November 9, 2014

November 9, 2014
Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
Matthew 17:4
"What sign can you show
us for doing this?"
Jesus answered and said
to them,
"Destroy this temple and
in three days
I will raise it up."
But he was speaking
about the temple
of his Body.
Therefore, when he was
raised from the dead,
his disciples remembered
that he had said this.
- Jn 2:18b-19, 21-22b
Welcome to the Church of the Transfiguration!
We are a Roman Catholic Christian Community;
We see ourselves as a unique expression of the People of God
whose faith in Jesus Christ is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition.
We invite you to come and see what we do at
worship, at work, at service and at play.
Weekday Mass Schedule
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday- 6:45 AM
Tuesday - 9:00 AM
Saturday– 4:30 PM
Weekend Mass Schedule
Sunday– 9:00 & 11:30 AM
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Church of the Transfiguration, Pittsford, New York
November 9, 2014
Masses & Scriptures for the week
Happening this week...
Monday, November 10, 2014
***Ti 1:1-9/Lk 17:1-6
6:45 am: Rueben Leroy Richardson by the Richardson Family
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
***Ti 2:1-8, 11-14/Lk 17:7-10
9:00 am: Peter Bausch by Ed & Mary Blasko
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
***Ti 3:1-7/Lk 17:11-19
6:45 am: For all the Veterans
Thursday, November 13, 2014
***Phlm 7-20/Lk 17:20-25
6:45 am: William Collins by Mary Collins
Friday, November 14, 2014
***2 Jn 4-9/Lk 17:26-37
Saturday, November 15, 2014
***3 Jn 5-8/Lk 18:1-8
4:30 pm: Stella Welch by Terry & Sheila Klee
Sunday, November 16, 2014
***Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31/1 Thes 5:1-6/Mt 25:14-30 or
25:14-15, 19-21
9:00 am: Frank Sestito by Al & Sandra Pistocchi
11:30 am: Patricia Owens by Ron & Jan Maguire
Monday, November 10
10:00 to 11:00 am: Chair Yoga– Ed. Ctr.
4:30 to 5:30 pm: Christian Formation Classes
Tuesday, November 11
Veterans Day– No Christian Formation Classes
12:30 to 2:00 pm: Women’s Bible Study-Ed. Ctr. U.L.
7:00 to 8:30 pm: Choir Rehearsal-Church
Wednesday, November 12
1:00 to 2:30 pm: Bereavement Support Group—PLC Dbl. Room
5:45 to 6:45 pm: Yoga-Ed. Ctr. L.L.
6:00 to 6:50 pm: Morning Star Rehearsal-Church
7:00 to 8:30 pm: Peace & Justice Cord. Meeting.-PLC Dbl. Room
Thursday, November 13
1:00 to 3:00 pm: Work of our Hands Knitting– Ed. Ctr. U.L.
Friday November 14
4:30 to 6:00 pm: CSA– Ed. Ctr. L.L.
Saturday, November 15
Sunday, November 16
10:00 am to 12:00 pm: 1st Reconciliation Info Session #2-Ed. Ctr.
10:00 am: Meet & Greet for Care N’Share Groups #
2A,3,4,7,17B,6B & 28A
10:00 to 11:00 am: Gift Garden Meeting– PLC Living Room
10:15 to 11:15 am: JTYM– Teen Room
10:30 to 11:30 am: Bell Choir Rehearsal– Room 3.
Altar Linens – Anne Gorman ◊
Merry Martha’s & Muscles
Team 5
B. Horvath, G. Garrity,
P. Johnson, A. Grealy &
J. Dmochowski, R. Beel, R. Keller
Flowers for the Altar
In Celebration of 50 Years
of Marriage
Bob & Carol Hutchins
Sanctuary Candles burn this week
In Loving Memory of
William Collins
Dedicated by his daughter
To those who sold doves he said,
"Take these out of here,
and stop making my Father's house
a marketplace."
His disciples recalled the
words of Scripture,
Zeal for your house will consume me.
- Jn 2:16-17
Our goal is: $172,193
267 parishioners (16.6%) have pledged
$101,281 (59%) of our goal
If you have not returned your Catholic Ministries Appeal Pledge Card, please do it, it is
Find information:
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Church of the Transfiguration, Pittsford, New York
From The Corner Office!
