November, 2014 Volume 31, No. 11
November, 2014
The Newsletter of Sharp Memorial United Methodist Church
A Stephen Ministry Congregation
email: [email protected]
Phone/fax: 706-379-3210
PO Box 66, Young Harris GA 30582
Volume 31, No. 11
Sharp Scholars Chili Cook-off
The College Ministry Committee’s annual Chili Cook-Off was held on Sunday,
October 26. This popular event raises funds for the Sharp Scholars scholarship
program, which awards $1000 scholarships to college students who are
members of the church. We anticipate as many as 7-8 students may be eligible
for these scholarships for the 2014-15 school year, and the fund-raising got off to
a great start as we tasted and voted (by donations) for some delicious chili.
Church Staff
Rev. David Tinsley
Michael Ackland
Jim Barker
Director of Ministry Care
Joy H. Breedlove
Administrative Assistant
& Newsletter Editor,
This year’s winner was Rev. Virginia Tinsley, whose Turkey Chili gathered the
most votes. A total of $595 was raised at the Chili Cook-off. The College Ministry
committee appreciates all who entered their pots of chili, and all who tasted,
voted, and enjoyed the good food and fellowship.
Pam Leslie
Director of Music
Angela Holloway
Tonya Page
Nursery Supervisor
YHC Interns
Logan Gray
Monica Lewis
YHC student Roderick Galloway and College Ministry chair Roy Wright crowned
Virginia with the coveted Chili Pepper Hat.
The next fund-raiser for the Sharp Scholars program will be a Bake Sale between
services on November 23. Watch the bulletins and e-SHARP for more details.
Daylight Savings
Time Ends Nov. 2
for Humanity that is used to build
more houses. In addition to a
down payment and the monthly
mortgage payments, homeowners
invest hundreds of hours of their
own labor--sweat equity--into
building their house and the houses
of others. Your gift to our
November Communion Offering
will help provide safe, decent
affordable shelter for more families
in Towns and Union Counties.
You can get an extra hour of sleep
the first Saturday night in
November, if you remember to set
your clocks back an hour before
you go to bed on Nov. 1.
Just as it takes a village to raise a
child, so it takes a community to
raise a Habitat house for a local
family. Please join us in giving a
hand up to a neighbor.
Yams for Thanksgiving
Habitat for
Towns-Union Habitat for
Humanity is a non-profit,
ecumenical Christian housing
ministry. They seek to eliminate
poverty housing and homeless-ness
in Towns and Union Counties and
to make decent shelter a matter of
conscience and action. Habitat
invites people from all walks of life
to work together in partnership to
help build houses with families in
Through volunteer labor and taxdeductible donations of money and
materials, Habitat builds simple
decent houses with the help of the
homeowner (partner) families.
Habitat houses are sold to partner
families at no profit, financed with
affordable, no-interest loans. The
homeowners' monthly mortgage
payments go into a revolving Fund
This year, Sharp Memorial has
been asked to provide 500 cans of
yams for the Thanksgiving Dinner
boxes to be distributed by the
Towns County Food Pantry.
We’re asked to bring 29 oz. cans
of yams to the church by Nov. 13,
so they can be transported to the
Food Pantry and packaged with the
All women are invited to attend the
UMW World Thank Offering
Program on Saturday, November
1, at 11:00 AM in the Fellowship
Hall. (Update: the program was
postponed due to weather. It will
be held on Sunday, November 9,
at 3:00 PM in the Fellowship
Hall. The UMW Executive Board
will meet at 2:00 in room FH4/5.)
Vikki McVay will be speaking on
“UMW Through the Eyes of a
Child.” The UMW continues to
collect Blessing Bags for the
homeless. These will be taken to
Trinity Kitchen in Atlanta.
The Susanna Wesley Circle will
meet on Weds, Nov. 5 at 10:00 AM
in FH 2/3 at the church. Circle
leader is Melda Davis (706-8961487).
The Mary Martha Circle will
meet at 10:00 AM on Nov. 11 in
room FH 2/3at the church. Circle
leader is Peggy Gregg (706-3793478).
The Fay Hoag Circle will meet on
Thursday, Nov. 13, at 6:30 PM at
Janice Parmer’s home. Circle
leaders are Patti Kay (706-3793219) and Dian Woodruff (706379-2504)
The Lydia Circle will meet on
Monday, Nov. 17, at 7:00 PM in
room FH 4/5 at the church. Circle
leaders are Melanie Beighley (cell
770-633-3765, home 706-3793575) and Brenda Maynard (706896-5035).
