consideration than is being supported by
the amendment proposed.
It is critical that our voices be heard loud and clear by the City
Council. We are asking all of our neighbors who are concerned
about this situation to 1) sign the petition that is circulating (phone
the ICA Hall if you don’t see it), 2) write a letter outlining your
concerns to all of the City Councillors and c) attend the Council
Chambers with us on November 3. An ICA contingent will be
leaving the Alexandra School at 9:00 that morning. Just being seen
at Council will help greatly to convey our resolve – call the Hall for
details. ONWARD.
3rd Annual Inglewood
Wildlands Christmas Tree
Decorating Party
Mark your
calendars for
the 3rd Annual
Christmas Tree
Party on Sunday,
December 7 from
2-4pm. Everyone
is invited to celebrate the holiday season and enjoy
the beautiful Wildlands in winter. A special tree for
us to decorate has been planted in honour of this
new Inglewood tradition! Please bring a home-made
natural or biodegradable ornament that we can
hang on the tree – preferably one that our furry and
feathered friends
can eat. We’ll have
activities planned
as well as hot
chocolate and
cookies to enjoy by
the bonfire. Meet
us at the edge of
the park on 9th
Avenue SE and look
for the Santa hats. For more information call Sara at
Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.
Update from Girl Guides
Pathfinder, Ranger and Trex units went to a Stampeders football
game, had a campfire in Fish Creek Park, volunteered with the
By Judy O’Keefe, Blackfoot District Guiding
CIBC Run for the Cure and will be having a fabulous bridging
Laser Quest
Lest We Forget
outing. They
will be working
November is a time when we reflect on the sacrifices our men and
on service projects
women in service made and continue to make fighting for the
like gift wrapping
rights and freedoms of all people. We must never forget.
for the Cerebral
Palsy Association,
We would like to thank everyone who supported Guiding by
buying a box of our yummy mint chocolate cookies. Cookies help stuffing hampers
at the food bank,
support our many activities throughout the year.
going to Calgary
All the units in Blackfoot District came together for a super swim Area Ranger Camp
night at Acadia Pool. It was a wild and wet evening of fun thanks and volunteering at
to a grant from ParticipACTION Canada. ParticipACTION
the Remembrance
Canada promotes physical activity as an important part of a
Day ceremonies at the Jubilee Auditorium.
healthy lifestyle – lets “Bring Back Play”.
Guiding is a great place to grow lasting friendships and experience
Spark units have been enjoying the good weather by going
new opportunities. Why not give us a try!
on nature walks and learning about animals. They have held
If you have any questions regarding Guiding or registration please
enrolments, held a yoga meeting and had a visit from the Girl
call 403-283-8348
Guide music trainer.
Brownie units are working on their program, making crafts
and doing outside activities. Some held Halloween parties, will
be going to a sleep-over at the zoo and will make poppies for
Remembrance Day.
Guide units went to camp, sold cookies, collected school supplies
for a service project and some will be writing letters to our soldiers
overseas as part of their Remembrance Day activities.
Jordan Wasyliw, Realtor and Inglewood resident.
Phone: 403-921-8045
Mike Heltay
Real Estate Professionals Inc offers a guaranteed home sales program.
Call for details. Terms & restrictions apply.
Fax: 403-228-5373
Email: [email protected]
Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.
Artisan Fair 2014_PRINT.pdf
Community Life
11:05 AM
Featuring work from local crafters and artists. Jewelry, paintings, books, cards, glasswork,
knitting, crocheting, toys, ornaments and more will be for sale.
Fresh food and drinks will be available from the Fort Calgary lunch counter in the Officers’ Mess.
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 11:30am to 5:00pm
Free admission with a donation of non-perishable food to the Veteran’s Food Bank.
(Summer Only)
$600 per event or $65/hr.
$700 for weddings or other
large formal events.
$150 per event or $20/hr
(min 2 hours)
View from City Hall
and logical set of responsibilities for each level of government,
along with the sustainable and predictable funding sources to
carry out these responsibilities.