Dear friends,
Veterans Day is often overlooked for some reason,
so I decided to look around and find out some facts about
the holiday that is dedicated to the men and women who
have served ourCounty. Praise and honor them, as we give
thanksgiving for their service in protection of our freedom.
Facts: (Census Bureau, 2013) Celebrated annually on November 11th, the anniversary of the end of World War I.
There are 19.6 million veterans in the United States. There
are 1.6 million female veterans.
There are 9.3 million U.S. veterans are over the age of 65.
There are 39,890 veterans of World War II, the Korean War
and the Vietnam War still living.
 November 11, 1918 - The armistice ending World
War I begins at 11 am.
 1919 - President Woodrow Wilson proclaims November
11 as Armistice Day.
 November 11, 1921 - The first Unknown Soldier is
reburied at Arlington National Cemetery. The tomb has
the words inscribed, "Here rests in honored glory An
American Soldier Known but to God."
May 13, 1938 - Armistice Day becomes a federal holiday.
 June 1, 1954 - President Eisenhower signs a bill changing Armistice Day to Veterans Day in order to include all
U.S. veterans.
 May 30, 1958 - Unknown Soldiers from World War II
and the Korean War are reburied next to the Unknown
Soldier from World War I.
 1968 - Congress changes the date of Veterans Day to
the fourth Monday in October in order to give federal
employees a three-day weekend. The change begins in
 September 25, 1975 - President Gerald Ford changes
the date of Veterans Day back to November 11. The
change begins in 1978.
 May 28, 1984 - An unknown soldier from the Vietnam
War is reburied in Arlington National Cemetery. In 1998,
he is identified through DNA tests as Michael Blassie, a
24-year-old pilot shot down in 1972 on the border of
I realize these facts, dates and figures do not even
begin to tell the story, but hopefully they remind us to express our appreciation for all those who served in the United
States Military.
On a lighter note here are notes about “What's Great
About Aging?”
 "Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind
it, it doesn't matter." Satchel Paige
 "Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if
you wish to keep them in working order." - John Adams
 "Life gets more enjoyable the older you get. The hardest years in life are between ten and seventy." - Helen
 "One cannot help being old, but one can resist being
aged." - Anonymous
November 9, 2014
"There are three things that grow more precious with
age: old wood to burn, old books to read, and old
friends to enjoy." - Anonymous
We are getting closer to our goal for this year’s Catholic Ministries Appeal and I know we can make our goal
before December, but only if you return your pledge card
as soon as you can. If you did not receive the material
there are plenty of pledge forms in the Gathering Area of
church. Thank you for your quick response!
Let us continue to pray and sacrifice for peace in our
In peace and courage,
Fr. Mike
The Church of the Transfiguration
Perpetual Charity Fund
Request for Proposals Guidelines
In the fall of each year The Church of the Transfiguration
issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an annual grant from
the Transfiguration Perpetual Charity Fund.
The RFP is issued in the Parish Bulletin and sent to the
Director of Catholic Charities and Director of Catholic Family
Center; and other agencies as requested.
RFP’s are due in the office of The Church of the Transfiguration on or before November 30. The amount of the grant
varies from year to year. The grant this year (2014) will be
$11,000 and will be awarded before December 31.
Guidelines for grant requests:
Applications are due before November 30
The program, service or advocacy effort must be people centered and in keeping with Gospel values
The program, service or advocacy effort must serve the needs
of the greater Monroe County area
The written request and explanation of the program, service or
advocacy effort should be brief (no more than 2 or 3 paragraphs)
The budget of the program, service or advocacy effort and an
brief explanation of how the grant will be used must be
“Start up” programs, service or advocacy effort, will not be
If the agency is not known by The Church of the Transfiguration as a nonprofit agency we reserve the right to ask for
appropriate nonprofit documentation
All applications should be mailed to:
Transfiguration Perpetual Charity Fund
Church of the Transfiguration
50 West Bloomfield Road
Pittsford, NY 14534-9733
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Rev.
Michael J. Bausch at 585-248-2427x224 or email:
[email protected]
Page Five
Church of the Transfiguration, Pittsford, New York
November 9, 2014
Youth Ministry News
Formation Moment
Senior High: Our weekly youth group for senior high, Destiny, meets on Tuesday from 7-8:30 PM in the youth
room in the lower level of the Education Building and
meets most Tuesdays during the school year except during
school breaks. All 9th-12th graders are welcome to come
and bring a friend!
