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Workover Systems
Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Intervention and Workover Systems
Aker Solutions delivers oilfield products, systems and services. Our
knowledge and technologies span
from reservoir to production and
through the life of fields. Increasing
oil recovery is essential in today’s
energy-hungry world, so advanced
technology to enable subsea well
intervention is of great importance.
Aker Solutions has a wide range of solutions for
most of the well control activities required during
the life of an oil or gas field. The product portfolio
for well control is the result of the combined efforts
of Aker Solutions’ Workover Systems, Subsea
Controls and Enovate units.
Aker Solutions offers market leading open-water
systems, turnkey landing string solutions for
jackup and conventional rig applications, capping
and containment solutions and riserless well intervention systems.
The Aker Solutions’ open-water systems have
unique qualities that are a step change for the oil
and gas industry. The unique X-vendor architecture
of our light well intervention system enables subsea tree installations and field-life maintenance on
any subsea tree from any subsea vendor. This is
accomplished with the highest safety standards.
The unique X-vendor
architecture of our light
well intervention system
enables subsea tree installations and field-life
maintenance on any
subsea tree from any
subsea vendor
Aker Solutions’ light well intervention workover
system can be operated by semi-submersible rigs,
drillships or light intervention vessels. The system
provides large-bore access to any well, which facilitates coiled tubing and wireline operations.
Aker Solutions aims to be the preferred life-of-field
partner for oil and gas producers. The company’s
market-leading technology as well as growth of its
personnel and competence in products, systems
and operations serve that ambition.
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Health, safety and the environment (HSE) is a core value at Aker Solutions
and at the top of the agenda for our Workover Systems unit. We take personal
responsibility for HSE because we care about people, the environment and our
company. We continuously strive for zero accidents to personnel, material and
non-material assets.
We have tailor-made and well-proven
HSE processes and tools to ensure
our HSE message reaches employees
everywhere. These include Just Care™,
the very essence of what HSE means to
all of us. They also include Just Rules,
which describe the absolute requirements for an incident-free workplace
and operations. Our local HSE networks,
annual self-assessments and new
HSE leadership program help ensure
the highest standards are maintained.
These initiatives aim to create an HSE
mindset that draws lessons from serious
incidents to prevent a reoccurrence.
Employees are the key to our success. We travel the world to promote
our HSE vision through all levels of the
organization. We have adopted the
same approach in our efforts to ensure
quality in all we do.
To help improve quality we measure all
execution processes with key performance indicators (KPIs) shown monthly
in a global KPI dashboard which visualizes leading and lagging quality indicators. Activities that contribute to
improved performance as well as consequences of quality deviations are
reported at all levels and presented as
cost-of-quality figures. Top management is measured and has a particular
responsibility for global processes that
drive improvements.
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Subsea Lifecycle Services (SLS)
Aker Solutions is dedicated to helping its customers maintain
and optimize their assets and achieve enhanced production
rates and increased oil recovery.
We provide comprehensive and integrated
services for life-of-field management, support services and operational maintenance.
This support focuses on obtaining the highest
standards of technical integrity and delivering
the most effective lifecycle solutions, maximizing the systems’ availability, maintainability and safety.
Through our regional service bases and central support we can deliver globally integrated
subsea lifecycle services including:
„„ Installation and commissioning
of systems
„„ Rental of installation and
intervention tools
„„ Intervention support
„„ Maintenance, repair and spares supply
„„ Refurbishment and re-certification
„„ Customer property management,
including storage and preservation
„„ Operational and technical support
„„ Re-supply of brownfield equipment
„„ Manpower support
„„ Integrated operations
„„ Condition monitoring
Our service base locations include:
„„ Angola: Luanda
„„ Australia: Perth
„„ Brazil: Rio das Ostras
„„ India: Kakinada
„„ Malaysia: Labuan
„„ Nigeria: Port Harcourt
„„ Norway: Aagotnes, Kristiansund and
„„ UK: Aberdeen
„„ USA: Houston, Mobile
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
The multiWOCS™ Product Family
Modular, versatile and scalable, Aker Solutions’ workover
control system is a universal solution for subsea well
installation and intervention. Built with field-proven
components, the system enables safe well control on any
subsea tree, from any vendor.
