1 2014 ANNUAL REPORT ...

Andrew Yepson
from Head of School
rowing enrollment, academic distinctions and
sports championships are just some of the
abundant blessings we’ve been celebrating
recently here at Cedar Creek School. We give thanks for
our successes, which also come with an obligation to not
rest on our laurels. We must continue to provide the environment that has made so many of the accomplishments
possible, not just in the past year, but also in the decades
since our formation.
We are continuing our Founders’ mission to provide
an academically superior education. Once again, it is clear
our students have proven how well they flourish here,
demonstrated by exceptional national test scores throughout the school, acceptances to some of the top colleges
and universities in the nation, and millions of dollars of
scholarship offers to our graduating classes the past few
We have been on a steady climb in enrollment for the
past few years as well. We’ve reached some near-record
levels, and parents are telling us they’re coming to Cedar
Creek because of academic excellence and small class
size. We remain committed to keeping those as the hallmark of our school.
Our students also achieved some significant accomplishments outside the classroom as well recently. Two
sports teams came home with state championships this
past spring. The baseball and softball teams were truly
the “Kings and Queens of the Diamonds.” One of our
When someone has been given much,
much will be required in return; and
when someone has been entrusted with
much, even more will be required.
Luke 12:48
eighth graders represented the school at the National Spelling
Bee in Washington, D.C., in May. For the 10th year in a row, our
students were named the Division IV winner at the North Louisiana Literary Rally. Of the 55 who participated in the music and
literary rallies, 46 placed at the competition. Twenty-eight won first
place. The Robotics Team made it to National Championship for
the third consecutive year.
As you can see, we’ve been truly blessed. We are aware it’s because of our students, parents, grandparents and the whole Cedar
Creek family that we have achieved what we have so far. We know
many make great sacrifices to send your children here, but the
reality is that tuition alone does not cover our financial obligations.
We must find extra sources of funding to “fill the gap” between
revenue from tuition and expenses. Part of that is accomplished
through our Annual Fund Drive. The Cedar Creek Family has historically been generous in helping us meet our goals. We cannot
express our gratitude enough for that generosity.
There are great things ahead for Cedar Creek School. I’m so
glad you’re a part of the CC family.
our board of directors
e’ve been fortunate over the past 45 years
since Cedar Creek School was founded to
have a strong foundation of excellence in
Year after year, it’s clear we’re committed to fulfilling our
mission statement when we hear all the great news about
scholarships and other awards. We’ve been able to succeed
because so many of the Cedar Creek family have been so
generous. Take a look at the long list of donors represented in
this Annual Report. You can see that we have many who recognize how important it is to give beyond tuition, which falls
short on covering the school’s expenses. We’re
grateful for their gifts and their continued and
selfless generosity.
To ensure our growth and stability, the
Board and I want to continue this tradition
again this year of supporting the school and
are calling upon the Cedar Creek family to join
us in giving to the Annual Fund. We want to encourage all to
give at the appropriate level for your family and also to reflect
your commitment to the school’s mission.
We feel it’s critical also to support the school in more ways
than just dollars. We greatly depend on our parents to share
their time and talent. Since so many put untold hours into the
school in so many different ways, it would be almost impossible to list all here. Rest assured, though, it is because of our
dedicated parents we are able to accomplish so much.
~ Lonnie Menzina,
Board President
Bottom row, from left: Mrs. Teresa Carroll,
Lonnie Menzina, and Mrs. Tonya Wade; top
row, from left: Frank Johnson (1995), Jay
McCallum (1987), John Maxwell (1981),
Brandon Ewing (1987), John Mark Wilhite,
Greg Bimle and Paul Riley
our parent club
edar Creek Parent Club and
our volunteer parents serve
the school in three ways:
raising funds, making improvements to the campus, and supporting our wonderful teachers and students.