Continuing our weekly reflection on Sacraments and
the renewed Sacramental Policy, we continue to explore
Junior High: Our youth group for junior high begins on
meets Sundays from 10:15-11:15AM in the youth room in
the lower lever of the Education Building and meets most
Sundays during the school year except
during holiday
weekends and school breaks. All 7th-8th graders are welcome to come and bring a friend!
Youth Ministry Adult Leaders Needed! We are looking for
a few good adult volunteers to be present with our junior
high and senior high youth at their weekly gatherings.
This is a very rewarding, FUN, and inspiring ministry! See
Anne for details!
Contact Anne Gallagher at [email protected]
or 248-2467x239 with any questions about youth ministry.
I love to hear from you!
CYO has a need for players for it's 7th and
8th grade Boys team. There are 6 available
openings for parishioners. Registration
forms are on the Church Web site.
Deadline is November 12
Book Club for November 17th & 20th
The book selection for November is Proof of Heaven by
Eben Alexander, M.D. It is the story of Dr. Alexander’s
journey into the afterlife. It is a true story of one man’s
experience into what many of us question and/or wonder
The only requirement for this Club is that you come
having read the book and are willing to listen and share
what you may have found interesting, controversial, puzzling, or meaningful. No registration is required. For
more information, contact Sue Reed
([email protected] or 359-4024).
The group will meet on Mon., Nov. 17 from 12:30-2:00 pm
(please note the change in time)
in the Parish Life Center OR
Thur., Nov. 20 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm in the PLC
The Gift and Pitfalls of the Internet
Wednesday, November 19 7:00-8:30 pm
SSJ Motherhouse
150 French Rd.
Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 19,
when psychiatrist Dr. John McIntyre walks us through The
Gifts and Pitfalls of the Internet , how they find their
ways into our lives for better or worse. What do we do to
be “ in charge” of our internet use?
Hosted by Sister Joan Sobala
Communion (part 2)
Because Holy Communion is such an important part of
our lives as Catholics, it is vital we do everything we can to
ensure it is available and respected in all we do. A central
part of that is having well formed Communion Ministers.
The new policies clarify how we should train and form
our Communion Ministers, ensuring we continue to have
the best ministry possible here at Transfiguration.
New, is what is being called a “missioning” or formal
recognition of the ministry. Basically, we are being asked
to publicly recognize our ministers of Communion.
There are two Deacon information sessions coming
up one at 7:00 PM Wednesday November 12, Church of
the Assumption, 20 East Avenue, Fairport NY and on at
7:00 PM Tuesday December 9, Bishop Hickey Conference
Center, 1150 Buffalo Road (Pastoral Center rear entrance
and parking).
The sessions will provide an overview of the 5 year
application and formation process and the time commitment
involved and answer questions about ongoing ministry. An
eligible applicant for permanent deacon formation is a man
of strong and active faith who can demonstrate a record of
service in the communities in which he lives, works and
worships. He must be at least 35 years of age and no more
than 62 years of age at the time of ordination, in good
health, emotionally mature and stable in his professional
and personal relationships.
Applicants may be single or married. Interested men
and their wives are encouraged to attend. For more information speak with Fr. Mike or contact Deacon John Brasley, Director of Deacon Personnel & Director of Deacon
Formation, Diocese of Rochester, 585.328.3228 or
[email protected]
11th Annual Men’s Fellowship Dinner
The 11th Annual
Men’s Fellowship Dinner
at 6:00pm in the Parish Life Center! All men of the parish are
invited to a fantastic Dinosaur
BBQ dinner and great conversation. No charge for dinner, but
donations to the Kentucky Fund
will be gratefully accepted. Please RSVP to Rob Kozarits
([email protected] or
329-8210) by 11/13
Page Four
Church of the Transfiguration, Pittsford, New York
Peace & Justice
Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive
Drop off Monday 11/24- 5 to 7 pm
Our annual Thanksgiving turkey drive provides
food to those in our community who are hungry and often
marginalized. The communities we serve include St. Martin’s Place, Bethany House, House of Mercy, Dimitri
House, St Andrew’s Food Cupboard and Eastern Service
Help is needed for this very worthwhile ministry. We
will be donating both uncooked frozen turkeys and roasted frozen turkeys to area shelters along with any extras
you wish to provide. Non-perishable donations of canned
gravy, canned cranberry sauce, canned vegetables,
boxed stuffing and aluminum roasting pans are needed
and appreciated. Strong cardboard boxes are also needed
and welcome – thanks! We will accept an unlimited number of frozen turkeys. All roasted turkeys must be received cooked, sliced, cooled and frozen by the individual donors. Please prepare turkeys as follows:
Select a 14 – 20 pound turkey.