One system - Any well - All fields
Expandable capabilities
multiWOCS™ enables increased hydrocarbon recovery through cost-effective well
intervention by translating the variations and
complexities of subsea fields into a standardized topside interface. With multiWOCS™,
any rig can operate on any subsea field, with
one workover system run by the same competent crew, using the same interface.
Add-ons allow an existing multiWOCS™
system to be expanded to new fields and
functionalities. The multiWOCS™ system
can also be customized to suit particular
operational needs. With the establishment of
Aker Solutions’ multiWOCS™ reference laboratory, it is now possible to develop a new
range of services tailored to clients’ specific
needs and which can be added to new and
deployed systems.
Utilization, uptime, operational window
and safety maximized by design
A complementary family of multiWOCS™
products is being configured to provide a
flexible solution for open-water and landing string operations. Common interfaces
and component modules will ensure rapid
deployment and fast operations. The standard multiWOCS™ master control unit (MCU)
and hydraulic power unit (HPU), a scaled
down (LT) version of the standard units and
an auxiliary HPU to handle mineral-based
fluids will comprise the multiWOCS™ product suite and accommodate all workover scenarios and variations in well equipment and
operating fluids.
All systems will be offered as part of a comprehensive package, providing training, hardware-in-the-loop pre-deployment testing of
software and hardware upgrades, 24/7 operational support and lifecycle services.
Features and benefits:
„„ Cross-vendor and cross-field capabilities
„„ Customization, flexibility and shorter lead
times enabled by modular design
„„ Reduced hook-up and test effort due to
standard interfaces
„„ Compact design for easy integration
„„ Simplified maintenance
„„ User friendly software platform and
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
„„ Comprehensive lifecycle support
Workover Systems Product Catalog
The multiWOCS™ Product Family
The Aker Solutions multiWOCS™ provides full electro-hydraulic control of subsea trees (XT) and workover equipment. The
multiWOCS™ is a robust, modular, flexible and space-saving workover control system. It includes a 48-function hydraulic power
unit (HPU) and master control unit (MCU) for cross-vendor operation. Both are fitted within standard 20’ stackable containers
which gives flexibility in terms of topside handling and location. The accumulator section can be lifted out of the HPU for ease
of transport.
The multiWOCS™ control functions and modes of operation
are configurable with dedicated MCU software, which allows
the system’s capability to be upgraded easily.
The MCU provides control and status monitoring of all the
main functions in the multiWOCS™ system, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric power supply and distribution systems.
Remote control of the HPU provides an improved working
environment with less noise, no fumes from hydraulic fluid,
and increased space and natural light in the control room.
The standard multiWOCS™ system can perform multiple
operations, including XT installation, Tubing Hanger Running
(THR) with a drill pipe landing string, THR with landing
string (Expro ELSA and Expro 7300/7400), and open-water
Main system components
„„ multiWOCS™ control container assembly
„„ multiWOCS™ supervisory control and data acquisition
(SCADA) system
„„ multiWOCS™ HPU container assembly
„„ Shutdown panels
„„ Reel and umbilical system
„„ Umbilical disconnect system
„„ Subsea interface package for Aker Solutions’ well control
systems (when required): workover control module, electronic power unit, and subsea safety and communication
Standard configuration of multiWOCS™:
„„ MCU: Provision for installing 3 XT subsea power and com-
munications units to support cross-vendor operations
„„ HPU: 48 hydraulic functions, 6 low-pressure (LP) and
6 high-pressure (HP) regulators, delivery via 4 multiple
quick connect (MQC) plates
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Customized multiWOCS™
Scalable multiWOCS™ LT
The modular design of the multiWOCS™ system
allows customized units to be built from the same subassemblies as the standard system. Such customized
systems provide unique solutions to customer needs,
while benefiting from a common support infrastructure
with the standard multiWOCS™ units. Fully compatible with the multiWOCS™, the customized units are
designed to be easily added with minimum hook-up
The next family member, the multiWOCS™ LT, will be
designed to undertake specific workover operations.
Utilizing the same sub-assemblies as the standard
multiWOCS™ system, its modular design will allow
delivery with a selectable number of hydraulic functions.