Dear Inglewood Neighbours,
September and the first part of October were times of
significant change for your Team Ward 9 and for our municipal
government. Closer to home I welcomed Katie Hope and Eric
Peters to my office, who I introduced to you in last month’s
report. During the beginning of October, the three of us made
the rounds to Ward 9’s community association meetings in
order to meet your community leadership. I am elated with the
enthusiasm and capabilities of my new team and want to assure
you that our mission remains steadfast - the relentless pursuit
of Great Neighbourhoods.
On a broader stage, Alberta history was made on Tuesday,
October 7th. Our Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, Premier Jim
Prentice, Edmonton’s mayor, and Alberta’s Minister of
Municipal Affairs met at Calgary City Hall and signed the
“Framework Agreement for Charters”. This Agreement is the
first step on the century-old dream towards a City Charter for
Calgary and Edmonton. When realized, this will transform
these important cities from “creatures of the province” into
full-fledged governments in their own right.
Establishing a new relationship with the Province is the fifth
component of my five-point Great Neighbourhoods plan. This
Agreement commits the three parties to establishing exactly
this kind of next-generation leadership, with a more efficient
Keeping with the theme of municipal empowerment, on
September 5th I was extremely honoured to be invited to
present at the first annual Alberta Municipal Governance
Symposium in Grande Prairie. At the Symposium close to 300
municipal leaders from across Alberta met to discuss the future
of our Province. In a very balanced way we explored the idea
of amalgamating the hundreds of Alberta municipalities into
significantly fewer and significantly stronger organizations,
in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of
government. The event left me inspired and I encourage you to
view the remarks I made at the symposium, which can be found
Over the next month, Council will redistribute roles and
responsibilities at our annual Organizational Day (I expect my
role to remain largely unchanged) and debate Calgary’s first ever
four-year business plan and budget. I look forward to reporting
to you on that next month.
We remain at your service at 403-268-5330 and at [email protected]
Gian-Carlo Carra
Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.
Community Life
RIO Does Anime and
By Emily Firmston, Club Member
Recently Reality Is Optional kids’ writing club ventured into the
world of superhero speed dating. What, you ask, is superhero speed
dating? It is when you create a character with randomized powers,
costume colours, and goals. We then gave our heroes names and
motives. After that we interviewed each other’s superheroes and made
teams. Our teams went on grand adventures in such places as France
and Great Britain. We don’t know if we’ve made a great difference in
the world or just annoyed the heck out of French people in general,
but our intentions were good (sort of).
In other news a Japanese High School full of goats sprang up
in the RIO classroom, with two of our members speaking in only
Japanese Anime phrases for a good chunk of the meeting. We
invented new sports such as Kawaii Toast Running and Monocube.
Both are amazing and challenging sports, one more deadly than the
other. We also had a pun off, an election for class president (won by
a goat), and created a really badly translated theme song. See all of
these in either October or November’s RIO E-zine.
We had a very chill Free Fall Friday, where we wrote for an hour
in somewhat quiet. It was nice. Pen
and Panel cartooning club, our sister
club, is doing well. They have created
new characters, new comics, and lots
of inside jokes – like Tim and Sad
Volleyball. Go to their website to
see the fun.
For random movie night we watched
Monty Python and the Holy Grail –
probably one of the best movies ever.
We can now NEE with the best of them and know a shrubbery
when we see one. The movie reminded us of our latest Dungeons
and Dragons club adventure where we battled spiders and got into a
ship wreck.
We are always taking new members so if you wish to give up your
sanity and play with words contact us via the RIO website:
So Inglewood, what do
you think of Project
Space artist Ron Terada’s
“We Will Not Grow Old
Together” installation,
now lighting up the
nights from the Project Space window? Don’t miss this
installation, formed from the little-seen 1967 font ‘New
Terms of Engagmement will continue through to
December 14, and November sees the public programming
in high gear. Megan Kerluke, Public Engagement, has been
busy preparing for November’s fascinating programs. Join
Mike Vernon, soldier and reporter, on Saturday, November
1st, 3-4pm for “Reporting Canada’s War in Kandahar”.
On November 14, artist Adrian Stimson holds his artist
talk between 7-8 pm. November 15th between 3-4:30 hear
the exhibiting artists in Terms of Engagement and curator
Christine Conley discuss the complexities of Canada’s role
as peacekeepers and warriors in a time of perpetual war.
