November 16, 2014 Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 16, 2014
Thirty-third Sunday
in Ordinary Time
St. Bernard Church
415 Tower Hill Road,
North Kingstown, R. I. 02852
A Stewardship Parish
The church is located at 275 Tower Hill Road.
Rev. John E. Unsworth, Pastor
Pastoral Assistant: Angelo Giacchi
Sundays: Rev. Albino Barrera, OP
Rev. Charles Maher
Administrative Asst.: Jane Allen
Mass Schedules
Saturday Vigil ~ 5:00 PM
7:00 AM
8:30 AM
10:30 AM
8:00 AM
Monday through Friday
Parish Center:
Phone #:
Fax #:
415 Tower Hill Road
[email protected]
Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM
Please visit us on the web:
Please call the Parish Center for
information about scheduling and
to the Sick:
Please notify us of those sick and
in need of Communion at home.
Please call 10 months in advance.
Holy Orders:
Tel: 401-831-8011
Project Rachel:
Post abortion counseling
Tel: 401-421-7833, ext. 118
Sacrament of
Saturdays 4:00 PM ~ 4:30 PM
Following Tuesday’s 8:00 AM Mass
until 12:00 Noon
Music Ministry:
Alison Shea, Director
Family Faith Formation Program:
This family based program provides parishioners of
all ages opportunities for learning, growing and living
our Faith through common experiences, age-specific
learning and interactive sharing and is designed for
families with children in grades 1 through 7. Our
Confirmation Program accepts students in grades 8
and 9, but any high school student is welcome. For
information contact [email protected] .
Dawn Masterson, Director of Faith Formation
Deborah Fortin, Faith Formation Office Manager
Free to Worship
Without Catching
The Flu
Our parish is blessed with a large number of people
who work in the Health Care industry as doctors, nurses, technicians and other health care professionals. I
rarely ever visit South County or Kent Hospital or a local Nursing Home without meeting a member of the
staff who is from the parish, and I am always greeted
like a long-lost relative. I am never at a loss to find parishioners who can guide me when I have questions
about health care issues. As a result, I have not been
surprised by the number of nurses and health care workers who have approached me about the danger of passing on germs during the Sign of Peace at Mass and from
the cup during the distribution of Holy Communion.
And, although we put fresh water in every Saturday,
they also warn me about the family of germs living in
the Holy Water Font.
This year we are encouraging everyone to get their
flu vaccine. In the meantime I would like to clarify for
you what precautions should be taken by parishioners
and ministers alike so that we can minimize the risk of
infection among the people of our worshipping community.
First of all the Sign of Peace is a part of the ritual of
the Mass and, according to the Instruction in the Roman
Missal it may not be dropped or eliminated from the Eucharistic Liturgy. However, it also states that a “…
handshake or other suitable gesture may be used….”.
Therefore, we are asking that you kindly refrain from
shaking hands at the Sign of Peace if you, or someone in
your family is infected with the flu, or even a bad cold.
This also applies to those who hold hands during the
Our Father, a custom which has become popular, but
has never been a part of the Ritual of the Mass. If you
prefer not to shake hands simply smile at your neighbor
and wish them peace. If you fear they will not understand then simply say something like, “Peace be with
you, I have a cold!” If the person who has been sitting
next to you for many years (and Catholics tend to sit in
the same pew each week) suddenly prefers not to shake
your hand, do not presume that they are being a snob, or
that you have some social disease. Rather than being
offended, be grateful that they have decided not to share
their germs with you.
The same rule should apply to receiving Communion from the cup. If you are not well, please refrain from doing so. This year we will discontinue
the use of the cup at Mass beginning with the First
Sunday of Advent (Nov. 30th ) and it will not resume until Spring.
Our Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers are
also being instructed to take extra precautions.
They will now be washing and sanitizing their hands
before Mass and they have also been instructed not
to distribute Holy Communion if they have a cold.
In the future it may be necessary to further review these policies, but for now we are asking that
you be careful with your own health and to be sensitive to the health of others. Please be especially
thoughtful of the many people whose health is at
My prayer is that we will all have a very healthy
(and happy) winter and flu season; if not, then let’s
not make things worse.
