Grand Knight’ Message. . .

November2014 • Vol. 9. No. 05
Division 2
Grand Knight’ Message. . .
Worthy Brother Knights and
Dear Knights’ Ladies,
The Ministry Fair at Our Lady of
the Pines mission church was well
attended and we had a two men
sign up for further information. Our
lead person at OLOP will be
following up and if they want to join
we will arrange an interview for
Our Clergy Appreciation
dinner was held on
October 21st at SKD and
attendance was good.
We presented our clergy
with monetary gifts and
the dinner was the best
pot luck I’ve ever
attended, the ladies out
did themselves
everything was very good
and tasty - thank you ladies.
Last month, I announced the
results of the pot luck survey that
showed most people wanted us to
move the pot luck to the fourth
week of the month which puts it two
weeks after our Tuesday meeting.
Our Deputy Grand Knight Paul
Neasbitt suggested we vote on it
and I agree. So, next meeting we
will vote on whether to make the
change. Also, several people have
indicated they would like to have
the pot luck at St. Patrick’s Hall. So,
if someone will make the motion
and there’s a second we’ll vote on
whether to move the potluck back
to St. Patrick’s Hall. Come to the
meeting and help us make the best
decision for all.
Due to our clergy helping out up
in Placerville, Father Larry needed
to schedule the SKD Advent
Penance Service on Tuesday the
16th which was the date we
scheduled our Council’s Annual
Christmas Party. This is why we
had to move the
Christmas Party to the
next day - Wednesday
December 17th. I hope to
see you all there.
Don’t forget the SKD
Youth Group needs adult
volunteers to help and
back-up Lance and
Barbara Outland. If you
want to volunteer to help
our youth, you’ll need to get the
required background check and
training accomplished so call Joe
Trassare or myself and we’ll help
you to get it done. Knights must
submit form #4348 and study a
booklet with Knights Youth Leader
Training and I hear the Sheriff’s
office can do the background check
for $15.00.
Vivat Jesus
Your Brother in Christ
Dennis Shortino
Grand Knight
Clergy Honored… see page 4
Council Minutes:
By Joe Tressare
The meeting was called to order on
October 14, 2014 by Grand Knight (GK)
Dennis Shortino. GK welcomed guest
Fr. Tony Janelli, District Deputy Br.
David Rich and District Warden Paul
Kodeålja. Roll call followed Fr. Tony
leading us in an opening prayer. The
minutes of the September 9 meeting
were approved as published in the
September Knights Newsletter.
Chaplain Report
Fr. Tony, provided us insight into the
synod discussions on family life and
what to expect in the way of the full
synod next year. He also reviewed a few
highlights out of Building the Domestic
Church from the Knights, in order for us
to better support our local family life.
Membership Report
Br. Koenig stated that we found two
prospects during last week’s Ministry
Fair at OLOP.
Chancellor Report
No report given.
Grand Knight Report
The GK said the Respect Tea event at
Please see Council Minutes on page 3
Table of Contents
GK Report
Council News
For your information
District Deputy Report
Prayer List
Field Agent’s Corner
Clergy Honored
Tootsie Roll® Success
By-Law Update
Council Officers
Calendar of Events
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Page 2
Amador Knights
For your information…
Dates for your calendars
November 2014
Dinners for meetings:
November 16 Mass for departed
November 13, 2014
Joe Trassare
Knights – 9:30am at St. Katharine
December 17 Christmas Party and
Potluck Dinner 6:00pm
A message from the District Deputy…
January 18th Free Throw – SKD 1:00pm
January 24 Crab Feed – SKD 6:00pm
Worthy Brothers,
April 25th Spaghetti Dinner – SKD
I just recently finished a stint at the Pokerville Market in
handing out Tootsie Rolls and collecting donations for
June 27 Rib Dinner – SKD 6:00pm
Special Dates
David Rich
Brian Giana
Ed Tolsdorf
Joe and Thelma Asbury
Nick Ragusano
Jack and Paulette Magee
Jim Birmingham
Jane Ragusano
Tony and Laurie Campoy
Bob and Jenny Dobbs
Arnold and Judy Simoni
Prayer List:
Don Armsrong
Cathrine Burr
Partircia Condon
Fr. George and Missy
David Ferguson
Karie Jo Garmann
Maria Klemm
Trinda Klemm
Dan Placido
Dorothy Reno
David Rich
Rose and Cathrine Savino
Darlene Garmann
If any member knows of another member or
a family member who is sick or in distress,
please call Dolores Swift at 209 223-1310.
