Jelly Bean Field Day Celebrating 35 Years of Fun GOSHEN GLADIATORS’ GAZETTE

___________________________October 2014_________________________________
Jelly Bean Field Day
Celebrating 35 Years of Fun
During the week of October 6, the third, fourth and fifth
graders had their 35th Annual Jelly Bean Field Day. This year,
the third grade earned about 20 jelly beans each, the fourth
grade earned about 30 jelly beans each, and the fifth grade
earned 40 jelly beans each. There were lots of activities
including Pillow War. Pillow War is where you stand on a low
balance beam, hold a pillow and try to knock the opponent of
the beam; if you win you get three jelly beans, if you at least
attempt it you get you get one jelly bean, if it is a tie and both
competitors step of the at the same time you both get 2 jelly
beans. Over 30 classes and 677 students participated in Jelly
Bean Field Day! This year there were thirty activities, fifteen
outdoor and fifteen indoor. The highest amount of jelly beans
earned this year was 87, by a fourth grader.
This year, a total of over 120 parents volunteered and took
time out of work, just for Jelly Bean Field Day. Finally, at the
end of the Jelly Bean Field Day activities, when Mrs. Magid
blew her horn/whistle, everyone started rushing to the jelly
bean banks to get all their jelly bean sheets/ packets checked.
At the very end, when everyone walked out of the gym, they
took an apple donated by Soon’s Orchards, Roe’s Orchard,
and Och’s Orchards. Let’s give a special thanks to Mrs. Magid
for taking the time to let us kids have fun! - Emily Dong
Top: Lily Pawliczak,
Mykyala Lavery ,
Emily Svede.
Left to right: Ben
Thurtle, Grace
Gardener and
Brianna Kimmel.
All photos taken by
Emily Dong.
New Faces Smile upon GIS
Joining the Faculty at GIS, left to right: Mrs. Schwerner, Mr. McIntee, Ms. Ducham and Mrs. Tirado. Photos: Rachel Seo Have you seen any of the new faces in our amazing school? Almost everyone has seen them. If you haven’t, all
you should already know is that they are all very wonderful people! There are four new people in our building:
Ms. Ducham, Mrs. Schwerner, Mrs. Tirado, and Mr. McIntee. Ms. Ducham has been teaching music for four
years. She is very happy that she came to Goshen because she likes all of the students and her classroom. Ms.
Ducham also enjoys teaching chorus and likes the other teachers she works with. She wanted to teach in Goshen
since she knows that it has a very good reputation. Mrs. Schwerner is a very excited person when it comes to
reading and sharing what she knows about new books. This is her first year teaching in a library. She is happy
about teaching at G.I.S because the age group she works with is always excited about learning and reading.
Mrs.Tirado is one of the fifth grade teachers in our school. She has been a teacher in Goshen for ten years.
Before teaching in G.I.S., Mrs. Tirado taught at S.A.S as a first grade teacher. It was a big change for her from
being a first grade teacher to a fifth grade teacher because fifth graders are so much more independent than first
graders. Mrs. Tirado likes teaching at G.I.S because she is always excited to try new things. One of our two
amazing gym teachers, Mr. McIntee, is very glad to be a gym teacher at G.I.S. He has been a gym teacher for
twelve years. His favorite sport is football because he enjoys watching it. He used to play and coach football.
Mr. McIntee would like to continue teaching at G.I.S because there is a lot of enthusiasm and it is an opportunity
to build strong foundations. Those are some facts about the new faces in G.I.S. So next time when you see one
of these new faces, say hello and give them a high five!-Rachel Seo
Red Ribbon Week: Pledge to be Drug-Free
Do you know what Red Ribbon Week is? It is a week in October that people pledge to be drug free. It runs
from October 23-31. In the past, teens pledged to live drug-free lives. Also, parents decided to tell their kids not
to do drugs. In 1985, the fight against drugs was already raging. Kiki Camarena was important to the start of
Red Ribbon Week. He joined the U.S.M.C. In February 1985 Camarena was kidnapped and killed. Shortly
after Kiki’s death Congressman Hunter Durain and Henry Lorenzo organized Red Ribbon Week in his honor.
