Grade:9 irdif Private School Term 1 HW Plan 6 Class focus

Mirdif Private School
Class focus Sun → Thur
Home work to be completed on
During this week, and as per the MPS Mission and Vision
statements, our focus will be “Mindfulness”. This week we will
start the theme of „Being mindful‟. We will continue to analyze
our reading, “The Necklace”. New Spelling words and
dictation passage will be drawn from the story. Our
comprehension lessons will focus on connotations and
denotation, and we will work on composing our extended
essay instead of the usual in-class essay. Students will compose
their at home persuasive essay “Is Appearance Important?”
Sun. Oct 26
Study Mon. Oct. 27
Tues. Oct. 28
Study Wed. Oct. 29
COMPLETE graphic
organizer for the at-home essay,
Complete 1st draft for
the at-home essay, “Is
Important?” in writing
Complete questions 611 on p. 13-14 in the
Literature Booklet #3
„The Necklace‟ in
literature folder.
Complete final draft
of at-home essay,
“How the UAE
spends its money” in
writing file.
Begin work on the “Is
Extended essay target
you have set for
yourself. DUE:
Study for spelling test
using word list.
Study for dictation test
Page 227, lines 60-67,
from literature book,
„The Necklace‟.
Revise the Literature
Booklet #3 „The
Necklace‟ for a
formative test,
Solve All
Questions on
Ready to Go On
Maths Worksheet
#4 (in Math
Math Formative
Assessment #6
Revise and study Pg
17 in Algebra 1
Practice Book and
Math Worksheet 2.9
(in Math Folder)
“Is Appearance Important?”
in writing file.
Begin studying the word list for
the test on Thursday:
Pauper - Humiliating
Gorgeous - Hesitatingly
Pleading -adulation
Disconsolate - aghast
Drabness - gamut
During this week, students will explore commonly used percents
and their estimates in real life. They will analyze the situations
where percents are applicable in real life situations like sports,
weather, banking, money, assessments etc. They will also
rewrite expressions involving radicals and rational exponents
using the properties of exponents
Solve Q1 – Q9
Pg 17 in Algebra 1
Practice Book
Solve Q10 – Q19
Pg 17 in Algebra
1 Practice Book
During this week, students will be exploring the engineering design
process. To do this, students will develop an understanding of
technology and engineering, engineering design skills and the steps in
the engineering process.
Parents' Role: Please discuss with your son or daughter the following
questions: What are some objects that you have used today that
someone had to design at one time? Why is it important for designers
to be careful when they are designing or improving a product? If you
could improve or change a product that you use often, what would it
be and how would you change it? Are new designs always
complicated? How can changes in design make products easier to use?
Does cost have an influence on the way objects are designed? Why
might you decide to redesign a product?
Please make sure that you send in any paper, plastic and cans that
we can recycle and put it in the bins at the front of the school.
Remember our target is 20 000 kg’s. Thank you for your support in
helping our environment and community.
Complete from “the
Engineering Design
Process” worksheet
questions 1-9 pg 114 to
118 inside science folder.
Complete from “the
Engineering Design
Process” worksheet
questions 10-18 pg
114 to 118 inside
science folder.
Term 1 HW Plan 6
From: 26/10/2014 To 30/10/2014
Complete from
“the Engineering
Design Process”
questions, lesson
review, pg 125
inside science
Study Thurs.