November 2nd
November 4th
November 6th
November 9th
November 9th
November 12th
November 13th
November 22nd
November 25th
November 25th
November 28th
those with Intellectual Disabilities (The ARC in Amador
County). I am very thankful to my wife Karen assisting me as I
had forgotten my chair and my knees gave out very quickly. It
was a very great afternoon for a very good charity.
Three of District 7’s Councils did not participate in this great
charitable event this year due to their past locations not allowing
them to do so. We must all start today to identify new locations
that are supportive of our mission for the 2015 campaign. Do not
wait until the last minute and then have to cancel; this cause is
too great to be abandoned.
November is upon us and our current Grand Knights and
Officers should now be up in full swring. The first few months
are an issue of findings ones feet. The last 3 months of the
Columbian year many Grand Knights slow down in already
knowing whom the nominating committee has selected for the
next year. So Grand Knights you have a small window of time to
leave your legacy, from November to April. Make it a great
legacy! Build your Council, make the changes that need
changing, and promote excellent program and membership
Glen Ballard and David Stewart wrote a very beautiful song a
few years ago that sings about what we all take for granted every
day. The lyrics are as follows: It's not that unusual when
everything is beautiful. The sky knows when it's time to snow;
we don’t need to teach a seed to grow. Life is like a gift they say,
wrapped up for you everyday, open up and find a way, to give
some of your own. Isn't it remarkable, like every time a raindrop
falls. Birds in winter have their fling, but will always make it
home by spring. The Sun comes up and shines so bright, and
disappears again at night. It seems so exceptional that things just
work out after all. When you wake up everyday, please don't
throw your dreams away; hold them close to your heart -Because
we're all a part of the ordinary miracle.
You want to see a miracle? Open your eyes every morning and
look around, then say a prayer, for you are living what we take
for granted as normal happenings but they are truly ordinary
miracles. Let us all thank God for everyday.
Karen, Tiffany and I wish each of you a blessed Thanksgiving
filled with the love of our friends and families.
Yours in Delivering the Promise,
David A. Rich,
District Deputy
California District 7
November 2014
Amador Knights
Council Minutes continued from page 1
Buckhorn Grocery, Safeway, Ione Plaza
OLOP was a success. GK presented $500 Market and each of the churches. He said
Walmart has not been confirmed at this time.
to the Amador Pregnancy Center.
Br. Neasbitt stated future dinner tickets will
GK read a thank you card from the
SKD Youth Group in regards to our no longer include the “stub” piece. This was
used for counting in the past and is no longer
support at the Tri-Tip Dinner.
GK also read a thank you letter from St.
Br. Neasbitt announced the Tri-Tip Dinner
Birmingham. Jim gave his appreciation had 155 in attendance and was a wellfor our donation to the organization. Our organized success. He gave a special thank
efforts helped pay a needy Knight’s bills you to chairperson Br. Placido and his wife
Kay, Br. Darr, Br. Koenig and Br. Campoy.
of nearly $1000.
Br. Neasbitt said we will have Br. Antonetti
Treasurer Report
the Duck Race. Br. Ragusano will assist
Br. Dominick said we have $6964.12
for this has yet to be announced).
in our checking account.
Br. Neasbitt also said the SKD Youth
Financial Secretary Report
Group is meeting Sunday, Oct 19 to discuss
fundraiser events and dates. Youth Group
50/50 = $13 ($7 to the winner and $6 Director Br. Outland will let us know how the
to the council)
council can assist. If any Knight would like
Dinner = $65 ($0 to the cook – Thank to assist, please contact Br. Trassare. Deacon
you Br. Darr)
Jaime is setting up a person to come perform
Donation to council from Carr Family the LifeScan at SKD for the parish Faith
Formation Teachers. We could also attend.
- $50.
Br. Neasbitt announced this year’s Free
Throw Competition will be chaired by Br.
Outland [Scheduled for January 18, 2015).
Br. Neasbitt also reminded us due to the
Br. Campoy (Tri-Tip dinner food)
Feed being moved-up to end of January,
V-884 = $386.92
we will need to have a Dec business meeting
Bob Alvarez (Dinner entertainment)
to finalized the dinner details.
V-885 = $200
Victory Village (SKD dinner clean- Community Director Report
Br. Swift said the Silver Lake Chapel
up) V-886 = $200
365 Grant Disbursement (No Painting event was rescheduled for the spring
approval of council necessary) V- due to inclement weather.
Br. Swift also thanked Br. Darr for a
887, V-888, V-889, and V-890
Ministry Fair at OLOP.
