NEXT MONTHLY MEETING Sunday 9 November 10 am No 199

May 2013 2014
NEXT MONTHLY MEETING Sunday 9 November 10 am
“Technology and Architecture: How technology can affect the way we live”
Speakers: Joe McCambridge and the irrepressible Ian Handricks (yeah!yeah!yeah!yeah!)
Don’t miss this fascinating foretaste of the future.
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Learning Centre, Suite 3, St John Ambulance Building, 2 Shea Terrace, Takapuna.
2nd Sunday of each month, 10 am in the Hall, St John, 2 Shea Terrace, Takapuna.
The Secretary, SeniorNet NS Inc., PO Box 65 357, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0754.
SeniorNet NS is supported by Ian Handricks, Members and Advertisers.
If you need quick advice please contact: [email protected] Bob Porter
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COMMITTEE 2014-2015
Roger Willoughby
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Bernice Hyde
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Lois Kay
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Brian Wintle
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Patricia Lough
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Allan White
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Glenys Plaistowe
Pam Shaw / Mary O’Sullivan
Barbara Anderson
Roger Willoughby
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We have sadly been made aware of the recent passing of valued
SeniorNet member Denis Pelham. Lisa Jones has advised us that
Denis passed away peacefully on 12 Oct. after a short illness. He was
an attendee of Genealogy, FTM and Pro Show courses, an expert
photographer, keen sailor and in younger days mountain tramper.
We also take this opportunity to wish a speedy recovery to Pauline Rundle who
has recently had a very nasty fall.
Your club continues to flourish and we welcome these new members to
SeniorNet North Shore. Patsy Aagesen, Mary Hewetson, Bev Rigby, Brooke
Wilmshurst, Bobbie and Robin Brown, Betty Chicken, Barrie and Margaret Church,
Linda Hopkinson, Berenice Mok, Christine and Tony Murphy, Peter Stallard,
Murray Watene, Diana Bartlett, Dot Cavanagh, Denise Iversen, Jane Kemp, Jean
Parker and Kantha Soni . Enjoy your Tutor sessions and speak up if there is any
particular topic you wish to have assistance with.
Our Open Day on 27 September attracted a lot of visitors (26) and further news
on this can be seen on page 11.
At this months’ Committee Meeting authority was given to two Committee
members and one other SeniorNetter to pool their knowledge in these matters
and to select and purchase new equipment designed to enhance our viewing in
our Learning Centre. Watch out for this happening. Hopefully installation will
take place before the next Newsletter is published.
Christmas is coming, yes it is. See page 6 for full information on how to book to
attend our Great Annual Christmas Lunch at Valentines. This year Bernice Hyde
is unable to commit her usual goodself to organizing the lunch due to family
commitments and Allan White and Patricia Lough have taken up Santa’s reins.
Don’t miss this good chance to enjoy some Festive Christmas Spirit and a good
old chinwag with your fellow SeniorNetters.
SeniorNet North Shore Inc makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or
responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or use of any information that is available in this
newsletter. SN NS Committee
Tutors Page 1
Advanced XP-Vista-Windows 7 : Bill Howell
1st & 3rd Tuesday mornings. You ask the questions, and
I’ll endeavour to provide the answers, plus supplying
occasional program ‘goodies’.
Come along and join the fun!
Basic Computer Skills 1 on 1 : Bridget Taylerson
Join us for individual tuition on the basics. Bring your
own computer (if you have a laptop or tablet) or use
ours. Learn keyboard shortcuts, saving to, printing, cut
or copy & paste, email, address book, changing fonts
and font size and lots of other useful tips. Bridget will
have Bob Porter and Allan White on hand to give 1 on 1
tuition. Come along and make use of their skills.
Basic Camera to Computer : Ian Bonallack
And I mean basic! What we’ll be doing is covering how
to get your photos off your camera, or anything you take
photos with, onto your computer. Once onto your
computer, getting them into folders where you’ll be able
to find them later. That’s so important!
There are other SeniorNet classes run by other tutors for
editing the photos or turning them into beautiful
slideshows, but that’s not what this class is about.
