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November 2, 2014
All Souls’ Day
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By Appointment
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My Dear Parishioners,
In the pastoral life of the Church, the month of November has traditionally been designated as a special
time to pray for our beloved dead. This Sunday, November 2 is the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, or All Souls Day. In all the Masses, the Church invites her sons and daughters to pray for those
souls who are in purgatory, undergoing a process of purification before they enter into the presence of our
merciful and loving God where they will experience eternally the joy of heaven. In all the Masses we shall
pray for all of those who are being purified from sin before entering the presence of God. We will pray especially for all members of our parish who have died in the past year at the 9:00 AM Mass!
Every death brings a sense of loss, grief and frustration for those who love the person who is no longer
physically in their midst and viewing death through the lens of faith is what gives people hope for “the prospect of a joyous reunion.” “When a member of the Catholic community dies, the Church, who is our Mother
and Teacher, exhorts the remaining members of the Church, in particular the family members of the deceased, to gather to offer the Holy Eucharist for their beloved dead, thus commending the deceased to the
merciful love of God and pleading for the forgiveness of his or her sins.” As your pastor, I’m extremely
concerned because of the growing practice of Catholic families in not providing their deceased with
a Mass of Christian burial. It’s something that’s concerning, because there are many benefits to
have a funeral Mass, both for the living and the deceased, and yet in a growing number of cases
families are settling for prayers at the funeral home or graveside while omitting a funeral Mass. All
you have to do is open up to the obituary page in the morning--you look at the obituary and there's no funeral Mass scheduled. This is unfortunate! Not to have the Mass of Christian Burial offered for our beloved
deceased family members, especially someone for whom attendance at Mass had been an integral part of
his or her life as a practicing Catholic, is to deny that person a source of healing and forgiving grace. Many
times their survivors especially their children don’t recognize its importance. Funeral Masses are available
even if the person who died wasn’t practicing their faith. Every baptized person is a member of the Church
and they’re always beloved by the Church, and “absent public scandal”, that is, the reasons that kept them
from coming to church regularly are not reasons to forgo a funeral Mass. Some people have also indicated
that it is the cost that makes them deprive their deceased loved one’s the benefit of having a funeral mass.
This should never be a factor in your decision making: the funeral stipend is $275 of which $100 goes to the
organist, $75 to the cantor, $100 to the parish could be waived. If you don’t have the money, don’t worry
about it. The poor are not to be denied fitting funerals!
Pre-planning one’s own funeral takes a great deal of the pressure off the surviving family and friends. Funeral pre-planning (also known as personal funeral planning) is a wise and increasingly popular practice
that's becoming increasingly accepted and appreciated in the U.S... For a variety of reasons, an increasing
number of people choose either to exclude or to minimize the Church’s involvement in bidding farewell to
their beloved deceased. Perhaps the principal reason is the general falling away from Christian Faith in our
highly secularized culture. If the people handling your funeral arrangements are not devout, practicing Catholics, then their understanding of God, sin, redemption and the afterlife may differ vastly from the Church’s
Faith. Chances are they will not see the need to pray for your soul. By pre-planning, you are able to make
sure things are done in the way you would like them and you will know that you are relieving your loved
ones of some very burdensome future responsibilities. You can begin the funeral planning process long
before you are even close to death or seriously ill. If you are ill or in the process of dying, funeral planning
can be a proactive way of dealing with the inevitable. If you pre-plan your funeral, you actually help your
family to avoid some of the normal stress and chaos associated with death and funerals. Helen
Delaney, our Pastoral Minister, and I are committed to helping you prepare for a funeral. In order to
assist you prepare and celebrate the funeral Mass, we have compiled a guide to assist you with frequently asked questions and a practical understanding of the celebration Cont. Pg. 3
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Holy Family Church, Auburn, New York
Sunday, November 2
9:00 am Jane Marullo - Patty
11:15 am Katherine Healy - Jack & Ann Leide
Monday, November 3
12:15 pm Judith M. Nolan - Mark & Martin Nolan
Tuesday, November 4
12:15 pm Betty Engle - Mike & Huguette Evangelista
Wednesday, November 5
12:15 pm Noel Dobbins - Al & Josie
Thursday, November 6 - No Mass
Friday, November 7
12:15 pm Anna Beauchine Farrelly - The Donnelly Family
Saturday, November 8
4:30 pm Michael & Anne Olusczak - Alice & Linda
Joan E. Morgan - HF Bereavement Committee
Saverio Trinca - Wife & Family
Sunday, Novmeber 9
9:00 am Sue Buehler & Dolores Manzone - Al & Josie
11:15 am Eugene Savio - Sylvester Leide
Financial Stewardship for October 25/26
Attendance 510
No. of Envelopes Mailed 534
No. of Envelopes Used 183
Last Week’s Giving $4,303.00
Weekly Collection Goal $6,650.00
(Under)/Over $(2,347.00)
This weekend the second collection will be for St. Joseph
God Bless you for your generosity. Your support is needed
and greatly appreciated.