Br. Swift (Mass cards) V-891 = $35
US Postal Service (PO Box Renewal)
GK said he is in need of a list of the
V-892 = $92
who donated to our Tri-Tip Dinner
Tri Sales LLC (Tootsie Rolls) V-893
Please send him names right
= $409.50
Fr. Beck (Clergy Appreciation) VGK also mentioned that Br. Matthews is
894 = $100.00
requesting support for Christmas Cards for his
Fr. Olszewski (Clergy Appreciation) Prison Ministry. GK said we will donate our
V-895 = $100.00
budgeted $50. In addition, boxes of Christmas
Fr. Relihan (Clergy Appreciation) V- Cards will be donated by Br. Campoy.
896 = $100.00
New Business
Fr. Janelli (Clergy Appreciation) VBr. Ragusano announced that per GK’s
897 = $100.00
request, we update our almost ten years-old
Deacon Pogue (Clergy Appreciation) by-laws. Br. Ragusano met with the trustees
V-898 = $50.00
and requested that the Recorder, Br. Trassare
After Br.
Deacon Garcia (Clergy Appreciation) read the proposed resolution.
to be
V-899 = $50.00
Programs Director Report
Br. Koenig provided a Tootsie Roll
Continued on page 4
We will be fundraising at
Page 3
The Field Agent’s Corner. . .
Only Having Insurance “Through
Work” Doesn’t Work
Do you know anyone whose life or career
has drastically changed during these years
of economic downturn? It’s very likely that
someone in your immediate or extended
family or group of friends is facing financial
uncertainty. Maybe there’s a possibility that
you (or your spouse) could lose your job or
change employers.
Too many people have often relied on
group term life insurance as their only safety
net. Often, this insurance is an employee
benefit provided at low or no cost. The
existence of this coverage might convince
someone that personally-owned life
insurance is not necessary.
But only having “through work” insurance
can leave you and your family vulnerable.
Most group life insurance policies are limited
in amount, which may be tied to salary or
some other benchmark. These numbers are
often capped, and this cap may be
dangerously low when compared to your
family’s actual needs. In fact, a detailed
needs analysis that evaluates your specific
situation, will likely show that any employerprovided coverage falls short.
In addition, the amount of group insurance
offered is almost always reduced,
sometimes dramatically, when you retire.
You could one day find yourself without
coverage, and if your health has changed
(which it will as you age), you might also find
yourself unable to secure individual
protection. At the very least, it will definitely
be more expensive.
While group life insurance can help, it
does not replace the need for individually
owned life insurance. I’ll be happy to meet
with you and provide a no-cost needs
analysis, so you’ll know exactly where you
I’m at 530-503-7473 or
[email protected]
Call me – let’s talk.
Greg Bronson
Page 4
Amador Knights
November 2014
Dinner Honors Clergy
ctober’s Family Potluck dinner became the backdrop for
honoring the clergy of St. Katharine Drexel Parish. With about
50 Knights and family members in attendance, the Council took this
time to say “thank you” for all their hard work and dedication to the
parish and the community.
Instead of going to one of the
restaurants this year, the Council
chose to have the Clergy
Appreciation Dinner held during the
October family potluck.
compliment the roast turkey,
provided by Kay and Dan Placido,
families prepared a wonderful
variety of entrees and desserts.
The parish is blessed to have
these dedicated men. Our newest
retrered priest, Fr. Tonny Janelli,
and our Chaplain, Fr. George Thas
were unable to attend.
Also unable to attend were
Deacons Jaime Garcia and Ed
Aminutes Continued from page 3
Frs. Larry Beck, Thomas Rellehan, and
Michal Olszewski
Another Successful Tootsie Roll® Drive!
Amador County residents did it again! Over the course of three
days, October 17th rhough 19th, the people of Amador County gave
over $2,800 to members of the Council collecting for the annual
drive to support people with mental disabilities.
The monies, collected on behalf of The Columbian Foundation
Supporting People with Intellectual Disabilites, Inc., will be
processed over the next few weeks. A check made out to The Arc of
Amador and Calaveras Counties will then be sent to the Council.
The total amount is dependent on the cost of insurance and other
overhead provided by the foundation. Once that check has been
received, members of the Council will arrange to present it to ARC.
Council members could not be more pleased with this year’s
efforts, and thanks to a caring community, can once again show
great support for the ARC and the fantastic work they accomplish.
Br. Ragusano also provided some sad
news from our brothers in Council 2599 from
Mount Shasta. Due to the fires, they lost
Br. Ragusano then made a
motion to move $250 from budget account
803 to account 607.3 and make the donation
to help them re-coop some of their loses.
After a brief discussion, the motion was
seconded and approved.
GK stated that he completed his Family
Potluck survey and determined that the event
will remain on Tuesday nights. But, will be
two weeks after our regularly scheduled
business meetings. GK said he will bring this
up again next meeting to change in January.
Insurance Agent Report
No report was given.
