Business Sweden and the Embassy of Sweden in Belgium, in co-operation with the Antwerp Port
Authority, hereby invite Swedish companies to participate in a business delegation to the Port of
Antwerp on the 9th of December.
The delegation programme will provide the Swedish participants with an opportunity to present their
business cases and solutions to potential customers; relevant decision-makers and stakeholders from the
Port of Antwerp authority and other port-related companies in the Port of Antwerp community. It will also
provide an update on ongoing and future development plans and investments in the port of Antwerp.
The overall theme of the event is: “Development and solutions for an efficient, sustainable and
secure logistical chain”. Both the Ambassador of Port of Antwerp and the Swedish Trade
Commissioner to the Benelux have confirmed their participation as speakers at the seminar.
This is a business-oriented delegation with the goal to strengthen Swedish-Belgium business
connections and provide a good opportunity for new business relations to be established; through
knowledge exchange, networking and individual meetings.
The objectives of the delegation are to:
 Highlight innovative business solutions developed and presented by Swedish port-related
 Identify concrete opportunities for the Swedish participating suppliers through pre-arranged business
meetings with potential clients within the Port of Antwerp community
 Facilitate for Swedish companies interested in investing or establishing in the port of Antwerp
 Create a meeting point for knowledge sharing on development and business innovation for ports, and
highlight the importance of Port of Antwerp for Belgian-Swedish trade relations
A cooperation between:
Business areas in focus for the delegation:
- Transport & Logistics
 Container handling/optimization, logistic systems
 Shipping, dry bulk –and liquid cargo, RoRo, shipyards, ship-owners
- Energy & Environment
Renewable energy and resource efficiency: biomass, wind –and solar power, geothermal energy, bio-fuel,
LNG: infrastructure, safety, new LNG-related solutions
Energy infrastructure: power distribution, electrification, smart grids
Oil & Gas / Offshore: decommissioning of platforms, oil storage, refinery, wind power
- Security
 Port surveillance and monitoring
 Traffic management control systems
 Connectivity and communication services and solutions
 Management and optimization of logistical chain
 Cyber security
 Integration of operational technologies
- Infrastructure
- Other (the Port of Antwerp is open to new ideas and technologies)
Antwerp Port Authority, private companies established in the Port of Antwerp (e.g. terminal
operators, forwarding –and shipping companies), Authorities, policy-makers and ministries,
Swedish and Belgian port-related companies
Business meetings:
The Swedish delegates will have the opportunity to meet directly with key decision-makers of
relevance to their business areas. Business Sweden will actively target positions of interest for the
Swedish companies such as: Commercial Managers, Procurement Directors, Sector-specific
Purchasers and Technical Engineers/Experts from the Port of Antwerp community will attend the
If you have any questions about the business delegation, please feel free to contact:
 Kristofer Ziegler, Project Manager, Business Sweden Benelux
E-mail: [email protected], phone: +32 4 77 89 57 19
 Marcus Petersson, Consultant, Business Sweden Benelux
E-mail: [email protected], phone: +31 6 11 64 99 02
08.30 – 09.00
Registration and coffee
09.00 – 09.20
Welcome note
- Mr. Frank Geerkens, Port Ambassador, Antwerp Port Authority
- H.E. Maria Christina Lundqvist, Ambassador of Sweden
- Mr. Andreas Rentner, Trade Commissioner Benelux, Business Sweden
- Mr. Jean-Jacques Westerlund, Honorary Consul General, Consulate General of
Sweden in Antwerp (Moderator)
09.20 – 10.10
Port of Antwerp - Developments and Challenges
- Port of Antwerp (projects, investments)
- Port community voices (case study)
10.10 – 10.30
Coffee Break
10.30 – 11.15
Swedish perspective on port development and collaboration
- To be confirmed (Swedish port, industry organization, private or public actor)
- Case studies presented by participants of the Swedish delegation
11.15 – 11.45
Panel discussion – How to promote the development of an efficient,
sustainable and secure logistical chain?