So bring your camera and the cables that came with the
camera (if you’ve got them) and we’ll help each person
have a turn transferring pictures from their camera to
computer. Or perhaps even from iPad or Smartphone to
computer. If you like, bring your laptop too (if you have
one), but it’s certainly not necessary.
Bring Your Own Laptop : Ian Bonallack
Each person brings along their laptop, and we take it in
turns to plug each laptop into the big screen. Then the
person has a chunk of time to bring up their problems or
mysterious happenings and we can fix them. Everybody
finds it's really valuable seeing other people's setups and
Computers Show and Tell : Bernice Hyde and Allan
You tell us what you want to know and Allan White or
Bernice Hyde can show you How! This includes Tablets,
iPads, Macs, PCs and Laptops or even How to Qs on a
programme. Ph to discuss how we can help prior to the
Digi Photos : Fraser Day
This is a non-competitive and casual get-together to look
at and be inspired by each others photos. We show our
successes and failures and in the process, learn some
new tricks so we can capture better images. Simple
photo enhancement is demonstrated using Photoshop
Elements 9. A friendly and supportive group.
Dumb Questions : Ian Bonallack
Bring along any questions you like, especially the ones
that you feel are so dumb that you'd normally be too
embarrassed to ask! We write them all up on the board
at the beginning of the session and work our way
through them. Good fun, and good learning, especially
when you find you're not so dumb after all!!!
Facebook : Jose Frain
Come along to this session to find out how to
join Facebook and we will go through the
stages and look at the “do’s” and “don’ts”.
Family Tree Maker 2009-2014 : Stewart
Throughout the year we have worked right
through all the main work spaces, (Plan,
People, Places, Media, Sources, Publish and Web
Search). We then explored each of the menu items in
turn: File, Edit, View, Tools and Help.
For the final sessions of the year we will deal with
aspects that can always be re-visited and to matters
raised my members. One will be researching on the web
while linked to and then placing this
information in your family tree..
These versions of FTM have many new, interesting and
innovative features which make it easy to document
your research findings.
Members of the group attend range from novice to very
experienced. Every effort is made to cater for everyone
and basic skills are frequently revisited. Emphasis is on
keeping it simple. Time is always provided for questions.
New members are welcome at any time.
Genealogy : Bill Howell (Facilitator)
The Genealogy Group Tutorial for Friday, November
7th at 10 am will cover these interesting topics:“The Significance of Townlands in Irish Research”
“The Irish in the British Army”
By Miles Dillon. “I have been doing family research since
I was a schoolboy in the mid-1960s. My research takes
me to England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, USA and the
Pacific as well as NZ. I particularly enjoy writing
biographies of the people I have studied”.
Bookings essential! Howell 09 478 5530
or [email protected]
Genealogy Workshop : Lois Kay
At our October Workshop Joy Frazer talked about The
World of the Genealogist.
To further enhance the subject Gail Moore is following
up with Google Image Searching. Gail is very skilled and
experienced in extracting images and information from
Google – you will be surprised - there is more to this
than you think and Gail knows “How To!”
Tutors Page 2
Hands on Equipment : Bernice Hyde and Allan White
This Tutorial session gives members the opportunity to
use the club scanners for digitalizing photos and slides or
the use of the computers for other programs. We also
assist with 1-1 on either PC, laptop or tablets, with
bookings in advance needed.
iPad : Bernice Hyde and Bill Howell
We offer a AM or PM session on separate
weeks - Bookings before the Monday are
essential - any late communications please
use [email protected]
Mac Computing : Allan White
We have one Mac in the club running the Snow Leopard
operating system and with it we can help anyone
understand the way a Mac works. The trouble is we
have not been getting anyone coming to our sessions
lately even though some say they are coming. Both Ron
Clark and myself come into the Club Room every first
and third Monday of each month but nobody turns up.
It is wasting our time. For this reason we have decided
to only come in if we are needed. You will have to
contact me by 'phone or email if you want help with any
problem and you will have to promise to turn up. My
phone number is 441 9344 and my email address is
[email protected]
PhotoBooks : Bernice Hyde
Digitalized Photos into an Album—This
session is aimed at showing how to get
started, discussing the different types
and companies that produce them, but
for our demonstrations we mostly use the Harvey
Norman website, unless another special offer needs
attention. Going to the Website on the club computers
to practice is an option if this is what is needed to help
and we also have input from the more experienced
members too but it is hard to predict who will attend, so
will decide on the day how to proceed.