On the fundraising front, CedarTown (our largest fundraiser), Cougar
Gear, Sherwood Forest Evergreen sales,
and various other projects raised over
$45,000. That money paid for new
steel doors for the Elementary and
High School buildings. These doors
improved the school’s security as well as
energy efficiency.
This summer, Parent Club proceeds
repaired and repainted the school parking lot and sidewalks. We also added a
new walkway around campus to improve
pedestrian flow.
In addition, each year 10 percent of
Parent Club fundraising is donated to
the school’s Endowment Fund.
We are looking for other ways to
contribute to campus upgrades and are
working with the administration to see
where funds can best be applied. Parent
Club is very active throughout the
school year with projects to support our
teachers. We recognize all faculty and
staff on their birthdays; we have each
faculty member “adopted” by a secret
pal; we host a Christmas reception for
our teachers during which each faculty/staff member receives a Christmas
bonus; we coordinate class Christmas
Projects, and we honor our teachers
in the spring with a month of Teacher
Appreciation ending with a luncheon.
Cedar Creek teachers do an outstand-
ing job with our kids, and we strive to
treat them in the same manner!
Parent Club serves Cedar Creek students and parents through various social
and educational events to provide a
wonderful opportunity for students and
parents to reconnect and new students
to make new friends before the first day
of school.
We want every Cedar Creek parent
to get involved with Parent Club! It is a
great way to get to know other parents,
faculty members, and students. With
your help we can make the Cedar Creek
community even stronger while playing
a role in your child’s education.
~ Frank Johnson III,
Parent Club President
the academics
$2 million in scholarships.
The top 25 percent of the class earned an ACT average of 29.6;
the top half, 28.06.
The class average was 24.2.
he Class of 2014 was offered more than
Class of 2014’s
Volunteer hours
performed in 2012-14
by the Class of 2014
Catherine Hild and Morgan Vann
Percentage of
Class of 2014
who qualified for TOPS
with Honor
Taylor Barron and Story Moller
College Acceptances
A sampling of the acceptances
of the Class of 2014:
Baylor University
Belhaven University
Eugene Lang The New School for
Liberal Arts
Fordham University
Louisiana College
Louisiana State University
Louisiana Tech University
Mississippi College
Mississippi State University
New York University
Northwestern State University
Oklahoma State University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
University of Louisiana at Monroe
University of Mississippi
the extracurricular
a Year!
What a year it’s been to be a Cedar Creek Cougar!
The school year got
started off with a bang
when the football team
made it to the state
semifinals, and the
Boys and Girls Cross
Country teams placed
at the state level.
More success
followed during the
winter, when the Girls
Basketball Team made
it to the regional level
of the state playoffs.
By spring, track and
golf teams also returned
to state.
The culmination of
the sports year, though,
was the twin state
championships of the Softball and Baseball teams.
Here’s a recap:
Football -- State
Softball -- District
Champs/State Champs
Baseball -- District
Champs/State Champs
Boys Track -- 9th at
Girls Track -- Regional
Champs 8th at State
Boys Cross Country
-- 3rd at State
Girls Cross Country
-- 4th at State
Boys Golf -- 3rd at State
Girls Basketball -- Regional Round State Playoffs
our numbers
These pie charts represent
Cedar Creek’s expenses,
income and giving.
In the Expenses chart at
left, the largest category -“instructional” -- is mainly
faculty and staff ’s salaries.
In the Income chart at right, you can
see where “tuition and fees” does not
cover all our expenses. We have to
depend on donations from our Cedar
Creek family to “fill the gap.”
In the Donations/Fundraising chart
below, you can see how the Creek
Fund along with our major fundraisers
help provide the superior education
we all want for our children.
your generosity
ver the past year we asked
each member of the Cedar
Creek family to “Invest in
Your Child’s Road to Success.” As is
evidenced in this report, we have been
abundantly blessed by your generosity
and have had many successes to celebrate. Thank You!
This year, we have broadened the
scope of Cedar Creek School Annual
Report to include acknowledgements of
In-Kind gifts, Athletic Corporate Sponsorships and all areas of athletic contributions for the 2013-2014 school year.
