631 630 Repositioning Adapter

Repositioning Adapter
for the Original Windscreen
Honda Transalp XL700V
This adapter is used to adjust the height and tilt of
the original windscreen on the Transalp. Using the
two knurled screws on each side, the screen height
can be adjusted continuously by a maximum of 6
cm. The fairing screen can be adjusted individually
to suit the rider‘s height or seating position.
Often better than using a higher screen!
The repositioning adapter is made of stainless steel,
which means it will cope well with rain and other
weather influences.
On-Board Power Socket
Honda Transalp XL700V
This on-board power socket comes with a complete set of cables.
The stainless steel bracket for the socket is fitted to the top fork
brace, together with the brake line guide. The socket is quickly
and easily connected directly to the battery with the cable set.
Handlebar Conversion
for WRP Pro Bar Medium Handlebar
The standard Transalp has a simple steel handlebar. Apart from
the fact that, after the first fall, the handlebar is bent and can no
longer be used, its shape is not ideal. To solve this problem we
recommend the extremely rugged, cone-shaped WRP Pro Bar
Medium handlebar which has stood numerous tests. Special
clamps complete the conversion. The WRP handlebar is ideal for
enduro and rallye events and due to its shape it is less tiring on
wrists and arms and does not affect endurance.
Mirror Extension
for Honda Transalp XL700V
The mirror extension puts the mirror in a much better position. This improves
the rider‘s field of vision. This discreet component increases safety and is
almost unnoticeable. Parts supplied: left and right side.
Lighting, Repositioning Adapter
Transalp XL700V
Spoiler for Windscreen
This special spoiler for the windscreen of the
Transalp XL700V is perfect for undertaking long, fast
motorbike journeys in comfort. There is a significant
reduction in turbulence and wind pressure against
the helmet. It simply fits onto the windscreen, and
is secured using the snap closure. When going offroad, the spoiler is easy to remove in seconds.
*non lockable*
Xenon Headlight
Honda Transalp XL700V
State-of-the-art lighting technology for your Transalp.
Very bright Xenon light for considerably safer driving
at night. The Xenon light is activated by the high
beam and provides much more light. The 20,000
volt transformer uses only 35W to produce double
the light. Includes German TÜV type approval,
special brackets for the light and for the transformer, complete fitting hardware and detailed fitting
520-0153 (left side)
Fog Headlight
Honda Transalp XL700V
The fog headlight has the same housing as our
Xenon headlight and provides safe driving in rain,
snow or in fog. The
Xenon lamp can be fitted with a right-side fog lamp.
Kit includes bracket, cables, switch and German
TÜV-type approval and need not be registered. 55W
H3 bulb is installed.
520-0155 Fog headlight (right)
520-0150 Fog headlight (left)
Mini Flashers
for Honda Transalp XL700V
The flexibly fitted micro flashers go perfectly with the
Transalp. They are easy to fit, and no changes need
to be made to your machine. Just fit and go!
The set consists of all 4 flashers plus the attachment
Headlight Protector Steel
Honda Transalp XL700V
Very effective protection for the headlight. Mounting
is very simple. The headlight protector does not have
German TÜV-type approval and was developed for
off-road use.
GPS Handlebar Bracket Adapter
Honda Transalp XL700V
The bracket adapter is simply fitted to the handlebar mounting clamps on your Transalp. Our GPS
brackets all fit perfectly on its 12-mm brace. For
easy, safe attachment of your GPS. With virtually no
impairment of the view of the instruments.
520-0231 for handlebar risers
Hyperpro progressive replacement
springs for fork and shock absorber, Honda Transalp from 08
The set includes replacement fork springs and a
replacement spring for the shock absorber. The
progressive springs have been designed to match
the Honda Transalp perfectly, and offer a tremendous improvement in response and greater safety in
extreme situations.
Hyperpro height lowering kit, 30mm,
Honda Transalp `08
Hyperpro progressive replacement fork
springs, Honda XL700V Transalp ´08
Touratech Suspension
Honda Adventure Bikes
Information on Touratech suspension and
available variants can be found starting
on page 1242!
Radiator Guard, Rear Silencer
Transalp XL700V
Touratech Hand Protectors GD for Honda Transalp, from
2008, for steel handlebar, with handlebar risers
These hand protectors are made of virtually indestructible plastic;
they are modern in design, offer a high level of protection,
and can easily be fitted to the Transalp using the fitting sets
(included). The hand protector can be combined with various
spoilers and then offers optimum protection against wind
and weather. A very strong, sturdy construction which has
proved itself time and again in many rallies and on other
motor cycles.
- Hand protector colours: black (X=1), white (X=5), red (X=4),
yellow (X=2), blue (X=3)
When ordering, please substitute the X on the end of the order number for the number in brackets.