Photoshop Elements : Brian Cudby
Adobe Photoshop Elements is an economical cut
-down version of the full Photoshop image
editing program. An extensive variety of features allow
for almost unlimited editorial opportunities. Photo
enhancement features are progressively examined
during monthly sessions which introduce photo editing
techniques, tutorials and ideas. The Adobe Photoshop
Elements 12 program is loaded onto a club computer
and is available for members use outside of these
sessions. When members learn a new ‘Elements’
technique at home, they are invited to demonstrate
their achievement to the class. Basics of the Elements
program will be covered regularly for the benefit of new
class members.
ProShow Gold : Barry Pinkney
This program is an award-winning maker of
slideshows with photos and videos. It also
includes panning, zooming, music and voiceover. The shows can then be setup on CD/
DVD and played on the TV. You might like to download
the free version on for a thirty day
trial. For members who have purchased their copy of
ProShow Gold the tutor will, if the member joins the
ProShow Gold class and they request help, give them a
one-on-one 'getting started lesson' at a bookable
'hands-on' session.
Talk Computing : Allan White
This session is mainly for members new to computers or
new to some programmes. We all found when we
started using computers that little problems cropped up
and we needed someone to explain how to fix that
problem. If you find yourself in this situation, come
along to this group with your question. It is best if you
can save it to a USB stick and bring it with you, then we
can show it on the screen and all discuss it until the
problem is fixed. A lot of people receive an email with
attachments that they cannot open. This is a good
example of the type of problem that crops up and we
can help you with that if we have the email. You may
have bought a new computer with an operating system
that is different to what you are used to. We can help as
our computers have different systems on them.
Windows 8 for Beginners : Allan White
This is a discussion group to explore the workings of
Windows 8 and to find out how to install programmes
etc. If you have a new laptop or tablet bring it along and
I will show you how to become as confident with
Windows 8 as you were with Windows XP or Vista.
A couple of “What do you call” jokes.
Question : What do you call a deer with no eyes?
Answer : No idea
Question : What do you call a deer with no eyes and no
Answer : Still no idea
FIRST email or phone
BOOK at least a week
Pay at the door
Read through the Tutors Page and
select something that appeals to you.
Then look at the Schedule and see
whether it is a Course, Tutorial or
Discussion Group.
Follow the procedure for what you
have selected from next column
All welcome
Just turn up!
Pay $3 at door
at all Discussion Groups, Courses,
Tutorials, and Monthly Sunday
486 2163
AM = 10.00 to 12.30
PM = 1.30 to 4.00
Please wear name tag to all sessions
to put a face with a name.
10 am 2nd Sunday of the month
Come along and listen to some
interesting speakers
Gold coin donation appreciated
Changes after publication will be posted on the club website:
Information NOT HERE??? Please phone Tutors
Schedule – November 2014
Day Date Time
am Advanced XP–Vista–Win 7
pm Committee Meeting
am Basic Camera to Computer
Thurs 6
am Talk Computing
Thurs 6
pm Basic Computer Skills 1 on 1
am Genealogy
Mon 10
am Photo Books
Mon 10
Tues 11
am iPad
Tues 11
pm Computers Show & Tell
Wed 12
Wed 12
Thurs 13
am Dumb Questions
Thurs 13
Frid 14
am Photoshop Elements
Frid 14
Mon 17
am Mac Computers {must ring}
Mon 17
Tues 18
am Advanced XP–Vista–Win 7
Tues 18
pm iPad
Wed 19
am Bring Your Own Laptop
Wed 19
Thurs 20
am Talk Computing
Thurs 20
pm Facebook {Please Ring}
Frid 21
am Genealogy Workshop
Frid 21
Mon 24
Mon 24
Tues 25
am Hands on Equipment
Tues 25
pm Proshow Gold
Wed 26
am Family Tree Maker (2009-2014)
Wed 26
pm Basic Computer Skills 1 on 1
Thurs 27
am Windows 8 for Beginners
Thurs 27
pm Digi Photos
E-mail Address
C/D/T Cost
Bill Howell
478-5530 [email protected]
Ian Bonallack
479-6771 [email protected]
Allan White
Bridget Taylerson
Bill Howell (facilitator)
441-9344 [email protected]
410-8309 [email protected]
478-5530 [email protected]
In the Hall
Bernice Hyde
All Welcome
