Youth camp 2015 - Linköpings kommun

Youth camp 2015
What is a youth camp?
Here at Brevik you can swim, hang out with friends, play football, go on a hike, fish, paddle canoe, do
crafts and lots of other things. Quite simply a mix of great summer days on the beach and mad
escapades with lots of activities while you stay in a camp for 4 days.
27 June – 30 June 2015
02 July – 05 July 2015
07 July – 10 July 2015
4 days age 12-20
4 days age 12-19
4 days age 13-16
Diva camp is for girls by girls. “Liquid – Linköping Queer
At Shanazi Heroes Hero camp
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meet friends, paddle canoes,
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do various evaluation exercises.
swim, paddle canoes and meet
to Liquid, which is located in Think up your own suggestions
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Arbis’ premises, open Thurs– for things to do! All activities
days 14.00–20.00. Liquid has are voluntary! “Shanazi Heroes
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- A project against honour
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you cannot apply on this form. democracy and human rights”
Apply no later than
29 May
Fee SEK 200
For more information
Victoria Almroth
Apply no later than
29 May
Fee SEK 200
For more information
Emma Nilsson
Apply no later than
29 May
Fee SEK 200
For more information
Hoshi Kafashi
Brevik is located outside Söderköping, around 65 km from Linköping. For each camp, we are
arranging a big coach that will take us to Brevik. For more information, please
The leaders travel with the coach, and when your camp ends we travel back by coach to Linköping.
We stay in a big house. You will share a room with 4 beds with other participants. The leaders also
stay in the house, but in their own rooms. There are always leaders you can talk to, including at night,
if you have difficulty sleeping or need someone to talk to, for example. Several camps are in progress
at Brevik in parallel with each other, but no other camp participants will be staying in the house where
we live.
We have kitchen staff who cook all our food, and they usually make real pancakes and roll
their own meatballs for everybody eating. Most of the people who come to camp love the
Talk to an adult at home if you are keen to come to camp, or if perhaps you want to
know more before applying.
Youth camp
Arranged by us at Ungdomsarenor/Fritidsverksamheten (Youth Arenas/Leisure Operation), which is a
part of Sektionen för resurs- och stödverksamhet (the Section for Resource and Support Activities)
within Linköping Municipality. We have been mandated by Barn- och Ungdomsnämnden (the Child
and Youth Board) to carry out boarding camp activities. Apart from providing children and youths with
a safe and secure camp stay, camps are about community, memorable experiences and growing as a
person. It can be a big step to be away from home during these days. 3–5 youth leaders work during
each period.
The overall responsibility for the operation rests with the camp manager and the operational manager.
Travel to and from camp
Travel to and from camp is done together by coach from Linköping.
The cost is SEK 200, and is payable in advance of the camp in conjunction with the
application. Note: the application is binding.
Hand in to the camp manager or send to: Linköpings kommun
Sektionen för resurs- och stödverksamhet,
Koloniverksamheten Klostergatan 24
581 81 Linköping
Please save pages 1–2 when making the application, this makes it easier to contact us. If you
have any questions or are unsure about something, please contact us. You can contact either
the camp manager or me, the operational manager.
Hansson 013-20
71 88
[email protected]
Information about handling of personal data (Personal Data Act SFS 1988:204) Personal
data given in the application is handled by Sektionen för resurs- och stödverksamhet for the
purpose of administration and other measures necessary to handle the matter. The handling
may also relate to the production of statistics and the debiting of fees. You are entitled, once a
year and following a written and signed application, to get information of the personal data
Sektionen för resurs- och stödverksamhet is obliged to correct incorrect or misleading data
form from
Liquid. Get the application
Arbis, Thursdays 14.00–
Personal identity number
Mobile telephone number
Name parent/guardian 1
Telephone home
Mobile telephone number
Email address
Name parent/guardian 2
Telephone home
Mobile telephone number
Email address
Important for us to know
medication Yes No
If yes, allergy against what? What illness? What medication?
Special diet
If yes, what?
Other information
Signature parent/guardian
Place and date
Signature parent/guardian 1
Name in block letters
Place and date
Signature parent/guardian 2
Name in block letters
Invoice recipient
Note: the application is binding, unused places are charged for. In case of illness, a medical certificate is
Personal identity number
Street name and number
Postcode and town
Name in block letters