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Centre for Gender Research
- Crossroads of knowledge
THE CENTRE FOR GENDER RESEARCH is a dynamic and productive
research environment where transgressive encounters between cultural, social
and biological understandings of sex and gender has become a characteristic and
we have in this way come a long way to pursuing research in all fields.
The researchers at the Centre for Gender Research have their background in
various disciplines in the faculties of the humanities, social sciences, natural
sciences, and medicine. Together we represent a great variety of competences and
areas of specialisations. The research at the Centre for Gender Research covers a
number of fields of research and active research groups.
Autumn 2015
We also provide a broad educational base where the students get to encounter
gender research from mainly the humanities and social sciences but also from the
natural sciences. For English speaking students we offer courses on advanced level.
Through transdisciplinary efforts, events, and conversations, the Centre for
Gender Research transgresses traditional organisational and knowledge
boundaries. The Centre offers a unique and vibrant university wide meeting place
for scholars and students in gender research.
W W W. G E N D E R . U U . S E
Welcome to Centre for Gender Research
- Crossroads of knowledge
THE CENTRE FOR GENDER RESEARCH aims to be a Crossroads of knowledge for research and
researchers across disciplines, and therefore invites all who are interested to its open events and activities.
Week 05, Oct 15th
Nadine Lake, doktorand i genusvetenskap och gästforskare vid Centrum för
genusvetenskap, Uppsala universitet:
How to be a real African woman: ‘Corrective rapes’, black lesbians and the struggle to belong in
South Africa today.
Week 06, Oct 29th
Thursday seminar
Jenny Ask, FD, Stockholms universitet:
Lyssna till ditt hjärta: Muslimska moderskap och modrandets villkor i Sverige.
Week 10, Nov 12th
Thursday seminar
Per Faxneld, FD, Stockholms universitet:
Satanic Feminism: Lucifer as the Liberator of Woman in Nineteenth-Century Culture.
Week 11, Nov 19th
Anne-Sofie Nyström, FD i sociologi och forskare vid Centrum för genusvetenskap,
Uppsala universitet:
Varning för antipluggkultur! Om genus, begåvning och lärandekulturer.
Week 12, Nov 27th
Thursday seminar
Lisa Hellman, doktorand, Stockholms universitet:
Sex, Lies and Boredom – the everyday life of Swedish men in 18th-century China.
Week 16, Dec 3rd
Thursday seminar
Birgitta Leppänen, FD, Uppsala universitet:
Intersektionalitet, mer än bara kön. Ett antikhistoriskt perspektiv.
Week 15, Dec 10th
Minna Salminen Karlsson, docent i sociologi och forskare vid Centrum för
genusvetenskap, Uppsala universitet:
Tjänar kvinnor nästan lika mycket som män? Fallgropar i statens lönestatistik.
Among these are the Thursday seminars which are held between 13.15 and 15.00 at the Centre for Gender Research (Villavägen 6, Uppsala). The Thursday seminars bring together several different research areas; men and masculinities, body/corporeality, queer theory, and science are some themes that reflect the
breadth of the research conducted at the Centre. Together with Folkuniversitetet and Reginateatern we also
arrange popular scientific lunch lectures. This series of lectures are called Genuslunch and are held four times
per semester at Reginateatern (Trädgårdsgatan 6, Uppsala). More information can be found on our website.
We hope that you will find much of interest and that you will take the opportunity to participate in these
exciting and fruitful events. Lectures will be held according to the language of each title, some in Swedish and
some in English. Welcome!
Week 04, Sept 17
Thursday seminar
Michelle Göransson, FD, Stockholms universitet:
Köttätande som norm.
Week 05, Sept 24th
Lisa Hagelin, FD i latin och gästforskare vid Centrum för genusvetenskap,
Uppsala universitet:
Mannen är av naturen modigare än kvinnan. Maskuliniteter och femininiteter i antikens Rom.
Week 04, Oct 1st
Thursday seminar
Erika Lundell, FD, Linnéuniversitetet:
Förkroppsligad fiktion och fiktionaliserade kroppar - levande rollspel i Östersjöregionen.
Week 05, Oct 15th
Thursday seminar
Eleonora Fors Szuba, projektledare vid The Unstraight Museum:
The Unstraight Museum om HBTQ, representation och makt.
Thursday seminars at the Centre: 13.15-15.00
Genuslunch at Reginateatern: 11.45-13.00
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