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Business areas
large-diameter piling
bored cast-in-situ piling and hard-rock boring
driven cast-in-situ, driven precast and precast spun piles
diaphragm walls and cut-off walls
secant pile and sheet pile walls
marine and riverfront structures
intake structures
deep foundation-supported bridges
ground improvement and soil investigation
water retaining structures
deep mine shafts
Our equipment fleet
Diaphragm wall trench cutter
Diaphragm wall grab
Rotary piling rigs
Driven precast piling rig
Driven cast-in-situ piling rig
Vibro-hammer and Vibroflot
Soil investigation rig
Anchor drilling rig
Multi-hammer drill
we are
L&T GeoStructure is a part of L&T Construction
– the construction arm of Larsen & Toubro
Limited, a major Indian multi-national in
technology, engineering, construction,
manufacturing and financial services, with
global operations.
L&T GeoStructure is a unique entity,
formed to focus on foundation and ground
improvement-related business. We are a strong
and professional foundation specialist team
with the knowledge of design, equipment
and methods to execute and supervise
sophisticated foundation works.
Presence in India
L&T GeoStructure
solution provider
L&T GeoStructure is a recognized
and reputed brand name for
executing high-quality and
lasting foundation structures.
We offer total solutions below
the ground, tailored to suit every
customer need, and add value
for the customer, across the wide
spectrum of ground engineering.
Design & Build
Focussed approach
to safety
With an expert in-house design
team, and key personnel focussing
on various design verticals, we are
equipped to offer `Design & Build’
solutions to the customer, with our
forte being novel breakthrough
With rich experience across India,
we have executed piling of about
6.5 million RM with diameters
ranging from 500mm to 2500mm
and about 200,000sq.m. of
diaphragm walls, with an emphasis
on creating value for the customer.
During execution, we have
encountered various challenging
types of soil strata and have
emerged successful with innovative
cost-effective solutions.
Safety is the prime focus of the
organization, and each employee
is committed to creating a safe
working environment. Safety is a
continuing journey and we practise
a proactive approach to maintain
high standards of safety.
L&T GeoStructure is known for its
high product quality, and we offer
long-lasting, technically superior
and inherently strong foundations,
which represent the very best value
for money.
We partner with our customers to
form a long-lasting relationship.
With our technological expertise,
we offer alternative and costeffective solutions, and adhere to
demanding time schedules, thereby
creating value for the customer.
differentiates us
Hard rock boring
Diaphragm walls using trench
We possess the expertise and
equipment to drill in very hard
strata where uniaxial compressive
strength is greater than 100 MPa.
This exploration in challenging
geotechnical strata calls for
innovative engineering techniques.
L&T GeoStructure has successfully
completed diaphragm wall panels
using trench cutters for depths
varying from 25 – 30m at metro and
commercial projects across India.
Large diameter piling
Top-down construction method
Ground improvement
A first in India! L&T GeoStructure
successfully executed piles of
diameter 2500mm and depth of
33m in very hard rock strata at
Chennai Metro Rail site. These
large diameter piles contribute
significantly to time and cost
savings, thereby creating value for
the customer.
We are one of the pioneers
of the top-down construction
method. This has the advantage of
simultaneous working both above
and below ground, thus resulting
in significant time savings, thereby
unlocking value.
L&T GeoStructure has successfully
executed ground improvement
solutions on `design and build’
basis for various high-rise
structures across India. We offer
a combination of piles and stone
columns to avoid liquefaction.
Our in-house high-end design team
provides unique and cost-effective
solutions, and is known for their
technical expertise by their paper
presentations in various ground
engineering seminars across the
world. We use in-house developed
high-end software applications for
in-depth analysis of various ground
engineering issues, to recommend
optimal solutions.
BPCL, Kochi - We have achieved successful completion of bored
cast-in-situ piles for a refinery by executing more than 10,000 piles of
diameter 500mm and depth upto 17m.
Amrapali Verona Heights,
Noida- L&T GeoStructure has
executed piling of diameter
1200mm and depth 40m on
design and build mode. The
pile capacity has been proven
by conducting instrumented
load tests.
we have done
Sobha Developers,
We have successfully
unlocked value for the
client in the heart of
the city, by executing
27m deep diaphragm
wall which created five
basements, on design
and build basis.
Chennai Metro Rail Limited at Chennai- L&T GeoStructure constructed diaphragm
walls of thickness 1000mm and depth 30m using trench cutters and grabs for various
stations of Chennai Metro Rail Limited. We have also executed sheet pile walls and
plunge-in columns for CMRL. We have executed piling of diameter 2500mm and depth
33m in hard rock strata.
Bored cast-in-situ piling at Amrapali Verona Heights, Noida.
L&T GeoStructure has the capability and
expertise to carry out piling of diameters
600mm upto 2700mm and depths upto 55m.
We have high-end strategic equipment such as
BG 36 and C600 rigs which give a cutting-edge
over competitors.
Large diameter piling
2500mm dia pile at CMRL, Chennai
This is a unique niche area, and
we are experts in the design and
execution of large diameter piles –
ranging from 1200mm to 2700mm
diameter. These large diameter piles
have huge advantages in terms of
savings in time and cost.
we do
Hard rock boring
We are well equipped to
carry out boring in very hard
rock strata. With our trained
and specialist operators, we
can execute bored castin-situ piling in all types of
ground strata.
