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Tentative Time Table Registration: 7th Dec 2014 (Sunday) from 4.00 pm onwards Day 1: 8th December (Monday) Session 1: Phase change 1 Time Speaker Title of the talk 8.30 am – 9.00 CHIEF GUEST AND OPENING REMARKS am GUEST OF HONOUR 9.00 am – 9.35 G. TRYGGVASON DIRECT NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS OF FLOWS WITH PHASE am (Invited talk) CHANGE U. Notre Dame 9.35 am – 9.55 V. V. TRUONG A FRONT-­‐TRACKING METHOD FOR THREE-­‐PHASE am Ritsumeikan University, COMPUTATIONS OF SOLIDIFICATION WITH VOLUME CHANGE Japan 9.55 am – S. PRAKASH BREAKUP OF VOLATILE LIQUID JET IN HOT CROSS FLOW 10.15 am IISc Bangalore Tea and poster session (see the list below): 10.15 am – 11.00 am Session 2: Climate and Geo physics 1 Time Speaker Title of the talk 11.00 am – E. MEIBURG SEDIMENT WAVE FORMATION CAUSED BY EROSIONAL AND 11.20 am UC Santa Barbara DEPOSITIONAL TURBIDITY CURRENTS: A NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION 11.20 am – S. TOPPALADODDI TURBULENT TRANSPORT PROCESSES AT ROUGH SURFACES WITH 11.40 am U. Oxford GEOPHYSICAL APPLICATIONS 11.40 am – 12 C. S. PANT THE EFFECT OF INITIAL DROPLET SIZE SPECTRA ON ITS noon IIT Bombay EVOLUTION DURING TURBULENT CONDENSATIONAL GROWTH 12 noon – A. LANKADASU NUMERICAL MODELING OF SUPERCRITICAL CO2 LEAKS AND ITS 12.20 pm Fluidyn consultancy (P) SUBSEQUENT DISPERSION IN THE AMBIENT AIR Ltd Lunch: 12.35 pm – 2.00 pm Session 3: Drying and Solidification 1 Time Speaker Title of the talk 2.00 pm – 2.35 M. S TIRUMKUDULU DRYING AND CONSOLIDATION IN DRYING COLLOIDAL pm (Invited talk) DISPERSIONS IIT Bombay 2.35 pm – 2.55 A. WRAY ELECTROSTATIC SUPPRESSION OF THE "COFFEE-­‐STRAIN EFFECT” pm Imperial College 2.55 pm – 3.15 D. PAVLIDIS NUMERICAL MODELLING OF MELT BEHAVIOUR IN THE LOWER pm Imperial College VESSEL HEAD OF A NUCLEAR REACTOR 3.15 pm – 3.35 J. YANG CRUDE OIL FOULING: FLUID DYNAMICS, REACTIONS AND PHASE pm Imperial College CHANGE Tea and poster session (see the list below): 3.35 pm – 4.20 pm Session 4: General multiphase flows 1 Time Speaker Title of the talk 4.20 pm – 4.55 V. AJAEV (Invited talk) MODELS OF DRAINAGE AND RUPTURE OF THIN ELECTROLYTE pm U. Southern Methodist, FILMS ON FLAT AND STRUCTURED SOLID SUBSTRATES Texas 4.55 pm – 5.15 K. MAYANK COUPLED DEM-­‐CFD MODEL TO PREDICT THE TUMBLING MILL pm IIT Hyderabad DYNAMICS 5.15 pm – 5.35 P. SHUI DIRECT NUMERICAL SIMULATION STUDY OF HYDRODYNAMIC pm U. Edinburgh INTERACTIONS BETWEEN IMMERSED SOLIDS AND WALL DURING FLOW 5.35 pm – 5.55 R. K. SHUKLA NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION OF SHOCK-­‐INDUCED BUBBLE pm IISc Bangalore COLLAPSE NEAR A RIGID WALL Day 2: 9th December (Tuesday) Session 6: Phase change 2 Time Speaker 9.00 am – 9.20 J. H. ARAKERI am IISc Bangalore 9.20 am – 9.40 N. KUMAR am IISc 9.40 am – 10.00 P. J. SÁENZ am U. Edinburgh 10.00 am – 10.20 am J. SHAIKH IIT Bombay Title of the talk BUOYANCY DRIVEN TURBULENCE OF MOIST AIR NATURAL CONVECTION DRIVEN EVAPORATION FROM A WATER SURFACE STABILITY AND TWO-­‐PHASE DYNAMICS OF EVAPORATING MARANGONI-­‐DRIVEN FLOWS IN LATERALLY-­‐HEATED LIQUID LAYERS AND SESSILE DROPLETS A GHOST FLUID METHOD BASED SHARP INTERFACE LEVEL SET METHOD FOR EVAPORATING DROPLET Tea and poster session (see the list below): 10.20 am – 11.00 am Session 5: Climate and Geo physics 2 Time Speaker Title of the talk 11.00 am – J. S. WETTLAUFER INTERFACIAL PHASE TRANSITIONS: FROM FUNDAMENTAL 11.35 am (Invited talk) INTERACTIONS TO CLIMATE DYNAMICS AND PROTOPLANETS U. Oxford 11.35 am – S. RAVICHANDRAN INERTIAL PARTICLES AND VORTICES: IMPLICATIONS FOR CLOUD 11.55 am TCIS Hyderabad FLOWS 11.55 am – C. A. MIDDLETON IMAGING THE EVOLUTION OF BRINE TRANSPORT IN 12.15 pm Université libre de EXPERIMENTALLY GROWN QUASI-­‐TWO-­‐DIMENSIONAL SEA ICE Bruxelles 12.15 pm – M. M. OMAND AN ANALYTIC MODEL OF SINKING PARTICULATE ORGANIC 