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N OVEMBER 15, 2012
What’s Happening
Around School?
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Movie, Computer Game
Deer Hunting
in 2012
Two Comics this
week and Games
Each month students are nominated by
staff members for Cougar Pride.
Cougar Pride is an opportunity to
honor students for either exceptional
effort or significant improvement.
Students are chosen based on accom-
plishment in the areas of PRIDE
(Peace, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence). Any staff member can nominate a student and the
student and his/her family is invited to
the breakfast celebration held in the
library. The staff member presents the
certificate to the student and their
Tuesday, Nov 20
Wednesday, Nov
21, 12:15 Early Release
for early start to
Thanksgiving holiday
Thursday, Nov 22,
Thanksgiving holiday
Friday, Nov 23, NO
SCHOOL for Thanksgiving holiday break
Thursday, Nov 29,
7:00pm Fall Orchestra Concert in the cafeteria/stage
It’s Mid-term time and progress reports
have arrived. Have you noticed that
you do not receive A, B, C, D, or F’s
anymore? Well, now all elementary and
middle schools in Bellingham are doing
Standards Based Grading and are giving
1,2,3,4s instead of the traditional A-F
grades based on percentages. If you’re
wondering why they are changing the
system Mrs. Larson said, “The district
school board is changing it because it’s a
more accurate way to communicate to
parents and students if you’re meeting
standards or not.”
While everyone agrees that it is a different system from what we did last year,
opinions about the way grades are reported are on both sides of the fence.
Ms. Janis says, “I can access information
on my students much faster now. Also I
can’t go in and make changes to the way
I grade as easily as before.” Mrs. Wilson says, “I was already grading using
the Standards Based system so it wasn’t
a huge change for me. What’s different
is how we report those grades to par-
Turkey Trot
By Audrey & Kaeli
ents and students. It’s going to take
some time before we are accustomed to
Seventh grader Iris said, “I personally
don’t like it because on some assignments a 4 is not an option, but it is okay
because I know what I need to work
on.” Another seventh grader, Hannah
said, “Nothing is good about it! I get
worse grades now!”
Some parents say that they dislike it
because it is confusing and we don’t get
overall grades. Other parents like it
because they can see where their child
needs help.
So, as it seems most students don’t like
the new system; it seems most teachers
like it; and parents are split right down
the middle. Whether you like it or not
the school board thinks it’s an easier
way to communicate to parents.
Nanowrimo in 6th Grade
Mrs. Kish-Kirman and Mrs.
Clawson’s Language Arts
classes are doing a writing program called Nanowrimo.
Nanowrimo is during National
November writing month. It is
where students set a goal of
how many words will be in
their story, and then they write
a novel. If students meet their
goals, then they will get a free
published copy of their book!
“We do Nanowrimo because it
fits well with our spring board
short story unit,” said 6th grade
Language Arts teacher Mrs.
Kish-Kirkman. Students goals
vary some students are 5,000
words and some are 30,000
words! Students write about
Join Art Club!
and getting to know each other (Mix It
Up), in November the focus is being
healthy. “The Turkey Trot is a way for all
Shuksan students to work on being
healthy.” Mr. Jordan said. Students who
get 1st-10th place in the Turkey Trot win
prizes. First place winners receive a turkey in every grade, and 2nd-10th get ribbons. There will be a drawing between
top 10 winners in every grade to also win
a turkey this year. The fastest girl and
While the focus of September was reboy in the whole school will get their
sponsibility, October was tolerance
Are you artistic and want a fun way to show
your talent? Then Mrs. Heywood’s Art Club is
for you! There’s no fee; just stop by and pick
up a permission form. The first meeting was
today, Thursday, in room 101 before school,
but it’s not too late to join. It’s open to all
grades but space is limited. When asked what
projects they will be doing, Mrs. Heywood
said, “It depends on what donations we can
collect, but I am hoping we can start by making Art Club t-shirts.” Possible donation materials include wood, beads, wire, and any thing
else you can spare. Why would a person want
names engraved in a trophy that has
past winners names
from the
to join Art Club? Mrs. Heywood said, “It’s
more self-directed; kids can do whatever they
want as long as it’s with the same materials.”
Seventh grader Claire said, “My experience
with Art Club was great!