1309 9th�Ave�SE
Esker invites curator Lindsey Sharman of Calgary’s
Founders’ Gallery of the Military Museum to speak to
artists’ use of abstraction when depicting times of conflict
on Thursday November 27th 7-8 PM. Lastly, on the 28th,
we are proud to facilitate a discussion with esteemed writer
Shyam Selvadurai is a 2014-15 Distinguished Visiting
Writer for the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program at
the University of Calgary, who will discuss the relationship
between writing and reconciliation.
Esker Foundation thanks Inglewood for the amazing
turnout from the neighborhood and community members
to the Terms of Engagement reception September 27th.
We look forward to hosting you again!
It's NOT the mall... it's Christmas in Inglewood! 65+ locally-owned
shops and restaurants! Get IN-the-spirit!
Kick-off starts at 5pm
Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.
Whether helping build communities, or projects in the home, we believe in
quality products coupled with qualified expertise. Our reliability, competitive
pricing, and next-day delivery make for smooth projects with support every
step of the way. Visit us for all your home improvement needs.
2345 Alyth Road SE (Blackfoot Trail & Alyth Road)
Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.
How can we help
Community Life
We know you have
questions when it comes
to your small business.
That’s why we redesigned
our facility with YOU in mind.
Free Workshops, Great Meeting Space
Print & Marketing Advice, Extended Hours
(7am to 11pm Mon-Fri / 7:30am to 11pm Sat-Sun)
Workshops are delivered by Grant Basiuk
of Forzani Business Coaching Corp.
for workshops &
Hub News
follow us
chat biz
drive success
1601 9th Ave SE,
create buzz
November 8, 2014 7:00PM Festival Hall incredible selection
expert knowledge
gifts and accessories
Live Jazz, Art & Silent Auctions, Historic photographs from CPR Archives… Join in the fun. Make a difference. Put Your
Best Foot Forwar d
1403 9 venue 
403 261 1955
Sponsors one sq. foot of land
Elder House.
Be recognised onsite,
On a Wall or Path of Fame.
Help us develop a truly unique
model of seniors’ housing for local
Looking for an opportunity to give back to
your Community; why not become a Board
Member for Inglewood Housing Corporation
or the Alexandra Centre Society? Both groups
are well established non-profit groups and they
are looking to replace dedicated volunteers so
their legacies will continue. Please contact Pat
Abbott at 403-265-5519 for more information.
Inglewood based cleaning lady is now accepting
new clients.Eco-friendly products,flexible
rates,guaranteed work.Invoices are available.
403-616-0882 / [email protected]
[email protected]
Tax receipts available.
Help build an affordable supported living house. Contact Shirley-­‐anne Reuben 403-­‐265-­‐6809 [email protected] Jack Long Foundation Registered Charity
No. 86287 5317 RR0001
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Community Life
29 Reasons to Renew Your ICA Membership
The ICA Customer Club is just one of the perks of community membership. Below is a list of all the great shops in the ’hood that offer
you a discount when you show your membership card. To renew your card drop by the hall, renew at general meetings or renew
online at #ShopLocal #InglewoodYYC!
AMA SWISS 20% off all regular-priced
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The Apothecary
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Citrus Laser & Advanced Esthetics
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Kane’s Harley Diner
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Spolumbo’s Fine Foods and Deli
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Lullaby Lane Children and Maternity
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Smithbilt Hats 10 % off all in-stock
If you are a merchant and interested
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Lonnie Starling, Customer Club Volunteer:
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Inglewood Beauty Bar
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Kane’s Harley Davidson
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Silk Road Spice Merchant
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Inglewood Music Club at the Lantern Church
Drop-in programs at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
Saturday October 25 2014
Join us at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary for interactive,
nature programming for families. Topics vary weekly
and include glimpses into the nature, history and
hidden secrets of the site.
Brothers Landreth
Tickets & details at
Tickets also at Swans Pub in Inglewood.
Dates: Thursdays, October 2 to December 18
Time: 10 a.m. - noon
Heritage Committee Update
by Manfred Baum
This month, we are going to talk about another boom period building. The
Carson Block at 1336-9th Ave SE contains the local watering hole and restaurant,
Swan’s of Inglewood. The building was started in 1911 for James and Edward
Carson. It was finished in 1912 but not after some controversy.
