Announcement -

November 27 - 29, 2015
On November 27 – 29 the club SK Skrinnaren will organize, under auspices of the Swedish
Skating Association, the second international competition of the Short Track Speed Skating Star
Class series 2015-2016. The competition is a qualifying event for the Junior Europa Cup Final of
Star Class and Danubia Cup.
The competition will be organized on accordance with the 2014 Regulations of the International
Skating Union, the Star Class Memorandum 2015-2016 and the conditions included in this
Junior A
Junior B
Born before 01-07-1996
Born between 01-07-1996 to 30-06-1998
Born between 01-07-1998 to 30-06-2000
Time Limit
The time limit to be entitled to start in the competition is listed in the Memorandum for Star Class
2015-2016, available at:
Junior A
Junior B
1500 m
1500 m
1500 m
3000 m
500 m
500 m
500 m
1000 m
1000 m
1000 m
Preliminary program
This program is subject to change by the organizing committee pending the entries!
Friday, November 27
10.00 a.m.
Warm up
11.00 a.m.
Start of competition
Saturday, November 28 08.00 a.m.
Warm up
09.00 a.m.
Start of competition
Sunday, November 29 08.00 a.m.
Warm up
09.00 a.m.
Start of competition
14.00 p.m.
End of competition
Entries are open to ISU members and their affiliated clubs. In the case of an unmanageable
number of entries reductions can be made by the organizers together with the Star Class
coordination Group.
All entries shall be made on
The preliminary entries should contain the following information:
- Name and address of the club making the entry
- Number of the athletes in each category
- Number of accompanying Officials
- The preliminary entries must be submitted no later than October 31 2015.
The final entries specifying/confirming:
- Surname, first name and gender of the competitor
- Date of birth of the competitors
- Best time on the 500m distance in the 2014-2015 or 2015-2016 season
- Name of the accompanying Officials
The final entries must be submitted no later than November 22, 2015
Request to teamleaders
All TEAMLEADERS are very urgently requested to inform the organizer of any changes in the
team before departure from home.
Competitors must be present at Malmö Isstadion at latest 09:00 on Friday November 27th, 2015 or
the organizing Committee must have received document proof that the competitors are in transit
and will arrive in due time for the Competition.
Entry Fee
An Entrance Fee of 15 EUR must be paid to the Organizers for each accredited person, e.g. for
every athlete and for every coach/teamleader, if there is more than one coach and one teamleader.
Helmet cover deposit
A deposit of 10 EUR for helmet covers will be taken from each athlete, and returned when given
Track Conditions
The track is an artificially refrigerated indoor ice surface with the measures of 30x60 meters.
Protective padding covers the boards in accordance with ISU Communication No. 1726. The
standard track will be laid out 111.12 meters to the lap with measured curves of 8 meters and there
will be 7 markers used to establish the curve. The length of the straight is 28.85 meters. Beside the
original track there will be 4 tracks set up to preserve good ice conditions. For all tracks one finish
line will be used.
Award of Prizes
Awards will be given to the first three places of the final of each distance on each category.
Awards will be given for the first three places in the overall classification in each category.
During the award ceremonies, the skaters should be in club or National track suit.
Medical Assistance
Doctor and paramedical personnel will be present at the competition days. An ambulance will be
on standby in case of need.
Medical Insurance
It is the sole responsibility of each member, on behalf of its participating clubs, to ensure or provide
medical and accident insurance for their athletes. Proof of such shall be requested by the
Organizing Committee. See I.S.U Rule 119.
In accordance with I.S.U Rule 119, the Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility with
respect to medical, bodily or personal injury or property loss or damage sustained or caused in
connection with this Competition.
Organizing Committee:
Chairman: Daniel Jansson
e-mail: [email protected]
Mobile phone: +46 702 18 21 08
Information on Internet
Ice rink
The competition will take place at Malmö Isstadion, Erik Perssons väg, 217 62 Malmö
 By air:
o Fly to Copenhagen/Kastrup and take the train to Malmö/Triangeln and then you
have 1,8 km to hotel. Take local bus 3 or 7, take a taxi or walk.
o Fly to Malmö Airport/Sturup, take the “Flygbuss” to Södervärn and then you have
1,6 km to hotel. Take local bus 3 or 7, take a taxi or walk.
Board and lodging
The participating teams are responsible for their own meals and accommodation.
The organizing Committee recommends following hotel and meal:
Good Morning + Malmö (Former Mercure Hotel) Only 300m from the Icerink, and at least 70
room available!
Stadiongatan 21
217 62 Malmö, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 672 85 70
Special prices valid until 26 OCT 2015, booking code “SHORTNOV” and “BUFFET”
PS: If you already made your booking on a higher price please give the hotel a call and you will get
the “SHORTNOV” price.
Together with your stay at Good Morning + Malmö we also would like to offer you an evening
buffet at the hotel on Thursday (26/11), Friday (27/11) and Saturday (28/11) night. But to be able
order correct amount of food, please inform the hotel at the same time you book the hotel.
Preliminary: First seat 19:00 and second seat 21:00.
Single room: 640,00 SEK per room and night including breakfast buffet
Double room: 740,00 SEK per room and night including breakfast buffet
Triple room: 940,00 SEK per room and night including breakfast buffet
Evening buffet stilldrink/water included: 139,00 SEK per person and night:
Meals during competition:
Every competition day there will be “one” free food package to all participant skaters.
Every day we will have light meal, fruit, drinks and snacks for sale at the Ice rink.