It was really fun and I got
to meet new people. I’m
looking forward to joining
again!” Art club is a great
way to improve your art
skills and just have fun.
Student making a mask at Art
Club last year.
Guess that
Mrs. Brown prepares to run
the Turkey Trot.
anything they want. If you are
interested in writing a novel
see Mrs. Kish-Kirkman or
Mrs. Clawson for more information on how to get your
By Nayomi
By: Hannah & Rainbow Monkey
Hot cocoa. Blankets. Turkeys. The
Turkey Trot is on its way! The Turkey
Trot is a long-standing tradition in
Shuksan and has been going on for 56
years! It’s coming on Tuesday, November 20th during your elective period. The Turkey Trot is a running
race (some kids walk) between your
same grade and gender and follows a
course around the whole school.
By Anna
I was born in Richland,
WA and spent most of my childhood in
Auborn, WA and Valencia, Venezuela.
I’m married with two children
I enjoy running, skiing, reading and boating.
Favorite movie: Sixteen Candles.
Favorite Book: The Book Thief.
Little know fact: I have Swan’s Neck Deformity.
Who am I?
TV Show Review: The Big Bang Theory By: Ben
Boom, bang, flash. The Big
Bang is thought to be an enormous explosion that happened
14 billion years ago. A smaller
explosion reached the world
when The Big Bang Theory
premiered its first episode on
September 24th, 2007. The Big
Bang Theory is a sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill
Prady about five main characters living in Pasadena, CA and
the crazy things that happen in
their everyday lives. One of
the characters is Leonard Hofstader. He and Sheldon Cooper are roommates, friends,
and physicists that go to the
California Institute of Technology. Two other characters are
Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh
Koothrappali and are Leonard
and Sheldon’s equally geeky
and socially awkward friends
who also work at the University. Howard is an aerospace
engineer and Raj is an astrophysicist. And Penny, Leonard
and Sheldon’s friend from
across the hall, is a waitress
working at the Cheesecake Factory.
In the six seasons since the first
episode, the five of them have
had some weird adventures.
Such as, Sheldon’s World of
Warcraft account being hacked
so he called the police, or when
Howard went into space. Seventh grader Bailey said, “It’s
Movie Review: Madagascar
Wanted By Anonymous
DreamWorks has
done it again; they’ve made
another Madagascar movie (out
this past summer). If you’ve
watched the previous Madagascar movies and liked them,
then you’ll love Madagascar 3.
Alex (Ben Stiller), Marty
(Chris Rock), Melman (David
Schwimmer) and Gloria (Jada
Pinkett Smith) are on the move
again. They’ve made it from
the Central Park Zoo to Madagascar to Africa and finally end
Computer Game Review: Slenderman
really funny! It’s one of my
favorite shows! I watch it every
night it’s on!” And with Leonard’s struggles to keep up
with Sheldon’s roommate
agreement, it’s always fun to
see what happens next. Alex
said, “It’s a great show that
keeps you watching over and
over again.” You can watch it
on TBS on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and at
8:00 on CBS on Thursday. You
should check it out!
By Claire
You are walking through the woods
searching for eight notes. But you take a
wrong turn- Oh No! Slenderman is
standing behind you. The sound of your
heartbeat grows faster and the screen
goes fuzzy. You try to turn, but you
can’t see anything. Trees whip by you as
you try to run, but it’s too late. Slenderman has killed you! Slenderman is a
computer game based on a myth. According to the myth, a tall, faceless man
in a black suit is attempting to take the
lives of innocent people before they die
a tragic death. The point of the game is
to scare the player! Horror games are
similar to horror movies in the way that
they entertain using fear. A lot of people find it fun to be scared (and I would
have to agree) because of the thrill of it.
Most Sketch in 3D
up in Europe. Now they’ve I rate this movie 5 out 5 stars
caused some trouble and have because it’s funny and heartbecome
most warming.
wanted. The fame-loving King
Julien and the take-charge penguins, come along for the ride.
The whole crew joins the circus to escape Captain Dubois
of animal control. In the circus
they meet new friends and
encourage one another when
there are hardships to overcome. Watch DreamWorks’
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most
wanted on Blu-Ray and DVD.