2.5 million RM bored cast -in-situ piling executed with diameter upto 1500mm
4.2 million RM of driven cast-in-situ / precast piling executed
Driven cast-in-situ
and driven precast
piling and precast
spun piles
We are capable of executing driven cast-in-situ piles of
diameters 400 to 600mm and depth of 25m. We can
execute driven precast piles of 450mm square upto
depth 60m, and precast spun piles of diameter 300 to
600mm upto a depth of 60m.
Driven precast raker piling at RIL Kakinada,
Andhra Pradesh
Precast spun piling work for CINDA
at Dahej, Gujarat
Driven cast-in-situ piling for a
residential complex at Chennai
Diaphragm wall work for Sobha Developers at Bengaluru
Sheet pile wall at CMRL, Chennai
Embedded retaining
Diaphragm wall and sheet pile wall
We have the capability and expertise to execute diaphragm walls of thickness 600mm to
1500mm and upto a maximum depth of 70m to 80m. Our trench cutters can cut into
extremely hard rock formations. We have Baya grabs which execute diaphragm wall of sizes
600mm to 1000mm thick and upto 75m depth and can do trenching in hard soil and even
weathered rock. Our kelly grabs execute diaphragm walls of sizes 600mm to 1000mm thick
and depth upto 40m, and are well suited for soils.
We can execute temporary retaining structures like sheet pile wall of depth upto 20m, in
waterfront structures and land applications.
170,000 sq.m diaphragm/cut-off wall executed of thickness upto 1000mm
Diaphragm wall work at DMRC, Delhi
Secant piling and anchors
Secant pile wall for a residential project at Chennai
L&T GeoStructure has executed secant pile wall of
diameter 900mm and depth 20m, which is unique in
the building sector. This system significantly reduces
water ingress into the basement during excavation,
resulting in considerable savings for the customer.
We can also install anchors with stressing, in soil and
rock. As a `Design & Build’ specialty geotechnical
contractor, we have expertise in anchors which can be
installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal, prestressed or passive, depending on the requirement.
• Temporary & Permanent Anchor
• Soil nailing
• Rock bolts
Anchors for a residential project at Chennai
Marine piling at MFF Kattupalli, Chennai
Marine and riverfront structures,
intake structures,
deep foundation-supported bridges
We are equipped with experienced talent to carry out
the following major structures:
• Jetties, berths and breakwaters
• Bridges across waterbodies
• Off-shore pylons for windmills and other structures
• Wave energy caissons
• Water supply structures (intake wells)
• Well foundations
With our large diameter piling expertise, we are
capable of executing deep foundation-supported
bridges with spans of about 40m.
Gabion wall work at Kattupalli shipyard, Chennai
Marine piling at Kattupalli shipyard, Chennai
Large diameter piles for deep
foundation-supported bridges
Pre-fabricated vertical drains
at Dhamra port, Odisha
Deep soil mixing work - soil
cement column
Geotechnical lab at L&T Chennai
Our special geotechnical investigation wing provides
a comprehensive range of field and laboratory tests
L&T GeoStructure offers `Design &
Build’ innovative and value engineered
ground improvement solutions.
for engineering projects such as nuclear, defence,
bridges, dams, buildings, factories, infrastructure
(roads, railways, ports) etc.
Laboratory testing:
• Identification and shear strength of soil samples
• Swelling, compaction, consolidation properties of
soil samples
• Preparation, identification, strength and
deformation test on rock samples
• Chemical test on soil and water
Field testing
• Drilling in soil and rock
• Vibrostone columns
• Vibrocompaction
• Dynamic compaction
• Sand compaction piles
• Prefabricated vertical drains
• Deep soil mixing
• Rigid inclusions
• Micro piles
• Grouting
The above techniques have been
executed at various sites across India.
• Field testing such as
- SPT (Standard Penetration Test)
- SCPT (Static Cone Penetration Test)
- DCPT (Dynamic Cone Penetration Test)
- PLT (Plate Load Test)
• Specialized field testing such as
- ECPT (Electric Cone Penetration Test)
- Block shear test on rock
- Deformation on rock
- Dilatometer test
- Pressure meter test
- Block vibration test
- Cross hole seismic
- Seismic refraction
- ERT (Electrical Resistivity Test)
- Geological mapping
- Gamma logging
Geotechnical investigation for Sobha
Developers at Kozhikode, Kerala
Stone columns for Nellore water
supply scheme at Nellore,
Andhra Pradesh
A large skilled base of 220
technicians, 300 well-qualified
staff and an array of expats with
niche area expertise, form the
core of our capability spectrum.
we have
Environment Health and Safety (EHS)
We have a safety team comprising 20 qualified
personnel, with a structured presence across clusters
and sites. Our corporate management has enunciated
policies that emphasize on EHS through structured
and well-defined procedures at every stage of
L&T GeoStructure’s Quality Management System has
been certified to ISO 9001-2008 standard by LRQA
(Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance).
Hands-on training programs
for technicians are conducted
periodically, in association with
the equipment manufacturers,
to ensure enhancement of
skillsets for improved equipment
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