Meeting Place Kupan Second Hand Shop

The Local Branch Board
Vice Chair
Mats Hallsund
Marianne Skardéus
Kerstin Köhler
Leif Callenmyr
Eva Hjerpe
Birgitta Johansson
Anita Jonsson
Rohland Petersson
Kajsa Schultz
Meeting Place Kupan
Second Hand Shop
Opening Hours
09.00 - 17.00
10.00 - 13.00
Meeting Place Kupan
0500- 43 75 85
Kerstin Köhler
[email protected]
Relaxing in the Café
2011 maj
Skövde Local Branch
Meeting Place Kupan
Internet café
Café – Meeting Place
Jazz Café
The work in the Meeting Place is carried out by volunteers
who greet you welcome with coffee and home baked bread.
You can have a good time here - read a paper or a magazine
and enjoy a cup of coffee and tasty buns. This is the place for
Second Hand
Meeting Place Kupan is also a Second Hand Shop. We collect
donated goods as clothes, shoes, glass, china, household
items, art, books, furniture and a lot of other things.
We sell the items to very low prices especially in the “Bargain
The income from sales is used for foreign aid and Red Cross
projects in the local society.
Christmas Fair
We can offer a computer with internet for our customer.
You can contribute to The Red Cross work in many ways.
One of our members is a very good piano player and comes
once a week to entertain us.
Member Meetings
We invite our members to meetings once a month.
They can get information from the board and discuss the local
Red Cross work. They can meet our chair and other members
of the board. Non members are also to be welcomed to get
information and be inspired to work with us.
Café Lectures
The lectures focus on matters of national or international
interest based on the fundamental principles of the Red Cross
Lucia Celebration
Fire drill
20011 maj
Music entertainment