But the game isn’t popular with everyone. “The game is pointless, because
Slenderman comes out of nowhere,
and you have no chance of survival,”
said seventh grader Nina. Slenderman
is scaring people everywhere. Seventh
grader Summer said, “I’m afraid of
Slenderman, because he doesn’t have a
face, and people without faces remind
me of death.” I would rate the game
four out of five stars. There is something about Slenderman that is just so
addicting! Try Slenderman if you dare!
By Michael
As a follow-up to my previous article on blender, I
will now introduce you to Google Sketchup 8.
Google Sketchup 8 is mainly for making 3D buildings
for Google Earth (another program available at
school). But you can also create 3D models for your
own purposes or just for fun. To get to Google
Sketchup 8, Go to all programs>Google Sketchup
8>Google Sketchup 8. Google Sketchup 8 is easy to
use and any beginner will catch on easily with the
simple tutorials. You just add squares, circles, and
other geometric shapes then stretch them and combine them for an awesome looking model. Plus, it’s
by Google! And Google is awesome.
“It’s pretty fun once you get used to it,” said 7th
grader Jakob. And he is right. Anybody can just play
around and get it right away. Try Google Sketchup 8
today! (It rhymes…)
A house That I “built”.
And People outdo me again…*
*See previous article “When blenders
and humans unite”
Sports & Leisure
Deer Hunting 2012
Hunting is a great sport for all ages;
even our ancestors hunted! In Washington State, people can hunt all sorts
of animals: Big Game like Deer, Elk,
Black Bear, Cougar, Mountain Goat,
Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Grouse, Raccoon, Rabbit &
Hare, Wild Turkey; and Birds/
Waterfowl like Duck, Coot, Snipe,
Geese, Brant, Band-tailed Pigeon,
Dove, Mourning Dove, Swan, Forest
Grouse, Sage & Sharp-tailed Grouse,
Ptarmigan, Pheasant, California
(Valley) Quail and Northern Bobwhite, Mountain Quail, and Partridge.
There are three different seasons for
hunting deer: Bow Season (there are
two short times for this; one in September and then a late season starting
late November), muzzle loader sea-
Twitchy and Blossom
by Trevor
son (Starts mid-September for Early
Season with a late season hunt in late
November), and modern firearms season (Generally starts in mid-October,
but this season varies slightly depending on the type of deer, i.e. Elk, mule
deer, black tail or white tail deer).
All hunters born after January 1, 1972
need to take the hunter education before you can get a license. You also
need a game tag and that comes with
your license. Classes are offered at a
few places around time, but most happen just before hunting season.
Most people don’t realize there are
lots of rules to hunting. Some rules for
modern firearms (modern firearms are
rifles, shot guns and crossbows) are:
You can only shoot a three-point or
better buck; you can only shoot within
certain hours; and you can only keep
one deer.
Seventh grader Ben said, “I like hunting because you get to be outdoors and
you get to use a gun. I like modern
firearms because you can get an animal
easier. No, I don’t have my license
because my dad has to find a course for
me to earn my license.”
If you are interested in hunting, the
Washington Department of Fish and
Wildlife has all the information you
would need. You can check it out at:
By Alona and Caitriona
Christmas is Coming! By: Fatal Toast
Now I know what you’re thinking: Christmas is
still a ways off! Well, to most people it is, but
stores have already gone into “Christmas mode”.
Chain stores like Target and Fred Meyer were
in the holiday spirit before Halloween. Can you
believe that!?
When you go to big stores, there are already
artificial Christmas trees on display. Commercials are full of snow and presents. And last, but
not least, the sales are starting to roll in.
At Wal-Mart, Layaway is already back. The coat
sale is back at Old-Navy. Christmas tree decorations line the shelves. Thanksgiving is gone. No
decorations for Thanksgiving. Just Christmas.
“I think it’s stupid how early Christmas starts in
stores,” says 7th grader Ben . “What happened
to Thanksgiving?”
Some people, on the opposite end of the spectrum, love how early Christmas starts. They
are thrilled with the decorations and they love
the Christmas music. Those are the people
who put up their tree in early November and
take it down in February. “Sure, I like how
early Christmas starts in stores,” says 7th grader
Dylan. “Christmas is way better than Halloween.”
Which side of the spectrum are you on?
Answer to Guess
That Teacher:
Can you find and circle 10 things that are different in
these two pictures?