Everyone wore red ribbons and promised to live drug free lives. We celebrate Red Ribbon Week to promise not
to do drugs or alcohol. It provides drug awareness by sponsoring the National Red Ribbon Celebration. We
hope you don’t do drugs or alcohol, they do crazy things!
CJH middle school had a Red Ribbon Week ceremony. Nine fifth graders got selected. Mrs. Antisin’s very
own Victoria Jakakas was selected. The ceremony was teaching them the meaning of Red Ribbon Week. They
sat in the front row Mr. Rolon, the CJH middle school principal, mentioned important names like the GIS PTO,
the Superintendent, the assistant Superintendent and more! Fifth graders were there to learn what Red Ribbon
Week is all about. They taught them that Red Ribbon Week is about not doing drugs and to believe in yourself.
We celebrate this week because we are celebrating being drug and alcohol free and we will have a better chance
of being drug free! Alexa Doughey made our theme for 2014. It is “Love Yourself Be Drug Free” -Alexis
A New Year for the Jewish Faith
We had no school on Thursday, September, 25th! We were
off on September 25th is because of the Jewish holiday called
Rosh Hashanah. It is also known as the Jewish New Year. It
all starts with thinking about being a good person. Jewish
people have 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom
Kippur to say “sorry” for anything that they have done to hurt
other people’s feelings. Many people eat apples dipped in
honey on Rosh Hashanah, to show that it is a sweet New
Year. On Yom Kippur Jewish people fast, which means they
eat no food from sundown to the next sundown. This is a
serious time to say “sorry” for what was done last year.
Families spend a lot of time together during these High
the Virus
Coughing, Sneezing, fever, runny nose, and/or
body aches are usually the symptoms of the common
cold but did you know this could be the symptoms of a
common virus, EVD 68, also known as Human
Enterovirus 68! Most infected people start with mild
symptoms or no symptoms at all! This may not sound
very dangerous but this virus can be very serious.
Some serious symptoms are wheezing and low
oxygen levels. It can become deadly quickly. It seems
asthma patients are at a greater risk. It started in the
midwest portion of the country. Cases have been
confirmed in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. It
has spread from Colorado to Georgia. Luckily nobody
in our school has had this sickness. Neither has our
In conclusion I believe to keep up with our record
of healthy students we should follow the rules about
health that we've been learning since kindergarden.
Wash your hands, avoid touching eyes, nose, and
mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid kissing, hugging,
sharing cups and eating utensils with people who are
sick. Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or
coughing. You don’t want to affect your peers and your
family. Throw your tissues in the garbage please.
Last but not least, use the same precautions you
would use to prevent the flu. If you do get the virus
stay home because it is contagious. Follow these tips
and spread this info to friends and family, so we can all
On September 25th, we had a day off of
school. Why? It was the Jewish new year,
Rosh Hashanah, which then lead into Yom
Kippur. Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the
year for Jewish people. It is the Day of
Atonement: “For on this day He will forgive
you, to purify you, that you be cleansed from
all your sins before G-d” (Leviticus 16:30). It
is a day where Jewish people have 25 hours of
time dedicated to thinking about what you have
done in the past year and what you will do in
the year to come. Just thinking and rest for 25
hours which means no eating (fasting), no
driving, no handling of money, and no
shopping. Now, I know it sounds hard but to
the Jewish people it is important to follow this
In the afternoon, the Jewish people eat a
festive meal. At eighteen minutes before
sundown, families lights candles and say the
following prayer:
“Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of
the universe, who has sanctified us with His
commandments, and commanded us to light
the candle of Shabbat and of Yom Kippur.
Blessed are You, Lord our G-d, King of the
universe who has granted us life, sustained us,
and enabled us to reach this occasion.”
One of the symbols from this holiday is a
scale showing your good doings and your bad
doings. The scale represents the idea of
keeping your doings in balance. Your good
doings should outweigh your bad doings. This
is where not eating, driving or handling of
money for twenty five hours comes into play.