District Deputy Report
Br. Rich announced the next chapter
meeting will be November 15 at St. John’s in
He said there will be a 1st Degree on Oct 18
in El Dorado Hills at 9:00 AM and Oct 25 in
Folsom at 9:30 AM.
Br. Rich stated a second and third degree
will be in Reno at Bishop Manogue Catholic
High School on Oct. 25, 2014, and March 7,
2015, in Carmichael.
Br. Rich also reminded us to have a
salutation table with our cross and photos of
Fr. McGivney and Christopher Columbus.
Good of the Order
Please keep the following people in your
prayers: Ken Martin, Molly Kohlschreiber,
Bill Gaffey, Patricia Condon, Henry Riley,
Craig Hall, Dave Rich, Christa Koenig,
Richard Simas, Father George Thomas and
Missy, Chuck Brynda, Brian Brummer, Jon
Wheat, Jean Bowling, Kathryn Burr, Nancy
Shortino, Dorothy Reno, Dan and Kay
Placido and Judy Simony.
The Grand Knight closed the meeting
following Hail Mary lead by our Chancellor
Br. Koenig.
Respectfully submitted by Joe Trassare
November 2014
Amador Knights
By-Law Proposed Changes
s directed by the Grand Knight,
the Trustees of the Council and
the Advocate met to review and
propose changes to the By-Laws of
the Council as a number of items in
the current By-Laws were out of
sync with what is actually being
Published here are only the
sections of the resolution dealing
with the actual changes to the
Council By-Laws.
Changes to the By-Laws be made as
a. Article 1, Section 2 be amended
to read The initiation fee shall
be $36.00, pro-rated for each
November after January 30 of
the year in which the applicant
has received his First Degree
Exemplification, except that for
applicants under 26 years of
age, it shall be $10, and for
Priests and religious, it shall be
nil. The initiation fee shall accompany the application, but it
shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected.
b. Article 1, Section 3 be
amended, changing the amount
of dues from #30.00 to $36.00.
All other amounts shall remain
the same.
c. Article 1V, Section 3 be
amended to read The regular
meeting of the Council shall be
held on the second Tuesday of
each month. Said meeting shall
be a regular business meeting
in the First Degree.
meeting shall commence at
7:00 pm. Eight members shall
constitute a quorum at business
meetings. There will be no
mention of the potluck dinner
as that is not an official meeting.
d. Article VII, Section 2 be
amended to read The treasurer
shall deposit all moneys received from the Financial
Secretary in a bank to the credit
of the Council. Disbursements
from this fund shall be made
only by check signed by the
Grand Knight and Treasurer.
In the absence of either the
Grand Knight or the Treasurer
the Deputy Grand Knight shall
also be an authorized signatory
and be designated to sign
e. Article VII, Section 4 (to correct a grammatical error) All
bills shall be presented to the
Recorder and read by him to
the Council before being referred to the Board of Trustees.
In case a bill is not found in
order by the Board of Trustees,
it shall be referred back to the
Council for action.
In addition to the above, proposed
changes, the committee proposed
several procedural changes to the
meetings in order to comply with the
One other proposed action was to
comply with Article VIII, Section 4.
The Grand Knight shall direct the
Council Chairman to schedule a
Sunday during the Easter Season as
“Corporate Sunday.” The Council
Page 5
The Officers of Council 1849
Grand Knight
Deputy G.K.
Inside Guard
Outside Guard
Three Year
Two Year
One Year
Dennis Shortino
Paul Neasbitt
Mark Koenig
Kevin Darr
Robert Dominick
Joe Trassare
Nick Ragusano
David Sanders
Charlie Esola
Financial Sec.
Dist. Deputy
Field Agent
Bob Dobbs
Tony Campoy
David Rich
Greg Bronson
Ed Reno
David Payne
John Bowling
All Council Officers (except Br.
Charlie Esola) can be reached by
email. Use the first letter of their
first name, the entire last name,
followed by:
Sample: [email protected]
will then meet as a whole to attend
mass with Brother Knights and their
The proposed amendments will
now be re-presented for final discussion and approval at the next
meeting of the Council on Tuesday,
November 11, 2014.
If approved, the entire By-Laws
will be submitted to Supreme for
final approval and printing for
distribution to Council members.
Please attend the next meeting, Tuesday, November 11,
2014, to approve the amendments to the By-Laws of the
Council. The meeting begins at 7:00 pm at St. Katharine
Drexel Parish.
Page 6
Amador Knights
November 2014
November • 2014
Calendar of Events. . .
Saving Ends
11 Veterans
5:00 Officers
6:15 Dinner
7:00 Business
6:00 Family
Amador Knights
Joe Trassare
Phone: 209 296-6856
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