We are all aware that tuition alone does
not cover the cost of all the academic
and extra-curricular programs that a
Cedar Creek education provides for
your child or grandchild. Thank you for
contributing to the many fund raising
and volunteer opportunities that are offered on behalf of the Parent Club, The
Creek Fund, Cougar Athletics, Holidays
our message
from advancement
in CedarTown, Cedar Creek Celebration and The Foundation Endowed
Fund. Your generosity is enriching the
lives of our students and faculty each
and every day. You truly are paving the
way for each child’s “Road to Success.”
As we enter our 45th year, I am
encouraged that the strong tradition
of philanthropy that was established
by our Founding Families decades ago
will be the bedrock for our future. It
will continue to provide the resources
for us to not only maintain our current
programs and facilities; but will allow
us to enhance all areas of our curriculum and provide the bricks and mortar
necessary for expanding our academic,
Lynda Steed
athletic and arts facilities.
Thank you for perpetuating the vision
of our Founders by continuing their
legacy of giving. Thank you for your
trust, support and for your ongoing
investment in our students.
The Creek Fund
our donors
Mr. Donnie Barmore
Randall and Shirley Barron
Super Omnia $5000+
Mr. and Mrs. Jody Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Mike S. Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Barron
Ray and Adrien Creasy
Greg and Cindy Bimle
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Dowling
Hood Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Everett
Irrigation-Mart, Jay Robbins
G.A. and Molly Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hampton
Gold $2500-$4999
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hatch
Ms. Mary Anne Hill
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brandon Ewing
Ray and Dianne Madden
James and Jody McCullin
Ben and Kellie Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Clay McDonald
Tommy and Janet Phillips
Charles and Darlene Menzina
Dr. and Mrs. Billy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Menzina
Dr. Candi and Mr. John Moak
Emerald $1000-$2499
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Moss
Emily and Jody Adams
Shawn and Donna Kay Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Neuroth
Brazzel Memorial Reunion, Inc.
Joe and Tina Newton
Clay and Teresa Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Orr
Papa Simpson’s Farm LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Guinn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pike
Dr. and Mrs. Allan Hild
David and Stacy Potter
Mr. Tony Holtzclaw
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Riley
Dr. Virginia and Mr. Tommy Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Roebuck
Mr. and Mrs. William Manning
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rudnicki
Marcia McNeill
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Stokley
Mr. and Mrs. Lue Charles Napper
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sutherland
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Pardue
Dr. and Mrs. Kerry Viator
Ron and Beth Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Walker
Don and Marilyn Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Layne Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Scriber
Lenard Services - Toby & Kristen Head Pete and Pat Wooley
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Steed
Friends Club up to $249
Joey and Connie Taylor
Dr. Nasir Ahmed
Colin and Tonya Wade
and Mrs. Kishwar Ahmed
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Yepson
Matt and Amanda Barham
Mrs. Lisa Barr
Cougar Pride Club $500-$999
Mrs. Robin Brown
Aegis Capital
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Cannon
Patricia J. Doughty
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Causey
Chris and Stacy Doyal Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. John Colvin
Clay and Jennifer Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Craft
Shannon and Memrie Lolley
Dickie and Toni Crawford
Carol B. Massey
Eddy and Janice Donalson
John and Tiphanie Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. John Durrett
Mr. and Mrs. Niles H. Miller
Bob and Dottie Ferrington
Murphy Oil Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fortenberry
Jackie and Glenda Robbins
Drs. William James and Tonya Slusher Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Glenn
Green Clinic Management, Co., LLC
Ann Walsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Haddox
Addison T. and Donna Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haley
Gerry and Rebecca Williams
Pat Haworth
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hollingsworth
Patrons Club $250-$499
Mrs. Beckie Huckaby
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Adams
Mr. and Mrs. William Hyams