The Ruth Circle will meet on
Thursday, Nov. 20, at 3:00 PM in
room 203 at the church. Circle
Leader is Anne Gilmore (706-8963141).
Notes of Thanks
Unit News:
Circle Meetings:
All women are invited to
participate in a Circle. If you
would like more information or to
attend a meeting, please contact the
To my church family:
Thank you, God, for such a
gracious, loving church family. It
has been a blessing with so many
prayers from our members. God
bless you each and every one.
Chris Cooney
and the Cooney family
The family of Charlie Maynard
would like to express our sincere
gratitude for the loving support
shown to us by the Sharp church
- Brenda Maynard
Thanks for the prayers,e-mails,
words of sympathy, and all the
wonderful cards we received
during Mom's illness and at her
passing. You are the sweetest
church family anyone could have.
Love, Jane and Billy Snipes
and family.
Remember our
Please remember those who are
homebound or in nursing homes.
In Brasstown Manor: Hilde
Schaffranke, Harvey and Rachel
Windsor. In Chatuge Nursing
Home: Blanche Anderson, Joan
Perry. In Clay County Care
Center, Hayesville, NC: Ramona
Davidson. In Union Co. Nursing
Home: Mary Evans. At home:
Betty Barlow, Mildred
Dunbrack, Marilyn Gordon,
Sandy Lawyer, Tom McVay.
Stephen Ministry
Thought for the
I pray for them. I am not praying for
the world, but for those You have
given me, for they are Yours.... My
prayer is not for them alone. I pray
also for those who will believe in Me
through their message... Father, I
want those You have given Me to be
with Me where I am, and to see My
glory, the glory You have given Me
because you loved Me before the
creation of the world. John 17:9, 20,
24 (NIV)
Alternative Giving
for Christmas
Having trouble thinking of a gift
for that “hard to buy for” friend or
relative? Afraid you’re going to
receive more “stuff” you don’t
need for Christmas? Then come to
the Alternative Giving event
sponsored by the Mission
Committee to solve your problems.
A mission gift is the perfect gift
for family, friends, coworkers and
the people important in your life.
It demonstrates your love and
respect to the recipient and to those
in need, and is a wonderful way to
say “thank you” … a terrific
stocking stuffer … a great
host/hostess and last-minute gift.
As we prepare to move into the
season of Advent, our Missions
Committee will have Alternative
Giving shopping available between
worship services in the Fellowship
Hall on Sunday, November 9.
Heifer Project, International, and
the Society of St. Andrew’s Potato
and Produce Project will be the
featured organizations this year.
Here’s a bit about Heifer Project:
Build a Barnyard of Opportunity!
A gift of livestock from Heifer
International increases income,
provides better nutrition and
creates a lifetime of opportunities.
Friends of Heifer can give as little
as $10 a month and buy one goat
every year for a family struggling
with hunger & poverty. . Also, a
one time gift of any amount will
help Heifer International purchase
all types of animals for small farms
in order to create small business
around the world.
The Potato and Produce Project
(because it is more than just
potatoes these days!) salvages
tractor-trailer loads of potatoes and
other produce that are rejected by
commercial markets or potato chip
factories due to slight imperfections in size, shape, sugar
content, or surface blemishes.
Usually, these rejected loads end
up at local landfills. Through the
Potato and Produce Project, the
Society of St. Andrew is able to
redirect these 43,000-pound loads
of fresh, nutritious produce to food
banks, soup kitchens, food pantries,
low income housing areas, local
churches, and other hunger
agencies for distribution to the
Because this produce is donated to
them, the Society of St. Andrew
pays only for the transportation and
packaging of the food—an
amazingly low 6 cents per pound!
That means they can provide food
to the nation’s hungry for about 2.4
cents per serving! Each $12 gift
donation to the Society of St.
Andrew provides about 600
servings of fresh, nutritious food to
America’s hungry families.
Volunteers from the Missions
Committee will be set up in the
Fellowship Hall on Nov. 9 to assist
with gifts to each of these mission
projects. You can finish your
Christmas shopping in minutes!
/Finance Notes
Operating Budget (2014)
Sept. income: $27,607.
YTD income: $275,374.
Sept. expenses: $33,025.
YTD expenses:$294,754.
Sept. deficit: $5,418.
YTD deficit: $19,380.
Sept. Communion Offering:
North GA UM Children’s Home:
A gift to the Sharp Scholars Fund
has been made by Sandra Bookout,
in memory of Richard Bookout, for
his birthday Nov. 16.