11.45 – 12.00
Q&A and Conclusions
12.00 – 12.30
Presentation of Swedish Delegation
- Company presentations by participants of the Swedish delegation
12.30 – 14.00
Networking lunch & individual business meetings
- Pre-booked one-to-one business meetings and networking
14.30 – 16.30
Visit to the port - continued business networking opportunity
- Guided tour in the port and site visits
End of program
Participation fee for a large
Participation fee for a small
50 000 SEK
35 000 SEK
30 000 SEK
20 000 SEK
20 000 SEK
12 500 SEK
Includes: participation in
delegation (max. 3 persons),
company presentation, active
sales support**, case
presentation, participation in panel
Includes: participation in
delegation (max. 3 persons),
company presentation, active
sales support
Includes: participation in
delegation (max. 3 persons),
company presentation, passive
sales support***
* Business Sweden will partly co-finance the attendance for small companies with a turnover of less than 10 million EUR
and less than 50 employees
** Business Sweden will prior to the event actively contact up to 15 potential customers and/or partners with the aim to
arrange 3-5 business meetings that will take place during the event
*** Business Sweden will arrange business meetings solely based on requests from Belgian participants
In addition your company can, for any of the three options above, itself also invite existing or potential clients to the event
Registration to be sent no later than 6 November 2015 to: [email protected]
Business Sweden´s General Conditions for Participation in Joint Export Activities (June 2011) are enclosed
(page 7-8).
Corporate ID:
Invoicing address:
Postal Code:
Contact Person:
Name 2:
Name 3:
General Conditions for Participation in Joint Export Activities
(exhibitions, delegation travels, etc)
1. General
BUSINESS SWEDEN undertakes to carry out the export activity described in the invitation on condition that
the necessary number of companies signs up by giving binding notice of participation and no obstacles
specified in section 5 below exist in regard to the performance of the activity.
2. Participation fee
Companies taking part in the activity undertake to cooperate in order to achieve its aim and facilitate its
performance and also to pay the fee specified in the invitation. Participation in the activity may not be made
available or assigned to a third party without the prior written consent of BUSINESS SWEDEN. Unless
otherwise expressly stated, all prices are exclusive of VAT. The participation fee shall be paid in advance.
If the price has been specified in SEK and BUSINESS SWEDEN has to pay certain costs in local currency, the
price shall at the time of payment be adjusted if the exchange rate has changed by more than 5% between the
date of the invitation and the date of invoicing.
In the event of fewer companies signing up for the activity than required in the invitation, the participating
companies undertake to pay an increase not exceeding 10% of the participation fee.
The term of payment is 30 days from the invoice date. In the event of late payment, penalty interest is payable
at the current Swedish reference rate (“referensränta”) plus eight (8) percentage points. Any costs for
collection or other measures to obtain payment will be charged to the company.
3. BUSINESS SWEDEN’s undertakings
BUSINESS SWEDEN’s undertakings are limited to what is stated in the invitation and the present conditions.
Payments for services that BUSINESS SWEDEN has undertaken to perform by written agreement, over and
above what is included in the activity, shall be made as they fall due after invoicing.
BUSINESS SWEDEN is entitled to depart from the method specified in the invitation of performing the activity
if its performance requires this.
4. Cancellation etc
Registration is binding. If not stated otherwise in the invitation, upon cancellation of participation the fee will be
charged in full as from the date BUSINESS SWEDEN has received and confirmed the company’s binding
5. Force majeure etc
BUSINESS SWEDEN may cancel the activity or postpone carrying it out for a reasonable period if any
obstacle to or unreasonable increase in the cost of carrying it out arises or if carrying it out would jeopardise
the safety of persons or property affected by the activity, due to an event or circumstance outside BUSINESS
SWEDEN’s reasonable control (force majeure). Such events or circumstances include acts of violence or a
risk of acts of violence of all kinds (including war, hostilities, acts of sabotage etc.), natural phenomena
(earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc.), sudden events which cause injury or damage (fires, explosions etc.),
labour conflicts (strike, lockout, blockade, working to rule etc.), events and interventions of an official nature
(changes in the law, new legislation, a change in the exchange rate), and other unforeseen events or
unforeseen consequences of foreseeable events such as lack of transport, a shortage of skilled workers,
power cuts etc.
BUSINESS SWEDEN shall inform the participating companies in an appropriate manner as soon as possible
after force majeure is deemed to exist.
In addition to what is stated in the first paragraph of this section, the effect of invoking force majeure is that
BUSINESS SWEDEN will be absolved from economic consequences, including damages for delay in carrying
out the activity or for the activity not being carried out at all or not being carried out as agreed.
6. Disputes etc
These general conditions shall be governed by and are construed in accordance with Swedish law. Any
dispute in connection with these general conditions shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the
Rules for Expedited Arbitrations of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.