Case Study - Lavastorm

Finance Organizations – Agility
Building a Best-in-Class Finance
Organization with Agile Analytics
The Lavastorm Analytics Engine
provides Telia with agile data
analytics capabilities.
Faster Response Time – Telia
now answers new financial
and operational questions in
hours or days when it used to
take weeks.
Higher Revenue from Partner
Relationships – Stronger
analytic capabilities relative to
partners has better prepared
Telia to establish financially
beneficial relationships and to
resolve revenue sharing
Reduced Services Costs – On
just one project related to
Telias Television division,
Telia’s finance organization
answered strategic questions
posed by the business leaders
and avoided the need for a
$260K project with an outside
services firm.
“Where most people pull up Excel, I
pull up Lavastorm. Lavastorm gives us
the power to analyze more complex
data and business situations than we
ever could with Excel.”
One of 17 operating companies in the TeliaSonera group, Telia
Denmark is the third largest supplier of telecom services in the
Danish market. Telia has been a customer of Lavastorm since
2001 and is a full-service operator, providing mobile, broadband
and television services. Currently, Telia delivers their services in
Denmark under three different brand names: Telia, Call me and
dlg tele.
Like most other finance organizations, the financial team at
Telia faced daily data challenges. With increasing regulations,
fragmented partner networks, and highly complex revenue
models, Telia must analyze more data and more complex data
in less time and with greater accuracy – or face significant risks,
including loss of revenue, poor branding, and unprofitability.
Telia Denmark’s financial leaders recognized that the way the
financial team organizes, analyzes and utilizes data can have a
major influence on the company’s financial success. So they set
a goal of transforming their organization into a best-in-class
data operation that could reliably and quickly provide critical
information to the operating units and executive management
of the organization and, therefore, contribute to the success of
their business.
Telia already used the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to unwind
complicated revenue sharing transactions and properly allocate
revenues to its network of partners, including mobile operators,
content providers, and other TeliaSonera operating companies.
Lavastorm’s software gives Telia a substantial speed and
accuracy advantage over every revenue sharing partner and
Telia wanted to have Lavastorm add these advantages to their
handling of additional financial initiatives.
Thomas Trulsson, Interconnect
Analyst, Telia Denmark
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Telia Denmark Case Study
To build best-in-class financial operations, Telia committed to
use the Lavastorm Analytics Engine to address complex, ad
hoc, and data-driven problems encountered by the finance
organization. The Lavastorm Analytics Engine provides Telia
with agile data management and analytic capabilities that
allow them to quickly aggregate all relevant data, analyze data
to find new insights, and audit data to find anomalies, outliers
or patterns.
“Where most people pull up Excel, I pull up Lavastorm,” said
Thomas Trulsson, Settlement Analyst, Telia Denmark.
“Lavastorm gives us the power to analyze more complex data
and business situations than we ever could with Excel. We use
it for aggregating data, sorting, checking for duplicates,
structuring data in different ways, and for executing logical
operations. Excel just didn’t match our business complexity.”
Telia has used the Lavastorm Analytics Engine for a wide array
of financial projects related to settlements/payments,
regulatory reporting, and business reporting including:
Post-merger Asset Reconciliation – Upon acquiring a
competitor, identified approximately 100,000 assets,
and quantified the asset values. Lavastorm improved
the accuracy by including detailed data on the asset ID
over its lifetime and reduced the staff needed from six
to two people.
Settlement of Financial Obligations with Content
Providers for Telia’s Television Division – Lavastorm
aggregates usage and billing data in 2 days, avoiding a
$260,000 project with an outside services firm.
Financial Reporting – Lavastorm aggregates all the raw
data, reducing preparation time from one week to one
day and reducing processing time from two weeks to
just 30 minutes.
Pricing and Marketing – Telia uses trend information
to influence marketing and other groups.
Increases Business Agility
Flexible data management and analytic capabilities
allow analysts to integrate multiple data sources and
change business logic up to ten times faster than
traditional tools. Greater accuracy and faster analysis
help decision makers anticipate trends instead of
chase them.
Handles Complex Data and Business Situations
Like most finance organizations, Telia faces
increasing regulatory pressure, more complex
business relationships, and large volumes of complex
data. Lavastorm provides an agile data management
and analytics environment that allows financial
managers and analysts to aggregate and analyze all
of their data, providing the flexibility, speed, and
power to understand any business situation.
Greater Accuracy
Lavastorm’s visual analytic environment and agile
data management capabilities allow business people
to understand their data and, therefore, their
business operations in greater detail. With this
information, they can pinpoint the root cause of an
issue and resolve it or uncover opportunities to
increase profitability.
Supports Continuous Business Control
Continuous monitoring exposes data anomalies and
patterns so organizations can guard against risks and
uncover opportunities for business improvement.
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