The Lion Express HHS Homecoming Royalty Crowned November, 2014

November, 2014
The Lion Express
HHS Homecoming Royalty Crowned
Special Points of
HHS Homecoming candidates
What’s happening with the first
National Honor
Society gladly
accepts a new
High School Volleyball, finishes
Fall sports wrapup
October 13- 17 was homecoming week at Hope School. Students and teachers competed in
the spirit days by dressing according to the daily themes. The
days were the following: Monday
tie day, Tuesday career day,
Wednesday class color day,
Thursday twin day, and Friday
Heat spirit day. Winners for the
days respectively were Dallas
Friedli, Drew Riedy, Chase
Krause, Kelli Elliott and Abby
Ink, and Jaryth Barten. Colter
Moses won overall, and the
freshman class won overall participation percentage.
A parade was held at the end of
the day Friday. Each class built a
float and competed for cash
prizes. The freshman class won
first prize with their float themed
“Watch as Peabody-Burns.” This
year’s candidates for king and
queen included Abby Ink, Cheyenne Stroda, Tate Riedy, and
Quenton Adkins. Following the
parade, Candidates as well as
classes participated in competitive games such as ships and
sailors and wrapping their class
sponsors in toilet paper.
The candidates also competed
in a three legged race and the
female candidates put blind
folds on and put make-up on the
male candidates. The coronation
was held at 6:30 prior to the football game. The 2014 Fall Homecoming King and Queen are Tate
Riedy and Abby Ink.
The Rural Vista Heat Football
team had a tough match up that
evening against the undefeated
Peabody Burns. The game ended
in the third quarter with a final
score of P-B 58, Rural Vista 12.
After the game a high school
dance was held. Pizza was provided by the Spirit Club and cookies and drinks were provided by
the Student Council.
Nation Honor Society Inducts New Member
What’s Up
in First
NHS is an organization for students
with high expectations. It is available for sophomores through seniors. To become a member in NHS
you have to obtain a cumulative
GPA of at least 3.25. Additionally,
they must meet high standards of
Leadership, Service, and Character. Students are sent an invitation
and then must get a letter of rec-
ommendation from a teacher. There
are a number of factors the teachers
will judge on. Quenton A. was selected to be inducted into NHS for the
fall 2014 semester. His induction
took place on October 10, 2014.
Other members of NHS include Tate
R., Ian N., and Abby I.
Ms. Phillips 1st grade class has thirteen students this year. The class is
studying subtraction in their math.
They are also learning how to spell
words with K and C at either the
beginning or the end in Phonics. In
reading the class is learning about
families and neighbors.
Ms. Phillips’s class has set some high
goals for this year. By the end of the
academic year, they hope to have
mastered all the criteria set for first
graders. They are also eager to
strengthen their social skills.
Jr. High Fall Sports Wrap-Up
The Junior High Volleyball team ended
the year with a record of 12-1. Their
coach, Nancy Brockmeier, stated that
she was super proud of the girls this
year. She said the girls showed growth
and progress throughout the season
and that it was definitely a rewarding
season for the Heat Junior High Volleyball team. They finished off the season
by winning the League Tournament.
“The Rural Vista Junior High Football
team had a struggle from the opening
practice,” said coach Steve Riedy.
They started with nine players on the
team and finished with only seven,
which is not enough to field an eight
man team. They were rewarded with
two wins this year due to their great
effort. Coach Riedy says he can’t say
enough about how hard they competed. He hopes that numbers will
improve next year.
HHS Mock Election Results
Sam Brownback
Paul Davis
US Senator
Pat Roberts
Gregory John Orman
US House
Tim Huelskamp
James Earl Sherow
FCCLA Fall Leadership Conference @ Salina
BOE 7:00 p.m.
ESU Business
Career Day
JHBB @ Marion
JHBB @ Centre
JHBB @ WC vs.
November Events & Birthdays
3 Mindy Linder
5 FCCLA Fall Leadership
Conference @ Salina
22 Riley Hunnicutt
Jacob Crawford
23 Tyler Loomis
9 Wesley Floyd
24 JHBB @ WC vs. Solomon
10 BOE 7:00 p.m. WC
25 Early Release
JHBB @ St. Xavier
26-28 No School.
11 Veterans Day
13 JHBB @ Marion
18 Colter Moses
20 JHBB @ Centre
John Walls
Happy Thanksgiving!