Fr. Jack
This year we are hosting a special 4-week Program
for adults and young adults of the Parish. Our
Theme will be “Family Life and the Church” and
sessions will be held in the Church on 4 consecutive
Tuesday evenings beginning on Tuesday, November 18th from 7 to 8:00 PM. Following the lead of
Pope Francis and the Synod of Bishops recently
held in Rome, we will spend this time studying the
Church and her response to the issues, both moral
and legal, facing families today. Our themes will be
as follows:
November 18 - “What the Scriptures &
tradition say about families.”
November 25 - “Being Family and Being
December 2 - “Divorce, re-marriage and
same-sex marriage.”
December 9 - “What can the Church do to
meet the challenge.”
We invite the young and the elderly, the middle ages
and the young at heart to come and join us.
We welcome new parishioners to St. Bernard Parish. If you are new to the area
and would like to register in the parish, please call the Parish office (295-0387).
There is a lot to get involved in here and we would love to have you join us.
Upcoming Meetings
Family Faith Formation, Church
Confirmation 1, Church
Confirmation 2, Church
12:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:15 pm
Family Faith Formation, Church
Teen Choir, Church
5:30 pm
7:15 pm
THURSDAY, November 20:
8:00 AM – Jacob Hansen by the Babat family
Adult Faith Formation, Church
Auction Committee, Parish Center
7:00 pm
6:30 pm
Children’s Choir, Church
5:00 pm
FRIDAY, November 21:
8:00 AM – Joseph Montecalvo by his family
Thurs. Baptism Class, Parish Center
Adult Choir, Church
MONDAY, November 17:
8:00 AM – Daniel Murphy
TUESDAY, November 18:
8:00 AM – Richard Tomlinson by Norma LaSalle
WEDNESDAY, November 19:
8:00 AM – Joseph Lewis by the Dilick family
Legion of Mary, Parish Center
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
10:00 am
SATURDAY, November 22:
5:00 PM – Donald Barker, 6th Anniversary
by his family
SUNDAY, November 23:
7:00 AM – Bernard Casey
by Bruce & Heather Quimby
8:30 AM – Anne Duffy by the Miccolis family
10:30 AM – Richard Neill by his family
Prev. Year
Nov. 8/9
Bldg. Maint. $2,352
Online Giving
$8725 (Month of Sept.)
Through 6/30/14
St. Bernard offers parishioners the opportunity to make their contributions through Online
Giving. Visit
Click on “Support your Parish” then click on
the link for OSV Online Giving link and follow the prompts.
Many companies offer matching funds for
donations to non-profit organizations. Your
company might match your donation to St.
Bernard! Please find out if your company has
this policy.
Campaign for Human Development fights the root
causes of poverty in the United States. For almost 40
years, CHD has been helping people help themselves
– funding projects that create jobs, strengthen communities and empower families. Please be generous in
your response.
A copy of the Annual Parish Financial Report was
mailed to all of our active parishioners along with an
appeal for our Annual Collection. This is the single
most important collection of the year because it helps
us meet the many needs we have which are not funded
by the regular Sunday Collections. Please be as generous as your means allow, and we ask in a special way
that those who do not contribute regularly to the support of the parish might consider using this as an opportunity to make at least one annual gift to your parish and donations will be accepted until December
31st. A more detailed version of the Finance Report is
available on the Parish Web Site and you are always
welcome to call the office with any questions you
might have.
If your family, or any family you
know, needs help with gifts this
Christmas, please contact Jane at 295-0387
or [email protected]
Please drop off your GOOD, USED COATS at
the Parish Center at 415 Tower Hill Road to be
distributed to those in need. For more information or to help, contact us at 295-0387 or
[email protected] .
to Patricia Scalabrin, winner of
the 2014 scholarship quilt. Thank you all who
continue supporting the Scholarship Fund and a special thank you to ladies who made this year’s gorgeous quilt possible; Kathy Biron, Dyann Casala,
Peg Fitzpatrick, Loretta Krebel, Pat Livernois , and
Karen Walsh.