483-5825 [email protected]
Bernice & Bill
Bernice & Allan
483-5825 [email protected]
483-5825 [email protected]
Ian Bonallack
479-6771 [email protected]
Brian Cudby
480-9438 [email protected]
Allan White
441-9344 [email protected]
Bill Howell
Bernice Hyde & Bill Howell
Ian Bonallack
478-5530 [email protected]
483-5825 [email protected]
479-6771 [email protected]
Allan White
Josi Frain
Lois Kay
441-9344 [email protected]
473-2459 [email protected]
478-3587 [email protected]
Bernice Hyde & Allan White
Barry Pinkney
Stewart Rundle
Bridget Taylerson
Allan White
Fraser Day
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
12 October Sunday Meeting report
Our meeting had 49 attendees and the two speakers covered their
subjects very well. Firstly Dawne Millard explained her involvement in a
charity organisation providing knitted blankets to those in need. It was
interesting to hear how varied and widespread were the different
groups in the charity and how varied and grateful were the recipients.
At the rear of our room Dawne had set up a display of artifacts
including the by now well known Penny Pearl and Benjamin Bear which
created a lot of interest. Dawne reminded members that they could
make a contribution to the charity by simply providing any spare wool they might have at home.
Bring it along to the next meeting or to a tutors session. Dawne’s group is called Peggy Purl Knitting and you can join
Dawne at Devonport Community House, 32 Clarence Street, Devonport on Wednesdays 10.30 to noon each week.
Ian Bonallack then spoke on scams, and demonstrated two of them by leading us down paths we would not normally
follow to try to reach the point at which the scam actually takes place. The first involved large amounts of cash linked
in a convoluted way between Turkey, Iraq and Taiwan. Ian communicated with the scammer through a series of
emails as he was told he could collect 40% of the proceedings by the scammer who seemed a very nice lady with a
lovely family. When Ian had gone as far as he wanted to and could not proceed further without supplying essential
personal information he advised the scammer he was not proceeding. She replied that she was heartbroken and
begged to know what she had done wrong and seemed distraught. I must say I began to feel sorry for her!!
Interestingly we never did get to the part where the scam was proposed.
Ian’s second example involved what appeared to be an email from a well known bank asking for a link to be opened.
Ian demonstrated that by hovering the mouse over the link but not clicking on it, at the very bottom of the screen in
small text appeared the true identity of the email sender which of course was not the bank. Very interesting.
Next Sunday Meeting 9 November 10 am
Topic of talk : Technology and Architecture: How technology can affect the way we live
Speakers: Joe McCambridge and Ian Handricks
This is the very first presentation of some new concepts in intelligent lifestyle - a NS SeniorNet
exclusive!. Joe and Ian will deliver an interesting and informative presentation which will highlight
the way we live now and how we live in the future can be shaped by the emerging technologies
about us. They will introduce some exciting new lifestyle concepts and demonstrate some breathtaking solutions that
are beginning to happen in our own community. It will be a visually exciting presentation. Joe McCambridge is a
reknowned chartered architect who is designing and building intelligent dwellings and Ian is known to us all as our
technology whizz! - and there will be some surprise guest speakers as well!
Editor : As an added incentive to attend in Nov you might sample my home-bake if I am brave enough. My culinary
skills are not great. When my care-giver was in hospital earlier this year I was foolishly left in charge of a frozen pizza .
I promptly put it in the microwave which evidently is the wrong thing to do. Care-giver said “Didn’t you read the
instructions”. I said “Real men don’t read instructions. If Captain Smith had read the instructions the Titanic wouldn’t
have sunk and we wouldn’t have had the wonderful commemoration 100 years later”. The pizza was quite crisp.
Members, if you know of anyone who would like to join
SeniorNet North Shore firstly advise them to view our
website to get some idea of what is offered.
