Saint Paul’s Parish Connection

Saint Paul’s Parish Connection
November 2014
Volume 6, Number 11
From the Rector’s Desk
We celebrated All Saints Sunday with three baptisms.
How exciting it is to bring people into the Body of Christ.
Welcome to the fold Melissa, Mikayla, and Isabella! We
are all so very pleased that you have chosen to join with
us in our journey with Christ.
Mark your calendars for our annual Stewardship Dinner
on Sunday, November 16, at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is
invited to come and enjoy the party! This year we will
have a New Orleans theme, with accompanying food
provided by the vestry and music by Tony and the
Merrymakers. During the evening’s fun, you will receive
an envelope containing your 2015 pledge
card for your to complete and turn in
within the next couple of weeks. Please
prayerfully consider the level of your
anticipated giving for 2015. Part of your
stewardship in the parish is the portion
of your time, talent, and treasure that
you will dedicate to doing the work of
the Lord at St. Paul’s.
Making the
decision to pledge to St. Paul’s is
affirming your commitment to this parish
and to this community of the Body of
Being a member of a worshiping
community is essential in maintaining
your journey with Christ. Living in fellowship and
communion with other Christians provides us with the
support we need to remain faithful, and it is by praying
together, worshiping together, and sharing the Body and
Blood of our Lord together that we build the community
of love that reflects the communion that Jesus shared
with his disciples. It is in community that we find the
joy of being the beloved children of God. Our financial
pledges to this parish are the tangible way in which we
commit ourselves to the work of the Lord in this place.
Making a financial commitment to the Lord’s work is an
important way of showing God that we are serious about
living our faith.
It is especially appropriate that we celebrate
Thanksgiving around the same time that we may our
stewardship commitments. It is from God that we
receive all that we have, including the precious gifts of
life and salvation. It is in thanksgiving that we return to
God a portion of that which we receive.
When we gather together with family and loved ones for
the Thanksgiving feast, let us say prayers for these and
for the many other blessings that we enjoy by the grace
of God. If you know someone for whom Thanksgiving
Day is likely to be a lonely time, someone who has no
one with whom to share the feast, consider issuing an
invitation to join you at your table.
Remembering to give thanks to God for
all that we are and all that we have helps
to remind us just whom we are to
worship. There are many things in our
lives that call to us, demanding our
attention and our allegiance. It often
takes a conscious effort on our part to
avoid making those things the objects of
our worship, relegating God to the back
seat. The false idols that tempt us offer
us a sense of security, but these false
idols all eventually fail us.
Real security can be found in God, who
is the only appropriate object of our
worship. God can be trusted. God will
never fail us. It is by worshiping God
and trusting in God’s providence that we can handle the
worldly crises when they beset us. We find comfort in
prayer and in our faith community. When we cleave
together as the community of the disciples, God is
present with us in a tangible way, providing peace and
security that nothing can destroy.
So on Thanksgiving Day, and every day, we give thanks
to God for the creation, for this worshiping community,
for the necessities of life, for our loved ones both living
and dead, and most of all, for the great mercies and
promises given to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Rev. Nancy
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
SUMMARY – VESTRY MEETING, October 14, 2014
In attendance: Candy Amos, Cindy Walker, Mac
Mendoza, Michael Romedy, Claire Humphrey, Rev.
Nancy Brown, Walt Grabe, Jennifer Mann, Sandy Salser,
Bobbin McCullough (clerk), Joann Wayland (treasurer).
Absent: Pat Faux
Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed,
amended and approved. The treasurer reported that
the church master insurance is due again. We made it
through the summer’s higher electric bills and are
hopeful for lower bills next summer with the installation
of the new swamp cooler.
Rector’s report. We have received the first payment for
the cell tower of $2800 for September and October rent.
Rev. Nancy is following up with Diocese about $1000
signing bonus and getting future payments directly
deposited to church accounts. This money will be used
to make us current with the Diocese on our Mission
It is time to start working on our 2015 budget and Rev.
Nancy will meet with wardens.
Holly & Rose Tea was a success. Final review meeting
will be October 26th. Total tea income is not yet
The Boy Scouts removed the wooden bridge from the
Sunday School courtyard. Their next project is to clean
up the playground.
Steve and Julia Armitage have purchase the Baldwin
piano and the money from the purchase has been
placed in a restricted piano fund for care and tuning of
the new piano. $150 has been donated to the $305 that
has been spent for the tuning and cover.
We have been able to get control of the old domain
name for the website so now if anyone visits the old
website they are directed to new one.
Joann Wayland has finally received an ATM card for the
church account.