The reason for not doing these things is that
you are sacrificing them to make up for the bad
things that you have done in the past year.
That’s what atonement means.
To signal the end of Yom Kippur, the
shofar is sounded. The shofar is a ram’s horn
hollowed out so it can be played on this night.
First the cantor recites a prayer called the
Shema and the congregation repeats the verse.
Next, the cantor proclaims that “The L-rd is
G-d” seven times and the congregation repeats
it. Then, everyone says, “Next Year in
Jerusalem!” After that, the shofar is played for
one loud blast! Finally, the holiday of Yom
Columbus Day
Columbus Day is a national holiday all around
the world. It is celebrated on the second Monday in
October. But some people don’t think we should be
celebrating it. The Seattle, Washington city council
wants to observe Indigenous People’s Day instead of
celebrating Columbus Day, joining Minneapolis and
Berkeley, California on this idea. The only reason
Christopher Columbus ventured to the Americas was
because he wanted to find riches and spices to bring
back to Spain. Columbus visited King Ferdinand II
and Queen Isabella of Spain. He went there to ask
for three ships. He needed the ships in order to
explore new land and look for a route to India. The
three ships are the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa
Maria. Christopher Columbus voyaged with about 90
crew members. Columbus thought he had found India
and that is why he called the Native Americans
Some people do not celebrate Columbus Day
because they believe he brought diseases to get rid of
all the Native Americans. He also used violence and
slavery. In addition, there has been controversy
because some people think that Columbus wasn’t
actually the first one to discover America or this new
land. Other people think he was the first person to
discover this new land. He may have been the very
first European to discover America, but he was not the
very first person ever to find this new land.
Even though there is controversy about Columbus
discovering America, we do celebrate this holiday and
get a day off of school!--Victoria Jakakas
Happy Halloween
On Halloween people normally dress up in a costume and
go trick or treating then eat up all their candy afterwards.
Right? But didn’t you ever think about the history of
Halloween or how Halloween started? Well a long time
ago people started to believe that on October 31st the dead
overlapped with the living. Then October 31st became All
Hallows Eve. People believed that on All Hallows Eve
spirits could return to earth and destroy all the crops
harvested for winter. Poor children in Britain and Ireland
on All Hallows Eve went door to door asking for food in
return to promise to pray for their loved ones that have
passed. This was called going-a-souling. Back then to
scare away evil spirits they believed carving scary faces
into turnips would scare them off. In America they
changed it to pumpkins because they were easier to carve
out. People put masks and costumes on to disguise
themselves from evil spirits. Dressing up on All Hallows
Eve or Halloween got so popular they started dressing up
as other things like fairies, pirates or princess. So
Halloween has changed a lot over the years it’s been
Fourth grade student Anthony Muniz’s favorite part
of Halloween is getting scared. Colin Ahearn, Micaiah
Clovis and Grace Patel say their favorite part of Halloween
is going trick-or-treating. Shanna Siracusa says her
favorite part of Halloween is dressing up. Michelle Ellison
says her favorite part of Halloween all the Halloween
parties. Last but not least Mia Colangelo says her favorite
part of Halloween is seeing all the cool candy she got after
she went trick-or-treating. Those are some of our schools
favorite part of Halloween. I hope you had a Happy
H ll
! C i B
Fire Safety: A Visit from the Goshen Fire District
Fire Prevention Week is a very fun week because the local firemen get to come to our school! The firemen that
visited each class at G.I.S. talked about how to stay safe and prevent fires, what to do if there's a fire and dangerous
stuff like car crashes. At the end of the day we got reuseable shopping bags with stickers, magnets and other
information about fire safety.
Volunteering for firefighting is very rewarding and a valuable way to serve your community. The Goshen Fire
Department is an all-volunteer force. It takes dedication to be a firefighter and it's very dangerous! You have to do
a lot of training and practice. If you're willing to do that then the fire district is ready for you.
This is how we learned to prevent fires:
1- You should check your smoke detector several times a year.
2- Make sure you have a meeting place to go if there's a fire.