Then contact Patricia Lough our MEMBERSHIP
SECRETARY on 413 6322 who will forward an
Information Package that includes a Membership
Application Form, which should be filled out and then
returned to SeniorNet North Shore, PO Box 65 357,
Mairangi Bay, 0754.
Annual fee is $35 single or $50 double.
When the subscription has been received Patricia will
forward an acknowledgement together with a nametag
that should be worn to all sessions.
Our financial year is from 1 July to 30 June with the
AGM held at the monthly meeting in August.
You are cordially invited to attend our Great Annual Christmas Lunch
Editor, Hi to all you Merry SeniorNetters, sorry to spring this on you in October but leaving it to the November
newsletter would clearly be too late. Membership Secretary Patricia Lough has put this years’ invitation together.
Looks great Patricia, thanks. We hope to get our usual good turnout to this event. Over to you.
SeniorNet North Shore Inc
Cordially invites Members and Partners
On 11 December 2014
12 – 3pm.
At Valentines North Shore
Cnr Wairau & View Roads
Luncheon Cost $22 per person(meal only)
Cash Bar Available
Pre-Payment to SeniorNet is required
Please R.S.V.P. by 27 November on the form
Accept with pleasure the invitation to
Lunch at Valentines on 11 December 2014
Enclosed is a cheque for $ ..................
(Please make Payable to SeniorNet (North Shore) Inc)
Post to: P.O.Box 65 357 Mairangi Bay 0754
Paid by Cash $.....................................
Please include your name
Internet banking: ASB 12 3050 0359226 52
Name and Xmas as reference and email confirmation
to [email protected] or phone 413 6322
Wayne Green
Email: [email protected]
Ph 418 2609 Mob 021 02605747
Specializing in home renovations and pre-sale repairs
Construction and/or repair of decks, weatherboards,
steps, cupboards, shelves, trellis, fencing etc.
Sticking doors, windows.
Repair work prior to painting.
Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry – floor and wall
Leaky taps, blocked drains, installation of
showers, baths, vanities, washtubs.
Paths, drives, block walls, plastering,
retaining walls
If its not listed above, don’t despair – just call.
If I can’t do it, I may know someone who can.
Tekzone Tip
Schedule Full System Image Backup for Windows—Part 2
In this article I am going to show you how to setup an automatic
Schedule Backup. All you need is to plug in the backup drive.
1. Start AOMEI Backupper and click Create New Backup.
There are 4 different options, select System Backup. It
automatically selects your system drive (C Drive where all
your program and files are stored). But if you have more
than one logical drive in the system you can create a
separate backup task for the 2nd HDD or 3rd HDD.
2. Select your back-up drive in Step 2.
3. Click Schedule Off to setup backup
4. Choose how
often you wish to
run the backup –
Daily, Weekly or
5. Click Start Backup and you can choose by clicking on “Add
the Schedule and Start backup now” to start the backup or
“Only add this schedule” just creating the schedule.
Advanced Computers
10 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery
The iPhone is considered a great feat in not only advancing some of the cellular features that have already been a part
of cellular phones, but to also be the forefront of the creation of some of these features. However, one thing that
comes with these added features and advancements is a weak battery life. The batteries can only take so much and
when you couple in the applications that individuals love to hoard, the battery most likely won’t even last half the day.
This doesn’t have to happen. Today, we will take a look at fourteen reasons why your iPhone’s battery life is horrible
and steps you can take to fix this.
You’re Not Limiting Location Services
You’d be surprised by the number of applications that are making use of location services and you don’t even need to make use of
it. By going toSettings > Privacy > Location Services, you will be able to select which applications you would like to have make use
of location services. By doing this, you will be able to prevent your iPhone from having to continuously check to see the location
you are in and pinging this information to the requesting applications.
Your Mail is Always Fetching
Similar to the issue with locations, mail that is set to fetch means that your iPhone continuously check your mailbox server, waiting
for a new message. Once one arrives, your iPhone is notified and you are able to choose whether or not to check the email or not.
By going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Fetch New Data >Manually, you are able to have your iPhone check your
mailbox only when you manually go to your iPhone Mail app and refresh.