A new construction method, reinforced concrete, was specified by architect
David McIlroy. However, before the building was finished, the cement floors
collapsed. The collapse resulted in an inquiry and aggravated a feud between
City Building Inspector Richard Harrison and Alderman A.J. Samis. The origin of
their conflict was related to the construction of the Samis Block on 8th Avenue
and continued over to the committee overseeing the inquiry. The committee was
chaired by Alderman Samis. They investigated the involvement of the Building
Inspector’s department in the collapse. Tempers flared during the proceedings
which resulted in Mr. Harrison launching punches at Alderman Samis. Harrison
immediately left and as the committee was suspending him, he resigned.
There is one final thing I would like to mention. If there is a topic from
Inglewood’s historical past, such as a person or building, you would like to
see in this column, please contact me at [email protected] I will
try to write about those topics. Please note that I will not necessarily do your
house’s history but if you need help in finding the resources you need, please
contact me. Also, if you have any Inglewood stories or photos, please contact
me as well.
Free Swim at the Inglewood Pool
Date: Nov 11 (Remembrance Day)
Free Swim Times: 1 pm – 2:30 pm; 3 pm – 4:30 pm
A depressed economy after World War I saw many properties revert back to the
City due to non-payment of taxes. The Carson Block was no exception. It was
City property from 1920 until 1939. The Inglewood branch of the Calgary Public
Library was located in the Carson Block from 1946 until 1953 when commercial
uses returned to the block.
Architecturally, the classically inspired tripartite façade has projecting end bays,
giving the wall surface some variety and balance. The purple blocks at the main
entrance were used to let in natural light for the basement. This is no longer the
case. Today it mainly exists for decorative and historical reasons.
The façade was restored by the Inglewood Business Revitalization Zone and the
Alberta Main Street Programme in the mid 1990s.
Published by the Inglewood Community Association as a Public Service.
Community Life
Wondering what you could do for the Roll Up Your Sleeves and
Win contest? Here are some examples of the kinds of things people
do to make their community feel more comfortable and “browsable”
for pedestrians; to make the public realm more animated and social;
attract diversity of all kinds;
preserve and promote our rich
heritage; go green etc.
Steacy Collyer has a “Little Free
Library” in front of her house that
has become a little free gathering
place. (And Bridgeland has Tiny
Mieka West dreamed of a
community cob oven, raised the
money, met with the City, found
some volunteers, and voila, we
have a handsome handmade cob
oven in the ICA yard.
FIND IT (Pop-ups in Inglewood & Ramsay), a small group of locals
who aspire to be community animators, produced the New Street
Spoken Word Safari, Chandelierville the Inglewood Night Markets,
and other pop-ups.
In Brentwood, Cheri Macauley had a hugely successful idea for a
once-a-week walk-around-the-block hour to get neighbours out
meeting each other. Cost nothing, and it worked!
Someone suggested an “enticing entryway” challenge for 9th
Avenue businesses. Why not for residential blocks too?
Brian Imeson, President of the BRZ Board, mused about
Inglewood becoming a music
mecca like Austin TX. Why
not? It’s already well on its way!
What would it take to make this
SoBow developers bemoan the
lack of a sidewalk to serve all the
residences in that NE section of
Inglewood, and they’re working
with The City to get one. Three
Someone hung hand-painted
swings in several trees in the
park next to the river a few years ago. A divine intervention! They
disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived.
What about using election lawn signs as “easels” for a children’s art
show on lawns throughout the ‘hood? A self-guided historical tour
of Inglewood? Fun wayfinding signage promoting things to do
and sights to see? A basket of flashing crossing-guard hand signs
at risky intersections like 9th & 9th to help people cross the street
safely? A weeding crew? A cycling repair station like the ones on
Canmore’s main street? An edible urban forest?