3- If you have a fire extinguisher learn how to use it for a fire.
4- Make sure you know how to call the fire department.
Fire prevention is an important week that I look forward to each year! -Jack Grant
New York Yankee Captain Retires in Style
Yankee fans said a sad goodbye to Mr. November on August 25th.
Also known as “The Captain,” Jeter was an example of good
sportsmanship, leadership, and hard work. He was an awesome
shortstop and a great leader.
Derek Sanderson Jeter was born on June 26, 1974, in
Pequannock, New Jersey. As a kid, his mother said that he
couldn’t use the word “can’t” because she wanted him to believe
that he could do anything. He went to Central High School in
Kalamazoo, Michigan where he played baseball and basketball.
While there, he earned the Gatorade High School Athlete of the
Year award. He was also a very good student. He went to the
University of Michigan on a full baseball scholarship. Jeter was
drafted in the first round of the 1992 amateur draft.
During the twenty years of being a Yankee, he had 3,464 hits.
He has the sixth most hits in Major League Baseball history! In
the 2000 World Series, he won the MVP award. His highest
batting average was .343 in 2006. As a shortstop, his most famous
play was in 2001, when he fielded a wild throw while doing a
summersault to get Jason Giambi of the Oakland A’s out at home
Derek Jeter had a phenomenal career as a Yankee and as a
baseball legend. He is a hero to me because he inspired me to
become a shortstop. He also inspires me to become a leader, not a
f ll
i li
World Series 2014:
The Super Bowl of Baseball
The World Series is the Super Bowl of baseball! The teams
that have made it to this final competition of the season are the
Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants. Those are the
lucky teams that made it in. The San Francisco Giants took the
lead in the seven game series winning the first two games.
Madison Schaaf was rooting for the Giants. She said, “The Royals
don’t stand a chance.” Others believed that the Royals were going
to make a comeback. The Royals came back swinging and won the
next two games. The seven game series went all the way to the
seventh game, meaning that the San Francisco Giants had won
three games and the Kansas City Royals had won three games.
The last game was a close one with a final score of 3-2. The San
Francisco Giants won the World Series! -Lexi Boris
Twist! Tumble! Flip!
Twist! Tumble! Flip! That’s what
you do when you join gymnastics at
Kennets this fall. Don’t worry, you
won’t get hurt. Each coach has at
least 18 years of coaching
experience. Founded in 1976,
Kennets does both boys and girls
gymnastics. Gymnastics develops
strength, flexibility, discipline and
It will build
confidence in your physical abilities.
Kennets teaches how to do special
skills on the bar, beam, floor and
Kennets is open
Monday-Saturday and you get to
pick your class day and time. Based
on a recent survey, kids that do
gymnastics like the bar the best.
Those that take gymnastics classes
got involved because they thought it
would be fun. If you are not the
gymnastics type, Kennets also
teaches dance. -Madison Schaaff
GIS is fortunate to have two Girls on the Run teams: The PINK team (left) and the GREEN team (right). Girls Just Gotta Have Fun—On the Run
Girls on the Run is a group of girls from third grade to fifth grade. The program allows girls to run and open up
about their feelings. Girls on the Run is not mainly about running, it is about girls feeling good about themselves
and being confident in themselves. The first Girls on the Run was established in 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
In 1998 more and more girls started coming to that group so then in 2000 the director of the group started to make
other groups and soon it was worldwide. More than 120,000 volunteered in the program. Now over 150,000
volunteers help in the programs. Starting in 2012, they started to run annual 5Ks. The run is done across North
America and Canada. Girls On the Run has been featured in national magazines such as Runner’s World, Redbook,
Woman's Day, O Magazine, People, Fitness Magazine, Parenting, Self Magazine, Glamour shape, Marie Claire,
Running times, as well as television media CNN, MSNBC, ABC news, NBC news, NPR and ESPN. Corporate
sponsors for Girl on the Run are include Lego Friends, Secret deodorant, Cigna, Famous Footwear, Gamma Phi
Beta, and Smartwool.