Spoiler for Touratech Hand Protectors GD
Touratech hand protectors GD for Honda Transalp XL700 aluminium handlebar
- Optimum lever protection (brake and clutch levers)
- Optimum protection for your hands
- Good wind deflection (with spoiler)
- Robust even at high speeds
- Elegant design enhances the enduro looks
- Colours of hand protector and spoiler may be different
- Hand protector colours: black (X=1), white (X=5), red (X=4), yellow (X=2), blue (X=3)
When ordering, please substitute the X on the end of the order number for the number in brackets.
Spoiler for Touratech Hand Protectors GD
Manifold Shield (Centre Right)
Honda Transalp XL700V
Very light, strong manifold shield in 2 mm aluminium. Safe protection against the hot manifold pipe.
The shield is simply fastened to the original
attachment points.
Radiator Guard Set
Right and Left
Honda Transalp XL700V
A faulty radiator can lead to an unscheduled stop.
This radiator guard can be fitted for perfect protection of the delicate radiator fins. The two-part guard
in strong aluminium offers perfect protection for the
right and left of the radiator. This efficiently prevents
the radiator from being damaged by stones.
ABS Sensor Protection,
Honda Transalp XL700V
Folding Gear Lever
Honda Transalp XL700V
Kick Stand Support Extension
Honda Transalp XL700V
The original plastic shield
does not provide adequate
protection against stones and
scree. A shield made of 2
mm stainless steel is a distinct
improvement. The stainless
steel shield screws onto the
existing attachment points.
Lightweight, stylish, folding alumini- The Transalp stands much more
um gear level for your Transalp.
firmly even on quite a soft surface
with this kick stand support extension. Quick and easy to fit.
520-0108 front
520-0110 rear
Foot Brake Lever Extension
Honda Transalp XL700V
52 mm wide and 4 mm thick
stainless steel claw profile that
is kind to your boots
Perfect combination of grip
and self-cleaning
With a more slender design
for better ground clearance
Significantly less susceptible
to impacts
Strengthened mounting point
With a blasted surface and
laser inscription for a superior
046-5315 TOU
These footpegs have proved to
be reliable during our motorbike
journeys. They offer considerably wider foot base support and
also allow longer distances to
be covered while standing on
the footpegs. These footpegs
also provide more
grip as the grip studs have very
sharp edges.
long-distance foot pegs
Honda XL700/650V
Long-Distance Footpegs
Honda Transalp XL700V
The foot brake lever extension
makes it much easier to operate
the rear brake. It increases the
size of the surface by 100 %. The
extension is made of blasted
stainless steel. The looks and
function are beautifully balanced.
The sharp claws on the surface
also offer plenty of support offroad.
Footpegs, Engine Guard
Transalp XL700V
Crash Bar
for Honda Transalp XL700V
Use these crashbars and even major falls will no
longer be a horrifying experience. The plastic-coated
steel tube is integrated perfectly in the design of the
motorbike, and will cope even with the toughest
conditions. An intended bending point will protect
the frame and screw attachments against damage.
The slender design also offers lots of advantages
when riding off-road. The two-piece roll bar is easy
to fit. All attachment materials included.
Crash Bar Extension
for Honda Transalp XL700V
Two additional bars are easily and simply screwed to the crash bar for the engine (520-0200). This measure
significantly extends its protective function. Now the fairing and radiator of the Transalp in particular are
well protected. Putting an end to expensive repairs or even breakdowns caused by radiator problems.
Engine Guard Large
Honda Transalp XL700V
We have replaced the less than stable plastic
cover with a genuine engine guard. It is made of
a combination of 4 mm riveted aluminium panels,
and can be fitted in conjunction with our crash bar
(520-0200). The decoupled attachment reduces resonance, and will absorb part of the impact energy
in the event of contact with the ground.
- Cannot be combined with engine guard panel
Engine Guard Panel
Honda Transalp XL700V
A very strong 3 mm aluminium panel is fitted between the fairings of the frame trusses for optimum
protection of the oil reservoir. The engine guard
panel is attached in three places, and offers excellent
protection against stones and scree. This panel is
easy to attach with the two crash bars (520-0200
and 520-0220).
Chain Guard
Honda Transalp XL700V
Delightful, laser-cut protection made of riveted
stainless steel and aluminium parts. This gives
the chain guard the necessary stability - and makes it
as light as possible. Optimum use is made of the
existing mounting points when attaching the chain
guard, which means it is easy and quick to do.
Pinion Guard
Honda Transalp XL700V
Strong technical guard made of stainless steel.
The appearance is enhanced by an additional aluminium shield. The pinion guard has been specially
designed to make it quick and easy to remove
extreme dirt after an off-road tour. The original guide
plate remains in place when fitting the guard.
