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Principal’s Report
poem “In Flanders Fields”. Thanks also to Rohan
Fahey and Jack McDonald for their part in laying a
wreath on behalf of the school. Our students
displayed excellent respect and behaviour during the
ceremony and the walk there and back.
BSB# 105 072 ACC# 282 171 140
Date: Thursday 13th Nov 2014 Term 4 Wk 5
Acc. Name: Tumby Bay Area School Council Inc (Consol) Acc
Rod Sutherland
“Tumby’s Golden Times” will be in rehearsal next
week, ready for a magnificent performance next
Friday Night. Tickets are available from the school
office at $5 per person or $15 per family. Don’t miss
out on a ticket.
Annual Awards
Work to identify recipients for a range of awards is
well underway. You would have seen the nomination
information for the Sports Person Of the Year in the
Newsletter over recent weeks. Peter Treloar will
attend our ceremony to present his award and also
the Rowan Ramsey School Community Award. This
ceremony is held on the last day of school term, 12th
December, usually starting around 11:30 am in the
Soldiers’ Memorial Hall.
You are invited to come along, as are all members,
family and friends of our school community.
Staffing 2015
As always there will be some changes to staffing for
2015. The latest news is that Peta Butler has won a
coordinator position at Cummins Area School for one
year. Peta will be sorely missed for this 12 months.
Meanwhile we have advertised a full time Science
position to replace Andrew Stanley, and we are
already working on finding a suitable replacement for
Classes 2015
At the same time staff for the Primary School is
beginning to formulate class groups for 2015. If you
have any specific requests in respect to friends you
think your children should be with please let me
know. Just write a short note, briefly explaining the
reasoning and send it to me. Bear in mind
friendships are only one of the aspects we take into
consideration. We do discuss maturity, academic
achievement and social needs all aimed at meeting
the learning needs of your children and within the
context of the class choices we have available.
Depending on final numbers - all year 6’s will be in
one class with some year 5’s and all year 1’s will be
in one class with some year 2’s. There may be a 2 /
3 , a 3 / 4, and a 4 / 5 class.
As always the number of students we have directly
influences the number of classes we have.
Reception transition from Kindy
This program is ongoing and it is great to see the
youngest members of our school fitting in so well and
looking resplendent in their uniforms.
Remembrance Day
The whole school attended the ceremony at the war
memorial on Tuesday the 11th. Our thanks to Robin
Hibble who did a great job of reciting the traditional
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Senior Leader’s
Nicky Prosser
Today I supervised the last year 12 exam of the year
and proudly watched our PE students complete the
last component required for their SACE.
Congratulations to all TBAS year 12's, you have
made it, at the end of a tumultuous year, you
deserve to feel elation and pride in your
achievements. We will celebrate the year that was at
the Formal in a few weeks!!
Students at TBAS have amazing opportunities
offered to them and we help students build the
capacity to make the most of them. This week we
farewell Robin Hibble and Susan Hennell who are
travelling to China as part of an exchange group
from our region and will have some amazing
experiences to talk about upon their return. It is
wonderful to see the language and culture of our
LOTE subject embraced by these two students.
I would also like to offer congratulations to Molly Hill
who is our latest student pursuing a traineeship with
thanks to the Sea Breeze Hotel who will support
Molly to complete her Certificate 3 in Hospitality. The
flexibility of SACE now enables students to complete
training while still at school, be working towards
SACE completion and be gaining practical on job
skill sets.
I take this moment to also acknowledge the
professional reputation of teachers in the Senior
School at TBAS. One example of this is current work
several teachers are doing over and above general
teaching duties in marking and moderating student”s
work from accross SA in their subject area for the
SACE board. This is a huge responsibility and only
bestowed upon highly regarded professionals.
As we begin to look towards 2015 I am excited by
the prospects for students at our school. Our Senior
School students are about to embark on a leadership
journey which is incredibly innovative in its design
and will present amazing opportunities to grow and
prosper! Watch this space for further
Tumby Bay Area School News
This award is an important part of our school award
system. It honours the memory of a very influential
ex member of the school staff and the Tumby Bay
District Community. Peter is remembered for his
professional commitment to teaching, his fantastic
rapport with students and parents and also his work
within the community on a range of activities.