Mr. and Mrs. John Jimmerson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Johnson, III
Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Johnston
Mr. George T. Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Klug
Ronald and Marilyn Koepke
Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler League
Mrs. Erin Lesnansky
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Linder
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Mabou
Ms. Meagan Marsalis
Ms. Karen Mayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Jay McCallum
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Milczarek
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Mitchell
Dr. Howard Murray
and Dr. Erica Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Loc Nguyen
Ms. Shirley Owens
Jim and Gina Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Peel
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Pike
Sue and Charlie Pyles
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ray
Mrs. Elise Reis
Mrs. Karen Roberson
Mike and Lena Roberson
Mrs. Allison Rufleth
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Rugg
Ms. Meredith Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Slusher
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Storms
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Stuckey
Patrick and Brandy Taylor
Mrs. Susan Thomas
George and Carmen Trevison
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Vallery
Linda E. Viator
Ms. Sherri White
Gold $2500-$4999
Jedco Properties, LLC
LPI - Louisiana Plastic Industries
Emerald $1000-$2499
Dr. Cindy and Mr. Greg Bimle
Community Trust Bank
Goldman Equipment
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haddox
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Marcus
Michelle and Caskey Terral
our donors
Cougar Pride Club $500-$999
Center Point Energy
Commercial Specialties Agency
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cooper
DCP Assets Holding
Dubach Air & Heat, Inc.
First National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Frasier
Fuqua Paper & Supply
Hill Oil Company
Janet Fortenberry Insurance
Log Cabin
Jackie and Chris Miller
Peach Tree Dental
Roberson Trucking Company
Ruston Locker Room
Ruston Tractor/Heather Boddie
Julie and Matt Shirley
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Spillers
Ashley and Randy Thomas
Weyerhaeuser Company
Patrons Club $250-$499
101 Operating Co., Inc.
Bank of Ruston
BBQ West
Courtesy Chevrolet
Law Office of John Andrew Durrett
Mr. and Mrs. Roman Farrar
Marti and Tim Garlington
Mr. Wayne Gray
Larkin and Ben Haddox
Cammie and Mike Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hunt
Irrigation-Mart, Inc. - Jay Robbins
Jackson Parish Hospital
Little Pizzoli’s Italian Café
Mark Johnson Plumbing
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Martin
Jill and Lonnie Menzina
Bubba Pardue
Aimee and Gary Rambin
Jennifer and Paul Riley
Carolyn Roberts
Mr. Joe Robinson
Ruston Glass & Mirror
Tommy’s Tees, Inc.
Training Logic, Inc.
Trinity United Methodist Church
Nancy and Chris Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Wade
Friends Club up to $249
Emily and Jody Adams
Mr. Jeff Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Brown
Mr. Jerry Chestnut
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Coggins
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Everett
Sonya and Scott Freeman
Melissa and Tommy Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gresham
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Guinn
Hideaway Bay
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hood
Mr. Darrell James
Mr. Derek Kennard
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Lolley
Mr. Dusty McGehee
Mr. and Mrs. Jason McIntosh
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Neal
Ms. Amy Parnell
Peoples Bank
Emily and Matt Pullin
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Pyles
Karen and Robby Roberson
Jeffrey L. Robinson, Attorney at Law
Drs. William James and Tonya Slusher
Casey and Joe Spatafora
Buffy and Scott Walker
Walpole Tire Service
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Washington
Foundation Endowed Fund
Super Omnia $5000+
Cedar Creek School
Mr. and Mrs. John O’Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Neal
Sidney and Charline Wilhite
Emerald $1000-$2499
Raymond and Karen Haik
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Trapp
Cougar Pride Club $500-$999
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Killgore
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Killgore
Mr. Michael Killgore
Mr. and Mrs. Don Robbins
Ms. Laura Smith
Patrons $250-$499
Joann Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Steed
Friends up to $249
Connie and Ayres Bradford
Dr. and Mrs. John Broocks
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haddox
Mary L. Higginbotham
Mr. and Mrs. Drake Mills
Athletic Corporate Sponsors
A & M Operating, Inc.
