Janet Rhodes Florence Schweigler

O Heavenly
Father, God of
Love, You gave
us Your Son
Jesus to be not
only Physician
of our souls but
also Healer of
our bodies and minds. Lord Jesus, I
turn to You in this time of illness.
Please come to me now, and lay your
healing hands on me. Let the warmth,
peace and healing power of Your
Spirit fill me now with Your life and
love, I receive You, Lord Jesus! Heal
me According to Your Divine Will,
Lord Jesus, and enable me to serve
You with a healthy body, soul, and
spirit. May Your Joy, O Lord, be my
strength this day.
From Mike Pope
Remember Our
Dorothy Armstrong #109
Doris Bauserman #107
C/O Allegro
3400 SE Aster Lane
Stuart, FL 34994
Harlan & Betty Bareither
10859 SW Stony Creek Way #305
Port St. Lucie, FL 34987
Dottie Bertsch
Sandhill Cove
1221 SW Shoreline Dr #1124
Palm City, FL 34990
Dave Cunningham
7354 SE Jamestown Terrace
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Midge Early
1701 SW Capri Street #265
Palm City, FL 34990
Kate Ford
5819 SE Windsong Lane #628
Stuart, FL 34997
Dorothy Johnson
2750 SE Ocean Blv #N115
Stuart, FL 34996
Edie Kendall
14641 Sw Sonora Terrace
Indiantown, FL 34956
Lita Logan
3172 SE Fairway West
Stuart, FL 34997
Jane Montagne
Salerno Bay Manor
4801 SE Cove Road
Stuart, FL 34997
Janet Rhodes
5557 SE Running Oak Circle
Stuart, FL 34997
Florence Schweigler
Manors at Hobe Sound
9555 Federal Hwy
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Howard & Connie Voss
1670 Lakeview Drive
Penn Lake
White Haven, Pa 18661
Our Prayers are with:
Alfrey, Lori
Anthony, Christopher
Bailey, Bill C.
Bashwiner, Sheri
Belmont, Ann
Blahusch, Judy & Bob
Bodden, James (Sonny)
Bond, Brad & family
Bresser, Dianne
Brown, Henry
Chlaupek, Virginia
Clampitt, Gary
Cranmer, Flo
Curry, Mal
D’Alessandro, Ernie & Leora
Delater Family
DeMeyere, Ben
Dermody, Pat & Bill
DuBois, Linda
D., S. M.
Edwards, Neville
Ellis, Charlie
Faust, Bill
Feinsinger, Paul
F., T-L.
Froebel, Herb
Gleim, Mary Beth
Gudmundson, Bob
Haliniewski, Lee
Hamilton, Philip
Hammock, Linda
Hauth, Ingrid
Hazlett, Gregory
Heep, Tom
Hellerer, Rich
Henry, Norman
Hoagland, Peter
Howard, James
Hunsberger, Bob
Huston, Jane
Irwin, Audrey
Jackson, Gina
James, Wendy
Johndrow, Marilou
Johnson, Roz
Kane, Charlie
Kiefer, Carole Ann
King, Brad
Lamb, Amie
Lamond, Heather
Lindsey, Josh
Luchik, Richard
Major, Dave
Martin, Sharon
Mason, Betty Lou
Mason, Rob
McColeman, Diana
McGhie, Maria
McKie, Kimberly & Michael
McLellan, Jack
Mead, Beverly
Meyer, Lillian
Miller, Anne
Mitchell, Mary Anne
Myers, Janet
Napier, Jean
Paige, Aiden
Perry Family
Poundstone, Kathy
Pryce, Elouise
Quiggle, Paul
Raymond, Robert
Rhodes, Janet
Richardson, Jean
Rieke, Todd
Riley, Gina Marie
Ross, Rory
Schlough, Carl
Smith, Suzanne
Spies, Dottie
Studer, Delores
Tarpley Family
Taudien, Ed & Pat
Taudien, Evan II
Tomlin, Sherry
Wallace, Sonia
Warren, Sheri
Watson Family
Wells, Lorraine
West, Frank
Zaleski, Jenna Rose
Zimmerman, John
9 am
6:30 pm
7 pm
6 pm
9 am
To Add or Remove names from the
prayer list, please call the church
office, place a prayer request card in
the offering plate or give to any
Usher or Greeter. PLEASE PRINT
CLEARLY. Thank you.