Customized multiWOCS™ examples:
„„ 12-function Brayco HPU: for the simultaneous
supply of water-based and mineral-based fluids
Common interfaces and component modularity between
the standard multiWOCS™ and multiWOCS™ LT systems enable cross-system utilization of existing equipment pools. As with all multiWOCS™ products, the system will enjoy the same support structure (operator pool,
recertification processes and spares inventories), product improvements, and related services as the standard
multiWOCS™ system.
„„ 48-function Brayco HPU: to deliver a tailor-made
cross-vendor intervention solution
„„ Optimized containers: to better match field-specific
Standard configuration of multiWOCS™ LT:
„„ MCU: Single XT configuration
„„ HPU: 12-24 hydraulic functions, LP & HP delivery
via 2 MQC plates
„„ 13’ stackable MCU and HPU containers
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Supervisory Control And Data
Acquisition (SCADA)
The operational efficiency and safety of any equipment
depend on a clear and highly reliable user interface.
So Aker Solutions has developed the multiWOCS™
SCADA system.
Designed and built in-house by a dedicated engineering team, the SCADA
system is based on best practices from
the nuclear and power industries and
incorporates years of hands-on operational experience of Aker Solutions’
The human machine interface (HMI)
provides a comprehensive overview of
all modes of workover operations in an
uncluttered format that makes irregular
notifications, such as alarms, immediately identifiable.
Full redundancy of subsea control is
achieved through two independent
communication channels. The SCADA
system is constructed from commercially available off-the-shelf components, making it easy to maintain.
A reference laboratory with a replica
SCADA system enables the SCADA
development and test team to conduct
rigorous hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)
testing of the system. Hardware simulators for software development testing
complement the HIL test facility. Automated test routines ensure accurate and
extensive testing of the SCADA system.
Used across the multiWOCS™ product
family, the multiWOCS™ SCADA system provides a common interface and
control system to off-shore operators
and support teams. Operational experience is thereby compounded, resulting
in the highest levels of operational efficiency and safety.
Services available through the
SCADA reference laboratory:
„„ Additional functionality (e.g. well
types, fields and operations) for
deployed systems
„„ Expert support for off-shore operations (including replication of
off-shore systems)
„„ Software maintenance service via
Aker Solutions’ Subsea Lifecycle
„„ Hardware maintenance and
obsolescence management
„„ Customized training
„„ Development of new data-base
products for equipment management, efficiency optimization and
other applications
Aker Solutions offers
operator training on
the SCADA system.
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
The riserLOCK™ Family
Aker Solutions has developed the riserLOCK™ 7.10 workover
riser connector for use on standard and special workover
riser joints.
riserLOCK™ 7.10
The riserLOCK™ 7.10 system provides a step
change in safety and riser running efficiency.
The riserBIND™ automated connection tool
has been developed to make up and break
out the riserLOCK™ 7.10 workover riser connector. It is designed for remote operation,
giving the driller access to operational data
and information from his chair.
The riserLOCK™ 7.10 workover riser connector is used on standard and special riser
joints. The connector is based on upset pipe
technology. It eliminates the need for welding
and provides optimal fatigue life and recertification performance in open-water and inriser applications.
„„ 7 3/8” bore diameter
„„ 10k working pressure
„„ Non-welded riser
„„ No load bearing threads
„„ Optimized for fatigue capacity
„„ Eliminates manual makeup
„„ Nace (sour service) compliant
A radio control panel is available for contingency operations. This automated tool enables quick make and break, accelerating the
run time and minimizing the risk of injury to
The riserLOCK™ 7.10 workover connector in
combination with the riserBIND™ automated
connection tool enables:
„„ Reduced connection time
„„ Maximised fatigue life and re-certification
„„ Increased work safety as it eliminates the
need for human operations in the “redzone”
Workover Systems Product Catalog
The riserLOCK™ Family - Safety Joint
The Aker Solutions safety joint is a newly qualified product,
developed to minimize or prevent the impact of structural
damage and permanent leakage of well barriers caused by
abnormal load conditions.