American AVL
Andy Halbrook - Edward E. Jones
Arcadia Oilfield Supply
Argent Financial Group
BBQ West
Benefit Plan Services, Inc.
Bobby Ensminger, MD
Bratton Consulting
C. Lawrence Neal, MD
Caples & Robinson Orthodontics
Carey Norwood - Horace Mann
Catfish Inn
Century Link
Century Marketing Solution
our donors
Clay Johnson - Farm Bureau
Community Trust Bank
Courtesy Chevrolet of Ruston
Davis & Associates
Davis Lawn Care
Deanna McCallum, Attorney at Law
Diabetic Care
Don M. Barron Contractor Inc.
Donnie Bell Design
Dr. Cindy Bimle
Drek Gaming
Durrett Law Offices
Edwards, Wade and Perry CPA’s
Ewing Timber
Fair’s Diesel Service
Family Pharmacy
First Baptist Church of Ruston
First National Bank
Granger Equipment
Green Clinic Cardiology
Green Clinic Health System
Green Clinic Pediatrics
Green Clinic Surgical
Green Clinic Team MD
Gregory Sampognaro, MD
Headstart Driving
Hill Oil Company
Hodge Bank & Trust
Home & Business
Hood Petroleum, Inc.
Hunt, Guillot and Associates
Industrial Diesel and Machine
J. Roman Farrar, DDS
Janet Fortenberry - State Farm
Jeffrey Robinson, Attorney at Law
Learning Rx
Lincoln Asphalt Paving
Lincoln Builders
Lincoln Outpatient Therapy Services
Log Cabin/Ponchatoulas
Louisiana Insurance
Louisiana Plastic Industry
M.L. Smith Jr.
Massingale & Associates
National Jewelry Company
North Village Plaza
O’Neal Gas
Paige Volentine, DDS
Pardue Builders
Patrick Stuckey, DDS
Peach Tree Dental
Peoples Bank
Perry’s Properties
Precision Drilling
Pulpwood Producers
Raising Canes
Riley Company
Rodney Alexander
Ruston Body Works
Ruston Chevron
Ruston Locker Room
Ruston Pediatric Associates
Ruston Tractor
S. Renee Stadius, CPA
Salon 4160
Sam & Teresa Riley
Shawn Murphy - State Farm Insurance
Sonic of Bernice and Haynesville
Spring Media
Sterling Pharmacy
Steven Venters, MD
Stonebridge Management
Super 1 Foods
Teresa Culpepper Carroll,
Attorney at Law
Teresa’s Nails and Spa
Teriyaki Grill
Terral Construction
Terral Logging
The Fabric Shop
The Visual Difference
The Zone
Thomas Nursery & Feed
T.J. Miller Inc.
T.P. Outdoors
Turpin Orthodontics
Union General Hospital
United Home Care
Wayne and Carroll Owens
Holidays in
CedarTown Sponsors
Holiday Brunch Sponsor $2500
Community Trust Bank
Louisiana Plastic Industries
North Pole Sponsor $2000
Minute Magazine
Santa Sponsor $1500
Spring Media
Christmas Tree Sponsor - $1000
First National Bank
Green Clinic Management, Co., LLC
Hood Companies
Lenard Services
iPad Sponsor - $750
Bank of Ruston
Reindeer Sponsor - $500
Gibsland Bank & Trust
North Louisiana Medical Center
Petite Paws
Elf Sponsor - $250
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Carroll
Hodge Bank & Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Menzina
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Steed
Drs. Sedo and Martina Tamakloe
Celebration Sponsors
Tavern at the Creek Sponsors $3000
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fortenberry
Dr. and Mrs. J.V. Jones
M. L. Smith Jr., Inc.
All Fired Up Cook-off
Sponsors $2500
Community Trust Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ewing
Ewing Timber, Inc.
Louisiana Plastic Industries
Mr. and Mrs. Don Robbins
Ruston Tractor - Heather Boddie
Smokin’ Hot Sponsors - $2000
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Maxwell
Pit Master Sponsors - $1500
Green Clinic Management, Co., LLC
Hood Companies
our donors
National Jewelry Company, Inc.
