Dear Applicants, North Country Spouses’ Club

North Country Spouses’ Club
2014 Gift Wrap
Dear Applicants,
The Post Exchange on Fort Drum allows North Country Spouses’ Club (NCSC) to host a Gift Wrap table during the
holiday season, specifically 29 November 2014 to 24 December 2014. The NCSC is proud to open a number of dates to
Private Organizations (POs) and Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) to operate the table in an effort to fundraise. An annual
lottery takes place to determine the FRG and PO dates. Dates for FRGs and POs will be announced at the lottery.
Please complete the attached application and submit by 7 November 2014. A complete application packet
includes the attached application (signed by the unit commander and FRG Leader) and a copy of the FRG/PO bank
statement, in order to verify the organization’s name. Each applying organization must also include a check deposit in
the amount of $100. No personal checks accepted. If the organization must cancel, please notify NCSC 4 business days
prior to their assigned date. If the organization does not cancel within the allotted time, a $100 cancellation fee will be
charged. Otherwise, the organization will receive the original $100 deposit in addition to monies split evenly between all
organizations involved during the gift wrap season. Please submit application packet to: NCSC; Attn: Gift Wrap; P.O. Box
327; Fort Drum, NY 13602.
The lottery for this year’s Gift Wrap Fundraiser will be at USO Fort Drum Room 1 on Monday November 17, 2014
at 6PM. Each organization must have a representative present during the lottery drawing. No one can represent more
than one organization.
All gift wrapping is for donations only. All monies donated into the NCSC Gift Wrap donation box during the
assigned time for each PO/FRG will be distributed at the conclusion of Gift Wrap Season; two specific dates after January
1, 2015 but before January 15, 2015. The NCSC wants this fundraiser to be a team fundraiser, therefore profits will be
split evenly between the organizations that are participating. The time and date of distribution of money will be
communicated to you through email after the conclusion of the gift wrap season on December 24, 2014. Distribution of
checks to FRGs/POs will occur no later than January 15, 2015.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at [email protected] We look forward
to working with you for Gift Wrap 2014!
Jill Walton and Colleen Rhoads
NCSC Fundraising Chairs
Gift Wrap Participation Policies
1. On the date of Gift Wrap, two persons from your organization must man the table at all times during PX
business hours (9am-9pm).
2. Organizations will be allowed to sell goods for fundraising purposes. Please submit a detailed list of items you
wish to sell for approval. (Note: We are not allowed to approve the following items – cookies, coffee, tea, hot
chocolate, donuts, and other items sold by vendors in the PX.) Profits must be kept separate from monies made
through the Gift Wrap donation box. Please Note: All organizations receiving a lottery date need to contact Ms.
Phelps, Manager of PX, if they wish to conduct any additional fund-raising activity at the same time as the gift
wrapping. The organizations, whether gift wrapping or conducting any additional fund-raising activity, must then
contact Ms. Rita Grant at Fort Drum MWR for DFMWR permission.
3. Soldiers are allowed to participate in Gift Wrap with approval from their Chain of Command. Soldiers must be in
civilian clothes.
4. Money that is donated to the Gift Wrap box must not be handled by organization members. Change cannot be
made from this money.
5. Wrapping paper and boxes will be provided by the PX. Please bring bows, scissors and tape for use by your
organization. The NCSC does not furnish supplies.
6. Your organization is responsible for getting your own volunteers. You must have a person at the gift wrap table
during the entire time you are scheduled.
7. Monies donated to the NCSC Gift Wrap box will be counted at the end of each day by a NCSC Board Member
and FRG/PO representative for verification purposes.
8. Checks will only be distributed to the parties listed on the organization application. All checks must be cashed
within 90 days. If you lose your check, please notify NCSC immediately. We will rewrite the check for you, but
must issue a $35 check cancellation fee.
9. If you can’t work your shift, contact one of the committee chairpersons listed at the end of this contract at least
4 business days prior to your assigned shift. If no answer, please leave a message and a call back number.
10. The NCSC and AAFES are not responsible for any injury sustained during your gift wrapping sessions.
I understand and agree to the policies and procedures within:
Signature of FRG Leader______________________________________________
Date: ____________
Signature of Commander_____________________________________________
Date: ____________
Name of Organization: __________________________________________________________________
Contact Information:
Colleen Rhoads and Jill Walton Fundraising Co-Chair: [email protected]
Phone Numbers for Co-Chairs will be given at the lottery once dates are selected.
Mrs. Phelps, PX Services Business Manager (315) 772-6210
Ms. Rita Grant, (315) 772-5844
North Country Spouses’ Club 2014 Gift Wrap Application
Organization Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Name on Bank Account: __________________________________________________________________________
Staff Duty Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________________
Organization Email: ______________________________________________________________________________
Commander’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Commander’s Signature: _________________________________________________________________________
Commander’s Phone Number: _____________________________________________________________________
Commander’s Email: _____________________________________________________________________________
FRG Leader’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
FRG Leader’s Signature: __________________________________________________________________________
FRG Leader’s Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________
FRG Leader’s Email (if different than above): __________________________________________________________
FRG Treasurer’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
FRG Treasurer’s Phone Number: ____________________________________________________________________
Items requesting to be sold at table: _________________________________________________________________
Signatures above demonstrate understanding of and agreement to the policies and procedures herein.
For NCSC Use Only
Date Received: ________________________________________________________________________
Bank Account Name Verified:_____________________________________________________________
Gift Wrap Date: ________________________________________________________________________
Check Pick Up Name: ____________________________________________________________________
Check Pick Up Signature: _________________________________________________________________
Check #: _______________________________________________________________________________