The safety joint is designed to break off
before any load combination of effective tension, bending moment and internal overpressure exceeds the yield capacity threshold of
the permanent well barriers. It enables safe
and quick disconnection of the riser string in
case of any accidental scenario listed below:
„„ Failure or lockup of riser tensioners or
heave compensator
„„ Dysfunction in mooring line or dynamic
positioning (DP) causing the vessel to
move off location
„„ Loss of stickup and stroke margin causing
stroke-out and high riser tension
In combination with Global Riser Analysis
(GRA), this safety joint has several unique
features which bring significant operational
and HSE improvements:
„„ Increases
operational envelope and
safety margins. The pressure-balanced
design ensures a consistent release load
independent of internal pressure
„„ Limits the impact of recoil energy as the
safety joint releases. In case of safety
joint separation, the water dampers prevent instantaneous strike-out of the riser
and potential hazards to workers and rig
„„ Ensures safer well control via automatic
initiation of Emergency Shutdown (ESD).
The control system on the Emergency
Disconnect Package (EDP) monitors the
breakaway part of the safety joint and
initiates shutdown of the well barrier elements in case of separation of the breakaway part.
„„ Reduces risk of spillage. Inner and outer
barrels of the safety joint are of telescopic
design and allow sufficient time for closure of well barrier elements and well
containment, preventing leakage of riser
content to sea.
„„ Allows the riser to be run in harsher
weather and environmental conditions
thanks to a strong mode functionality that
temporarily increases joint capacity.
Workover Systems Product Catalog
The riserLOCK™ Family - Heave Eliminator
The Aker Solutions heave eliminator is designed to limit the relative
movement between the rig and topside equipment, improving
safety for offshore personnel during rigging and tool building. The
heave eliminator also provides greater flexibility and efficiency as
operations normally performed in the derrick can be carried out on
the drillfloor.
The heave eliminator makes it possible to latch
onto the marine riser telescopic joint and to latch/
unlatch the workover riser inside. When unlatched,
the telescopic joint is free to move and hence eliminates much of the relative vertical movement of the
Surface Flow Tree (SFT).
Features and benefits:
„„ Enlarges the operational window when rigging
tool strings to 4 meters heave and beyond
„„ Reduces the need for work at height on top
of the SFT and Coiled Tubing Tension Frame
(CTTF), as the entire intervention tool string can
be built in advance on the drillfloor while all the
intervention equipment, SFT and landing joint
are not connected with the rest of the riser system
„„ Obviates the need for a tension joint and a tension ring adapter as it is replaced with a heave
eliminator, which latches onto the base of the
marine riser telescopic joint.
„„ Utilizes the drilling riser telescopic joint, flex
joint and diverter system already existing on the
„„ Avoids positioning high-loaded joints in rotary
during storm hang-off as the riser system can
hang off in the flex joint by disconnecting the
HP riser from the HP latch
„„ Enables easier and quicker repair or replacement of the seals compared with other heave
eliminator solutions
Main system components:
„„ High-pressure (HP) latch - A ’dog type’ con-
nector which enables the landing, latching and
sealing of the HP sleeve
„„ HP sleeve - An assembly of standard workover
riser pipe with the SFT on top and an interface
to the HP latch at the bottom
„„ Transition/cross-over to a marine riser telescopic joint
Workover Systems Product Catalog
The riserLOCK™ Family
Lubricator Valve
Riser Monitoring System
The Aker Solutions Lubricator Valve is based on a ‘failas-is’ single or dual valve design. The Aker Solutions
Open Water Lubricator Valve (OWLV) can cut various
sizes and grades of wire and coiled tubing.
The wellSENSE™ Riser Monitoring System (RMS)
measures selected features in the Completion/Workover
(C/WO) riser system at selected locations. The information is used for lifetime analyses of the riser system.
The RMS interfaces topside to the multiWOCS™. The
modular design makes the system configurable to suit
the requirements of various applications. The system
can be upgraded by adding strain gauges in several
locations or by adding other types of sensors to perform measurements.
Features and benefits:
„„ Utilizes ‘fail-as-is’ design
„„ Enables well isolation from below without pressure
on close control line
„„ Provides upper string pressure test capability
„„ Allows for chemical injection
„„ Incorporates dropped object/impact protector
Riser Management System
As the next step towards more predictable and safer
operations, Aker Solutions is developing a Riser
Management System. This system will provide evaluation of the fatigue to each riser joint based on actual
readings from the Riser Monitoring System in combination with Global Riser Analysis (GRA) results and
actual position of each riser joint in the system.
