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November 7, 2014
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Thanksgiving Dinners
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The Covenant to Care ministry is
collecting food to provide a few families with
the Thanksgiving dinner. There is a sign up in
the Pearson Room along with a box to place the
groceries. Donations
are due on November
23rd. Please see
Kristin or
Daigneault with
any questions. Thank you.
Nov 8
Nov 9
Monday Nov 10
Tuesday Nov 11
Wednesday Nov 12
Thursday, Nov 13
Saturday Nov 15
Nov 16
5:00 pm
Holy Eucharist
22nd Sunday after Pentecost
8:00 am
Holy Eucharist
9:45 am
Church School
10:00 am
Holy Eucharist
6:15 pm
Christian Yoga, Pearson Room
6:30 pm
Finance Committee
7:30 am
Holy Eucharist, Seabury Room
12:00 pm
Men’s Lunch, Charcoal Chef
7:30 pm
House Church at Fr. Fred’s
10:30 am
Bible Study, Louise Smith’s home
5:00 pm
Holy Eucharist & Healing
23rd Sunday after Pentecost
8:00 am
Holy Eucharist
9:45 am
Church School
10:00 am
Holy Eucharist
Consecration Sunday, November 16, is quickly approaching! Please submit your pledge form by that date so that it can be included with all the others
to be brought forward to the altar for a blessing. Too, everyone, from all three
services, is cordially invited to a special coffee hour at 11 o’clock on the 16th.
Making a Difference
enerosity is about giving God
our best. Beginning in early
November, the Stewardship Committee,
with the support of the Vestry, will be
sharing the names of those who to date
have committed to a pledge for 2015.
(Name only, no amount.) The intent is both
to extend grateful and gracious thanks to
those who are already making a difference to
St. Paul’s with their pledge for 2015, and
to encourage those who have not yet
pledged to do so in the near future. The
list will be in E-Connections and posted,
and will be updated periodically. If you
prefer to be listed as “Anonymous,” that is fine. Please let Nancy Twinem
know promptly via e-mail ([email protected]) or telephone (203-729-2763).
Men’s Group
ach Wednesday at noon the men’s group, a
growing and informal gathering of men, has
been meeting for lunch at the Charcoal Chef.
Please join us next week!
f you have fallen behind on your
pledge offering, please make every
effort to bring your contributions up to
date. Your financial support is very
much needed and appreciated.
Only 6 weeks until the
Annual Woodbury Christmas Festival
and our
St. Paul's Fabulous Holiday Bazaar
on Saturday, December 6th
As generous donations begin to roll in and the excitement
grows daily, we'd like to remind you what has been accomplished
with the net profits from the last few years
Only 4
to Go!
1. Bazaar 2011 – Proceeds went to Woodbury Community Services Council
2. Bazaar 2012 - Proceeds purchased a much-needed new refrigerator
for the kitchen
3. Bazaar 2013 – Proceeds purchased a new microwave and
new counter tops for the kitchen.
Your awesome support, with exciting and interesting and unique donations, has allowed
us to create a beautiful Bazaar which our customers really love. They stop first at St.
Paul's and shop, shop, shop, then they go visit the other venues and enjoy them, but it
always amazes us how very many of them come back to us and shop and shop
again….and to enjoy your delicious, donated cookies!!!
Any questions about donations, call Judie Ferris 203 263 3271
Diane Heavens 203 263 2468 or Maureen Well 203 263 4892
Next Meeting of Christmas Bazaar Committee
Sunday, Nov. 2…..after 10 o'clock service
Please come and join us….we have a wonderful time together planning and executing
this happy event…. we need your help and you'll have fun, too.
Baskets Are Needed...for
the gorgeous Basket Raffle at our
Christmas Bazaar. Do you have baskets
just taking up space in your home?
Bring them in to us for a creative
"basketeere" to turn into a fabulous
raffle prize...just put them on the hall
coat rack. The Christmas Bazaar is
Saturday, Dec. 6th. Silent Auction,
Christmas White Elephant Shoppe,
Basket Raffle, Baked Goods
...jump in Santa's sleigh
and help out! Call Renee
Mulligan (860-417-3233),
Maureen Well (203-263
-4892) or Diane
Heavens (203-2632468). Thanks in
advance for your
Yes, it’s time for St. Paul’s Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gift Program. OCC is
an international Christian ministry. Since 1993, OCC has reached out to more than 100
million boys and girls in over 130 countries with God’s love through the power of simple
shoebox gifts. Samaritan’s Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver
the gifts and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ. We at St. Paul’s Church
have done our small part in this great ministry by contributing over 1,000 shoeboxes over
the past years, and we hope this year to do better than ever!
Boxes and information brochures are available in the Pearson Room
We need your filled boxes returned to the church by noon, Sunday November 23rd!
Some general guidelines for filling shoeboxes:
Buy gifts for a boy or girl, ages 2-4, 5-9, 10-14 years old.