Prepare according to label and roast WITHOUT
 Package COOLED, SLICED meat, drumsticks and
wings in zippered bags.
 Do NOT include gravy.
Sign-ups will continue the weekends of Nov. 15 & 16
and Nov. 22 & 23. Drop off is Monday the 24th from 5 to
7 pm at the Parish Life Center. Drive up to the PLC on
Monday evening with your donations and our volunteers
will be there to assist you at the curb.
Volunteers are needed to help in the PLC kitchen during drop off time on Mon. evening, Nov. 24. This is a
great opportunity for teens to earn community service
hours. Volunteers are also needed to deliver the food to
the agencies at approximately 9:00 am on Tuesday morning Nov. 25. Driving directions will be provided and the
buddy system is encouraged. If you would like to get involved, please stop by the table in the Gathering Area
this weekend or email Kathy Caren at
[email protected] or
Denise Nunziato at [email protected]
Healthy Sister’s Soup Sale– This Weekend
Please stop by after the Masses this weekend to sample delicious soups and dips from the Healthy Sisters Soup
and Bean Works and to see the soups, bread and other
Healthy Sisters’ Soup and Bean Works: A Healthy
Meal for You…A Healthy Beginning for Others. Through
this innovative microenterprise of Catholic Family Center’s Department of Workforce Development, women that
are recovering from substance abuse earn a steady
paycheck in a safe and nurturing environment and develop the self-confidence and job skills needed to enter or
reenter the workforce.
This program supports the women in recovery and allows them to work with a sense of dignity and selfesteem.
Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.
The Transfiguration gift garden will be selling garlic this
weekend. Stop by the table in the Gathering Area.
This is seed quality garlic….good for eating or
plant your own!
November 9, 2014
Clothing Drive Thank You
Thank you to all the parishioners who graciously donated their time and energy to the Fall and Winter Clothing Drive. A project this large is only successful because
of you!! To all the parishioners who donated clothing,
household items, books and bedding and linens your donations have allowed us to provide 20 agencies/families
in our Rochester community with much needed items.
Many thanks to those who working behind the scenes
calling agencies, calling the volunteers, soliciting for
food donations, sorting and bagging the donations and
delivering those donations to the agencies. Without
your help or your assistance in the organization of this
event a task this large would be impossible. Thank you!
Judy Herlihy and Jan Maguire
Christmas Basket Program
Can you help?
Plans are underway in organizing the 2014 Christmas
Basket Program. If you are Interested in assisting with
phone calls, clothes or grocery shopping, cooking baking,
wrapping or delivery, a sign-up is available on the kiosk in
the Gathering Area or
contact Margie Benza @ 248-2427 x244 or
[email protected]
We appreciate your willingness to share
your time and talent in helping those in need
this holiday season.
Thank you.
You are invited to attend our next
Tuesday, Nov.11, 2014, 7 pm, Henrietta United Church
of Christ,1400 Lehigh Station Road, Henrietta.
“Sustainable Responsible Investing:
Investing for People, Planet and Profit.”
Our invited speaker will be Chuck Sawyer, CFP®. He is
a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial. He has over
20 years’ experience and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Chuck specializes in sustainable responsible investing (SRI), a means of investing in companies that adhere to rigorous environmental, social and
governance standards. Chuck is a founding member of
the Rochester Chapter of Conscious Capitalism, and he is
also a member of the Sustainable Investment Forum
(USSIF), the Financial Planning Association and the Process Selection Committee of the Rochester
Area Business Ethics Foundation’s (RABEF) Ethie Awards.
Women in the Spirt for Jan 5th, 2015
At our January 5th Women in the Spirit Gathering I
will be sharing…..
It would be helpful, if you read my book Spirituality, Gift
of Love before hand. Books are available in the office.
We’ll discuss ‘absolute love’ and try to answer the
question, ‘Can you love your God the way you love your
friend, spouse and partner? We’ll also address the issue
where in heaven’s name will I find the time to “hear the
whisper’. (I’m already multi-tasking to the nth degree).