Throttle Cover
Honda Transalp XL700V
An accident can often cause damage to the throttle
tube on the Transalp. There‘s no hope then of continuing the journey. We developed the throttle cover to
minimise this risk. It is made of anodised aluminium,
easy to fit, and yet still offers efficient protection
against damage.
REMUS Revolution Rear Silencer
Honda XL700V Transalp with ABE
Beautiful exhaust with a noble look. The workmanship is of very high quality and is convincing right
from the start. Weight: approx. 3,4 kg
Chain-, Pinion Guard, Tank Bag
Transalp XL700V
Tank Bag Honda
Honda Transalp XL700V
This beautifully shaped, extremely strong tank bag
has been developed specifically for your Honda
Transalp. This has enabled us to achieve the perfect
shape and fit. It also has a zip so you can easily
increase the volume to ist full 22 litres. The tank
bag is easy to fit, and quickly and easily removed.
With the eyelets and enclosed straps, it can also be
used as a rucksack. A detachable map bag is also
included, of course.
Made of Teflon-coated CORDURA which is both
water-repellent and dirt-resistant. Made in Germany
Colours: black, with sewn in, reinforced reflective
Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 18/25 cm
Capacity: approx. 16/22 litres
Splash Guard
Honda Transalp XL700V
This splash guard - which is suitable for off-road - is
also available for the Transalp XL700V!
It is more effective than the serial part, and the
design has already proved itself on numerous
Luggage Rack Aluminium
Honda Transalp XL700V
Thanks to the many slits and recesses on the luggage
rack aluminium, luggage of almost any shape and
size can be safely attached to your bike. The wide
shape means that even large items can be secured
easily and without difficulty. The luggage rack aluminium is light and yet extremely strong. It comes with
all of the attachment materials that are required,
including the special spacers.
Pannier Frames
Honda Transalp XL700V
Robust steel pannier frame made from 18 mm
diameter steel. Tube with a 2 mm thick wall.
- Black plastic coated
- Approx. 53 cm width
- Easy to fit
- Uses standard mounting points
- No modifications to rear footrests
- Mounting bolts are included.
Can be used with ZEGA panniers or other panniers
in conjuction with our 18 mm mounting hardware.
Incl. indicator repositioning; also
suitable for original indicators!
Tail Bag for the Rear Seat
Honda Transalp XL700V
Dimensions: approx. 32 x 26 x 13/25 cm
Volume: 11/20 litres
Colours: black, grey
Tail Rack Bag
Honda Transalp XL700V
The tail rack bag Transalp has a volume of approx.
5 litres. With a zip fastener, its volume can be
increased to approx. 8 litres. Made by KAHEDO
from Teflon-coated CORDURA which is both waterrepellent and dirt-resistant.
Pic.: Andreas Hülsmann | Scotland
Tail Bag, Pannier System
Transalp XL700V
ZEGA Pro AND-Black
ZEGA Pro Aluminium Pannier System
Honda Transalp XL700V
The aluminium pannier system again has a very robust construction. We have tried to bring the pannier
racks and the panniers as close as possible to the motorcycle. Numerous tests have already been performed in order to ensure that the entire development satisfies the required demands. The rack is made of
18 mm steel tubing and is attached to existing mounting points. Pillion comfort not restricted in any way.
Enhances the enduro and touring appearance of the Transalp.
102 cm
110 cm
*And-S*: anodised aluminium case
For more technical details on the ZEGA Pro panniers
visit page 1066 and the following.
Delivery schedule of the system:
2 aluminium pannier Zega Pro
1 pannier rack including mounting hardware
Transalp XL700V
ZEGA Pro AND-Black
38/38 litres
45/45 litres
High Windscreen
Honda Transalp
The Transalp windscreen suitable for various model
years. Minimises airflow behind the windscreen and
offers you very good, silent wind protection.
041-0010 ´00 - ´07
041-0009 ´94 - ´99
041-0008 ´88 - ´93
Headlight Protector Steel
Honda Transalp 600/650 from 2000
The framing of the headlight protector Transalp Steel
is laser-cut. The grating mounted in the frame is
securely welded and the entire headlight protector
plastic-powder coated. A very sturdy design which
can withstand even large stones. Mounting is very
simple. No effect on the function of the windscreen.
The headlight protector does not have German TÜVtype approval and was developed for off-road use.
Handlebar Risers
Honda Transalp
- Upright and relaxed riding position
- Less strain on shoulders and wrists
- Better handling of the motorbike
- Polished aluminium or black
- For sport bikes: better standing position and less
- handlebar 25 mm higher
040-0267 polished aluminium
040-0265 black
Honda Transalp
Now you can mount your equipment. Perfect solution if you don‘t need a crossbar all the time. The
crossbar is anodised and 290 mm long.
Handlebar, Fairing, Lighting
Honda Transalp 600/650
Hand Protectors
Honda Transalp 650
- Optimum lever protection (brake and clutch levers)
- Hand protector colours: black (0), white (1).
