Trenergy is a 210,000 sq. ... Catharines, Ontario with a high degree of experience in the...

Trenergy is a 210,000 sq. ft. heavy steel fabrication facility in St.
Catharines, Ontario with a high degree of experience in the fabrication of pressure vessels, tanks, drums, boilers and related components and large assemblies.
87 Grantham Ave.
St. Catharines, ON
Canada L2P 2Y8
Ph 905-687-8736 x 229
Fax 905-687-651
High Bay Area
106,000 sq. ft.
Low Bay Area
95,000 sq. ft.
Office Area
8,600 sq. ft. (includes 1,800 sq. ft. mfg. office)
Current Capacity
165,000 manhours / yr.
Planned Capacity
180,000 manhours / yr.
Maximum Capacity
~250,000 manhours / yr.
Shipping Capacity
Road, Rail and Water (Welland Canal)
If it can be shipped, we can build it
Material Grades
-All grades of Carbon Steel including SA299A & B
-Stainless Steel types 304, 304L, 310, 312 & 316
Chrome Moly SA387, SA355, SA213, SA234—GRADES 11, 12, 22 and 91
-Exotic Alloys, Monel, Inconel & Titanium
Welding Processes
SMAW – Shielded Metal Arc Weld (Stick)
SAW – Sub-arc Weld
GMAW – Gas Metal Arc Weld (Hardwire MIG)
FCAW – Fluxcore Arc Weld (Fluxcore MIG)
GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Weld (TIG)
High Bay Area:
3 – 75T cranes, 32’-8” lift x 70’-0” span
(Maximum combined lift capacity with a supervised lift is 300 tons)
1 – 20T crane, 32’-3” lift x 70’-0” span
4 – 3T cranes, 10’-6” lift x 24’-0” span
2 – 5T cranes in side bay
Low Bay Area:
9 – 3T jib cranes
2 – 20T cranes, 19’-6” lift x 48’-0” span
1 – 8T crane, 10’-9” lift x 24’-0” span
2 – 5T cranes, 10’9” lift x 24’-0” span
2 – 1T cranes, 10’-6” lift x 24’-0” span
Panel Shop:
3 – 1T jib cranes
2 – 10T cranes, 21’-10” lift x 70’-0” span
2 – 3T cranes, 10’-0” lift x 24’-0” span
Heater Storage
6 – 3T jib cranes
2 – 3T cranes, 15’-6” lift x 24’-0” span
Small Parts
2 – 3T cranes, 10’-6” lift x 24’-0” span
1 – 5T crane, 21’-7” lift x 48’-0” span
1 – 5T crane, 10’-6” lift x 24’0” span
1 – 25T & 5T bridge crane
-144” Niles Vertical Boring Mill
-56” Bullard Vertical Boring Mill
-Future Mill – planer with sliding bed
-4 - Engine Lathes including a 315” with 40” swing
-Jackson tube prep machine
-2 spindle Avey horizontal drum drill (24”-72” x 48’ LG)
-4 – rail mounted radial drills
-2 – radial drills – fixed
-2 – portable magnetic drills
-2 – hole chamfering machines
-3 – tandem wire sub-arc welders (incl. 1 purchased 2013)
-9 – semi-automated single wire sub-arc welders with seam tracking (incl. 3 purchased 2013)
-4 head Cecil-Peck panelizing machine
-4 head Viking tube to fin welding machine
-2 head Viking tube to fin welding machine
-4 head gantry welder
-Cladding Station
-Tube end welding equipment
-Portable equipment for MIG, TIG & Stick welding
-Stud Welding
Heat Treating
-Natural Gas Furnace – 58’-6” lg x 14’-6” wide & high 12’-6” max OD, 1450 deg. F., up to 200 ton distributed over axles
-Clam Furnace for S/R header welds
-Annealing of swaged tube ends
-Local electrical S/R of closing seams, etc.
Tube Bending
-Conrac Squeeze Bender – designed to heat and form 180 deg. x 1.5 diameter cold bend to near tangent hairpin bend
-4 – cold bending machines with a variety of dies including split dies for bending finned tube and a completely re-built
Pines NC bender
-Schwartz-Wirtz panel bending machine
-400 Ton press with additional die sets
Surface Cleaning
-Wheelabrator Shotblast Vault – 22’ x 22’ x 52’
-Gutman tube blasting – 700 CFM – 6 tubes at a time
Plate Rolls
-1 – Wilhelmsburger
-1 – Davi MCB3066 (purchased 2013)
-1 – Davi MCB3037 (purchased 2013)
-Cold roll 3/8” to 2” thick full width of 144”
-Cold roll up to 3” plate depending on width and diameter
-Min diam. 17” @ 1/2” thk – Max diam. 230” @ 2” thk (Full 10’-0” width)
-8 – Welding positioners ranging from 1.5 ton to 40 ton
Power Rolls
-27 – Portable power rolls ranging from 6 ton to 100 ton (incl 15 pairs x 30 ton purchased in 2013)
Misc. Equipment
-Grinders, Chippers, Air-Arc, Portable tube end milling
-Flame Burning & Plasma Cutting
-Tap disintegrator
Sheet Metal
-1 – Air operated rolls – max 10g x 4 ft wide x 6” diam
-1 – Accushear – max ¼” CS x 10’-0” wide
-1 – Ironworker punch/shear – max ¾” bars, angles & tees
*Project shown in picture was fabricated prior to Trenergy Inc. ownership, but with Trenergy Inc. involvement. The picture on the right shows the assembly sitting on the barge in dock
As a new plant acquisition it has the potential to increase our fabrications space by an additional 110,000 sq.ft. The new facility was a part of a dry dock formerly
known as SMI (Seaway Marine Industrial), and has direct access to the Welland Canal (St Lawrence Seaway). It will allow Trenergy to offer our customers a
much larger fabrication capacity and an increase in shipping capability.
Fabrication Shop
This shop is divided into two 270 ft. x 90 ft. fabrication areas called the low bay and the high bay. The low bay is designed for raw steel preparation and has a
crane capacity of one 8 ton gantry. The high bay is excellent for steel fabrication and assembly having a crane capacity of two 10 ton gantries and one 3.5 ton
Assembly Shop
This shop is an open assembly and module construction area 365 ft. long x 120 ft. wide x 60 ft. high (52 ft. under hook) with two 80 ton gantry cranes each with
an auxiliary 10 ton hoist plus one 20 ton gantry. The two large cranes can combine for a 160 ton lift. Large module assemblies can be moved directly onto a
barge or ship in the adjacent dry dock with no overland transportation.
Nondestructive Examination
AWS certified welding Inspector
ASNT Central Certification Program (ACCP) Level II for RT,
American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) TC-1A
Level III for UT, RT, MT and PT
British Institute of NDE (BINDT) certified to RT, MT, & PT Level II
European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) capable
Large RT Vault 28’-0” Wd x 54’-3” Lg with 4ft thick walls of high compression concrete
and equipped with a Cobalt 60 Source
Trenergy Inc.
87 Grantham Ave.
St Catharines, ON
Canada L2P 2Y8
Tel: 905-687-8736
Fax: 905-687-6514
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