Your Apps Are Always Running
Since iOS 4, your iPhone has been able to run multiple apps at the same time. Also commonly known as multi-tasker, we can
colloquially call it “battery-killer”. Multitasker may be useful when you need to switch between multiple applications around the
same time. However, it becomes a nuisance when you find yourself failing to quit an application for a long period of time,
unnecessarily. You can alleviate this problem by double-tapping the home button, and swiping the screen card up to quit. You can
even use multiple fingers at the same time to quit multiple apps at once.
Your Screen is Too Bright
It is obvious that having a bright screen can kill your battery. However, many individuals fail to understand or acknowledge this. As
a result, they will find themselves with their battery lives dying faster. Instead, swipe up the Control Center of your iPhone and
bring the brightness a bit lower. In addition, to prevent your iPhone from automatically changing the brightness again, go
to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > and toggle off Auto Brightness.
You Have Automatic Downloads On
On the iPhone, you are able to have it so that your applications from the app store automatically update whenever there is a new
update. However, with your iPhone constantly checking to see if there is a new update, along with the other applications which
are already updating, you can find yourself with a battery life that is constantly being used up. To prevent automatic downloads
from the App Store or even the iTunes store, among others, go to Settings > iTunes and App Store, and toggle which applications
you’d like to have automatic downloads for and those you don’t.
Editor : This contribution is continued on page 9.
(Continued) 10 tips to extend your iPhone’s battery
You’re Push Notifying Your iPhone
Aside from fetching, push notifications is another culprit for poor battery life with iPhones. With push notification, you
are able to be notified if a new alert hits your phone, which will allow you to answer or ignore it. If you have some
applications where this is completely unnecessary, go to Settings > Notification Center> and edit which applications
you’d like to have notify you through push notification.
You Have AirDrop Continuously On
AirDrop is a feature that allows individuals to send photos, videos, and other multimedia to other iPhones in the same
vicinity. Depending on the speed of one’s personal network connect, this may be faster than sending by email or MMS
because AirDrop doesn’t make use of the cellular network. You can toggle AirDrop off by going to the Control Center
and pressing AirDrop and select “off”.
You Continuously Run Bluetooth
Bluetooth is an aspect of the iPhone that isn’t as useful as it would have been in the past. With the advancement and
creation of features and applications that now do the jobs that bluetooth once did, it can be a feature that you can find
yourself turning off without a care. To do so, simply bring up the control centre and click on the Bluetooth symbol
which is located to the right of the WIFI symbol.
You Have Too Many Apps
Chances are, you may not find the problem being that you have too many applications in multi task, you might simply
have too many applications on your iPhone in general. This is the time to make an iPhone clean-out and look at the
applications that you find you aren’t making use of anymore and delete them from your life.
In addition, you could use the method of simply deleting all apps from your iPhone and starting anew. You will
download an app when you find you need to make use of it and give it a deadline. Each day the app isn’t in use adds to
the deadline timer. Once an app reaches its deadline, for example a month of non-use, delete it!
You Aren’t Extending Your Battery
Chances can also be that you just aren’t extending your battery as much as you should. When your battery is at 20%,
do you continue to use your phone as normal or do you make adequate precautions, such as the ones mentioned
above? If not, then this may be the time to include them in.
If you’re still struggling to get good life out of your phone’s battery then us call us on 09 4448823, send us an email at
[email protected] or come in to one of our branches.
Things for Members to note
This Meeting offers you your annual opportunity to
show how clever you have been in learning new things.
The Meeting is of course that in which you can display
objects, web sites, photographs, books etc to the
attendees. Don’t be nervous, we’ll be gentle with you.
So check with your Tutors and start preparing for this
now. Go on AMAZE US! And we’ll ooooh and aaaah.
We have our own new door bell! Courtesy of our
landlord St John NZ. Thank you St John. Incidentally
you cannot be locked in our premises if you happen to
linger longer in the lavatory as there is a front door
catch opening from the inside, but you can be locked
out, as did happen recently.
Could members please wear their Membership Badges
to all sessions including the Sunday Meetings.
This makes it so much easier to put a name to a face.
If you wish to bring a visitor, friend or new prospect to a
session please advise the Tutor in advance to make sure
there will be sufficient room and, for a new prospect,
necessary data can be assembled that would be helpful.