At GIS there are two teams. They are split up by colors so there is a pink team and a green team. I am on the
pink team. I have two coaches, Coach Leigh-Ann and Coach Kim. Coach Leigh Ann started to coach Girls on the
Run (GOTR) because she loves fitness and she is a personal trainer. “I wanted to coach my daughter, when I found
out what Girls on the Run stood for and what they were teaching. I knew it was right! Empowering young girls to be
confident and love themselves.” Coach Kim started coaching because she loves running and she knew it would be a
fun experience. “I feel this program is very beneficial to young girls.” There are many students at GIS that
participate in Girls on the Run and they have many different reasons for joining. Anna Duffy, a fifth grader at GIS is
doing her second year of Girls on the Run. “I joined GOTR because I love to run and running helps me train for
other sports like lacrosse and basketball. I think I’ll learn that running isn’t always about finishing first, it is about
pacing yourself.”
There is also Girls on the Run in New York City. Kiley Murphy, a coach for Girls on the Run in New York,
started to coach because she wanted to give back to young girls. Kiley stated, “I’ve had such a positive female
influences in my life and I wanted to give back and share that with young girls.” She also loves running and she has
always been very active. Kiley’s favorite thing about Girls on the Run is starting first thing in the morning. “I coach
in the mornings and there is nothing better than meeting my girls and getting them ready for the day. They are
always smiling and positive.” Unlike Goshen, which has a lot of open space to run, New York City Girls on the Run
teams have limited space to run. Kiley’s team runs in Central Park or the West Side Highway running trail. Both
have great routes and they don’t have to worry about cars.
Girls on the Run is a great program. It allows you to feel confident while being active. My favorite
I feel that
part about Girls on the Run is running the 5Ks. It’s a great day and you get to run, feel good and share a fun filled
day with friends and family. -Grace Gardner Martial Arts: Self-Control and Self-Defense
Martial Arts is a significant traditional Korean martial arts that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It also
teaches you discipline. You earn belts by mastering the curriculum for each belt level. When you have completed the
belt level then you can graduate to the next belt level. There are four things you need to know for each belt level.
These things are forms, self-defense, sparring and board break. The belt levels in order of level of difficulty are white,
yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red, advanced red, bodan, and a black belt. Each of the levels get harder
as you work your way up. Forms are every strike and kick you need to know put into a form. Board break means at
your graduation your sensei puts a piece of wood in front of you that you have to break with a kick or strike. Selfdefense is if someone is hurting you could fight back with what your sensei teaches you. Your sparring combination
is a series of kicks in a combination.
The Taekwondo school that I go to is FMA Family Martial Arts in Goshen. My sensei is a certified 9th degree
black belt in Michido, 4th degree black belt in shotokan and a 2nd degree black belt in Martial Arts. He began his
martial arts training at the age of eight. In his younger years he was a full contact fighter, winning the 1992 New York
State kick boxing middleweight championship. When he was 33 years old he left the tournament to focus more on
starting a family and training more students. He opened the dojo in Goshen in 2012. My sensei wants to accomplish
one goal and that is a way for students to find their inner strength that will allow them to take on any challenges that
come their way. He teaches the students that they can accomplish something that they thought they can't do but the
sensei knew that they could do it.
Sensei Russ Ferdico was anxious to explain how he got involved in Martial Arts: “I was training with when in
High School encouraged me to teach. Well, he forced me into it. I was a young hotshot, coming home from
tournaments with medals and trophies and never thought of teaching. My Sensei had a special class for blind students
in NYC. One night he gave me two choices: Assist in his class or go to his house and do yard work. I chose to help
in class. After that, I felt like I could do anything. I was 15 years old when I learned martial arts wasn't about
winning medals, it could be used to help people. My sensei likes to teach anyone who is willing to learn. Age, belt
rank, fitness level,’s all the same to me. My sensei teaches martial arts because it helps people. The best
part for me is seeing students learn to do what they think they cannot. A Sensei's job is to make the impossible
possible. My sensei became interested in martial arts and he said this Although my parents didn't like it very much, I
used to watch Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies and Kung Fu Theater on Sundays with my older brother and
cousins when I was younger. That is what sparked my interest. I started training when I was eight years old when a
nun in my elementary school in the Bronx recommended martial arts to my parents to help me deal with my "excess
energy." She knew of a local Sensei who took on "problem kids." Thirty-one years later martial arts is still an
important part of my life, it’s guided me through many accomplishments. My sensei brings more than three decades. I
can say I've trained with just about every kind of Sensei out there. I've trained under at least ten mentors. Some
taught me what to do, from others I learned what not to do but the traditions of Martial Arts remain constant: Respect,
Loyalty, Valor, Honor, Truth, Courtesy, Honesty are the basic foundations of Martial Arts my oldest Sensei taught me
as a child. These are ideals that I try to pass to my students.”