We call for nominations for this honour which is
awarded to a year 7 – 12 student.
Please write a short explanation behind your
nomination including the following pointers if
possible and others that may support your
Service includes involvement in the following types
of activities:
House sports teams, Inter-school and other school
sports teams; Student Leadership
SRC; monitor work; school productions; school
socials; inter-school events, assistance to staff in
anyway; magazine production; school clubs;
representing the school in other ways and any other
such activities as the staff may consider relevant.
Service from Y7 onwards only to be included.
Nominations will close on Friday the 21st November
at 5 pm. They can be forwarded to the Front Office
of the school.
Shane Masson
PE/Sports Coordinator
Once again the PE and Sports faculty will be awarding
the Tumby Bay Area School Sportsperson of the Year
which will be presented at the End of Year Assembly.
Since the award was first presented in 2000, past
winners have represented the State at national level
and even internationally, with Jake Andrewartha who
represented Australia at the 2014 Commonwealth
Games winning a bronze medal
The award is open to all students at TBAS with a high
number of sporting achievements at both school and
community level. To nominate a student, record their
achievements for 2014, e.g. sport represented, awards,
rep teams and return this information to the Front Office
by Friday 14 November 2014.
Lisa Graney, Canteen Manager
8688 4240 / 0428 884 240 / 8688 2003
Nadine Berlow 8688 0005/0478228189
We are still needing volunteers to help out in the
canteen, please try to come in and give us a hand.
Mon 17th Nov………Kat Emes
Tues 18th Nov…….Lisa O’Connell
Wed 19th Nov……..Simona Bawden
Thurs 20th Nov ….
Fri 21st Nov……….. Kim Letton
Work Placement Leave
It is common practice for some of our older
students to seek employment in the last weeks of
the school year. Students under the age of 17
must get an ‘exemption‘ form signed by the
Principal before they can participate in the
workforce. This is a Department requirement for
documentation of attendance and absences,
connected to our shared duty of care.
Paper work needs to be filled in by the employer,
( who could be a parent), and students have to
meet end of year commitments.
Students can ask for the paper work at the front
Parent Workshop with Neil MacKay
Last Tuesday a group of parents joined together
at the Skills Centre to hear world renowned
Dyslexia expert, Neil MacKay, talk about how to
support children at home with homework. It was
an engaging evening with many useful activities
being tested out and many brilliant ideas shared.
Neil’s wealth of knowledge was truly appreciated
and many questions were fired at him. I would like
to thank the group of about 20 parents who
attended this session and I am sure they have
gone away with many new strategies to support
their child/ren at home.
TBAS parent support group funded this workshop
and hope that all families benefited from the ideas
shared. I would like to thank Deb Webb who has
been a wonderful support for Neil’s visit,
organising and preparing food for both the staff
morning tea and lunch as well as for the parent’s
evening session.
The parent support group has been busy raising
funds to support the dyslexic and vulnerable
learners in our school. If you would like to be a
part of this group please contact me at the school.
Amanda Partington, Parent Support Group
Uniform Shop News
To all the parents who have supported the Uniform Shop over
the last year … THANK YOU!
If you have any outstanding accounts would you please
pay them to the front office before 30 November
Uniforms are available all year round. Just send a text or ring
me and I will organise and deliver to your child’s class
during the week or see the staff at the front office and
they will organise if urgent.
Shop open Thursday 2.45pm – 3.15pm
Ring Kim Letton 0428 579 518
Breakfast Program
We are urgently looking for parents to help in the Breakfast
The Breakfast Program supplies food and fresh fruit for
children who have not been able to have breakfast that
morning. It requires you to cook toast from 8.15am to
8.45am then to just quickly clean up each morning.
If you think you would be happy to help, please ring the
school on 8688.2003 and leave your name and the
morning you are able to day help.
A special THANK YOU to Kristy Lovegrove, Alyssa Smith,
Lisa O’Connell, Rachael Anesbury and the teachers who
have helped this term.
OSHC & Vacation Care
Laurette Waddell-Smith
Director/Nominated Supervisor
The OSHC educators are now planning the Vacation Care
program. We encourage you to let us know what your
children enjoy so we can plan for this during the December
and January School holidays.
WANTED - Some items we need are 20 two litre plastic
drink bottles, material scraps large enough for sewing, red,
green and white wool and cardboard tubes (not toilet rolls).