Members who wish to attend Tutorials sessions (the
ones marked on the Schedule with a T and cost $4.00)
need to let the Tutors know in advance. This allows the
Tutors to make the necessary planning for those
particular sessions—seating, equipment etc.
Editor : I spotted this Tock, tick recently. I like it. We could invent a whole new way of Southern Hemisphere living. Bells could go
DONG DING, cows could OOM OOM, horses could CLOP CLIP, workmen could WHISTLE WOLF, skirts could get LONGER, hair could
grow SHORTER, houses could become CHEAPER, policemen could get OLDER and the HIGH JUMP could become the LOW JUMP.
Report on our Open Day Saturday 27 September
Once a year we combine with Age Concern in promoting the
International Day of the Older Persons. This provides us with a
platform to promote SeniorNet North Shore to people who otherwise
may be reluctant to join a computer club fearing that it could be too
strange a new world. Thank you Age Concern for including
information about our Open Day in your Age Concern advertising. It
helped to make our day the success it was. Thanks also to the
SeniorNet volunteers who gave their time to be present. The
volunteer roster was organized by Bernice Hyde and these good
people were the volunteers. Bernice Hyde, Dawne Millard, Roger
Willoughby, Ian Bonallack, Peter Patten, John Ovens, Barry Pinkney, Bob Porter, Allan White, Barbara Anderson, Gail
Moore and Patricia Gough. Thank you all on behalf of the club.
We had a successful day regarding numbers attending, 26 people in all. The morning was busiest and at one time
there were 15 attendees all present at the same time. Ian seated them and proceeded to put on a sort of Tutor
session so they could see the format, asking for names and their computer interests etc. Bernice also entertained
them with a ProShow Gold presentation of the early years of the club.
We did gain valued new members including some who joined on the day so all in all a successful enterprise. Perhaps
we need to put more emphasise on covering the morning session next year.
Both Allan White and Bill Howell have forwarded this about new SPARK scam.
Spark has become aware that some of its customers have been contacted by fraudsters claiming to be from Spark.
The fraudsters appear to have become more aggressive in recent days, reportedly telling customers that their Spark
services will be cut off due to security issues unless they change their settings or clean up their computers. The
customers are then directed to website where they are told to download some software, which the fraudsters have
branded as Spark. Customers are also being asked by the caller to give remote access to their computer, provide
personal banking information, and leave their phone off the hook for up to three days following the ‘setting change’ as
part of this scam. We understand in some instances the fraudsters are giving customers a made-up “employee
number” to verify their identity.
These calls are not from Spark and Spark strongly advise anyone who receives one of these calls to hang up immediately,
And more from Bill : This appears to apply to Android phones and tablets.
Whether you have a Smart phone or not and whether you have installed a flashlight app, you will find it worthwhile
viewing this video. Its all about unknowingly installing Trojans and spying on your personal location , contact list, banking etc with Flashlight App on your phone.
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Skype! Oh Skype! Wherefore art thou?
Editor : The squeeze on XP users continues unabated. On returning from holiday I went to use Skype but it wouldn’t
accept my password. A pop-up appeared which advised me to upload the latest version of Skype which I did. It then
accepted my password but Skype then told me that their latest version does not support older computers including XP.
Very naughty of Skype in my opinion.
Skype says : The latest version of Skype for Windows desktop includes some changes that have improved video calls,
group video calls and screen sharing. Unfortunately, these changes mean that video calling and screen sharing won’t
work on some older PCs.
If your computer doesn't have SSE2 support, you won't be able to use video calling and screen sharing. Most modern
computers have SSE2 support (a processor instruction set introduced in 2001), but there are still some computers in
use that won't be able to run all of the features of the latest version of Skype.
Unfortunately, there are no plans to include support for these older computers, but you
can still use Skype on a variety of computers and mobile devices.
There are a plethora (like that word?) of websites claiming that they can reunite me with
my old Skype version but having sought good advice from various quarters I have found
that none of them work but are intent on leading me down dark alleyways and trying to
confuse with a variety of dodgy downloads.
I know. I need a new computer but I did like my XP. It was like “Old Shep” was to Elvis. When is Windows 9 launched?
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