Parish Christmas party will be at the home of Chris and
Paula Smith on Friday, December 19th.
Rev. Nancy has asked to look at the possibility of
installing a swamp cooler at the rectory.
Committee Updates:
Cindy Walker reported the Sunday School attendance is
up and kids are excited about Christmas Pageant. Pat
Faux was able to get three articles in the Valley Press
about the Holly & Rose Tea. Claire Humphrey reported
that Vestry Dinner is coming up. Jennifer Mann would
like to do another religious movie day to see Exodus
God & Kings. She is looking at a Sunday matinee
followed by refreshments and discussion at Fresco II.
BKB will be invited to join us, and a flyer and sign up
sheet will be posted. Next Mall Walk will be in January
and we are having 3 baptisms on November 2nd. Candy
Amos is excited that we are seeing new faces in church
each week. Sandy Salser has completed the new
LEM/Lector schedule and Walt Grabe is to be trained.
We will be participating in an Advent Lessons and Carols
at Father Serra Catholic Church in Quartz Hill. Diocesan
Convention is December 5-6 in Ontario. Mac Mendoza
and Walt Grabe reported the cross from rose garden is
at Mac’s museum for repairs. Walt continues to pick up
trash on the grounds. Contractor to repair St. Francis
statue is out of town. Sacristy sink is leaking again,
Dave Miklos to purchase new faucet.
The calendar for November was reviewed, revised as
needed and approved for publication.
Warden Reports:
Michael Romedy reported that the Men’s Group will be
having a World Series Fundraiser and will designate a
specific use for the funds, possible the rectory swamp
The meeting was adjourned following a closing prayer.
2014 Vestry
Senior Warden--Michael Romedy
Junior Warden and Worship--Sandy Salser
Parish Growth--Candy Amos
Communications--Pat Faux
Parish Life--Jennifer Mann
Buildings and Grounds--Walt Grabe
Buildings and Grounds--Mac Mendoza
Christian Education--Cindy Walker
Stewardship and Outreach--Claire Humphrey
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
Emma Montesdeoca
Shelby Mann
Jonathan Brown
Pat Wordsworth
Carole Brown
11/20 Steve & Julia Armitage (1971)
David Brown, Theresa
Young, Oscar Thompson,
Jonathon Thompson,
Dorothy Rawlings, Bill
Rawlings, Liz Stingley, Dan
Royster, Roger Ryan, Monica
Hines, Allen Fremont, Marge Hulsizer, Jill Stegall,
Beverly Brennan, Gillian Young, Terry Stanton,
ChyChy Ekeochah, Sue Beall, Linda Prettyman, Joan
Elton, Bishop Jon Bruno, Father Charles Threewit,
Vivian Collier, Nancy Lukacs, Lauri Hickert, Dory
Thompson, Mike Amos, Russell Amos, Richard Fry,
Ken Warmboe, Rick Hernandez, Sara Roselli, Arlene
Hill, Gary and Sue Crabtree, Martha Gordon, Cabrini
Onyiuke, Gray Beirma, Ron Salser, Shirley Oliver,
Bob Cathey, Larry Jobe, Russel Vader, Sandy Salser,
Helen Downworth, Lauran Hunt, Doris Cruz, William
Moore, Tom Moore, James Williams, Dick Elton,
Sharon Beaupre, The Campbell Children, Brenda
Campbell, Ann Phiel, Annie Lopez, Paul Blake,
Robert and Patricia Mann, Lewis Shoemaker, Steve
Armitage, Bill Crews, Clive Coe, Darren Shields,
Judy Smith, Gabriel Lopez, Robin Geagan, Jennifer
Faux, Flora Belle Reece, Kathleen West and Don
Parish Christmas Party will
be on Friday, December
19th at the home of Chris
and Paula Smith. More
info to follow.
November 2014
1 -- ECW Meeting
6 -- Shelter Meal
8 -- St. Paul's Men
9 -- EAFB In-Gathering
11 -- Vestry Meeting
16 -- Stewardship Dinner
16 -- DOK Meeting
23 -- ECW Bake Sale
December 2014
3 -- Advent Soup Supper
6 -- ECW Meeting
9 -- Vestry Meeting
10 -- Advent Soup Supper
13 -- St. Paul's Men
17 -- Advent Soup Supper
21 -- DOK Meeting
24 -- Christmas Eve
25 -- Christmas Day
Mark your calendars for the November 16th
Stewardship Dinner hosted by St. Paul’s Vestry. It
will be a New Orleans themed party. Please sign up
in the Guild Hall if you plan to attend.