FMA is the latest training concept to come to New York's Hudson Valley. The curriculum is for ages 4 to adult in a
family environment that emphases traditional martial arts discipline and values. FMA is a black belt school and not a
martial art day care center. At FMA they do not sell black belts because you have to earn them by working for them.
Their training demands focus, discipline, fortitude, courage, and perseverance. Martial arts is for everyone who
Read a Good Book: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo, is about a rabbit entirely made of china. He meets
many people and has many adventures. He lives with a special family at first, and he doesn’t really believe in love.
He gets thrown off a ship and gets fished up again by a fisherman. He gets buried in garbage and unburied by a
dog. He travels with a hobo and gets thrown off a train. He gets used as a scarecrow. He watches someone he
loves die. His head breaks into many pieces and gets mended again by a doll mender. He is put into a doll store and
watches dolls
get bought. He has adventures, he learns a lot about loving someone, and being loved. One day
something special happens to him at the end of the book--that is a surprise. I really enjoyed this book because the
rabbit has many adventures. Edward learns a lot of lessons along the way. The most important one is about loving
others. It has a very good ending but I’m not going to tell you what happens. You will have to read the book.-Kapil
F t
Football Frenzy
It’s football Sunday here in America, and TOUCHDOWN Giants!! Finally the football season has officially started. Well, the regular season started on September 4th and ends on December 28th. After that, the playoffs start on January 3rd and end on Sunday, January 18th. Then, it’s everyone’s favorite, the Super Bowl! This year, the Super Bowl is on February 1st, and in Glendale, Arizona. My early Super Bowl prediction is the Denver Broncos vs. the Dallas Cowboys. What’s yours?
There are 32 teams in the NFL and they play on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays! The 32 teams are divided in half – the AFC and the NFC. Within the AFC and the NFC, there are 4 divisions in each of them. The north, south, east, and west and there are 4 teams in each of those. As of the writing of this article, the Denver Broncos are in 1st place, followed by the Dallas Cowboys in 2nd, and the Philadelphia Eagles in 3rd. These rankings change on a weekly basis because of the wins and losses of each game. You may wonder how the NFL all began. There were 3 major problems – high salaries for the players, players jumping from team to team, and some players were still in college. To fix this problem, a meeting was held in 1920 in Canton, Ohio. At the meeting, the A.P.F.C. was formed (American Professional Football Conference). A month later, the A.P.F.C. was changed to the A.P.F.A. (American Professional Football Association). This league only had 14 teams, but has grown over the years to 32. All 32 teams are located in the U.S.A. and are owned by an individual or a group of people. In 1922, the A.P.F.A. changed its name to the NFL (National Football League). Wow, football has really changed over the years!
Even though we’re half way through the season it’s not over yet! So get your jerseys on and start ordering the BBQ wings. Make sure you’re rooting for your teams ‘cause the Super Bowl’s coming fast! ‐Andrew Rampulla
Major League Soccer
Did you watch the Major League Soccer (MLS)
game on Oct 11? The New York Red Bulls were
versing Toronto FC in Red Bull Arena in New
Jersey. Bradley Phillips scored the first goal in the
twenty sixth minute and Ruben Bover scored the
second goal in the thirty fifth minute. In the forty
fourth minute Dax McCarty scored and it was his
first goal of the season. After him, Toronto Fc’s
player Jonathan Osorio scored in the fifty fifth minute.