Oct. 30
‫‪Mirdif Private School‬‬
‫‪Term 1 HW Plan 6‬‬
‫‪From: 26/10/2014 To 30/10/2014‬‬
‫‪Due Sun.‬‬
‫‪Due Thur.‬‬
‫‪Study Sun. Oct 26‬‬
‫‪Arab students‬‬
‫‪Mon. Oct.‬‬
‫كتابة موضوع تعبير‬
‫مضمونها عن (القراءة)‬
‫( توزع ورقة للطالب فيها‬
‫نص الموضوع وعناصره‬
‫وكلمات مساعدة في ملف‬
‫اللغة العربية)‬
‫درس ( الكشف في القاموس المحيط من ص ‪ 42‬حتى‬
‫ال واجبات‬
‫كتاب التربية اإلسالمية درس ( النفاق ‪ :‬ص ‪) 73 - 66 :‬‬
‫سيتم شرح الدرس من خالل المحاور التالية ‪ :‬تعريف النفاق لغة‬
‫واصطالحا – أنواع النفاق وحكم كل نوع – آثاره على الفرد‬
‫والمجتمع – اسباب النفاق و الحلول – سمات الشخصية المنافقة‬
‫– ثم مناقشة اسئلة الكتاب ‪.‬‬
‫اختبار في الدروس التالية‬
‫أحكام المد ‪ +‬أحكام الميم‬
‫والنون الساكنة ‪ +‬السنة‬
‫( مادة االختبار موجودة‬
‫في الملف كأوراق عمل )‬
‫سيتعرف طريقة الكشف عن الكلمات في القاموس‬
‫المحيط‪ ،‬وسيتعرف كيف يميز بين القاموس المحيط‪،‬‬
‫والمعجم الوسيط من حيث طريقة الكشف عن‬
‫الكلمات‪ ،‬كما سيستخدم القاموس المحيط في الكشف‬
‫عن معااني كلمات‪.‬‬
‫‪Study Thurs. Oct. 30‬‬
‫‪Study Wed. Oct. 29‬‬
‫‪Tues. Oct. 28‬‬
‫‪Home work to be completed on‬‬
‫‪Class focus Sun → Thur‬‬
‫كتاب التاريخ‬
‫الدولة العثمانية‬
‫‪Due Wed.‬‬
‫‪Due Mon.‬‬
‫‪Social Studies‬‬
‫سنقومفي هذااألسبوع بالتعرف على أصل القبائل العثمانية‬
‫ونزوحها إلى تلك المنطقة ومراحل قيام الدولة العثمانية‬
‫وترتيب الخلفاء العثمانيين والمدن التي اتخذوها عواصم‬
Mirdif Private School
Term 1 HW Plan 6
Class focus Sun → Thur
Home work to be completed on
Non Arab Students
Students will take the new words
‫ صاروخ‬- ‫ – حصان – كرة – دمية – دب – طائرة‬and
recognize family members (father - mother brother - sister) (Blue Book (I love Arabic) –
Level One: lesson-1 ‫( في حجرة اللعة‬3), p 13)
Study Sun. Oct 26
Mon. Oct. 27
Islamic Studies
Social Studies
Non Arab Students
During this week, students will be researching
immigration and slavery in America. Students
will study and research key events that took
place in America during the 1950s and 1960s
in regards to racism. Students will research
events such as the Montgomery bus boycott
.Students will then complete an essay creating
a timeline of the key events.
Study Wed. Oct. 29
Study Thurs. Oct. 30
Due Thur.
Due Sun.
The student
writes – ‫قطار‬
– ‫حصان – كرة – دمية‬
‫ صاروخ‬- ‫دب – طائرة‬
Non Arab Students
During this week, the students will continue
learning about The Great Hadeeth of
Jibreel. Students would be able to recognize
the importance of the five pillars of Islam.
From: 26/10/2014 To 30/10/2014
Tues. Oct. 28
Assessment -1Learning IslamTextbook: Study
pages A18-A27.
Learning IslamWorksheets: Study
pages (15---17),
(19---- 20).
Due Mon.
Due Tue.
Due Wed.
Mirdif Private School
Term 1 HW Plan 6
English Social
Studies/ ESS
Class focus
From: 26/10/2014 To
During this week students
will be listening to audio
clips of people from our
past .They will be
focusing on the case
study of the ice man
.Students will also be
learning about different
tools and methods of
survival used during the
stone age.
Technology / ICT
Personal, Social,
and Health
Class focus
From: 26/10/2014 To
Class focus
From: 26/10/2014 To
Class focus
From: 26/10/2014
To 30/10/2014
Class focus
From: 26/10/2014 To 30/10/2014
During this week,
students are going to
learn about writing a
Resume. In class, we
will be discussing about
Resume document
outlines i.e. experience,
qualification, skills.
They will include the
details in their resume
according to the outline.
They will complete a
Resume checklist. They
will be following the
steps from page # 30 -35
from TechnoAdvertise
ICT book. Students will
be able to create a
Resume by the end of
the lesson.
During this week,
students will train on
the skill of endurance
in organizing a
breathing advanced
skill in swimming
increase the capacity
of the lungs to absorb
oxygen, also will train
students on the
performance of Float
on the abdomen and
change the status to
float on the back style
and through:
Regulate breathing
exercises 20 times
Exercises diving
Exercises change the
type of Float
During this week
students will be
researching their
home country.
They will use
short passages
and illustrations
to create a wall
chart displaying
information and
facts about their
Research and analyze the work of an artist and
write about the artists distinctive style and its
contribution to the meaning of the work.
Students will acquire sound research and art
appreciation skills. The focus will be for students
to understand artistic creation starting with an
idea which is explored through the subject matter
and the mediums used by the artist. Students will
learn how to analyze and critically respond to
works of art, gathering factual information while
forming their own opinions and interpretations.
Inn their research students will include:
- Brief information about the artist: Name,
art movement, where they are from, dates
- Analysis of the artwork, pick two or three
examples. Describe the distinctive style
and its meaning to the work i.e. subject
matter and medium, how the medium
reflects the subject.
- Individual interpretation/opinions as well
as facts.
- Gather images of the artworks examined.