12.35 pm Woods Hole MATTER IN THE OCEAN Oceanographic Institution Lunch: 12.35 pm – 2.00 pm Session 7: Drying and solidification 2 Time Speaker Title of the talk 2.00 pm – 2.35 R. W. GRIFFITHS COUPLING OF COOLING, SOLIDIFICATION AND GRAVITY-­‐DRIVEN pm (Invited talk) FLOW Australian National University 2.35 pm – 2.55 D. PAVLIDIS NUMERICAL MODELLING OF DEBRIS BED WATER QUENCHING pm Imperial College 2.55 pm – 3.15 R. G. TRIPATHI NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS OF GAS-­‐LIQUID BOILING FLOWS pm IIT Delhi USING OPENFOAM 3.15 pm – 3.35 B. GAYEN MELTING DRIVEN CONVECTION AT THE ICE-­‐SEAWATER pm Australian National INTERFACE University Tea and poster session (see the list below): 3.35 pm – 4.20 pm Session 8: Bubbles and drops Time Speaker Title of the talk 4.20 pm – 4.55 E. K. LONGMIRE DROP PENETRATION THROUGH A CONSTRICTION: EFFECT OF pm (Invited talk) SURROUNDING FLUID U. Minnesota, USA 4.55 pm – 5.15 M. K. TRIPATHI EVAPOATING FALLING DROP pm IIT Hyderabad 5.15 pm – 5.35 S. KRISHNAN DYNAMICS OF COLLAPSE OF FREE SURFACE BUBBLES pm IIT Madras 5.35 pm – 5.55 A. GUPTA DEFORMATION AND BREAK-­‐UP OF VISCOELASTIC DROPLETS pm U. “Tor Vergata”, Italy USING LATTICE BOLTZMANN MODELS Banquet Dinner: 7.30 pm – 10.00 pm Day 3: 10th December (Wednesday) : Excursion Day 4: 11th December (Thursday) Session 9: Phase change 3 Time Speaker Title of the talk 9.00 am – 9.35 S. BALACHANDAR TURBULENT DISPERSED MULTIPHASE FLOWS -­‐ MECHANISMS, am (Invited talk) SCALING, NUMERICAL METHODS AND IMPLICATIONS TO PHASE University of Florida TRANSITION 9.35 am – 9.55 V. PANDEY BUBBLE FORMATION IN FILM BOILING INCLUDING am IIT Guwahati ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC FORCES 9.55 am – 10.15 B. M. NINGEGOWDA NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF TWO-­‐DIMENSIONAL FORCED am IIT Delhi CONVECTIVE FILM BOILING FLOW OVER A HORIZONTAL FLAT SURFACE Tea and poster session (see the list below): 10.15 am – 11.15 am Session 10: Granular and multiphase flows Time Speaker Title of the talk 11.15 am – S. ZALESKI USING EXTRAPOLATION TECHNIQUES IN VOF 11.35 am UPMC Sorbonne METHODOLOGY TO MODEL EXPANDING BUBBLES Universites, France 11.35 am – CHINAR RANA EFFECT OF STRONG SAMPLE SOLVENT ON THE SOLUTE 11.55 pm IIT Ropar DYNAMICS FOR MORE OR LESS VISCOUS SAMPLE: A COMPARATIVE STUDY 11.55 pm – P. S. MAHAPATRA DISPERSION OF POLYDISPERSE DROPLETS IN A PULSATING FLOW 12.15 pm IIT Madras FIELD 12.15 pm – M. V. SARDESHPANDE TWO PHASE FLOW BOILING PRESSURE DROP IN SMALL 12.35 pm NCL Pune CHANNELS Lunch: 12.35 pm – 2.00 pm Session 11: Numerical simulation of multiphase flows Time Speaker Title of the talk 2.00 pm – 2.35 M. FRANCOIS (Invited RECENT NUMERICAL AND ALGORITHMIC ADVANCES WITHIN THE pm talk) VOLUME TRACKING FRAMEWORK FOR MODELING INTERFACIAL Los Alamos National FLOWS Laboratory 2.35 pm – 2.55 S. TRIPATHI LUBRICATED TRANSPORT OF HIGHLY VISCOUS NON-­‐NEWTONIAN pm IIT Bombay FLUID AS CORE-­‐ANNULAR FLOW: A CFD STUDY 2.55 pm – 3.15 K. NANDI HIGH RESOLUTION TVD SCHEMES FOR INTERFACE TRACKING pm BARC Mumbai PROBLEMS IN TWO FLUID FLOWS 3.15 pm – 3.35 R. INGLE MODELLING OF FLASHING IN CAPILLARY TUBES USING pm ANSYS, India HOMOGENEOUS EQUILIBRIUM APPROACH Tea and poster session (see the list below): 3.35 pm – 4.20 pm Session 12: Applications Time Speaker Title of the talk 4.20 pm – 4.40 R. DASGUPTA VISCOUS UNDULAR HYDRAULIC JUMPS OF MODERATE pm IIT Bombay REYNOLDS NUMBER FLOWS 4.40 pm – 5.00 R. REDDY STUDY OF DISINTEGRATION OF A HIGHSPEED LIQUID JET USING pm IIT Hyderabad VOF METHOD 5.00 pm – 5.20 S. GHOSH STABILITY ANALYSIS OF A GRAVITY DRIVEN MISCIBLE TWO-­‐FLUID pm IIT Madras FLOW: ROLE OF WALL SLIP 5.20 pm – 5.40 A. NAIR K. EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF SLIP FLOW AT THE FLUID-­‐POROUS pm IIT Madras INTERFACE IN A BOUNDARY LAYER FLOW 5.40 pm – 6.00 pm Conference Over All Concluding Remarks