Ett företag med hög språkkompetens hos sina medarbetare har

Intensive course – Start of the term
Moving abroad is a big step for anyone.
Knowing the language and understanding
the culture provides you with important
insights into the new country and its people.
Practical information
You can choose between a weekly group of 10
sessions or a shorter intensive course. All
courses include 20 lessons x 45 mins of training.
Place: Karolinska Institutet in Solna
Hus 75, close to the restaurant Jöns Jakob
All courses include interactive speaking and
comprehension exercises, vocabulary building,
practice in important structures and work on the
pronunciation and intonation of the Swedish
Speaking and listening are given a central role
during class, through role-play and specific
Learning a language is
like learning to drive.
Theory isn’t enough
- you need to practice.
3 full days of training
Date: 24-26 August
Time: 9:00-15:30
Format: Group training with 4-18 people
Material: Books will be handed out the first
Food: Restaurant Jöns Jakob will be open for
lunches and coffee breaks. Fika on Monday at
14.00 is included in the course.
Input (text, audio, grammar)
Using the language
Role-play, interactivie exercises
New Input
Language | Communication | Translation