Grid Iron Griller Sponsors - $1000
Argent Financial Group, Inc.
Don M. Barron Contractor Inc.
Dr. Cindy and Mr. Greg Bimle
Dr. and Mrs. Kerry Byrnes
Teresa Culpepper Carroll, Attorney
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davis
Donnie Bell Design
First National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haddox
Irrigation-Mart, Inc. - Jay Robbins
Louisiana Insurance Services, Inc.
Marbury Building Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Derek R. McClusky
Mr. and Mrs. Niles H. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Neal
Riley Company
Spring Media
The Rib Shack Sponsors - $500
101 Travel Plaza
Clinic Rx Pharmacy
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Everett
Hodge Bank & Trust Co.
Lincoln Builders, Inc.
Lincoln Outpatient Therapy Services
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Madden
Mr. and Mrs. William McIntyre
Peoples Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Robbins
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Steed
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tew
The Burger Barn Sponsors - $250
Bank of Ruston
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Branton
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Craft
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Craft
Mrs. Patricia Doughty
Mr. Rick J. Gallot, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Halbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Lane Haley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hampton
Johnston Dental Clinic
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Jones
Malone Polaris
Marion State Bank
Deanna McCallum, Attorney at Law
Mrs. Marcia McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Menzina
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Orr
Dr. and Mrs. Shane Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Roebuck
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Sampognaro
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Vallery
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Yepson
Raise the Paddle
Super Omnia $5000+
Mr. John Mark Wilhite
Emerald $1000-$2499
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Barron
Dr. Cindy and Mr. Greg Bimle
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Johnson, III
Drs. Dayanny and Michael Langiulli
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Marcus II
Mrs. Marcia McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Menzina
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Spillers
Cougar Pride Club $500-$999
Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Allen
Mrs. Connie Eagles
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brandon Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Guinn
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hampton
Mr. and Mrs. Haig Kitishian
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Robinson
Drs. William James and Tonya Slusher
Drs. Sedo and Martina Tamakloe
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Taunton
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Towns
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Wade
Patrons $250-$499
Mr. and Mrs. Jody D. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. David Farrar
Mr. and Mrs. David Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Klug
Mr. and Mrs. Lomax Napper
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Norsworthy
Dr. and Mrs. David Osafo
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Poulin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pullin
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Steed
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Thomas
Dr. Amy and Mr. Stephen Vessel
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Woodard
Friends Club up to $249
Mr. John Belton
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Boyet
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Dickie Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Creasy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Duggan
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Erikson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Haddox
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler League
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Madden
Dr. Candace and Mr. John Moak
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oliver
Mr. Bubba Pardue
Mr. Stephen Taylor
Ms. Sherita D. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Robinson
Lt. Col. Rowdy and Dr. Marion Sewell
Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Temple
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Trammell
Celebration Special Recognition
Andy Smith
Bayou Beaux Cook-off Team
Ben Dance
Cookin’ Cougar Coaches
Cook-off Team
Decal Shop
Donna Kirkland
Janet Linder
Katy Causey
Mark Granger
Rabb’s Liquor
Redneck Ring of Fire
Cook-off Team
Smokey Creek Pit Bosses
Cook-off Team
Tangled Designs
The Tailgaters Cook-off Team
Wesley Boddie
Celebration Auction Donations
All That Jazz
Barnes Studio
Ben Christmas
Bernice Pharmacy
Builders Supply Co. of Ruston
our donors
Cedar Creek Art Classes
Cedar Creek Elementary Classes
Cedar Creek Middle School Classes
Cedar Creek High School Classes
Celebrity Theatre
Celebutante Tanning & Spa
Classic Designs
Connie Howard
Counter Culture
Dallas Darlings
Dixic Chic Designs/Sharla McClusky
Everything Artsy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Feron
Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Jason Floyd
Fox’s Pizza
Fuqua Paper Supply
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Graham
Green Clinic Aesthetics/ Anna Stephens
Hair Studio
Hall of Hoops/ Katie Hall
Head Start Driving/
Mr. and Mrs. David Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hockenjos
Mr. and Mrs. John Hood
Hot Rod Bar-B-Que
House of Flowers
J. Hilburn/Mr. and Mrs. Matt R. Shirley
Jim Taylor Ford/RocketFast
Kacee’s Sugar & Spice
Kelly Moore Bag/Kelly Clark
Kevin Beasley Photography
L Tech Nails
Louisiana Tech Alumni Association
LaBella Salon
Landry’s Marketplace
Lauren Roebuck Designs
Le Beaux Monde
Learning Rx/Amy Marcus
Lincoln Outdoor Living
Locker Room/Mr. and Mrs. Mike Craft
Log Cabin
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Malone
McKinney Honda
National Jewelry/
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Rickey Neaves
Northside Furniture
Official/ Mr. and Mrs. Haig Kitishian
On Time Deer Feeders
O’Neal’s Farm & Garden
O’Neal Gas, Inc.
