Welcome to Glocal Development Talks!

Why Glocal Development Talks?
There are interesting shifts taking place
in development cooperation globally
and in Sweden at the moment. 2015
is the year when the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire and
the new Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) will be approved by the
UN General Assembly, and the global
Climate Summit in Paris will take place.
In Sweden the feminist foreign policy,
a unique government strategy, is amplifying gender perspectives. In synergy
with the revival of the Swedish Policy for
Global Development (Politik för Global
Utveckling), it will influence development cooperation, investments and priority
areas for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs,
Sida and Forum Syd. These are processes
that could create new opportunities to
transform unequal power relations and
open up for alternative development.
We are inspired by the positive changes
to increase justice and reduce poverty.
However, these shifts are also contrasted by growing inequalities and the
increasingly vulnerable position of civil
society in many parts of the world. A
crucial issue for civil society is how the
shifts in goals and policies will affect the
support to partners in the Global South
and their work at grassroot level in areas
such as food sovereignty, climate change
and gender justice. There is a need for
direct dialogue between civil society
organisations and policy makers. We
want experts to share their knowledge
and reflections on the on-going global
processes in order to strengthen mutual
learning. By discussing local perspectives and experiences on a global level we
can identify burning issues and create
alternatives together.
20-23 September 2015
Lund, Sweden
Sustainable development, gender justice and local perspectives
Glocal Development Talks! is arranged in collaboration with:
• Bodil Valero • Naila Kabeer • Ulrika Modéer • Gudrun Schyman • Hans Linde
• Carolina Wennerholm • Peter Sörbom
Detta material är helt eller delvis finansierat av Sida, Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete.
Sida delar inte nödvändigtvis de åsikter som här framförs. Ansvaret för innehållet är uteslutande författarens.
Sunday 20 September // Venue: Atriumgården Stadsbiblioteket Lund
Food sovereignty, land rights and gender justice
Welcome to Glocal Development Talks!
20-23 September 2015
Lund, Sweden
This is the development talk where development gets to speak for itself!
In an effort to influence the decisions made
under the umbrella of different development
goals, we aim to provide a platform for voices
from the Global South. During this conference the effect of global politics will be put
into perspective by local organisations from
South Asia and Latin America. Against the
backdrop of expiring development goals and
new development agendas we have invited
decision and policy makers as well as people
whom represent the struggle for alternative
Listening to perspectives from the Global
South is the most important aim of Glocal
Development Talks! This is why we have invited a number of representatives from Svalorna’s partner organisations in India and Bangladesh. They will comment and ask questions
at each session to ensure that academic and
political perspectives are contrasted with perspectives from these organisations’ grassroots
work. Svalornas partners work with Dalit
rights, women’s rights, farmer’s rights and
sustainable development.
Representing perspectives from South are:
• Shobha Raghuram (Advisory board)
• Khushi Kabir (Nijera Kori, Bangladesh)
• Shahidul Islam (Unnayan Dhara, Bangladesh)
• Sheelu Francis (Women’s Collective, India)
• Mathew John (Keystone Foundation, India)
• Thilagam Ramalingam (Evidence, India)
• Sukanta Sen (BARCIK, Bangladesh)
• Suresh Kanna (Kudumbam, India)
• Karin Nansen (REDES, Uruguay)
• Ravi Kumar (FIAN, India)
11.00 - 11.15
Welcome to Glocal Development Talks!
11.15 - 12.15
Alternatives for development: perspectives from Global South
12.15 - 12.45
Coffee, tea and sandwiches
12.45 - 13.15
Our ecological footprints and how we can change the world (partly in Swedish)
Matti Larsson & Nihal Ragab (Giraffa i Staden), Cecilia Ward
13.15 - 14.45
Panel discussion: Food Sovereignty, land rights and gender justice
Shahidul Islam (Unnayan Dhara), Sukanta Sen (BARCIK), Mathew John (Keystone Foundation), Sheelu
Francis (Women’s Collective), Thilagam Ramalingam (Evidence), Khushi Kabir (Nijera Kori), Karin Nansen
(REDES), Suresh Kanna (Kudumbam), Karin Ericsson (Latinamerikagrupperna)
15.00 - 15.45
Volunteering through the decades Cecilia Jonsson, Linnéuniversitetet
Venue: Lilla Salen, AF-borgen Lund
Monday 21 September
Tuesday 22 September
Wednesday 23 September
New goals and strategies for
sustainable development
A feminist foreign policy for
The road towards climate
justice and sustainability
Monica Erwér & Christina
Sjöström (deputy mayor)
Glocal cooperation for
gender justice
Monica Erwér
Negotiations, alternatives
and challenges
Monica Erwér
Government perspectives
Ulrika Modéer, state
secretary for development
Feminist perspectives
Gudrun Schyman,
Feminist Initiative (F!)
Government Perspectives
Bodil Valero (fka Ceballos), EU-parlamentarian
for the Green Party (MP)
cooperation perspectives
True Schedvin, Senior
Economist Sida
Academic perspectives
Naila Kabeer, London
School of Economics
Development cooperation
Anders Granlund, unit for
research cooperation/Sida
Civil society perspectives
Peter Sörbom, policy
coordinator CONCORD
Emelie Aho, policy advisor
Forum Syd
Development cooperation
Carolina Wennerholm,
policy specialist on gender
equality at Sida
Academic perspectives
Vasna Ramasar, Lund
University Centre for
Sustainability Studies
14.30-15.30 Government perspectives
Academic perspectives
Naila Kabeer, London
Hans Linde, Left Party (V)
School of Economics
parlamentarian and spokesStina Hansson, Global studperson in the Committee on
ies Gothenburg University
Foreign Affairs
Feminist perspectives
Karin Nansen (REDES),
Sheelu Francis (Women’s
FUF- fåtöljen
Petra Flaum, policy and
development strategist
Panel discussion: Engendering mobilisation for
sustainable social change
Shobha Raghuram, Khushi
Kabir (Nijera Kori), Sukanta
Sen (BARCIK), Sheelu Francis (Women’s Collective)
Thilagam Ramalingam
Panel discussion: Food
sovereignty for climate
Sukanta Sen (BARCIK),
Shahidul Islam (Unnayan
Dhara), Mathew John (Keystone Foundation), Suresh
Kanna (Kudumbam), Ravi
Kumar (FIAN India)
Learnings from the day
Learnings from the day
Concluding Glocal Talks!
- what do we do now?
Moderator: Annica Holmberg
Method and evaluation expert with extensive experience of development issues. She has been working for Swedish civil
society organisations such as Forum Syd and RFSU as well as an independent consultant. Annica has also been involved
in strategic discussions on Swedish positions on the aid effectiveness agenda and the sustainable development goals.