Review the IDI themes – you’ll find more detail at icacalgary.
com – then start brainstorming. You can propose big ideas that
might take months and dozens of people, or little ideas that just
take a few hours. If you have a big idea you need help with, pitch
it to us by December 1st, and if you win, we’ll not only help figure
out how to make it happen – you’ll win a prize package from
Inglewood merchants and a fun trophy too. Prize category 2: if
you complete a project by December 1st, send us pictures and a
description. If you did something cool before the contest even
started, tell us about that too – that’ll be prize category 3. All
attendees at the December 9th ICA meeting at the hall (7pm) will
vote for the winners.
Imagine the impact on Inglewood – physically and socially – if
we all roll up our sleeves and work together to bring some of our
neighbours’ great ideas to life!
Send your entry to [email protected] by midnight December 1st,
or email Meg at the same address if you need help. We’ll post
ideas on the ICA website so you can review them before the vote.
This is a joint project of the Inglewood Community Association
and the Inglewood BRZ.
warranted it for a flashing-light pedestrian crossing. We’re
still exploring other pedestrian-oriented improvements such
as traffic pattern modification, lighting that actually lights
the pedestrians, less dangerous corner cuts for wheelchair and
stroller use etc, and will keep you posted.
Do you remember the Inglewood walkabout with Planning chief
Rollin Stanley last March? (Go to to read
a synopsis.) He was ready to launch a new Local Area Planning
initiative focussing on the future of Calgary’s main streets and
promised that Inglewood would be an early participant in the
It’s coming to Inglewood Wednesday November 19th. Mark it
on your calendar! It’s REALLY IMPORTANT that you take
an hour or so to participate. Let’s see if we can get hundreds of
stakeholders out.
The City of Calgary wants to hear from you!
Join us for the 9th Avenue SE MAIN STREETS workshop.
Date: Wednesday November 19th
Time: 6:30-9:00
Location: Alexandra Centre, 922-9 Ave SE (in the gym)
Thriving main streets are ideal places to live, work and play.
The City’s Planning & Development team wants to explore
how growth could happen in a meaningful way for residents,
businesses and developers.
At the 9th Avenue Main Streets workshop on November 19th,
you’ll participate in a mapping exercise to identify the issues
opportunities and outcomes for your main street and the
surrounding neighbourhood. The input shared will be used
to help understand local perspectives on the future success of
Calgary’s main streets.
Visit to learn more about this new Local
Area Planning process and sign up for email updates.
The Main Street workshop is the process promised by Calgary’s
top city planner, Rollin Stanley, on his Inglewood walkabout
last March. Read a summary of the walkabout conversation on A 9th Avenue Steering Committee, reporting
to the IDI and made up of representatives from the ICA,
BRZ, business owners and developers, has been struck to guide
us in all the upcoming planning processes, from The City’s
Main Streets workshop to our Councillor’s highly-anticipated
TOD planning in the spring and the heritage studies currently
underway to qualify us for Provincial Mainstreet funded
opportunities, also in the spring.
GOOD NEWS re 9th & 9th
The City has heard our concerns about the dangerous pedestrian
crossing at 9th Ave and 9th St near the Alexandra, and has
Inglewood is growing, but its footprint isn’t. Given that
planning is underway for two new bridges, increased density on
9th Avenue, 8th Avenue laneway upgrades, an expanded transit
corridor and more, it is imperative that we understand the
capacity of our infrastructure and what demands this growth
will make on it. How much density can Inglewood handle?
How much commuter traffic and transit? How much and what
kind of parking will be needed? Will sidewalks be built to new
residential areas like SoBow? The Board is making an urgent
request for support from The City in preparing a long term
traffic, parking and infrastructure plan for Inglewood, starting
with a current .
Yes, we have a lovely new hand built cob oven in the ICA
yard, but it needs a protective structure over and around it.
Chris Brett has done the drawings, Star Building Materials is
donating the materials, and Ryan Murphy Construction (with
volunteers) will build it. Soon I hope! Then we’ll let you know
how we can all start using it. Thanks again to Mieka West for
the idea, the grant-writing, and organizing the build. This will
be a fabulous gathering place for Inglewoodians year round.
Write to the IDI Committee at [email protected]
Community Life
Dental care should
be as tailored
We all have our own style and we all have
that no two dental care strategies should be the
Every great picture deserves
Like surrounding a work of art with a beautiful frame, BOTOX® can help
to complement a smile makeover with a more youthful, relaxed, smoother,
wrinkle free appearance. Did you know?