All mail coming to the church needs to come to our
post office box. The address is:
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
PO Box 8836
Lancaster, California 93539
John Burke, Mary Campbell-Hadlich,
Kristen Castonguay, Tré Dobson,
Jose Figueroa, Ryan Fisbeck,
David Jimenez, Phil Johnson,
Forrest Lampela, Patrick Spears,
Jared Tellez, Dare Weihs
and Ashleigh Westall
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
So what do you do if you hate going to church but, still love the Lord? As
quick as you are old enough to drive, go to the church of your choosing. That is
what I did. I began attending Grace Lutheran Church it seemed much more like
home. It was worship I was comfortable with. But, silly me, this was just the
tip of the iceberg of a plan that God had in store for me. Within a month of my
regular attendance at Grace Lutheran, the Choir Director, Rhoda Kellerman,
called me at home to ask if I would be interested in joining the choir. I said, “Yes,” but I have no
idea why. I had never sung a day in my life before that. I remember that at about the 3rd grade
level I joined the school band as a snare drummer. But, I remember the band director, Mr. Brandt,
was so frustrated with me because I had no rhythm. I felt like a white man performing in a blues
bar; I just didn’t fit in because I had nowhere near the skill level of my peers.
So why did Rhoda Kellerman call ME to join the choir? She had me audition, which was scary
in itself but, more so, because I had never sung in my life and, at the time, did not know how to read
music. I did learn to sing and I enjoyed it. But, the most devastating part of being in the choir was
that, from where I sat, I could watch the organist. I was enthralled! I did not know that a true
church organist plays with both hands and both feet. It was mesmerizing for me! Go to and search for Richard Elliot or “Crazy Organ Solo”, if you are intrigued. You WILL be
amazed! I love his musical skill. What is more, I got to the point that I had to try playing the organ
myself. I did and, eventually, was asked to make a commitment to play for church one Sunday soon.
I can still remember that first Sunday. I knew my music well but my hands were trembling so
severely I could not keep them over the right notes. Nonetheless, from this point onward, church
music would always be a part of my soul and without it I am incomplete.
I believe that God was working through every one of those circumstances described above. I
believe He wanted me to enter ministry through music that He, with His Son, and the Spirit may be
praised. For this reason, one of my most favorite hymns is #427, “When Morning Gilds the Skies.”
“This rousing hymn, with its spirited refrain in every third line, attracts us by its unusualness.
It is a translation from an old hymn, and is probably very similar to the hymns that were used by the
early Christians. We have no way of knowing just what the very first Christian hymns were like. At
that time the Christian Church had many enemies who did not understand about Jesus' life and
teaching. The Christians were not allowed to meet to hold services, but they gathered in little groups
in caverns and secret passages under the ground, outside the cities.
These caverns, or catacombs, are still in existence, and upon the walls there are drawings and
writings still preserved for us. For a long time they were safe in these places, but they dared not
write their songs, for fear of detection. And yet we know that they sang. Pliny, the Roman historian,
tells us that the Christians used to meet in the morning and evening, and sing praise to Christ as
And what greater message is there than "May Jesus Christ be praised!" when we praise Him,
not only with our lips, but with our lives?” 1 Moreover, how blessed are we that we can sing this
hymn today from the top of our lungs with full organ and not fear for our safety.
In His Service,
Bonsall, E. H. (1923). Famous Hymns: With Stories and Pictures. Philadelphia: American Sunday-School
Union Press.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
Episcopal Church Women of St. Paul's
The December meeting of the Episcopal
Church Women will be held on Saturday,
December 13th rather than the usual first
Saturday of the month. The Diocesan
Convention is held the first weekend of the
month and precludes some of our women
attending ECW meeting. This will be an offsite meeting/Christmas luncheon. Details will
All men of St. Paul’s are invited to attend the monthly St.
Paul’s Men Meetings which are on the 2nd Saturday of
each month. The November 8th meeting will be at
Camille’s Restaurant on 20th Street West. Join us for
fellowship and spiritual nourishment starting at 8am.
Steve Armitage will be leading a discussion over the next
several months about the liturgical year and how that
affects our spiritual lives.
Edwards EFB In-Gathering: It’s not too early to start your Christmas
shopping! On November 9th, St. Paul’s will sponsor the Holiday Ingathering
for enlisted personnel at Edwards AFB. We’ve held this event for the past
several years and it is really appreciated by our neighbors at Edwards.