A sanctuary lamp will burn this week in memory of the
deceased members of the Morgan/Burns families.
We welcome Carsen John - Turner Tomandl to our
faith community. Congratulations to his family.
November 2, 2014
Faith Formation Offertory Procession this week at
the 9 am Family Mass—our newly Confirmed young
people. Next week 4th Grade Faith Formation will bring
up the gifts at Offertory time.
Food Pantry Donations: Featured donation for the month of
November is canned goods.
The Ministry of Sacristan: Sacristans assist in the
preparation of the sacred vessels before Mass and clean and
store them after Mass. The sacristy is the room behind the
sanctuary (where the altar is located) where the vessels and
supplies are stored. If you would like to learn more about this
ministry or train to become a sacristan at Holy Family for our
weekend Masses, please call Kelly Pines at 253-8137.
The 2014 Holy Family Halloween Party on October 26 was a
success due to the efforts of members of the parish. Thank you
to all the parishioners who contributed time, effort and items for
the party. We are especially grateful to the following people who
assisted with the party: Alexa Driscoll, Maeve Canty, Jack
Canty, Meghan Giannotta, Carly Dolan, Jude Griffen, Mike
Riordan, Simon Mills, Ronan Murphy, Dan Harper, Deonsay
Harper, Krysha Pierce, Dante Liberatore, Zack Crosby, Mary
Gareau, Ralph Mills, Sharon Mills, Jennifer Ringwood, Maria
Staehr, Rebecca Mills, Sam Katovitch and Margaret Liberatore.
Special Thanks goes out to our two Corporate Sponsors:
Wegmans and Kinney Drug Store on Owasco Street. Valerie
Curtis and Barbara Quinn
Holy Family Church Part-Time Maintenance Position. Basic
maintenance of buildings and property including lawn
maintenance, snow removal, painting, cleaning, and other
miscellaneous duties. Up to 28hrs/week with occasional
weekends. Any knowledge of electrical, plumbing, masonry and
carpentry work would be helpful. Must have a valid driver’s
license and be able to lift at least 50lbs. and climb a ladder at
least 10ft up. Salary according to Rochester Catholic Diocese
scale. To apply for this position please come to the Rectory at
85 North St. during the following office hours: Monday and
Tuesday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Wednesday and Thursday: 9:00
am until Noon, closed on Fridays. For further information, please
call the Rectory at 252-9576.
Nicole Dennis & Zachary Nevidomsky
Soup kitchen volunteers for November 8th: M.
Castiglione, M. Crowley, M. Finn, E. Nolan, K. Spinelli
Thanksgiving Masses: The formal and official Thanksgiving
Mass for the Auburn Catholic Community will be celebrated
on Thursday, Thanksgiving morning, 9:00 am, November
27, 2014 here at Holy Family but in KEEPING OUR
TRADITION especially for those who will miss this gracious
opportunity due to other important and necessary engagements,
we shall celebrate a Thanksgiving vigil mass here at Holy
Family on Wednesday, November 26 at 5:30 pm. And we shall
take a collection at these masses to benefit the Lunches With
Love program as our way of expressing our gratitude to God.
We will be selling Sherwood Forest Farms
wreaths and evergreens starting the weekend of
October 18/19. Their evergreens are harvested in
the forested mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The
Cascade Mountain Range is home to the Noble Fir they use in
their fresh products. We will have a sample of a wreath for you
to see. All orders will arrive the beginning of December. Visit
sherwoodforestfarms.com to see all of their products.
These evergreens will make wonderful decorations for your
home and great gifts for the holiday season! This sale is to
benefit our ongoing Roof Renovation campaign.
LITURGICAL LEADERS MEETING will be held on Monday,
7:00 PM, November 3, 2014 in the meeting room located in the
basement of the Rectory to plan and prepare for Thanksgiving,
Advent, Christmas and New Year!