When ordering, please substitute the X on the end of
the order number for the number in brackets.
040-161X Hand protectors
040-0570 Spoiler black
PTFE Steel Braided Brake Lines
Honda Transalp 650 from 2000
- Better brake efficiency
- More precise feel
- German TÜV Type Approval (also available for ABS
- Includes washers
- More robust than stock lines, especially when used
under the most demanding off- road conditions
- Durable, UV protection for hose
040-0301 front
040-0302 rear
You will find brake fluid on p. 1316.
Pic.: Nina & Tom Wyssenbach| Iceland
Crash Bar
Honda Transalp XL 650 V
The fairing and tank are at risk on all motorbikes,
and this is an area where the Transalp needs extra
special protection.
We have designed and produced crash bars specifically for the mid-class enduro in order to provide
it with the best possible protection. Thus both the
tank and the fairing are very well protected against
serious damage, whilst the guard follows the lines of
the Transalp and integrates beautifully in its overall
This robust guard minimises the risk of expensive
repairs. Ideally positioned, and of true benefit to the
Engine Guard
Honda Transalp XL 650 V
- Particularly rugged guard
- Wide ventilation slots for optimum cooling
- Protects manifold, under parts and engine
- 3 mm welded aluminium, screwed to existing fixing
points and fixed to the chassis bearings using
040-1269 2000-2002
Radiator Guard
Honda Transalp 650 | 2000 >
Effective protection for the water radiator
Two anodised aluminium grills are screwed in front
of the radiator using the original screws.
Engine Guard, Suspension
Honda Transalp 600/650
Pic.: Peter Schuster | Island
Rally Footpegs
Honda Transalp XL 650
These footpegs have proved to be reliable at our
rally events.
They offer considerably wider foot base support
and also allow longer distances to be covered while
standing on the footpegs. These footpegs also
provide more grip as the grip studs have very sharp
Gear Lever
Honda Transalp XL 600/650
Considerably stronger, stylish, folding aluminium
gear lever.
Ideal for bigger feet.
041-0707 -2006
Chain Guard
Honda Transalp XL 650 V
- Quick and easy fitting
- Optimum use of existing fixing points
- Fits very easily
- Sporty look
- CNC machined aluminium
- Natural anodised aluminium
- Lightweight
Tank Bag Honda Transalp
We have extensively redesigned the tank bag for the
Honda Transalp (1987 to 2007). Features:
- Base plate adapted to the shape of the tank
- Reinforced side panels for optimal stability
- Approx. 12 litres volume, expandable to approx.
17 litres
- Lateral, reflecting elastic strap, for example for
- Two external pockets on the side with 2-way zips
- Large, removable A4 map pocket (28 x 32 cm) with
Velcro fasteners
- Sturdy carrying handle
- Two straps included to enable use as a knapsack or
shoulder bag
- The tank bag can be removed quickly with snaps
and Velcro closures.
Colour: black
Size (l x w x h): approx. 28 x 24 x 22/32 cm
055-1303 Tank bag
055-0069 Rain cover
Made of Teflon-coated CORDURA, thus waterproof and dirt-resistant.
Made in Germany by KAHEDO.
Tail Rack Bag Honda Transalp
This versatile tail rack bag for the powerful Honda enduro bikes offers 13 litres of carrying capacity. It is
tailored to the small tail rack and fastened with four straps that mount on the rack. An additional strap
secures the bag in place when fully packed.
The bag features a sponge rubber base for non-slip
limpet attachment. A circular zip expands the bag to
approx. 22 litres of capacity.
Made in Germany by KAHEDO.
Size: approx. 35 x 25 x 15,
expands to approx. 35 x 25 x 25 cm
Bags, Pannier Systems
Honda Transalp 600/650
Complete Pannier System ZEGA Pro, Honda Transalp XL 650 V
The aluminium pannier system again has a very robust construction. We have tried to bring the pannier
racks and the panniers as close as possible to the motorcycle. Numerous tests have already been performed in order to ensure that the entire development satisfies the required demands.
The rack is made of 18 mm steel tubing and is attached to existing mounting points. Pillion comfort not
restricted in any way.
Transalp 600/650
38/38 litres
45/45 litres
99 cm
Progressive fork springs for Honda
XL600V Transalp
These progressive fork springs are perfectly matched
to the fork on the Honda XL600V Transalp.They
make the fork better suited to the demands of motorcycle touring. You will also experience a significantly
improved response and greater reserves in extreme
situations. The fork springs are made in Europe by
Dutch suspension specialists Hyperpro.
058-5851 *up to 1999*
058-5853 *2000-2007*
Hyperpro progressive replacement
springs for fork and shock absorber,
Honda XL600/650V
Transalp *2000-2007*
ZEGA Pro AND-Black
107 cm