Peachtree Dental, Inc./ Dr. and Mrs.
Jesse Roberts
Pearlie Sue & Company/
LeeAnn McDonald
Penny Perfect
Petite Paws
Pizza Inn
Portrait’s Plus
Power House
Regal Nails
Rodeo Boutique
Roma Italian Bistro
Rustiques/Jeff Robinson
Ruston Animal Clinic/Dr. Marion Sewell
Ruston Body Works/Tommy Gallagher
Ruston Chevron
Ruston Florist
Ruston Tractor/Heather Boddie
Salon 4160
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Smith
Soap Opera - Ronny Walker
Social Bites/Heather Bailey
Spring Creek Shooting/
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davis
Squire Creek Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stinson
Suntan City
Super One Foods
T.P. Outdoors/Greg and Cindy Bimle
The Avenue
The Children’s Shoppe
The Cleaners of Ruston
The Cottage
The Fabric Shop/
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Adams
The Fashion
The Frame Up/Mr. and Mrs. Lead Terry
The Pewter Company
The Spotted Giraffe
The Zone/Mr. and Mrs. Craig Moss
Thirty One Gifts/Laurie Robbins
Thomas Feed and Seed
Tommy’s Tees, Inc.
TOTS - Teams of Tomorrow
Townsend House
Trey’s Mowing Service/
Mr. Drew Hampton
Two Crazy Girls
Dr. and Mrs. Tommy Ward
Wood Imaginations/ Green Long,
Robbie and Virginia Temple
Zija/Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Soto
Gold $2500 - $4900
Hood Companies
Friends up to $249
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Millsap
and Honorariums
In Honor of our Teachers
Jody and Janet Blackwell
In Honor of David Wingard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Coyle
In Honor of Ella Viator
Eddy and Janice Donalson
In Honor of Jack & Brett Bell
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hatch
In Honor of Anne-Marie Fortenberry
Karen Mayfield
In honor of Brandon and Davis Vessel
Carol B. Massey
In Memory of Josie Noland
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Adams
In Memory of Greg Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Causey
In Memory of Easton Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dowling
In Memory of Mr. Loyd Behrner
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hunt
In memory of Mrs. Joanna Steed
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hunt
In Memory of Nancy Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. John Jimmerson
In Memory of James Russell
Ms. Karen Mayfield
In Memory of Jerry McNeill
Marcia McNeill
In Memory of Caroline Menzina
Jill and Lonnie Menzina
In Memory of Carol Beaty
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Stuckey
In Memory of Faye Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Stuckey
Cedar Creek School 2013 – 2014 Annual
Report is published by Cedar Creek School
Advancement Office.
Every effort has been made to include all contributors and to verify the correct listing of donor names.
If your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly,
we apologize and would appreciate notification.
our team
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April 10, 2015
Ruston Civic Center
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