Some of the personnel may be deployed to overseas assignments and
others may just need a hand up to provide gifts for their children at
On November 9th, we will have a special coffee hour to gather gifts for
youngsters at the base. Toys, games, sporting equipment, books, and
school supplies are welcome. Also, clothing for infants through young teens
is needed. It can be new or “gently used” as long as items are clean,
pressed and in good condition. For older children, gift cards are always
popular (iTunes, Walmart, Amazon, etc.) We’ll begin collecting items later
in October and you’ll be able to leave your contributions in the library or on
tables in the Guild Hall.
Calling all bakers!! The St. Paul’s
ECW is hosting their Fall Bake Sale
on Sunday, November 23rd
following both services. Please
sign up on the sheet in the Guild
Hall with what you will be making.
This is an important outreach effort to our community and to the military
personnel who are serving their country. More information will be available
Toys for ages infant through elementary school age
Dolls and doll clothes
Stuffed animals (new or very clean)
Jigsaw puzzles
VCR/DVD Movies for children
CD’s/DVD’s for children
Coloring Books and Crayons
Bicycles and tricycles; safety equipment to accompany them
School Supplies (notebooks, notebook paper, pens, pencils, etc.)
Clothing for newborn thru elementary school age
Electronic or computer games suitable for the age group
Gift certificates for “fast food” restaurants or movie theaters
Gift wrapping supplies (paper, boxes, ribbon)
Please do not gift-wrap the items.
Providing our monthly
meal to the homeless
shelter is a huge part
of our ministry here at
St. Paul’s. James and
Jackie Westbrook provide the main dish
and a side but we ask the parishioners of
St. Paul’s for donations of the salad
fixings, bread and butter and dessert.
We also need help with the serving and
clean up of this meal. We provide this
meal each month on the first Thursday
and if you are called to help with this
ministry or would like more information,
please contact Dana Haycock.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
Have you noticed the black and white squares filled with squiggly lines that
have shown up in many places, especially on products that you buy? It’s
called a QR code (meaning Quick Response Code). If you scan a QR code on
your smart phone, you will be taken to a website for which the QR code was
created. Scanning St. Paul’s QR code will show you our website, where you
can check the calendar, see what’s happening in the parish, read the
newsletter, check the serving schedule, or donate to the church. Try it out!
Please join us on Saturday, December 13th at
7 pm at Father Serra Catholic Church in
Quartz Hill for Advent Lessons and Carols.
This will be an Ecumenical service of the
churches in the Antelope Valley. The evening
will consist of Advent Lessons and Advent
Carols and we are invited to join the choir. It
is an opportunity to enjoy the Advent carols
that we often don’t get to hear. The service
will conclude with a party in the Parish Hall.
Everyone is invited to attend.
Just a reminder that the
church office will be
closed November 27 and
28 for Thanksgiving.
Bulletin deadline will be
Wednesday, November
26th at noon.
Pictures Wanted:
If you attend an event for St. Paul’s and take
pictures, please send them ASAP to the church
office via email so we can include them in our
monthly newsletters.
Our redesigned website
offers new giving options.
We already have several
parishioners who have their
pledge payments made
automatically by their bank.
We now have available the
option to donate using PayPal, an easy
and secure way to make payments
using the internet. Check it out!
In order to keep our kitchen neat and clean, we have a few
requests: (1) If you host coffee hour, please take all
leftovers home. (2) If you are helping with another event
and have purchased hot dogs, cheese, sausages, pancake
mix/syrup, etc., please take leftovers home or give them to
someone else to take home. (3) Ice that has been
removed from bags or ice trays also needs to be thrown
away. (4) Please do not save iced tea/coffee in the
refrigerator. Leftover cookies can be placed in plastic
ziploc bags and frozen for future use. No other leftovers
(including such things as juice, fruit, cream cheese) will get
used by anyone, so please take them home or throw them
away. If large amounts of food are left over, please deliver
it to the Lancaster Community Shelter on Yucca Avenue.
They are always glad to receive food donations. Thanks so
much for your cooperation and help in keeping our kitchen
clean and healthy!
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
Blessing of the Animals
October 11, 2014
2014 Softball
Rev. Nancy visiting with
Helen Downworth
October 29, 2014
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
The circle is a symbol for God, as well as for eternity,
due to its lack of a beginning or an end. It also reminds
us of how the church year (not unlike the secular
calendar) flows from season to season and moves
smoothly from Christ the King Sunday (the culmination
of the liturgical calendar) to the First Sunday of Advent
(a new beginning). Indeed, the One who rules all is the
same One whose first and final comings we anticipate
anew during Advent.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church November 2014
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
PO Box 8836
Lancaster, California 93539
The Episcopal Church
Welcomes You
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