Books are available in the office $15.00.
Charlie Newton
Minister Schedule October November 15 & 16
Lector 1
Lector 2
Min of Communion
Sun 11/15
4:30 PM
Sun 11/16
9:00 AM
J. Brayer
M. Rice
L. Tschiderer
L. Burruto
L. Filipski
R. Brandt
G. Crissy
Fr. Mike
C. Clarke
J. Desmann
J. Dmochowski
M. Collins
Alex Repp
Rahul Ribeiro
Neil Nayaar
S. Cosgrove
Fr. Mike
J. Wright
J. Caselli
M. Bessette
R. Benza
Ann Smith
Ethan Hearne
Heidi Insalaco
Pastoral Council
Members-at-Large: Laura Cutter ( Moderator & Trustee),
Craig Rand, Dave Donnelly, Gerry Gacioch, Maria Herrera,
Shannon Kozarits, G.A. Sheller, Jane Vallely and Charlie Zinn.
Faith Formation – Lori Goorman, Alternate – vacant
Evangelization – Vacant
Peace & Justice – Bob Fien, Alternate – Trish Goodman
Worship – Vacant
Youth – Megan Tremaine, Alternate - Ted Rohrer.
Staff – rotating among all staff members
Finance Council
Larry Buckley, Bill Burke, Peter Deckman (Chair & Trustee) Larry Filipski, Koen Goorman, John Hennessy Patty Lovallo, Sarah Pickhardt and
Rich Spencer
Pittsford-Mendon Planning Group Representatives
Lisa Morris and Fr. Mike Bausch
Parish Staff
Secretary/Office Manager..................................................Rose Volker
[email protected]
Peace & Justice Coordinator………………………………….….Vacant
Fr. Mike and Margie Benza covering
Pastoral Associate.................................................................Tim Smith
[email protected]
Pastoral Associate……....................................................Margie Benza
[email protected]
Pastoral Associate for Youth ..................................... Anne Gallagher
[email protected]
Pastor............................................................................Michael Bausch
[email protected]
Music Minister....................................................................Sue Wallace
[email protected]
Maintenance Supervisor...........................................Chris Washington
[email protected]
Deacon......................................................................... Patrick DiLaura
Deacon………………………………………………….….…Eric Bessette
Christian Formation Director.............................. ………..Damian Zynda
[email protected]
Christian Formation Associate Director........................... Donald Smith
[email protected]
Business Manager ........................................................Sandi Lazzaro
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant for Formation……………….. Meg Kastner
[email protected]
Sun 11/16
11:30 AM
B. Flynn
J. Brawley
D. Flynn
M.A. Corea
Fr. Mike
A.M. Guerra
J. Hammele
M. Kastner
M. Finn
Bella Wahl
Gracianna Wahl
Sarah Winfree
New Parishioners
Welcome to our Community of Faith! You may register
as part of our Community by contacting the Parish Office by
phone in person or our website. Please introduce yourself
after Mass to one of the parish staff members.
Church of the Transfiguration
50 West Bloomfield Road, Pittsford, New York 14534
Parish Office Phone: 585-248-2427 Fax: 585-385-9870
Email: [email protected]
Christian Formation Phone: 248-2467
[email protected]
Education Center: 585-248-3922 (during classes)
Emergency Pastoral Care: 248-2427 wait for prompt and press 9.
Pastoral Care: If you know of someone who is homebound, hospitalized, or in a nursing home and he or she
would appreciate a visit from the Pastoral Staff, please contact the Parish Office. Your assistance will help provide
care to all our parishioners.
Eucharist: Please check page 2 of this bulletin for Sunday, weekday and Holy Day Mass schedules.
Anointing: In any emergency, at anytime, please call
248-2427 wait for prompt and press 9, or at your convenience or after any weekend Mass.
Reconciliation: Saturday 3:30 p.m. or by appointment.
Baptism: Please contact Tim Smith at the Parish Office
three months in advance to register for the Baptismal Preparation Program.
Marriage: Please contact Fr. Mike, Deacon Pat or Deacon Eric nine months in advance to arrange a tentative date.
Catechumenate: Adults interested in joining the Roman
Catholic Church, please contact Damian Zynda at the Parish Office.