Page Three
Holy Family Church, Auburn, New York
Behind the Scenes: This weekend we celebrate All Saints’ Day
and All Souls’ Day which are two important days in the Catholic
Church. The Feast of All Saints is a great feast honoring God’s
saints, but it is also a reminder of Christ’s promise to us. God
gives us the hope that one day we shall all join Him and all His
Saints in heaven, if we follow His example with love. Some Saints
are recognized by the Church with special days but most of the
Saints are unknown to us. These unknown Saints may include
members of our family and friends, who help and guide us here
on earth. On All Souls’ Day we are called to remember and pray
for those who have gone before us. We pray that they may soon
be with God sharing in His glory.
10:00-11:00am - Faith Formation Classes - School
10:00-11 am- Catholic Shop - School
6:30 pm - Leadership Committee - Rectory
10:00 - 11:00 am - Clothes Closet - School
10:00 - 11:00 am - Catholic Shop - School
7:00 pm - Parish Life - Rectory
6:00 - 7:00 pm - Clothes Closet - School
6:00 - 7:00 pm - Catholic Shop - School
7:30 pm - Choir Practice - Church
3:30 pm - Confessions
Altar Servers
Saturday, November 8
4:30 pm N. Hoskins
Sunday, November 9
9:00 am J. Siddall, M. Staehr
11:15 am G. Gorney, M. Gorney, C. Liberatore
Saturday, November 8
4:30 pm S. Marullo, A. Botindari
Sunday, November 9
9:00 am P. Ferrari, M. Castiglione
11:15 am S. Weldon, J. Renahan
Eucharistic Ministers
Saturday, November 8
4:30 pm J. Burns, P. Donnelly, M. Lavey, C. Tomandl
Sunday, November 9
9:00 am R. Bryant, C. Siddall, B. Tonzi, M.Warter
Nursing Home: K. Pines
11:15 am M. Pagano, K. Pines, E. Renahan, B. Wilson
Saturday: 4:30 pm - Sue Marullo
Sunday: 9:00 am - Bill Tonzi
Sunday: 11:15 am - Kelly Pines
November 2, 2014
Please pray for our sick and our Armed Forces,
especially Sue Daly, Joan Petrucelli, Siobhan Phillippe,
Sonja O’Brien, David Walton, Ray Cuddy, Mary Guido,
Paul Mallon, Sandra Petrucelli, Joe Graney, Rev. Conrad
Sundholm, Carter Hergert, Paul Vitagliano, Sister Rita Kaufman,
RSM, Virginia Dranscak, Leonard Smith, Joanne Komanecky,
those listed in our Book of Petitions and those serving our
country: LCpl Brian Baxter USMC, Capt Gregory Baxter USMC,
LtCol Joseph E. Brooks USAF, PFC Earl Doyle Jr. USA, PFC
David Orasi USA, Sgt Tom Ellis Sr. USA, CWO4 Roger Graf
USA, Sgt James Johnson USMC, Sgt Kristen Adams Jones
USMC, Sgt Caleb Jones USMC, SSgt Donald Luckinbill USAF,
Pvt Justin Miller USA, Sgt 1st Class Jason Mero USA, TSgt
Diana O’Connor USAF, SSgt Angel Gonzalez USA, Cpl Eddie
Gonzalez USMC, Pvt Zachary Gonzalez USMC, 1SGT Zachary
Howell USA, LCpl Marshall Ziegler-Greer USMC, E3 Alexandria
Slywka USN, Capt DJ Benzing USAF. Please call Celeste (2529576) if you would like to add or delete from the list.
(Cont. from Pg. 1) of the Funeral Liturgy. You will find an
insert in this weekend bulletin which can be used by your
family to prepare your funeral, or you can personally use
these references to prepare your own funeral, write down
your choices, and give copies of these choices to your
parish for filing, to the member of the family who will be in
charge of your funeral or give to the funeral director to
include with the other items found in your prearrangements. Again, funeral mass is your Christian right-its denial is a grave injustice and deplorable to any deceased
devout Catholic who would have desired a Mass of Christian
Burial. Worse still is when no arrangements are made for Mass
to be offered for the repose of the deceased at any time after
the funeral.
When one of our members dies, we as Church all mourn. For us
the celebration of the Mass is our comfort and prayer. I pray that
you are comforted in our faith and as we celebrate the Church’s
Liturgy that you find your faith fully realized in the Eucharist. For
the deceased members of our community who are denied
funeral Masses by their children or relation, the community of
Holy Family will embrace the responsibility to remember these
faithful members of our parish in memorial intentions. Eternal
rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine
upon them. May they rest in peace. May their souls and all
the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God
rest in peace. Amen.”
God bless and l love you all,
Fr. John
"Cherish you visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the
music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your
mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for
out of them will grow delightful conditions, all heavenly
environment; of these if you but remain true to them, your
world will at last be built."