Calendar: Parent Teacher Conferences

Wentworth Elementary School
November 7, 2014
Monday, 11/10:
Music w/ Ms. Hiltz
3-4:30 Girls Basketball
Tuesday, 11/11:
Veteran’s Day – No school
Wednesday, 11/12:
PE w/ Mr. Chamberlain
3-4:30 Girls Basketball
6:00 PTO meeting
Thursday, 11/13:
Art w/ Mrs. Fauteux
3-4:30 Boys Basketball
3:30 – 5:00 Drama rehearsal
at Rumney
Parent Teacher
Conferences will be held
December 3rd and 4th at the
following times:
K-1: Dec 3rd morning
2-3: Dec 3rd afternoon
4-5: Dec 4th morning
6-8: Dec 4th afternoon
Please call the office at 7645811 to reserve a time. If you
are unable to make it on the
designated day, we will find a
time that works for you or
phone conferences may be
Friday, 11/14:
Guidance w/ Mrs. Donica
PE w/ Mr. Chamberlain
2:45 – 4:30 – Running Club
Upcoming Events:
Oct 14 – Nov. 17 - Food Drive
to support the Wentworth/
Warren community. Please
donate a non-perishable food
item by placing it in the
designated box at WES. Thank
you – The Student Council
Nov 16 – The PTO will be
baking pies from 8 a.m. to
4:00 p.m. Pies will be sold as a
fundraiser during the
Thanksgiving Community
meal. Please call the office if
you can donate some time on
this day. We also need
donations of canned pumpkin
and apples.
Nov 20 – 11-12:30 Turkey
Trot and Thanksgiving
Community Meal
Grades 3 and 4 - Warren
Village School have invited
Wentworth to join their
basketball team. Practices are
held Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:30-6:45 and there are some
optional Saturday practices. If
interested, please call our office
at 764-5811 for more
information and a consent form.
Nov 14 & 15 – 2014 Annual
Ski and Sports Sale sponsored
by Plymouth Parks and
Recreation and P.L.A.Y. at
Plymouth Elementary.
In an effort to
provide you with as much
information as possible regarding
your child's academic progress we
want to provide you with access to
your child's Web2school
account. If your child is 4th grade
or higher, please call the office at
764-5811 to request a login and
Kindergarten next year: If
you have a child enrolling in
Kindergarten next year or know
someone who does, please
notify the office. Thank you.
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Dec 3 – Parent-Teacher
Conferences for K-3
Dec 4 – Parent-Teacher
Conferences for Grades 4-8
Dec 5, 3–7 pm - WES will be
hosting a Christmas Craft Fair
at the school. 8x8 spaces are
available for $10. Please
contact Heather Clark to reserve
a space at 764-5811.
There will be open gym on
Sunday, Nov 9 from 2-4 for the
girl’s basketball team.
Sports Recognition:
Email Addresses:
Monday: Grilled cheese, oven fries,
tomato soup and pineapple tidbits.
Running Club:
Congratulations to those who
participated in the Meredith 5K:
Luke Bassingthwaite and Ben
Parsons placed 1st and 2nd in their
Castle in the Clouds 2K:
Nathaniel Ingle placed 1st and
Darren Pratt placed 3rd in their
Abigail Bassingthwaite, Luke
Bassingthwaite, Hazel
Bassingthwaite, Joel Ingle and
Devyn Williams also braved the
freezing cold and wind and
finished in great time!
Tonia Orlando, Building
Administrator & Sped Teacher
[email protected]
Plymouth Cats finished their
season with 11 wins/1 loss
Congratulations to Nathan Borger
and Stephen Davis for their
successful season!
Plymouth Huskies were the State
Runners-Up in their age group.
Congratulations to Gabe Crane,
Charlie Comeau and Ryan
Borger for their successful season!
Mrs. Troiano – Grades 4-5
[email protected]
Tuesday: No school
Wednesday: Spaghetti with
meatballs, sweet peas and fruit sorbet
Thursday: Roast turkey with gravy,
mashed potatoes, roasted butternut
squash, dinner roll and cinnamon
Friday: Cheese pizza or chef’s
topping, veggie sticks, caesar salad
and orange smiles.
If we missed someone,
please let us know!
Field Hockey:
Grace Comeau participated with
the Thornton field hockey team
who end the season as the PemiBaker Champions!
Congratulations Grace!
Alexis Thompson participated on
the Plymouth Middle school field
hockey team this fall. Great work
Cross –Country:
Hallie Wheeler participated on the
Plymouth Middle school cross
country team. Nice work Haley!
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LeeAnn Lewis, Secretary
[email protected]
Laura Donica, Guidance
[email protected]
Mrs. Sanborn – K-1
[email protected]
Mrs. Cormiea – Grades 2-3
[email protected]
Mr. Misavage – Grade 6
[email protected]
Mr. Blake – Grades 7-8
[email protected]
Mrs. Smith – Reading / Writing
[email protected]
For other email addresses, please
call or refer to the WES website