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since 1995
Gröna Bladet AB . Östra bangatan 26 . 195 60 Märsta . Sweden
Delivering Premium Spices Since 1995
Gröna Bladet AB supplies one of Sweden's widest assortments of conventional and organic spices.
Today we can proudly announce that we are leading actors in the Swedish market of organic spices.
Founded: 1995 – with 20 years of experience and a strong passion for spices, we offer our customers
authentic flavours from all corners of the world.
Production capacity: 10 tons a day.
Certifications in: BRC A-grade certificate, KRAV-label certificate
(Well-known Swedish organic certificate) and EU-organic certificate.
Wholesalers, restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and food retailers.
Range portfolio:
Organic: spices, dried fruits, rice, and etheric oils.
Conventional: spices, rice, canned fruit, bakeryingredients, pulses, and roasted nuts.
We continuously educate our production staff to verify their competence in the ennobling process.
Regular spot tests are conducted by independent laboratories to ensure the safety of our products.
Use of sophisticated and modern blending machines, allowing us to produce a variety of seasoning mixes.
Spices are grinded using our own mill at the factory, providing our customers with the freshest and highest
possible quality.
No artificial flavours or colours.
Our staff is service-minded, fast, and reliable with a can-do attitude.
We are forerunners in the Swedish spice market, we were one of the first companies in Sweden to
introduce organic spices.
Large variety of herbs, spices, and seasoning mixes to suit all tastes.
We offer more than just spices - we also supply the market with rice, pulses, canned goods, etheric oils,
roasted nuts, dried fruits, and bakery ingredients.
Two company trucks for delivery of goods in Stockholm and the nearby area.
Large warehouse of 2,500 m² with a height of 12 m to fit the large volume we produce.
Company Presentation, Updated 2015
Customer benefits:
Most of our spices are obtained directly from farmers and producers to provide
our customers high quality spices at competitive prices.
Guarantee of origin and traceability.
We impose strict requirements on all of our suppliers of commodities, we require them to be certified
according to BRC global standards or equivalent safety standards.
since 1995
Gröna Bladet AB . Östra bangatan 26 . 195 60 Märsta . Sweden
Marketing strategy:
Our products are sold under our label Gröna Bladet.
Private Label:
With private labelling, you would have the opportunity to expand your product range with high
quality products from our company.
Packaging Solution:
Environmentally friendly and functional packaging.
Quantities offered:
1. Cans: A9, A10
2. Refillable bag: up to 150 g
3. Pot with screwcap: up to 300 g
4. Pot with screwcap: up to 1000 g
5. Bucket: up to 10 kg
6. Sack: up to 25 kg
Company Presentation, Updated 2015
7. Big bag: up to 700 kg
Miss. Mey Cheragwandi
Tel.: 00 46 (8) 754 60 33
Fax: 00 46 (8) 754 60 34
Mob.: 0046 70 494 69 84
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+46 8754 60 33
Gröna Bladet AB
+46 8 754 60 34
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