„„ Increases utilization by optimizing the tally before
each operation based on the fatigue status
„„ Optimizes the riser inspection program based on
actual usage
„„ Reduces uncertainty linked to the impact of
various operations
Workover Systems Product Catalog
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Workover Systems Product Catalog
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Well Control
Aker Solutions’ well control portfolio provides the
equipment and technologies required to secure and
access subsea reservoirs. Developed and qualified to
deliver robust and reliable performance at all times, it
ensures the highest levels of system safety throughout
well operations.
The major assemblies are built from modular elements and include:
Surface Flow Tree (SFT) to enable test production and surface access to the well
Lower Workover Riser Package (LWRP) consisting of:
Emergency Disconnect Package (EDP) to retain the fluid in the riser and
enable rapid disconnect of the system from the well
Lower Riser Package (LRP) to secure the well in any operational scenario
and remain subsea as a barrier following a disconnection of the system from
the well
Aker Solutions delivers assemblies at the forefront of the market with respect to
safety and operational efficiency to provide the operator with the right tool for the
right job.
The major assemblies topside and subsea utilize standardized and qualified valve
and connector technology as building blocks. These consist of standard elements,
such as cavities, gates, seats and actuators, for the following valves:
2 1/16” surface valve
2 1/16” subsea valve
4 1/16” surface valve
7 1/16” surface valve
7 3/8” subsea valve (cutting wire and coil)
7 3/8” En-Tegrity (safety head)
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Well Control
Surface Flow Tree (SFT)
Emergency Disconnect Package (EDP)
The main purpose of the SFT is to allow for test production, well kill and a studded flange interface to
wireline and coiled tubing systems.
The EDP provides quick disconnection of the riser in
case of vessel drift off/drive off. It is used to run and
retrieve the lower riser package (LRP), which functions
as a subsea blowout preventer in workover operations.
Features and benefits:
„„ 2 of 7 1/16” fail-as-is surface valves (surface pro-
duction master valve and surface swab valve)
„„ 4 of 4” fail-safe-close valves, 2 on each side outlet,
to enable maximized flow rates in clean-up or well
kill operations
„„ The side outlet actuators are equipped with
hydraulic override
„„ The SFT design incorporates pressure and temperature sensors as well as a chemical injection port
Features and benefits:
„„ The connection between the workover riser and the
EDP is facilitated by the riserLOCK 16” connector
EDP connector enables high-angle
release of the workover riser system from the well
barrier in case of an emergency quick disconnect
„„ To ensure capacity and functionality to circulate the
riser content after an EQD, the EDP is equipped with
X-over valve above the retainer valve (RV)
„„ The RV is designed and tested to cut and seal with
Aker Solutions’ latest 7-3/8” cutting gate valve technology
„„ Control and monitoring of the remotely operated
functions via the electro-hydraulic workover control
module (WOCM) ensures quick response times. The
WOCM installation can be configured to enable the
WOCM to be subsea retrievable
„„ Dual barrier bleed-off design avoids trapped pressure
between the production isolation valve (PIV) and RV
in the event of an EQD
„„ High-angle
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Lower Riser Package (LRP)
System assembly overview
The LRP functions as a well barrier element during
completion, workover and potentially plug and abandonment operations. The LRP assembly also ensures
distribution of hydraulic and electrical supply between
the EDP, XT and downhole equipment.
Features and benefits:
„„ Enables well kill, chemical injection and circulation
Surface Flow Tree
4 1/16” FSC
surface gate valve
capabilities while maintaining dual barriers in any
operational mode/state
„„ Incorporates the production isolation valve (PIV)
and the safety head for cutting capability and
sealing integrity
„„ Equipped with pressure and temperature sensors
which provide feedback to the multiWOCS™ for
topside monitoring
„„ Features capability to provide third-party XT
control, enabling cross-vendor well interventions
and completions
„„ The LRP’s lower connector is designed as a standard industry API flange for easy interface with any
potential third-party XT adapter
makeup tool for
riserLOCK™ 16.10
High Angle EDP
En-Tegrity Shear
Seal Ram
Workover Systems Product Catalog
Well Control
4 1/16” FSC surface gate valve
The Aker Solutions gate valve and actuator are of failsafe-close design and enable high well cleanup/test
production velocities in challenging reservoirs. The
valve employs metal-to-metal sealing technology to
seal gate to seat and seat to body. The interfaces are
designed so that the seats are pre-loaded to the gate,
ensuring sealing at a very low differential pressure.