Adult Bible Study, 10 am Worship Service, Coffee Fellowship
after service.
AA Meeting in Sanctuary: Women’s Study 6:30 pm, Regular
Meeting 8 pm; 9:30 am Peace Women Meeting
Home Bible Study at Joyce Reed’s, Contact Bob Raymer for
details: 546-7697. OFFICE CLOSED for Veteran’s Day
Dinner & Adult Bible Study
Adult Bible Study; 10 am Salerno Bay Manor visitation;
7 pm Choir practice
PW will meet in Fellowship Hall Monday, November 10, 9:30 for their monthly meeting. Betty Millar
will lead the study and discussion. In the Fall of each year, PW ladies worldwide receive an offering of
thanks for the special blessings they have received throughout the year. This offering supports health
programs and mission projects applied for as a grant and the chosen must have met the criteria
established by PW. Our offering will be dedicated at the meeting. Barbara Tapply, our treasurer, will
accept your Thank Offering if your unable to attend and choose to give. A reminder ALL WOMEN of
the church ARE WELCOME to join us for ANY meeting!!!! Thank you.
Christmas ornaments depicting the stain glass windows of the church will be available
in Fellowship Hall after church on the 9th & 16th of November. The cost of the ornaments
is $5.00 each or a 10 for $20.00. These will make great gifts for family or friends.
All proceeds directly benefit Peace Presbyterian Church. If you are unable to make it to
church and wish to purchase Christmas Ornaments please contact Donna Berger at 772286-4718, Wayne Miller at 774-206-3008 or the church office. Thank you!!!
NOMINATING COMMITTEE: We are preparing for the nomination of new
Elders for Session. You will find an Elder Nomination forms in the Narthex and in
the church office. Please be sure to get PERMISSION from the person you are
nominating to make certain they are WILLING to serve as an Elder. If you have
any questions please contact Mary Ellen Marks or Melanie at the church office.
Thank you.
Visit Peace Presbyterian Church on the Internet at
To hear the latest Sunday service in its entirety, no special software is needed just click and listen,
follow along with the bulletin online, then sit back and enjoy reading the Banner of Peace Newsletter
to catch up on church happenings. Copies of CD’s are available in the church office for $2.00 and as
always are free for the homebound. Check in at the church office for any further questions or details.
Thanks, Melanie.
committee is reaching further into the community to
bring good tidings to those that are less fortunate that
so many of us. A great need in our local area has been
brought to our attention and the Care & Nurture
Committee is shifting gears to help provide items for a
Thanksgiving Dinner to be served by LAHIA (Love
and Hope in Action).
The committee will be purchasing the turkeys, pumpkin pies, whipped cream and butter that will be
served at LAHIA for Thanksgiving and we are asking the congregation for donations of canned fruits,
vegetables, yams or sweet potatoes to help round out the meal.
For the local homeless Veterans we are requesting donations of any size-bottled water, and canned fruits,
vegetables and meats, or beans-n-franks with a FLIP TOP OR POP TOP LIDS. These items will be given to
the local VFW in our neighborhood.
Thank you for your continued support and for any questions please contact Marilyn Taylor, Chairman of
the Care & Nurture Committee
Two paper-recycling bins in the parking lot, this is because we were filling up our bin BEFORE the twoweek pick up period. Our office recycles office paper after it’s used 2-3 times, old bulletins, product
catalogs and more. Please remember to recycle when working in the church buildings.
RECYCLING REMINDER AND CHALLENGE! Help us earn more money by recycling in our bins at
the back of the church’s parking lot. ALL paper can be added including, magazines, catalogs, office
paper, newspaper, shredded paper and junk mail!
Each time you place material in the window please drop it towards the front so that we fill every corner of
the bin. More weight in the bin means more revenue for us! If we increase our tonnage month-to-month
by 10% SP Recycling will increase the price per ton they pay us. Let’s start making more GREEN today!!
Thursday, November 27th, 2:00 PM—Thanksgiving Dinner at the church. Same wonderful
plan as the last 4 years! Guests may bring pies. Sign-up sheet by the kitchen pass-through window.
Freewill offering.
This year the MISSION COMMITTEE will be selling the Enjoyment coupon books as a
fundraiser for the Mission Committee. The cost is $35 per book. These may be purchased in
the Church office, or after worship service each week. Thank you Bob Hochstuhl!