Coffee Set-up
Nov. 2 – Marsha and Robert Elliott
Nov. 9 – Pat and David Kerr
Nov. 16 – Peggy and Ben Lilly
Nov. 23 – Jay and John Richards
Nov. 30 – Linda and Frank Riley
Altar Flowers
Dominic’s Angel
Dom’s Angel Tree will be in place
early this year: This annual project
benefits The Towns and Union
County Foster Children’s Program.
These are children who otherwise
would have few or no Christmas
presents. The Angel tree will be
set up and ready in the narthex on
Sunday, November 23, 2014.
Instructions and suggestions will
be attached to each name.
Remember, you do not need to
purchase all the suggested items!
All packages will need to be
returned to the church by
Sunday, December 7. The reason
for this early date is to allow time
to catalog gifts and the need to mail
some gifts to children temporarily
placed outside the area. If you
have any questions, please call
Margaret Frizzell at 706-745-3197.
Memorial Gifts
A gift to the Flower Fund was
made in memory of Oty Rogers, by
Vi Schiltz.
A gift to our Music program was
made in honor of Flo and Jay
Frasure’s anniversary, by Norma
Jean and Bob Stewart.
Gifts to our Music program were
made in memory of Charlie
• by Peggy and Ben Lilly,
• by Ann Chenault,
• by Elizabeth and Frank Allan,
• by Lynn Garrett
• by Marsha and Robert Elliott
The deadline for the December
2014 issue of Sharp Notes will be
November 15. Items for the
newsletter may be brought to the
church office or emailed to Joy at
[email protected]
Nov. Worship
Nov. 9 – Elaine and Gene Vickers
Nov. 16 – Anne and Jim Gilmore
Nov. 23 – Doris Tilly
Nov. 30 – Altar Guild
Please note: the 2015 Flower
Calendar is now posted on the
bulletin board outside the
church office.
Nursery Volunteers
8:15 – 10:00 AM
Nov. 2 – Kay Muehlhausen
Nov. 9 – Linda Hinson
Nov. 16 – Martha Rollison
Nov. 23 – Gail Day
Nov. 30 – Marsha Elliott
Nov. 2 – Drew Sofield
Nov. 9 – Erin Page
Nov. 16 – Illeana Fontenot
Nov. 23 – Drew Sofield
Nov. 30 – Erin Page
10:00 AM – noon
Nov. 2 – Jo Ellen Thornton
Nov. 9 – Joyce Frick
Nov. 16 – Nancy Stevens
Nov. 23 – Barbara Pittman
Nov. 30 – Sue Wall
Altar Guild, Nov.
Nov. 2 – Kori Sofield
Kathy Pierce, Anne Atkinson
Sound System, Nov.
8:30 AM service
Nov. 2 – Flo and J. A. Swartz
Nov. 9 – Marsha Elliott, Brenda
Nov. 16 – Carroll Miller, Lawton
Nov. 23 – Jay and John Richards
Nov. 30 – Pat and David Kerr
8:30 AM: Mike Ackland
11:00 AM: Pappy Doughty
11:00 AM service
Nov. 2 – Bob Atkinson, Cherri and
Karl Scharnberg, Tony Leslie
Nov. 9 – Ann Atchison, Linda and
Ron Roseberry, Nancy Stevens
Nov. 16 – Jen Angelopulos, Ray
Blitch, Ray Ide, Lou Weber
Nov. 23 – Anne and Jim Gilmore,
Debbie and Richard Klotzbier
Nov. 30 – Nancy Stevens, Lou
Weber, Janet and Bill
Happy Birthday
Jim Welling – Nov. 1
James Moorhead – Nov. 2
Ray Ide – Nov. 6
Jane Snipes – Nov. 6
Gail Stewart – Nov. 11
Ellis Wiley – Nov. 12
Jamae Bruton – Nov. 14
Fran Banister – Nov. 15
Brittany McKinnon Davis –
Nov. 18
Brenda Maynard – Nov. 20
Catherine Jarrett – Nov. 21
Sandy Lawyer – Nov. 21
Ted Bruton – Nov. 22
Mildred Dunbrack – Nov. 22
Note: Mildred will celebrate her
100th birthday on Nov. 22,
Susan Pirkle – Nov. 22
Jenny Poole – Nov. 23
Susan Vardeman – Nov. 23
Dail Rentz – Nov. 24
Tommy Gary – Nov. 25
Drew Sofield – Nov. 25
Rocsane Tabulinar – Nov. 25
Janet O’Harrow – Nov. 26
Dot Rex – Nov. 26
Mike Ackland – Nov. 27
Louise Lety – Nov. 27
Myers Banister – Nov. 29
Hayley Burch Goldhagen –
Nov. 29
Bud Dyer – Nov. 29
Justin Miller – Nov. 30
Dot Vaughan – Nov. 30
Afghanistan. Brenda Maynard’s
Alec Blackmon, Airman FC –
home from Afghanistan. Brenda &
Charlie Maynard’s grandson-inlaw.