During the Month of November we will be collecting non-perishable food items to be donated to the
North Kingstown Food Pantry so that many needy
families can have a bountiful Thanksgiving Holiday. If you haven’t done so as yet please bring
your food donations back to Church this weekend, November 15/16.
We cannot accept fresh or frozen food items, but
they could be given directly to the Food Pantry.
Let’s make this a very joyful holiday season for
the unemployed and struggling families of our
the Heat On Concert: On Sunday, December
14th at 3PM the Gregorian Concert Choir and Festival Orchestra will present a Concert entitled “The
Sounds of the Season” in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Providence. The Concert which will
feature the music of Advent and Christmas will benefit Bishop Tobin’s “Keep the Heat On” campaign,
which assists poor and low income families with
utility expenses. Tickets for the Concert are $10 per
person and may be purchased by calling the Cathedral office at (401) 331-2434. (Tickets will also be
available at the door on the day of the Concert).
Invited! OLM 2014 Christmas Shopping
Night Thursday, December 4th from 5:00pm –
9:00pm at Our Lady of Mercy School. Please join us
for a fun, festive evening filled with beautiful handmade items and artwork from local crafters and artisans! Wine tasting, hor d'oeuvres, raffle prizes, etc.
For more information please contact Kathy Royce at
465-4208 or [email protected]
The Sunday Community Dinners will be held at the
Main Street. Dinners are served at 1 p.m. and are
open to all, FREE. St. Bernard’s will be providing
the meal today, November 16 and December 14. If
you would like to help, call Chris Kosak at 2942885 or the Parish Center at 295-0387.
Emmanuel House Homeless Shelter is always in
need of new socks, bath towels, and backpacks.
Now thanks to new beds and laundry facilities they
are also in need of twin sized bedding. Please drop
larger items at the Parish Center. Contact Jane at
[email protected] or 295-0387 for
more information.
Please take a moment to reflect on the
men and women who are pictured on
the board in the meditation area.
Please keep them and their families in
your prayers. 
YOUR CALENDAR for the 5th annual
Gala Auction on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at
6pm at the Quonset 'O' Club. Please come spend
"a night by the bay" filled with a nautical atmosphere, dinner, a silent auction, live auction pieces
and great company.
Sunday Community Dinners
Bulletin Submission
E-mail [email protected] with
bulletin materials The deadline for submission
is Monday by 5:00 pm.
Gentle-Option for the Poor & Stewardship
Luke 18:15-17—Jesus Blesses the Children
Important Dates:
Confirmation 1 & 2 Students: Today, November 16th
Next Class November 23rd
Sacramental Preparation Classes at the Church
Conf. 1: 5-6 pm
This Weekend: Sunday, November 16th 12-1:30 pm
Monday, November 17th -5:30-7 pm
Please come to class with a donated item for
Our goal is 120 items. This will fill 30 backpacks
over the entire school year.
“Blessings in a Backpack” provides food to local
elementary school-aged children in the NK school
district, who might otherwise have little to eat on
the weekend. Individualized microwavable meals
from Campbell's, Chef Boyardee, Kraft Mac &
Cheese, and Dinty Moore. This is a great opportunity to Bee Gentle!
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Children between the ages of 4 and 11 are welcome
to join us each week for the Children’s Liturgy of
the Word at the 10:30 Mass. Children are dismissed to the Gathering Space for the readings and
a “child friendly” homily. They return to their families at the collection.
Conf. 2: 6:15-7:15 pm
Reminder: Confirmation Candidates are required to
sign in to record their attendance at
weekly Mass in the book located in the
gathering space. If you attend Mass at a
different church, please return a signed
bulletin to the Parish Center on a regular
First Eucharist 1 & 2:
Next Class November 23rd
Sacramental Preparation Classes
at the Parish Center 9-10:00 am
Please remember to bring a photo ID
for the dismissal process.
Knights Corner
1265 Tower Hill Road,
North Kingstown, RI
The Knights of Columbus Hall
is available to rent at very reasonable rates
for various functions such as graduation/
birthday parties, weddings, baby showers,
anniversaries and funeral collations.
Room for up to 130 with plenty of parking.
Call 295-0507 for rates and details.