If you can help with any of these items please drop them
into OSHC or the front office. Thank you.
2014 My time, Our place
programming with Children
Term 4 week 6
Mon 17th
Tues 18th
Decoupage Monster
with stamps trucks built
from Technics
Wed 19th- Thur 20th
Denise / Pei
Fri 21st
Walk on
the wild
snacks for
sandwiches our walk
12 friendship skills every
child needs
Friendships skills are generally
developmental. That is, kids grow into
these skills given exposure to different
situations and with adult help.
Kids can be picky about who they play and mix with.
Popularity should not be confused with sociability. A number
of studies in recent decades have shown that appearance,
personality type and ability impact on a child’s popularity at
Good-looking, easy-going, talented kids usually win peer
popularity polls but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee they
will have friends.
Those children and young people who
develop strong friendships have a definite
set of skills that help make them easy to
like, easy to relate to and easy to play
Here are twelve essential skills that children have identified
as being important for making and keeping friends:
1. Ability to share possessions and space
2. Keeping confidences and secrets
3. Offering to help
4. Accepting other’s mistakes
5. Being positive and enthusiastic
6. Starting a conversation
7. Winning and losing well
8. Listening to others
9. Starting and maintaining a conversation
10. Ignoring someone who is annoying you
11. Cooperating with others
12. Giving and receiving compliments
Friendships skills are generally developmental. That is, kids
grow into these skills given exposure to different situations
and with adult help.
Here are some ideas if you think your child experiences
developmental delay in any of these essential skills or just
needs some help to acquire them:
1. Encourage or insist that kids play and work with each
other: Allowing kids the freedom to be kids is part of the
message here but parents have to be cunning with the NEW
CHILD and construct situations where kids have to get on
with each other. For some kids “Go outside and play” is a
good place to start!!
2. Play with your kids: Interact with your kids through games
and other means so you can help kids learn directly from you
how to get on with others.
3. Talk about these skills: If you notice your kids need to
develop some of these skills then talk about them, point out
when they show them and give them some implementation
Published by Michael Grose Presentations.
Tues 18th Nov
Kindy transition
Wed 19th Nov-21st
Yr 6 camp North Shields
Thurs 20th Nov
Kindy Transition
8/9 Super 8s Cricket Pt Linc
Fri 21st Nov
SAPSASA T20 Cricket Adel
Tues 25th Nov
Finance comm 6pm
Gov Council 7pm
Year 7 Adelaide Camp
Monday 13th
Left Tumby at approximately 9:00
Stopped at Port Augusta for lunch
Arrived at Warradale and unpacked
Played games and had tea
Went to the SA Aquatics Centre – diving boards,
waterpolo, waterslide and the water bucket.
Tuesday 14th
Went to the SA museum- aboriginal history,
minerals and skeletons.
Had lunch outside of the museum and chased
the pigeons
Adelaide Oval tour- went in the scoreboard,
corporate boxes, change rooms, Sir Donald
Bradman museum.
Caught a tram to The Entertainment Centre and
back into the city
Shopping at Rundle Mall
Bowling and laser skirmish + dinner.
Wednesday 15th
Migration museum- earlier years about Australia
and when Adelaide was discovered
Lunch at elder park with the swans
Began the Zoo snooze (overnight stay in the zoo)zoo activities and walking around the zoo to see
the animals and what they do at night.
Thursday 16th
Departed the Zoo Snooze tour
Ice skating (everyone fell over)
Lunch at McDonalds
Adelaide gaol tour
Central market visit- buying our teachers presents
with $20
Stayed at the YHA, had dinner and played indoor
Friday 17th
Departed Adelaide
Stopped at Port Augusta for lunch
Arrived in Tumby Bay
Notes by Jackson Murphy and
Braeden Hammond
Tumby’s Golden Stories
A production of Tumby Bay Area School's
Also featuring students from Reception to Year 8
Tumby Bay Soldiers’ Memorial Hall
Friday 21st November,
Tickets from the School: $5 each or $15 / family.
Proudly sponsored
Tumby Bay District Council, Tumby
Bay Youth Advisory Committee,
The Tumby Bay Hotel,
Julie Elliott’s, Bank on North