Greystone 5K for Breast Cancer

Greystone 5K for Breast Cancer
By Tori Couch
November 2014
October marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and
Greystone did our part by participating in and donating to
the second annual Tampa Bay Buccaneers Treasure Chests
5K Run/Walk, proceeds of which were donated to breast
cancer awareness and education as well as research funds.
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death and the
most commonly diagnosed form of cancer among women,
claiming 40,000 lives a year. One in eight women are
diagnosed during their lifetime.
In This Issue
Greystone sponsored 55 associates who woke up bright
and early to participate in the event, running or walking
for the cause. Both local associates from our
Tampa office as well as those as far away as The
Club Health & Rehab made the early morning
journey to Raymond James stadium for the run.
Rehab Star…………..…………..2
Resident Birthdays…………...2
Council’s Corner ……….………3
Staff Birthdays……….………….3
WOW Resident………………….2
Thanks to all our associates that participated!
Our Team
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From the Administrator
Brian Smith
Assistant Administrator
Joseph Wanczyk
Director of Nursing
Terri Springer
Assistant Director of Nursing
Lisa Streer
Director of Admissions
Angela Feaster
Director of Social Services
Tonya Taylor
Director of Food and Nutrition
Darrell Brock
Director of Maintenance
Joseph LaBelle
Director of Environmental
Roel De Ryp
Director of Recreation
Teri Lonon
There are only two more months of the year and we are excited to start
a new year here at Park Meadows. We are continually working on
improving the customer service and the physical look of the building and
have many projects planned. These last two months will be very busy
and we look forward to creating a new look. If you have a new idea or a
suggestion, please let us know so we can look into it. We are always
open for new ideas and ways to improve our customer service. We
appreciate your patience and understanding during this time as we
complete a facelift for our members, staff, and visitors.
November is a time to give thanks and I want to personally thank our
staff for their continued hard work and dedication to the residents and
the facility. Each and every day is a blessing to work with everyone here
and I appreciate all that you do.
Brian Smith
Executive Director
Rehab Superstar
2014 Gator Homecoming Parade
Our Superstar in Therapy this month is Lillie Harris! She was born in
Alabama and moved to Florida in the 1950’s. Two of her children are
still living, and are right here in Gainesville! These children have
We all had a blast!
11-1 Delmas P.
11-1 Margaret M.
11-2 Albert H.
11-4 Shirley J.
given her 3 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
She is very friendly and enjoys games, church and frequent visits from
her family. In therapy, she has been an inspiration to others and
always has a positive attitude. We are happy to count Lillie as a
member of our Park Meadows family!
11-7 Michael K.
11-8 Clifton D.
11-9 Chester R.
11-12 John. A.
11-14 Linda M.
11-20 Patty W.
11-26 Eula H.
Elizabeth H.
Resident that WOWs
This month’s WOW resident is Cora Lee Kern.
She has one daughter, 3 grandchildren and one great-grandchild! A
new Florida transplant, Cora Lee has lived in Florida for only 6
months. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but lived in Chicago
for most of her life. She is a mover and shaker and has worked hard
for Women’s Rights. Spend a little time talking to her and you will
find that she is a fascinating woman and I am proud to call her my
By Danette Hartsock
Our resident birthdays are
celebrated with a party on
the fourth Tuesday of each
Council’s Corner
Why was October a good month? ” Lemme tell ya! “ We had an
awesome Family Night, going to the Homecoming Parade was a blast
and our Halloween party really rocked! Then, the adorable trick-ortreaters from across the street came by-and” lemme tell ya “ they
were scrumptious!
Staff Birthdays
11-2 Alesia H.
11-2 Kathy W.
We are looking forward to an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We encourage families and friends to check the activity calendar, so
they can participate in the festivities. If you have any ideas, feel free
to come to the Resident Council meeting and share them. We’d love
to have you. The Welcome Wagon would like to encourage any new
residents to climb aboard!
11-5 Torronika J.
Here’s a BIG thank you to all the residents that attend our meeting
and participate in activities.
11-7 Shalysia G.
11-5 Tekelia G.
11-6 Destiny D.
11-6 Louise J.
11-9 Ernest S.
With love and prayers,
Danette Hartsock-RC Vice-President
11-14 Sylvia S.
11-16 Shavontae W.
11-20 Debora H.
11-21 Megan G.
11-26 Latashia L.
11-29 Rajina H.
November 2014 | Park Meadows Health and Rehabilitation Center
Activity Staff
Teri Lonon, AD
9:30 Coffee
Jocelyn Middleton
10:00 Bingo
2:30 Movie &
Tequila Wilson
Kathryn Bolden
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Sunday Paper
10:00 Bead Jewelry
10:00 Sister Peoples
10:00 Bingo
2:30 Music w/ Lee & Lillie Williams
2:30 Movie and Popcorn
2:30 Table Games /puzzles
10:00 Resident Outing
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Manicures
10:00 Black Jack
10:00 Bingo
2:30 Bible Study w/Margrese
2:30 Helping Hands
2:30 Bible Study w/Pastor Ted’s Team
2:30 Spiritual Walk Worship
10:00 Resident Outing
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Table Games and puzzles
10:00 Family Feud
10:00 Crafts
2:30 Bible Study w/ Pastor Ted’s Team
2:30 Bingo
7:00 Black Jack
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Sunday Paper
10:00 Arts & Crafts
10:00 Resident
10:00 Bingo
2:30 Crafts
2:30 Sister Gaye Bible Study
Council Mtg.
11:00 Take –Out
2:30 Movie & Popcorn
2:30 Music w/ Ray & Kay
2:30 Manicures
7:00 Worship w/Stephanis
10:00 Resident Outing
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Sunday Paper
10:00 Bead Jewelry
10:00 Sister Peoples
10:00 Music w/ Steve
10:00 Table Games
10:00 Karaoke
10:00 Full Gospel
2:30 Tabernacle Church Services
2:30 Rockin’ Daddies
2:30 Bingo
2:30 Super $ Store
2:30 Tailgate Party
2:30 Spiritual Praise
2:30 Gift Bingo
7:00 Black Jack
27 Thanksgiving
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Manicures
9:30 Coffee
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Sunday Paper
10:00 Arts & Crafts
10:00 Helping Hands
10:00 Bingo Auction
10:00 Worship w/Stephanis
10:00 Black Jack
10:00 Bingo
2:30 Mercy Women
2:30 Sister Gaye Bible Study
2:30 Bingo
2:30 Bible Study w/Margrese
2:00 Pumpkin Pie Social
2:30 Bible Study w/Pastor Ted’s Team
2:30 Movie &