• BOTOX® treatments are painless and quick, with no downtime. You can be
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• Dr. Brescia also uses BOTOX® in the treatment of chronic headaches,
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• As a doctor that is trained in BOTOX® procedures, facial anatomy, and
smile design, you can be confident that Dr. Brescia will have you
looking your absolute best.
All services are provided by a general dentist.
......... And there you have
it folks, the Mulligan Way!
Garden Path Society
By Vineetha Jaydeep
Gratuitous and excellent food at the Harvest celebration,
drool worthy door prizes at the AGM, an exquisite board
room to ponder the trials and triumphs of our path.... All
this and more, we owe in no small measure to an exemplary
volunteer in our midst. Jo Mulligan, we notice, we care and
to acknowledge all that you have done Jo, the Inglewood
Community Garden (ICG) is excited, nay honoured t o
proclaim a path that you have tread innumerable times –
For those of
you new to the
community, the
Mulligan Way bears
scrutiny. Few in
the community can
miss the ubiquitous
Jo. Jo, with her
wispy white hair
and dazzling smile,
made Inglewood
her home about
fifteen odd years ago
and immediately
went about making
herself indispensible
to the community.
Jo’s dalliance with
gardens started way back in rural Minnesota, and upon her
return to Alberta soils, continued her love affair with gardens
by becoming an active member of what was then known
as the Victoria Community Garden. Jo’s leadership and
coordination skills were soon called to test, when she and her
fellow gardeners were given notice to vacate the premises of the
Victoria Community Garden. These hardy pioneers literally
picked up plot and plough, shed and dirt and moved it to the
current location – the actual tail end of Blackfoot trail. Around
this vestige of a discarded trail, with the help of Jo and her
friends, blossomed a gardening community. This garden has
proved itself vital to Inglewood, offering the simple pleasures
of gardening, copious amounts of produce to local charities
and being a favorite gathering spot for neighbors to reach out
and connect with one another.
Jo’s ability to galvanize people and resources has served us
all well during her numerous years on the IGA board. Jo does
not simply serve - she lives the grow, gather, give mantra of
the garden to the fullest. Jo’s remarkable ability to cajole and
connect, coerce and charm for the good of the community will
remain the essence of her genius, the quintessential Mulligan
Way and for that we are grateful.
Thank you Jo for your decade of dedication to the Garden.
Here’s wishing you many more years of service to the
community and remember folks, when those piercing blue eyes
come calling, you don’t say NO.
Jo Mulligan stands beside the sign Mulligan Way – A
recognition by the Inglewood Community Garden for Jo’s
stellar service to the Garden.
And as the summer spirals to a close, our wind down
activities have begun in earnest. Chief among them is our
process to welcome our slate of gardeners for next year. With
a view to provide maximum benefits to our gardeners and to
recognise and reward all the sincere work that goes to support
the garden, our committee has worked hard at refreshing and
clarifying the garden mandate as well as streamlined the plot
registration process. Other yeoman service for 2014 includes
the plot assessment and replacement project with a priority
on rebuilding the accessible plots. Please visit our website at for more information on all
that we do and stand for.
WANTED: Advertising Manager for the
Inglewood Newsletter
Are you someone who likes to meet new people,
likes to stay abreast of what’s happening in your
neighbourhood, enjoys the interaction of working
with a team but can work independently, and is
available to volunteer 15-20 hours a month? If so,
Our newsletter is a vital communication link
for our Inglewood neighbourhood and we’re
looking for a special person to assume the role
of Advertising Manager. Sound like this might be
fun? It is!
Interested? Please email [email protected] for more
DOCKET 35020
We love our work
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We love to create beauty
That’s what we’re all about. Come in, try us out and let us create the look you will love
That’s what we’re all about. Come in, try us out and let us create the look you will love
For Appointments please call at 403-287-9781
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oft Tissue
Rehab Centre
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give us a call to inquire if we can help you
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Chronic Muscle Injuries
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Story submission deadline:
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810 ~ Macdonald Ave SE
14 Active Listings currently
$374,500 > $1,098,000
34 Sales for the Year to date
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Walk to downtown!
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