Get a taste of the wonderful world of golf Golfilicious

Get a taste of the
wonderful world of golf
Smak a p å de t b äs ta ur g o l f ens v ärl d
What is it about golf that evokes so much emotion? What makes it so
fascinating and thrilling to strike a small, white ball for hours and hours?
What makes grown-up men and women cry out in despair and burst with
joy, hormone-fueled young adults drape the stick around a tree one minute
and throw themselves down on the ground to kiss the grass the next, and
the juniors smile broadly playing around on the putting green?
Ask any golfer in the world, and you will probably get the same answer:
the challenge.
This is only one explanation to why more than 60 million people all
over the world engage in this peculiar, charming game. Many golfers
not only share the great love for the sport. They also share enjoying the
good life on a larger scale, be it travel, gastronomy, sensual or intellectual
pleasures. To live in the moment, in fellowship with fruitful relationships,
conversations and a gold-rimmed existence, is something we all should be
doing a little more often.
Golfilicious is a classy, feel-good book in coffee table format that brings
together all the great aspects of golf: the challenge, friendship, food, fun
anecdotes and not least appealing course images.
18 of Sweden’s top golf club chefs present their best recipes: 18 recipes
on the theme On the range (= starters), 18 recipes on Game time (= main
courses) and 18 recipes on After golf (= desserts). In general, the recipes are
based on ecological and locally produced ingredients, and feature Sweden’s
different regional food traditions (depending on the golf club’s location),
using products spanning from fish to meat to vegetables.
Between the recipes and their respective golf course there are fun,
thrilling and memorable anecdotes, which connect golf with life in the big
picture. The anecdotes have been contributed by a number of Swedish tour
professionals – such as Helen Alfredsson, Anders Forsbrand, Richard S.
Johnson, Carin Koch and Freddie Jacobson – as well as Swedish celebrities
that love the game of golf – such as the world famous magician Joe Labero,
the Swedish National Soccer Team’s coach Erik Hamrén, and international
singer/songwriter Patrik Isaksson.
All this makes Golfilicious a feel-good book in the intersection of golf,
joy, food, mindfulness, wisdom of life and photo art, where the reader can
move freely between the sections as he or she pleases.
Smak a p å de t b äs ta ur g o l f ens v ärl d
Text: Jenny Olsson • Foto: Peter
Jenny Olsson text & Peter Cordén photo
get a taste of the
wonderful world of golf
[Swedish title: Golfilicious – smaka på det bästa ur
golfens värld]
hardcover w. jacket
250x270 mm, 224 pages
as a freelance journalist and
author, mainly in the areas of
sport, golf, travel, lifestyle,
profile interviews and entrepreneurship etc. Her work is
featured in many Swedish and
international magazines, and
she has previously published
the workout book GolfFys – enkel fysträning för alla golfare,
and the books Skidnostalgiboken and Postordernostalgi.
During her career, Jenny has for the most part worked in
media, PR and events. She has her base in Stockholm and
the world as her workplace.
around the globe to portrait
golf courses, destinations
and clubs/resorts as a photographer and art director
with golf as his specialty.
His photos are frequently
published in many Swedish
and international magazines.
Previously, Peter has worked for dailies and weeklies, and
published The Swedish Golf Experience, a coffee-table book
featuring 30 Swedish golf courses, and Green Guide, a guide
book about 60 Swedish golf courses. Peter lives with his
family in Stockholm, not far from his artist studio where he
enjoys painting.
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