Features and benefits:
„„ 4-1/16” bore for increased flowing and cleanup
capability in SFT
„„ Integrated independent primary and secondary
hydraulic operations
„„ High-performance ultra-dense tungsten carbide
coated Inconel 725 material in gates and seats
„„ All internal wetted valve surfaces qualified with
CRA-coated material (Inconel 625)
„„ Closing time less than 1 second
Advanced makeup tool for
riserLOCK™ 16.10
Driven by HSE, this upgrade to the standard EDP
enables remote makeup of the riserLOCK™ 16.10
connector used between the lower stress joint and the
Features and benefits:
„„ No manual work at height in moonpool
„„ Reduced risk of pinch points due to guided run-in
of stress joint
„„ Accelerated makeup and test of connection
„„ More accurate preloading of connection to ensure
high integrity operations
Workover Systems Product Catalog
High Angle EDP Connector
The En-Tegrity Shear Seal Ram
The EDP Connector enables safe disconnection of the
EDP from the LRP. The Aker Solutions High-Angle EDP
Connector provides open-water workover systems with
the latest and most robust connector on the market.
The connector has undergone extensive testing for
pressure, temperature and loads and proved its capability to ensure great predictability and robustness in
The En-Tegrity Shear Seal Ram is a significant step
towards increased well integrity for the industry.
Designed by Enovate Ltd (an Aker Solutions’ company), this market-leading product provides significant
improvement in terms of safety and operational reliability.
Features and benefits:
„„ Enables disconnect angle well above industry
requirements - at 12° in the connector
„„ Enlarges operational window for deep and shallow
waters, reducing the risk of ’out-of-zone’ operations
„„ Includes water dampers to ensure safe and easy
subsea re-connect
„„ Incorporates two independent sets of hydraulic
cylinders to actuate disconnect function
„„ Utilizes robust sealing technology with qualified
primary metal seal and contingency seals
Features and benefits:
„„ Metal-to-metal sealing which significantly reduces
risk of erosion and leaks
„„ Market-leading cutting capability
„„ Single valve to cut and seal with wireline, drill pipe,
tool joints and casing in the bore
„„ Debris (>15% sand) and high well flow tolerant
Workover Systems Product Catalog
multiTREE™ Operations Upgrade Kit
The multiTREE™ operations upgrade kit is a future development planned as a
single upgrade package to the system.
It enables installation, completion, intervention and
workover activities on any XT/TH system, including all
verification and interfacing activities.
Features and benefits:
„„ Accelerated upgrade to enable multiTREE™ oper-
ations on a new field
„„ Fully verified and quantified system performance
„„ System prepared for early integration testing
„„ No complex IP sharing agreements
„„ Fully verified in advanced software lab before
mobilization or integration testing
This upgrade consists of three subsystems: multiTREE™
XTAC/THAC, multiTREE™ STCU and multiTREE™
System Integrity Verification.
The XT Adapter Connector (XTAC) interfaces with the
standard cross-vendor interface on the lower end of
the well control package. This high-capacity flange uses
standardized seal and flange configurations to cross
over the XT-specific XTAC assembly. The multiTREE™
Tubing Hanger Adapter Connector (THAC) is required
to interface the completion string for installation. This
provides a standardized interface to the Tubing Hanger
Running Tool (THRT) and provides hydraulic passthrough for the control functions to the TH system.
„„ These products enable the system to interface
mechanically with any XT/TH system
Workover Systems Product Catalog
A standardized interface has been established within
the multiWOCS™. This allows the multiTREE™ Subsea
Tree Control Unit (STCU) to be integrated with minimal
complexity and without complex protocol and control
integration. All necessary controls equipment, such as
XT HPU, HFL, EFL, jumpers, are defined, integrated
and verified as part of the offering.
„„ Enables an efficient plug-and-play add-on to ena-
ble control of any XT/TH system
multiTREE™ System Integrity
When enabling multiTREE™ operations, verification
of the system capability is critical to ensure highintegrity operations. This is done by providing the
following services:
„„ Interfacing
„„ Operations procedures
„„ Global Riser Analysis (GRA)
„„ Hydraulic analysis
„„ Integration testing
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