SGT Jeff Buckingham – Ron
Denton’s cousin, Special Forces
training at Ft. Bragg, NC.
"All creation is the Lord's, and we
CAPT Lew Dyer – US Navy, son
are responsible for the ways in
of Woodie and Bud Dyer, now
which we use and abuse it. ... God
stationed at Parris Island,
has granted us stewardship of
creation. We should meet these
Beaufort, SC.
stewardship duties through acts of
Trent Dyer – Wilson Sayles'
loving care and respect."
---United Methodist Social Principles
SSG David B. Edwards – Don
Gregg’s nephew, USAF, Nevada.
Green Faith ( )
CAPT Sean Flynn – US Air
is an interfaith organization
Force, Charlotte Bunnell’s
focusing on “inspiring, educating,
grandson, McGuire Air Force
and mobilizing people of diverse
Base, New Jersey.
religious backgrounds for
LTjg Bentley Foster – US Navy,
environmental leadership." The
serving on board the USS Howard
website has religious teachings
out of San Diego. Anne and Jim
relative to the environment,
Gilmore’s grandson
resources, available programs, and
SGT Dustin R. Gammill. –
other helpful information. Take a
USMC, Jenny Moe’s niece’s
look at the website (be sure to end
husband, Naval Air Station in Ft.
the address with .org ) and consider
Worth, Texas.
taking the Green Faith Pledge.
LCPL Brent Jones – USMC,
returned from Pakistan, now
serving as a recruiter.
David Junghans – US Army,
PVT Michael Ledford – Ruth
Please remember in your thoughts and
Heusel’s grandson, back in the
prayers all of the men and women in our
armed forces stationed all over this
Lt. Col Scott Wesley Lerdon –
world, keeping our country safe and
US Air Force Reserves, deployed
free, along with the civilians who are
to Guam. Bobbie and Wes
there to support them.
Lerdon’s son.
Especially we remember:
CDR Gregory Morris – US Navy,
Mailyn Ayala – Roy Wright’s
serving on an aircraft carrier out of
niece, US Army.
Japan. Diana Smith’s greatSGT Jimmy Barker – US Army,
Jim & Sally Barker’s son, now
Lt. Commander Brian Potter stationed in Vincenza, Italy.
US Coast Guard, Washington, DC.
SSG Ron Barker – John & Martha
Grandson of Margaret Frizzell.
Barker’s son, home from Kosovo,
Mark Reinhardt – Ann
stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas.
Atchison’s brother, serving in
Charlie Bell – Nancy & Paul
Djibouti, Africa, for the US Navy.
Bundy’s grandson, in Basic
Col. Stephen Smith – Larry
Training at Fort Leonard Woods,
Smith’s son, Ft. Bragg, NC.
SSG Brent Steel – US Army, Ft.
Jared Blackburn – Army Special
Hood, TX. Martha and John
Forces, on his 2nd tour in
Barker’s nephew.
Creation Care Tip
Support our
Troops in Prayer
Happy Anniversary:
Mary and Jack Miller – Nov. 9
Marsha and Robert Elliott –
Nov. 18
Rachel and Harvey Windsor –
Nov. 18
Deb and Don Cooper – Nov. 19
Linda and Larry Hudson – Nov. 19
Susan and Alan Sinram – Nov. 19
Lisa and Walt Sofield – Nov. 19
Bonnie and Ray Blitch– Nov. 29
Jenny and Len Poole – Nov. 30
Diana and Bob Short – Nov. 30
Quilts of Valor Presentations
On November 2, 2014, a quilt was presented to Carl
Cooney. Below are some of the stitchers with Carl.
We have had the honor of hosting the presentation of
Quilts of Valor to two of our members who are WWII
Veterans. Each of these quilt tops were pieced by the
“Sharp Stitchers”.
Kim, Chris and Carl Cooney after the presentation.
Thank you to Jim Barker for all the wonderful photos.
This quilt was presented to Berndt “Nord” Nordhielm on
October 5, 2014. Pictured above are some of the Sharp
Stitchers who helped piece the quilts.
Nord with his daughters after the presentation.