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At / I~. 0 O'CLOCKJL M
L.. .
~~ · ·
· NOV 0 6. -~014
Pursuant to the Texas Open Meeting Act, Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, the
Commissioners' Court of Coryell County, Texas, will meet in open session to conduct regular
business. The meeting will take place in the Commissioners' Courtroom of the Gatesville
Annex, 205 S. 7th Street, Gatesville, Texas on Monday, the lOth day ofNovember, 2014, at 9:00
a.m. to discuss and act as appropriate on the items listed.
Agenda Items:
1. Call to order
2. Invocation
3. Pledge to the Flags
4. Citizen's Forum: At this time, citizens will be allowed to speak on any matter other
than personnel matters, matters under litigation, or matters on the regular agenda, for a length
of time not to exceed five minutes per person. Thirty minutes total has been allotted for this
5. Consent Agenda:
A. Consideration and action to accept the submission of the October 2014 financial
summary report by the County Clerk's office. (Simpson)
B. Discussion and action to accept the submission of the minutes for the Coryell County
Historical Commission meetings held on September 9, 2014. (Firth)
Action Items:
6. Discussion and action to approve the minutes for the Commissioners' Court workshop on
October 20, 2014 and the Commissioners' Court meeting on October 27, 2014.
7. Discussion of Road and Bridge projects and report of Road and Bridge Administrator.
8. Discussion and possible action to approve Coryell County position concerning damage to
County Roads by the Magellan Pipeline Corporation installation contractor. (Firth)
9. Discussion of TxDOT letter referencing "Participation Waived Project for Off-System
Bridge Replacement", AA02-10-001, Moccasin Bend Road @ Leon River. (Firth)
10. Discussion and action to approve Final Plat for the Greenbriar Ranch Estates Subdivision
near US Highway 84 and Greenbriar Road. (Firth)
11. Discussion and action to approve Coryell County Burn Ban Order No. 2014-04 effective
November 10, 2014 for unincorporated Coryell County. (Firth)
12. Discussion and action to approve Interlocal Agreement with McLennan County for
housing and care of inmates for FY 2015. (Firth)
13. Discussion and action to ratify the appointment of Judge Joe Carroll of Bell County to
serve on the Board of Trustees for the Central Counties Center for a two year term.
14. Discussion and action to approve Coryell County Resolution #20 14-14 requesting that
the Legislature approve legislation in the upcoming session to add an additional District
Court to support judicial cases in Coryell County. (Firth)
15. Discussion and possible action to approve lease space for the County Tax Assessor
Collector office in Copperas Cove. (Firth)
NOVEMBER 10, 2 0 14
16. Discussion and possible action regarding the renovation of the County Main Street Annex
in Gatesville. (Firth/Jones)
17. Discussion of Special Commissioners' Court session on November 14, 2014 at 9:00a.m.
in the basement courtroom of the Courthouse to canvass the General Election on
November 4, 2014. (Firth)
18. Discussion of proposed personnel policy for consideration in a new County Personnel
Handbook and to identify issues for further discussion with outside expert counsel.
19. Pay Bills. (Firth)
20. Judges ' Report (Firth)
21. Commissioners' Reports (Wall/Moore/Jones/Latham)
Executive Session:
Pursuant to Sec. 551.071-551.076 of the Government Code, the
Commissioners' Court will meet in executive session to discuss legal matters regarding damage
done during the pipeline installation operations with county attorney. (Firth)
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Signed this 6th day ofNovember, 2014.
i/ Coryell County Judge