There are a total of 19 teams in Major League
Soccer. Bradley Phillips has scored 24 goals this
season and that put him in to top goal scorer.
Thierry Henry has ten goals and plays as striker on
the New York Red Bulls. Each team plays 34 games
per season and battles is out until the finals! The
season started on Saturday, March 8 2014, with a
two week break in June. The first game was in
Seattle where the Sounders versed Sporting Kansas
City. The season lasts for ten months. - Thomas
Youth Soccer
Learning the Fundementals
Fall Recreation Soccer just finished another
successful season. Recreation Soccer is a great way
to learn soccer skills and to have fun playing with a
team. The fourth and fifth grade division had
competitive and exciting games every Saturday at
Craigville Park. The names of the teams this year
were Red Bulls, Crew, and DC United. Every team
played two 25-minute games against the other two
teams. The games were full of action! Goalies
made great saves and forwards made some tough
goals. Erika Reed, coach of Crew, wanted her team
to have fun while playing their positions. Her
approach was that the team should have fun. If
coaches were always yelling, players may quit
soccer. Coach Reed also made sure that players
played every position, including forward,
midfielder, defender, and goalie. If you want to
have fun playing soccer you should sign up for
spring soccer or fall soccer next year. -Arun Foster
Meet our GIS Goshen Gazette 2014-2015 Reporters
Brianna Kimmel: Brianna
is most proud of winning a
platinum medal in at a
national dance
competition. She wants to
be a professional dancer
at the American Ballet
Theater when she is
older. Thomas Focarile: Thomas
is proud that he has a lot
friends. He wants to be a
soccer player when he
grows up.
Andrew Rampulla:
Andrew’s favorite thing to
do is tinker with
electronics. He wants to
be an engineer when he is
Emily Dong: Emily is most
proud of getting good
grades in school. She
wants to be a musician
when she grows up. Kapil Foster: Kapil’s
favorite thing to do is read.
His favorite book series is
Harry Potter. Jack Grant: Jack’s most
proud of his improvement
in soccer. He wants to be
a professional when he is
older. Grace Gardner: Grace is
most proud of getting into
newspaper club. She
wants to be a physical
therapist when she grows
Victoria Jakakas: Victoria
is most proud that she got
104 percent on every
spelling test last year.
She wants to be a
teacher when she grows
up. Jackson Diglio: Jackson’s
favorite thing to do is play
soccer. He wants to be a
professional soccer player
when he is older. Alexis Jakakas: Alexis’s
favorite thing to do is
sew. She is most proud
of being in the youth
ending hunger club. Arun Foster: Arun’s
favorite thing to do is
math. He wants to be a
video game designer
when he is older. Rachel Seo: Rachel’s
favorite thing to do is
read. She wants to be a
doctor when she grows
up. Meet our GIS Goshen Gazette 2014-2015 Reporters
Lexi Boris: Lexi is most proud of her A+ average. She wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up. Madelyn Grundig:
Madelyn is most proud of
getting to champions in
her second horse show.
Her favorite thing to do is
ride horses.
Jay Orzell: Jay is most
proud of having an article
in the Indy at the age of
ten. He wants to be a
teacher when he is older. Madison Schaaff:
Madison’s favorite thing to
do is practice gymnastics.
She wants to be the first
women president when
she is older.
Valerie Webster: Valerie’s
favorite things to do are
volleyball and
Taekwondo. She wants to
be a chef or a veterinarian
when she is older. Imaan Beg: Imaan is most
proud of getting to do
chorus. She wants to be
teacher when she grows
up. Mrs.Antisin: Mrs.Antisin is
most proud of her sons
and that she worked hard
to become an
experienced teacher. Her
favorite thing to do is
travel. Madison Clark:
Madison’s favorite
things to do are tell
stories and sing. She
wants to be a singer,
dancer and actress
when she grows up.
Carissa Bayack:
Carissa loves
flamingos. She loves to
take pictures.
All staff photos taken and interviews conducted by Brianna Kimmel.