No war-related toys, glass or breakables, or candy that melts.
No toys that require electricity to operate; many of these children live in
remote areas.
Many of the children lack the basics: soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks,
mittens, and other staple items are welcomed along with toys and sweets.
Label your box with the labels provided indicating gender and age group,
and include a check for $7.00 in your box to cover shipping costs.
No time to shop? Make out a check to Operation Christmas Child to help
cover shipping costs and the purchase of additional gift items.
I hope that gets you started! Take a moment to pray for and reflect on those
many, many children who are less fortunate than we are, and then, plan
your box of small gifts to send – the box you send may be the only
Christmas gift a child has ever received. And knowing the difference you
will make in one child’s life will be the best Christmas gift you will ever
Mindy Miserendino
Stewardship Reflection
“For we are God’s fellow workers…”
- 1 Corinthians 3:9
e are called to help God build His kingdom
on earth. We are His eyes, ears, hands and
voice on Earth. By giving of our “first fruits” of our
time, talent and treasure we help fulfill God’s call. Are
you doing all you can to help? Do you spend time in
prayer every day? Do you participate in one of the many parish
ministries? Do you give generously in the offertory collection each week?
This Weekend’s Readings
Awaiting His Coming
Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25
n our Hebrew scripture lesson, Joshua, like Moses before him, acts as a mediator
between the people of Israel and God at Shecham.
Psalm 78:1-7
The psalm recalls Israel’s trials and the Lord’s sustaining grace in the wilderness after
the escape from Egypt.
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
In this reading Paul offers a vision of how the dead in Christ will rise and then, together
with those who are alive, be caught up to meet the Lord in the sky.
Matthew 25:1-13
Our gospel is the parable of the wise and foolish maidens - those prepared and
unprepared for the bridegroom’s coming. In several ways the details of the story may strike
us as odd and even a little unfair, but such a concern missies the main point, which has
much in common with other of Jesus’ parables. One must at all times be ready with
repentance and decision for
the kingdom’s coming. In a
later period this story was
read with allegorical
overtones. Jesus is the
bridegroom whose return is
delayed. Some in the church
are falling asleep while
others remain expectant.
e are warned about being unprepared when the
Lord calls. How can we best assure that we will be
ready? Living a life under-girded by the Holy Habits of
prayer, study, sacrificial
giving, and intentional
involvement in a worshipping
community, may help us to be ever responsible
to God’s call - for whatever - and whenever He
Committee for Refugee Concerns Forming
he Rev. Esmail (Shahrokh) Dezhbod of St. Paul's and the Rev. Canon Audrey
Scanlan would like to invite all those who are interested in working for refugee
concerns to join them for an organizing meeting on Tuesday, November 18 at 6 pm at the
Commons (the Episcopal Church in Connecticut offices). The Rev. Dezhbod writes: I am a
refugee who came to the United States 14 years ago and when I came here I promised
myself to help other refugees to find a safe place, as my family and I did. ... I have had a
vision to create a committee for the refugees, in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, for
some time. My vision is that this committee will be a place of advocating for all refugees
around the world, encouraging U.S. legislation to continue supporting refugees, and
sponsoring refugees in Connecticut by working with local resettlement agencies.
If you
are interested in attending or being involved, please email Jody
Rodiger at [email protected]
Participating in the Services
Saturday, November 8th
5 pm
Dale White
Janet Congdon, Karen Nash
Norma Leavenworth
Saturday, November 15th
5 pm
Marianne Daly,
Thayer Daly Lehman
Lis Blum, Pam Lehman
Karen Nash
Sunday, November 9th
8 am
Kathie Nichols, Brenda Weir
Joan Wilson
Dory Holmes
Dick Leavenworth
10 am
Julie & Tom Calkins
Duke Breon, Tom Calkins
Lois Zane
Chris Culkin, Owen Hale
Intercessor Ed Hord
Dawn Ericson
Altar Guild: Marianne Daly, Pam Lehman,
Brenda Weir, Lois Zane
Lay Eucharistic Minister: Rich Baird
Sunday, November 26th
8 am
Maike Daies, Judie Ferris
Brenda Weir
Beverly Deickler
Mike Davies
10 am
Connie Baldwin, Heidi Szobota
Betty Lou Bowles, Toni Foster
Debbie Rising, Amy Williams
Molly Robinson,
Alexandra Trompeter,
Intercessor Duke Breon
Ron Roberts
Altar Guild: Connie Baldwin, Judie Ferris,
Karen Nash, Peg Robinson
Lay Eucharistic Ministers: Mike Davies,,
Lori Simmons Cook, Wrey Trompeter
Please remember to arrange for your own replacements and to keep the office informed of
any changes at [email protected]
Nov 9
Nov 16
Kathie / Joann
Maureen Well
Hebrews 13:2 - Do not neglect to show
hospitality to strangers, for thereby
some have entertained angels unawares.
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